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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and H my my Spidey s are going off here look at this From Laura lomer scoop sources have Confirmed to me that there was a secret Big Tech and media Summit last week in Cabo San Lucas Mexico attendees included President of Microsoft and many members Of the media including highlevel Executives from CNN New York Times these Are all the bad guys media these are the Lying media folks the main topic of Discussion was censorship heading into The 2024 presidential election now when You hear censorship those these people Aren't at all worried about censorship When you hear censorship the translation Is how do we get the handful tiny Handful of media Outlets that are Telling the truth how do we handle that That's what they mean when you hear These lying media talk about censorship They can give a rats behind about Censorship the only thing they care About with regard to censorship is being Being able to make sure that they are The only ones that get to tell you what Not the truth is but their truth the Truth they The Narrative they want you To Believe that's why that was the main

Topic of discussion my sources tell me That MSN News was uh is news one of the Largest news sites in the world has Started limiting conservative content Across the board following this Summit This is the greatest danger to the the Survival of this country folks write it Down they even went as far as Target Specific outlets for their their Effectiveness against Joe Biden targeting specific outlet outlets That is unbelievable I don't care what Side of the aisle you're on that this is Downright scary I'm told certain Outlets Were told they they were being dropped From the MSN over the way they reported Biden critically zero media coverage About this If you have more information about it DM Me now so do you think it's a Coincidence that right after their Little Summit The Following come all These people Comcast owns half of those Those media Outlets folks Comcast Disney NBC Universal these people are all in The same Club just so happens after Their little Summit they come back and Now they're suspending all of their Advertising on the xplatform which Until I got suspended was the only place I saw any truth okay so Elon Musk Cry Me A River dude okay and by the way in my Group dp.com we're going to be talking About what I'm going to do going forward

A little bit um how we're going to um I'm not done yet I didn't do anything Wrong on the Xplatform Justin mus says his company X Will take legal action described as a Thermonuclear lawsuit against far-left Group Media Matters in what he describes As a fraudulent attack on his company This comes amid multiple firms such as Apple Disney IBM halted advertisements On the platform due to allegations of Increased hate speech following the Report I'm not going to go all into this I it's to me it's pretty obvious what All these companies and media companies Are up to you're going into this Election cycle and it's time for them to CR crank up their quote Censorship the only difference is what They call censorship is not what the Good guys call Censorship great question this is from Elon Musk I find it lit really Interesting how the media and Advertisers continually only target X While Tik Tok Ric Facebook Instagram and Everything else are wildly uh Anti-Semitic Recently anti-semitic Semitic hell ticktockers are even Supporting Osama Bin Laden and then Elon musk's CEO who I was turned off by X under her Leadership so her name just so you know

Is Linda Yako driven by industry progress Inspired by provocative leadership plus Don't mind a good pair of shoes or a Great Penn State football scoreboard Either well Linda you turned me off for No reason on your platform Elon you can Both kiss off because you turned me off And you turned some of my friends off Too and you haven't given any Explanation as to why anybody who wants To copy her in and Elon muskin and and Do a #f freed and make sure they know What my hand is it's pitiful now against The backdrop of all that shadiness by The media and these Companies speaking of shady Laura Shin Tweeted this out someone took a Beautiful photo of my meeting with Senator Lumis this right here tells me I Can't trust Senator Lumis because I know I can't trust her we've covered her During eth gate she's never even Whispered any of the facts and video That we've shown on eth gate she is a Part of the machine I'm telling You write it down eag crypto I'm not Interested in his bearish Outlook he's Talking about xfactor $27 I'm interested In the bullish Outlook should xrp clinch This month's what um it'll Mark the First monthly candle closure in an Upward Trend previous closures were in a Downward Trend uh recalling the two th

December 2017 candle top blowoff And April 2021s Bull Run candle this Closure sets the groundwork xrp's Monthly price won't revisit these ranges It's a to constructing a tower or Foundations take time and remain unseen By the public much like xrp's trajectory Stay steady $27 will will form the Sturdy Bedrock for future Prices as Ral Paul says better not f up This generation Trade $27 is just to found the Bedrock Are you kidding me I'll take it here's Christina GE Georgina Goriva um from the IMF this is not the Time to turn you can tell all these IMF Characters are they're ready for this Cbdc thing to happen they're almost too Enthusiastic the public sector should Keep preparing to deploy Cbdcs and related payment Platforms in The future this platforms should be Designed from the start to facilitate Crossborder payments including with Cbdcs we can learn from you Entrepreneurs Business Leaders investors and brave policy Makers Makers Brave policy makers I think I'll Stop there um then um this is Jeremy Lair from Circle talking about stable Coin regulations 2024's the year so a Dollar a digital dollar like usdc could

Play a really important role in enabling Those transaction flows to happen Between their ecosystems and the rest of The world and sort of like when in the Early internet we had we all had our own Email systems and then the internet mail Protocol has made it possible for us to Send emails to each other no matter what System we used and so dollar stable Coins like usdc can be that kind of Connective settlement uh mechanism to Enable different fintech apps to talk to Each other and uh settle transactions Between each other Singapore has been an Early leader on the global stage in Thinking about stable coin regulations And right now they've issued their Framework for stable coin regulations uh Circle has become a regulated stable Coin operator now in Singapore and then There'll be new rules that we'll have to Uh comply with uh you know in the future But all all around the world and in Asia Specifically Japan recently finalized Their stable coin regulations Hong Kong Is issuing guidelines and is expected to Put in force their stable coin Regulations in uh in you know the first Half of next year Singapore the same Thing and so Europe UK all these major Financial Market centers are basically Putting in place very clear policies on How stable coins can be used in the Financial system all right that's good

On that and then we've got this this is The um this is the director uh of the SEC you know what I'm going to skip this Because he doesn't tell us anything he Does the old um they ask him about the Ripple what the Court's ruling in the Ripple case uh means for everything and He's like oh you know I can't talk about Things that are under whatever you know Ongoing loss you know the standard that They're allowed to do now this is the uh CEO I believe CEO let me see CEO of Medic I think that's who it is yeah CEO Of metaco Medico listen what he says he This is him at ripples Swell but custody is the Enabler with Custody can you then get into valuated Services with custody can you then go Into payments tokenization and other Streams and custody therefore is this Necessary brick this thing that you have To throw on the table so that then as a Reality Institution can you build on top Of it and create a service that your Clients will [Music] Appreciate okay um now Fidelity um just Uh is seeking to create an ETF that Holds ethereum according to Friday Filing so this was Friday so they've Joined Black Rock in this okay then um This was from Ashley Prosper ripples Connected all these companies you can go

Down it's like you name it they're Connected bny bis Bank of England HSBC Black Rock WF energy web Token Nadi all these companies okay Bank Of America MasterCard all Right now and then um this was from Digital perspectives the other day and I I wanted to make sure I drove a a point Home that I think he's partially making Here he says Hey Black Rock why aren't You filing an S1 application for a spot Xrp ETF it's the only digital asset with Legal Clarity th% true I think the thing People missed on the Black Rock uh the What everybody thought was an xrp ETF Filing is this ultimately these Wall Street guys are driven by greed I mean They're making money okay I don't think That's any Mystery let me ask you this question if You're black rock you saw the stir that Was created over that xrp ETF all these Guys have you're telling me these guys Aren't going to aren't going to put an Xrp ETF in play I think what we what What they saw as a result of that Was an extreme demand for a product and People that are into making money they Don't usually ignore demand for Pro in Fact I think that's the whole reason You're seeing all the Regulators going After binance I think all these Wall Street guys for years had to sit on the Sidelines and stare at binance making

Billions of dollars and then you had Gary out there saying well you know it's Not really fair because the incumbents They they have to they have to check Certain regulatory boxes and a lot of These new players aren't having to do That I think that's the way they look at It I think that's the reason you're Seeing binance under all this pressure Here Recently now but with regard to that xrp ETF I think think that this interview Right here there's something said that Was missed and I think that it and and I Went and looked into it I think that That Michael sonson who's the CEO of Grayscale in this clip right here says Something and then I went and looked and It leads me to believe this thing this Thing's just a matter of time I was Interrupted by by my son over something Silly so all right so the point I was Making here is I believe that in this Clip the CEO of Grayscale says something that's really Important and I and he pointed to Something and I went and looked into it And it's very Interesting and I'll play it and then I'm going to show what I found in the Group Bitcoin down today but not out our Next guest says the recent crypto rally Is encouraging with a 40% move higher Since early September how much more

Upside is there for the digital coin Let's bring in grayscale investment CEO Michael sonshine Michael welcome great To have you with us it's great to be Here thanks for having me um the premise Behind the rise in Bitcoin is that an ETF is going to be approved by the SEC And all of a sudden everybody's going to Want to be in it there's going to be a Lot of buying of Bitcoin Etc why should We believe that new money will be Attracted into Bitcoin once an ETF is Approved as opposed to Capital being Reallocated within the Bitcoin Universe It's a great question you know today Without having spot Bitcoin ETFs in the Market there is nearly $30 trillion of Advised wealth in the US just alone that Needs access to crypto that needs access To bitcoin and by and large hasn't had Access to it so the onset of Bitcoin ETFs spot Bitcoin ETFs really open the Door to financial advisers advised Wealth really to have the opportunity to Participate in Bitcoin in a way that They really haven't had before so the $30 trillion number is just the assets Under management in wealth accounts it's Not actually money that wants to go into Bitcoin so in your assumption what Percentage of those assets want an Allocation to bitcoin well we can start To play around with some numbers let's Talk about what percentage of that

Universe wants Bitcoin exposure over What time period are they going to Allocate to it what is their target Allocation going to be and you know you Pretty quickly get to some pretty large Numbers Michael um what do you think Again uh when investors are thinking About diversification and they're Looking for the sorts of assets that Have the notice that they have the xrp Chart up while he's talking first of Allal to outperform over the long run This is very new for all intents and Purposes what do you think the bull case Is right now into 2024 for having an Allocation um in Bitcoin whether it's in Spot you know what I mean or whether It's in in a uh ETF that sort of thing What what is the bull case for all those Trillions that are looking for a home I Think for most investors when they look At Bitcoin itself the use case that Resonates with the largest percentage of Them is really looking at Bitcoin as a Digital gold it's gold meant for a more Digitized age it's more portable it's More divisible it has arguably greater Utility and that alone is a really large Market that has not been addressed Yet Michael how about the broadening of this Rally we talk all the time about you Know the the broader Market is seven Stocks um are we seeing breath but you Know your point is that you're seeing

Breadth across the digital asset space And that this rally which is like Bitcoin's you know up 12 % in a year um Probably Garden variety U of moves that We've seen at different times but how About the other parts of of the entire Spectrum it's a great question we are Seeing from investors that they want to Move Beyond just Bitcoin and ethereum Into other parts of crypto but a lot of Them don't even know where to start uh We recently introduced a new framework It's called the greats scale crypto Sectors and it borrows from sector Investing in traditional assets like Equities but really helps investors Break down the use cases the Differentiation amongst different Protocols and ultimately will allow them To develop the vocabulary and the Metrics to be able to monitor Developments across crypto not just in Its two largest assets by market cap Today's okay I don't know if you caught What I caught but in the private group I'm about to show you what I caught okay And it's uh go to Dip.com But I think that I have something that That shows that this xrp ET f is Inevitable and I think that he set it Right there now we're also in the um in The private group today we're also we're Going to take a a hard look at the all

The worlds a stage file in fact I've Called it the red file be before but We're going to I'm going to show you Something that I would call this the Red Alert file we're we're going to go a Place we don't I don't know if I've ever Gone at dp.com we're also I'm also going To tell uh if I can remember yesterday I Forgot what I'm doing with my X Suspension I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and Family Dp.com we are about to show what I Believe is the inevitability of the xrp ETF here we Go [Music] [Music] Oh


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