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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel less than an hour ago Bitcoin Broke below the $440,000 level and the Rest of the market tumbled along with it Although there's been a bit of a rebound At least as of the time that I'm Recording this video but I will tell you This despite the pullback from Bitcoin Xrp Bulls mini anyway the analyst types Are ambitious as ever and this pullback Has been expected by many I don't know That it's done there there could easily Be a dip back below even further than What we saw within the last hour but Either way it's just so clear to see the Difference in Behavior between the Typical liming retail Speculator and the People who have been in crypto for more Than 5 minutes and the analyst types uh This this has been expected and so I Will tell you yes there's a possibility And I've been sharing perspective from Analist warning about this in recent Days there's a possibility xrp could dip A fair bit lower but it's been broadly Speculated that if it does that will be Because Bitcoin led the way so it's not Something that's xrp specific it's not Like we have to freak out now there's Something wrong about xrp it's just the Entire market led by Bitcoin so I'm Going to share with you some initial Reactions and thoughts from a number of Analysts on what's happened within the

Last hour or so that since this occurred As well as perspective from three Different xrp analysts and I'll save That towards the end of the video Because frankly it's a bit more positive It would be fun to end on a high note But uh before going further I do want to Be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun uh for Anybody that's curious it is currently 2:17 p.m. central Time Monday January 22nd 2024 and the market the moment that the Bitcoin dipped below $40,000 um it was about 1:25 p.m. and Again it's 2:17 p.m. so it's been a Little bit less than an hour as of the Time I'm recording this so things are Unfolding quickly we'll see we'll see What happens but xrp got as low as 52.4 uh Bitcoin got as low as here's the 24-hour chart for Bitcoin got as low as Uh let's see here $ 39,5 5221 so it did start cratering but it's Moved to the upside since then I don't Know that it's done maybe it is I'm not Going to pretend to know but I know

Enough to not be surprised that this is Happen happened and so to all the people That were saying oh with the spot Bitcoin ETF it was a buy the news event Uh no it certainly was not that never Made sense to me personally and fine we Didn't have a quick sell off immediately But um some have argued that it actually Has been a sell of the news event it's Just that it didn't happen quickly we've Just seen a slow bleed for the last you Know roughly couple weeks since that Thing got approved almost two weeks Anyway um crypto Fe in GRE Decks at 55 Out of 100 but uh just wait I'm I'm Guessing that number is going to go down After what we just saw today uh here was A post from chart analyst wck Capital 389,000 followers on social media Platform X and this morning at 8:57 a.m. Central Time he shared the following Perspective so of course this is a good Bit before we saw the dip below $40,000 Which is a psychological level so There's some significance there but he's Just warning that basically that uh There's the type of person that uh just Just goes back and forth in terms of Sentiment I just I I've said this many Times Channel I I can't imagine living My life like that flying by the cedar Pants whatever's happening in the Mark At that moment your feeling emotions Associated with it when it's going to

The upside yay and went stood down and Said no now I'm miserable can you Imagine living your life like that I Don't do that but so many people do and It just doesn't make sense and so for Someone like me who's been in this in Crypto for over six years just holding Never having cashed out one single time To United States dollars I just all I Can do is just kind of be like just kind Of laugh about it it just it doesn't Emotionally hit me I've been to this too Many times and I firmly believe that We're going to continue as to see as Years pass a trend to the upside but Here's what wrecked Capital said if a Negative 18% on bitcoin is enough to Convince you Bitcoin is now in a bare Market then a plus 18% rebound will be Enough to convince you Bitcoin is still In a bull market don't seesaw trust the Data science models and the onchain Analytics you'll be so much better off Uh yeah here here I broadly agree with The concept right there but again people Flying by the seat of their pants Doesn't make any damn Sense um here's a post from uh analyst Alex Krueger now he happened to have Posted this at 12:30 p.m. central Time So almost a whole hour before Bitcoin Ended up dipping and he was like yeah Looks like this thing's going to go Here's what he wrote chart says Bitcoin

$38,000 noise for long-term players Import important for short-term players Or those too heavy on alts yeah so if You're a Trader maybe you care if you're Betting the right way or the wrong way For the long-term holders that would be Me and hopefully a lot of you out there Uh for the long-term holders this is Noise and it doesn't matter it Functionally does not matter it does not Matter one Bit uh I mean unless we're wrong about The long-term viability of the asset Class or individual coins that's a Different topic but in terms of the Short-term volatility is that in and of Itself some sort of indication that We're right or wrong on the whole no Obviously not here's a post from chart Analyst income sharks he shared the Following with his 480,000 followers and This is at 1:46 p.m. so call it roughly 20 minutes after Bitcoin dipped below $40,000 this is a Bitcoin price chart And he wrote Bitcoin back below $40,000 Unless you bought the first 3 days of December if you bought the past two Months you are at a loss I saw saw more Tweets telling you to buy this December Than telling you to buy last December at $116,000 I and isn't that always how it Goes you know it's I don't know who First said this I don't know if there's Even a record of it but it's been said

Many times that when it comes to stocks And when it comes to crypto those are The only things on the planet that Nobody wants to buy when they go on sale Who was buying in December of last year Well actually I was because the market Was down and I got real excited in November um during the time of the FTX Collapse not because I was thrilled that People were going through misery of Course not but just happy like I mean my Netw worth went down a lot too by the Way mind you I have a lot of in crypto So in the market tanked my net worth Went down a lot and I was still happy Because I was like yeah well whatever Bounce back up eventually whatever and Then time passed and it did as will be The case here um and so it's just so Funny in December 20 uh December 2023 uh or 2022 rather who who was Telling you to buy and then a year later Who was telling you to buy it's just Funny how that works isn't it here's a Post from chart analyst Dave the wave With his 144,000 followers on social Media platform X shared this bitcoin Price chart and this is at 138 p.m. so Less than 15 minutes after Bitcoin Dipped below $40,000 he wrote having Done a near 2x in a mere few months Bitcoin consolidation within the Technical channel should not be too Surprising so folks I I shared this to

Start the video Just for for any of you out there if You're feeling a bit emotional if you're Feeling a bit scared it's okay I'm not Going to rip on you I I tease a little Bit because it is silly but um don't Feel bad or like you're a normal human I'm the weirdo I'm the weirdo that Doesn't get phased by this stuff you're Normal It's Perfectly Normal uh but I'm Just telling you to me it doesn't make Logical sense to feel these things That's why I wanted to highlight this The part of this first part of the video Because I know when this happens what's What's going on in people's minds and I Know how the emotions hit so I just Wanted to let you I can't tell you Whether it makes sense for you to buy or Sell I'm not offering Financial advice But I can tell you it doesn't make sense To feel negative emotions here just Because of short-term volatility which Frankly if you've been following what's Going on anyway you should have expected This like and in 2017 I'll say it again I've been saying it a fair bit recently There were I think six pullbacks that Were greater than 30% for Bitcoin in That 2017 Bull Run it's not the end of The this is crypto it's just volatile it Just Is then there was this post from txmc And txmc um he formerly with with glass

Note fantastic onchain analytics for him This guy's rather insightful I'm a big Fan 80,000 followers on X and he simply Wrote uh grayscale isn't helping but if We're being real strength across across Crypto died at the turn of the year Before the ETFs were approved there was A clear shift in momentum and breadth at After New Year's and now the big dog Must churn through a few Billy of Supply Which I think is fair enough and yeah so Grace I look what what's happening with The ETF stuff like it's been a net plus On the space for sure in terms of the The supply and demand Dynamics that's un That's just data that is true so despite Grayscale bleeding out for uh well Perhaps more than one reason but the Most noticeable one being that they have Really high fees compared to the Competitors I think 1.5% um so that's not horrendously Surprising but there's still been net Inflows despite that the truth is he's Saying that well this is kind of in the Cards anyway which is what I just keep Seeing for pretty much everybody anyway Here um now take a look at this post Let's let's talk a little bit about xrp Now I don't have a this chart filled up But uh chart analyst Ali Martinez um That is the analyst that's on your Screen right now within the last day or Two he shared a post about xrp and I

Don't have it pulled up here right now But I'll just remind you um maybe you Saw the video where I highlighted it but He was warning that there is a Possibility that xrp could break as low As 34 cents and he's not saying that to Be a fudster or to scare people he's Just warning that's what he saw in the Charts and I covered it at the time and I noted fine if it goes down that low it Goes down that low but my suspicion for Something like that would be that if it Happens Bitcoin would lead the way so if You're talking about Bitcoin going Substantially lower then yeah would make Sense that xrp and every other coin Under the Sun would right so that's but That's what he was seeing in the charts Here now despite that he's still Optimistic so I would suppose as long as Bitcoin holds I suppose that it's more Likely than not that he' continue to Share their perspective that's on your Screen right now and this perspective About xrp it's from this morning at 10:16 A.m. and he wrote the TD sequential has Proven its accuracy in forecasting xrp's Movements on the 3-day chart currently It's showing a Buy Signal suggesting That xrp could be gearing up for a Rebound So we'll see what happens now of course Again if Bitcoin tanks I don't think

That's probable but if it's not going to Go much slower from here let's find out What happens that wouldn't surprise me In the least uh then there's a xrp chart Analyst crypto Rover shared this xrp USD Chart and simply wrote a massive Breakout will happen in the upcoming 8 To 10 weeks and he shared that two days Ago but I wanted to highlight this Because I hadn't seen this before and I Just I appreciate all the analysts out There putting their neck on the line Especially if they're going to be so Gutsy as to put a timeline out there Because I do get nervous for the Analysts even the ones that I'm gigantic Fans of if they start putting timelines On their expectations because I I just Think it's impossible to nail that like I mean not that it can't happen it's It's just that Mike I to me it feels Like dumb luck because if you're right About your uh your your analysis in Terms of how markets are unfolding you See patterns that you the Cur in the P You're like I think so and so is going To okay but the timeline even that that That chart formation plays out it can go Faster or slower than the previous cycle So it's like that's why it makes me Nervous forist to do this but he's on The record and it does take guts so Don't give people I hope he's right and He could be actually it's not crazy to

Think he could be right but uh for any Analyst that is wrong let's let's be Reasonable if they are wrong you know Because like Again there me personally I'll just Speak for myself I appreciate that They're taking their time to do analysis And just give free thoughts and Information to everybody out there and We're going to find out who's right and Who's wrong that's why I like Highlighting a lot of perspectives from My ton of different analysts and we're Just going to see who has the best hit Rate as time passes that's what I like To do and so he simply wrote here again A massive breakout will happen in the Upcoming 8 to 10 Weeks and look stuff happens fast in Crypto in a day like this where numbers Numbers down people don't like to hear This stuff But the idea of us not at some point Blazing to the upside is kind of Ridiculous to me I I don't know for sure What the timing is going to be and then There's this from chart analyst e Greg Crypto and he simply wrote The Following Xrp Bent Fork $15 and historical support Update and this is um uh he actually so What I'm about to share with you is in Addition to a repost from June of 2023 Which he references I'm not going to Read through that just for the sake of

Time here but you'll still get the kind Of gist of what he's saying here which Is kind of like Yeah number could go down for xrp in the Short term but even if it does you'll See that he's actually excited to Acquire more because he understands that If it goes down yes it scares people but That creates a buying opportunity and so For those in the market looking to Acquire more there will be people who View it that way uh now I'm done Accumulating xrp I haven't bought xrp Since October 2020 and it's by far my Largest individual holding I had a Little bit of a problem back in the day Going on some buy and spre so um even With with the fact that I bought so much More other coins in in this the the Years that that came after that uh it's Still xrp is still by a lot my largest Holding uh last I checked it was Somewhere around like a maybe it's a Third or like 35 I I made a video about At the time but maybe like a a third of My total crypto Holdings in terms of United States dollars so it's pretty Substantial I'm counting on it to do a Lot I definitely am uh so anyway says Xrp bent for $15 in historical support Update the June 14th 2023 post Highlighted a pivotal moment with bulls And bears locked in a decisive battle on The macro wedge Bulls strive to avoid a

Descent to 45 cents to 47 cents where Breach may lead to further risks at 35 Cents to 37 cents asserting control Bulls Target a breakthrough above 58 Cents to 63 what happened since June 2023 firstly xrp broke out of the Ascending triangle but retreated inside Secondly another breakout occurred Followed by another Retreat into the Triangle now xrp is in a critical Zone Closing weekly below the ascending Triangle's Edge will most probably Trigger my second limit order at 34 Cents first limit order is at 41 cents So folks right there what he's saying is Uh if this gets triggered uh he gets xrp At 34 cents potentially you know 41 Cents and 34 cents now that's not Something that's scaring him and this is What you typically see from analysts and People that have been in crypto for more Than 5 minutes and not that you can't Have a weak Mo it's normal for people to Have those moments but Uh he understands and I'm sure a lot of You do too when the price goes down in The short term again I'll just say it Again on a day like this it's worth Repeating it that in and of itself does Not mean that the bull Market's over it Doesn't mean it's all going to zero it Doesn't mean your life is rued it Doesn't mean any of these things data

Shows us that crypto is incredibly Volatile and has been for 15 years you Shouldn't expect that the change just Because you've now invested and what now Number only go up no that's not how this Works and then he said invalidation Target would be closing above 75 cents Xrp Army stays steady xrp will hit the Bent Fork targets and Beyond but first We might have another lifetime Opportunity below 50 cents General note It will be wicking process so we'll see What happens here but either way at Least if if you came into this video Feeling a little bit down a little bit Scared I hope I could help on that cuz I Can't tell you what's right for you I Don't know your situation and I would Never assume to offer Financial advice For anybody but if you are feeling Fearful at the start I hope I helped Alleviate some of that because it just Doesn't make sense in my hble opinion That's all that it is but I'm just a Dude on the internet there's nothing Special about it I'll wrap up here Though let me know what you guys think How you holding up I'm not a financial Adviser you should not by yourself Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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