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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel what I'm going to share with you In this latest Moon Lambo Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Jam is indisputable proof that Many people need to have more Intellectual curiosity before forming Conclusions you know a lot of people I Would say have undeserved confidence Regarding their views specifically about Xrp especially about xrp uh but also you Could say that uh you know there's some People who no coiners out there who have Undeserved confidence uh from a negative Perspective about the entire crypto Asset class just as a whole and I'm Going to highlight some of this because It's ridiculous and also Highlight something that shows just how Gigantic the actual xrp ecosystem is it Is huge it's comprised of Untold Thousands and thousands of people Outside of the speculators CU if you're In terms of speculators there's Millions There's millions of people but if you're Talking in terms of stuff actually Getting done yeah I'm going to show you Something and it's just amazing to me That some people have the undeserved Confidence in their opinion that they Do but before going further I do want to Be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because

Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby And just for fun all right so let's Start with this one because there's also An article that's that here I'll just Show you the headline here cardano OG Says xrp not a good coin for return on Investment oh is that true is this xire PE a bad far that RAR uninvested oh my Gosh is this is this scaring anybody is It scaring anybody out there it's not Good for re return on investment and Here's this headline this is brand new Article helius lab CEO asks how xrp and Cardano are still around Community sets Him straight now this is fascinating Because when I see stuff like this I Think most of the time it's not actually In good faith I think most the time People have formed opinions they think Negatively about xrp they're letting the World know that's why they're asking the Question because otherwise I mean if It's genuine you'd have like if it's Well if it were genuine if you had a Specific question you'd ask a pointed Question but if you're saying what What's being said here like why like This is a develop this this this is a Smart individual do you know how to use A search engine do you have the Webber Nets do you have access to the Webber

Nets if so type in your query hit enter And off you go you've got the sum of all Human knowledge at your freaking Fingertips use it you know because it's Not hard if you search xrp utility a ton Of results will populate pick your Search engine it's all there to be So again when people are asking these Questions even if they sound nice on the Surface my assumption is that wow this Guy really doesn't like xrp because Reasons folks because reasons so the Piece reads as follows helius Labs Founder Mt montz has called out xrp and Cardano as two hyped chains without Basis a position that has s a heated Debate when M mtes started the Conversation he came across as someone Genuinely asking a question seeking to Know why xrp and cardano still remain Relevant despite the xrp and cardano Communities often being at loggerheads Some individuals like mt montz say they Are unsure what their current use cases Are and then there was so I'll share With you the post um here actually I'm Just pulled up right now so here's what The guy Said um how are cardano and ripple still Around and of course let's pause a note He says Ripple he means xrp so he's Conflating the Two like it's 2023 damn can we just Knock it off with this stuff you know

Back in 2017 people were intentionally Conflating it but back then it was like We were going through a rebranding of Xrp because xrp actually used to be Known as Ripple that's true but and then Like especially back before Ripple was Known as Ripple xrp what's now known as Xrp was known as Ripple you know cuz Ripple was first named new coin it was Named opencoin and then it was uh Rebranded as as Ripple but before it was Called Ripple xrp was called Ripple Which conf made things confusing so Ultimately it was reand I understand the Confusion if you're talking a little Over half a decade ago it's 2023 can we Just knock it off of this Crap so and then he said what do they do Who uses them there are great chains Like salana ethereum Cosmos Avalanche Sui sui I don't know what that one is That's that might be the only one I had Heard of Aptos Phantom Celestia monad And even some lay twos what is going on Am I missing something about xrp and Cardano and being unfair question mark Uh yes yes you are missing something and You are being unfair if you think that It doesn't make any sense now I'm not Here to talk about cardano we'll see What happens there's for real developer Activity occurring there so I'm not Going to focus on that in this video I've held cardano though since 2017 I

First bought it at like 2 or three cents Uh I bought some more recently uh for The first time in many many years I Talked about that when I did it but xrp Is what I'm here to talk about it's my Favorite cryptocurrency it's my largest Individual holding and oh my God it's One of the most adopted cryptocurrencies On the entire damn planet and you think That this guy who clearly isn't stupid Doesn't have access to a freaking search Engine so then you got a response from This guy named Zack Xbt and he was just being insulting this Guy's got 465,000 followers and this was Highlighted in the the crypto basic Article he said their holders act like Cult Members oh my God are you sure that You're not meaning to reference Bitcoiners are you sure that did you did You accidentally type this on the wrong Thread is that what you did Zack Xbt my God you want talk about cult Likee behavior my God xrp Community is Full of millions of people a lot of Sharp individuals um you know so like You think about if you want to make a Comparison I mean in the Bitcoin Community There are tons of maximalists they're Not hard to find you could find them by The Dozen tons of Bitcoin maximalists You will be hard pressed to find more

Than like one xrp Maximus they're almost They almost don't exist I came I like I Came across a comment once ever so maybe There's a few more because there's Millions of people you think there might Be a few more but I just I don't come AC I came across one once once that's It and you're talking about cult members You're picking on the wrong Community But this is just somebody who has Undeserved confidence opinions on stuff For which they're probably not Sufficiently informed now thankfully we Had vet respond here on social media Platform x uh vet is a default UNL Validator so this would be somebody in The know and shared this particular web Page which I don't think I'd seen before But I saw this and I just my jaw kind of Dropped because it's such an incredible Represent of the stuff it's like a ton Of stuff like obviously I already knew Was occurring here not that I could have Off the top of my head named every Company and so on and so forth that's Listed here I couldn't have I mean I Don't have that all committed to memory Who would but uh but and I've seen some Other nice breakdowns on other websites I don't think I've seen this one this One's fantastic map. xr- commmission D Commmons rather do.org and it's just an Xrp Ledger ecosystem Map and it's just amazing that it's

Grown to this point one of the Greatest Most truly vast Ecosystems like one of the most vast Ecosystems in crypto and Somehow the the fact that this is indeed The case is escaping these people or is It if it is my God be more Curious be More intellectually curious before you Make these snide comments with your Undeserved confidence how about that so In terms of xrpl content they have links To and they have links to all this stuff Here learning and documentation news and Media research and Analysis and if you Can look at your screen it's worth Seeing this stuff here and then under uh Core protocol tools API Dev tools look At all these links here you core Infrastructure tons of more links Explorers I use bit hump all the time You know I I use I use a bunch of These um and then there's Interoperability here past string I I Haven't heard anything about past string In a long ass time here uh but flare Everybody's heard of flare interledger Right Layer Two in smart contracts stuff There on/ off ramping security look at All the wallets for xrp look at this What 20 listed right there links to all Of them crowdfunding look at the section Identity there's another seven right There

Defi there's 11 there decentralized Exchange and listings 13 There I just go on you know gaming and Music nft marketplaces look at all this It's gigant odl users and that's at the Bottom Real estate onchain Notorized there has been a network Effect it has has in terms of adoption And usage it's reached escape velocity Unless something changes dramatically That we couldn't foresee xrp made it so There's True Value there it's just a Question of when does price sufficient Catch up sufficiently to where we're Really thrilled about it and I insist That even after nearly 15 years the Entire crypto asset class is still early It's still in its nency there's almost No money in it it's still not clear Which uh cryptocurrency by and large Anyway pretty clear about xrp but Rich Cryptocurrencies are going to be here to Stay there's over 20,000 of them we Don't need 20,000 of them but here we Are and so all of this listed right here God has anybody even use that xrp thing Undeserved confidence Folks undeserved Confidence uh and then there was this From the Crypt basic cardano OG says xrp Not a good coin for return on investors And which is fascinating Because

Xrp is one of the most successful Cryptocurrencies in history if you take Away stable coins there are three coins Above it in terms of market cap Bitcoin Eth and and BNB that's It so it's number four if you get rid of The stable coins xrp Is think about how much money has flown Into it for it to have that position for Over a decade it's and it's always been In the top 10 bad return on investment Well it depends on on when you bought In I mean for the people that bought Around half a penny I but they're pretty Damn thrilled when it reached almost Four bucks and even today like there's Still almost no money even in most large Cap coins so the idea that it's return On investment says who do you have a Crystal ball do you know what's going to Happen at the peak of this next Bull Rally is ex what if exer hits a new Alltime high in interest price discovery Not a good return on investment it's Just a bunch of people that are Emotional they have their or they have Their ideology whatever the reasons are And they just like to say things because It's the Internet yay internet everybody And so I don't need to read the article But there's this individual named Chris And he wrote The Following cardano Fam because he's a you know he's a Cardano OG self self-described here

Cardano OG Right um and he wrote cardano fam not Knocking xrp but personally that's why I Don't believe this coin is a good return On investment there will be and always Has been constant and significant cell Pressure think folks will be Disappointed as it underperforms Relative to expectations just in my Humble opinion well your humble opinion Isn't worth anything it's not worth the Dame because again it's performed Magnificently up to this point that's Why it's number four in market cap Outside of stable coins that's why it is Today as I record it's been fantastic up To this point for over a decade and That's going to shift right now though It's no longer going to be a good return On investment right because reasons and What's he referencing here a post you Today talking about Ripple releasing uh Ripple's 1 billion per month xrp coming Out of escro and so what he doesn't know Is that typically at least um 800 Million of that gets push put back gets Put back in escrow and he also doesn't Realize that even for the rest that Isn't out um you know when you talk About what's the net effect of this it's Way less than 1% of global volume that Ripple does sell and he also doesn't Know that when it's sold when xrp is Sold by Ripple it doesn't mean that it

All is Avail available on exchanges Immediately presumably there would be Market makers and others that would just Hold xrp for whatever purposes they have It doesn't mean it all hits the market And is sold to people immediately so he Doesn't know that either undoubtedly so The you know if you want to call you if You want to call it an inflation rate Since that's just a concept we can all Understand if you want to call it that Fine just for the purposes of Communication uh it's almost nothing it Is almost nothing there have been Periods in time where Bitcoin has had a Greater inflation rate than xrp does That mean that something was wrong with Bitcoin no it's mining there's mining New Bitcoin getting put out out into the Universe so no that doesn't make any Sense it's such a so he doesn't know the Data he it's still get it's undeserved Confidence this is what I keep seeing Again and again and again undeserved Confidence people just don't know what They're talking about here just a tiny Part of a percent Here and then there was also this one And this is somebody who's just hating On crypto in general so this must be a Nocoiner it's somebody named Shawn tuy 18,5 followers he wrote a tweet mostly About finreg and crossborder funds huh Well if you tweet about crossb funds and

You know about crossb payments don't you Know a damn thing about Ripple and xrv Apparently not and so here's what he Said so this is scathing but it's about All of crypto this guy said don't let Them Gaslight you it's been 15 years and There's been no real use case for crypto And they're never will Be folks not one single use case for any Crypto that's what he says in 2020 not a Single one and there never will be and He knows it for sure because he's Shan Tuffy he knows stuff and he's on the Internet Talent all he's telling Everybody about it he's going to make Sure that you know about it there will Be no use Case because of reasons So I responded To him though I was polite about it I Was like this guy doesn't know what the Hell he's talking about or he's lying I Don't know either way it's bad either He's uninformed and he has undeserved Confidence which is the theme of this Video people that just have undeserved Confidence in their opinions or he's Lying so here's what I wrote If You're Genuinely intellectually curious go ask Ripple's customers why they're using xrp As a bridge currency ask them if it Offers opportunities that would Otherwise not Exist unless you think Ripple's Customers are stupid and clueless and

Are using a cryptocurrency even though It doesn't actually help them in any Way spoiler xrp has real world utility Today and so that was just the reason I Shared that one is is because it's the Most easy one to explain you can quickly Google it there's a certainty that Results will pop up that's the reason I Started with that one it's the most Famous well-known use case for xrp I Think um but there are tons of other use I mean I just showed you the damn xrp Ledger ecosystem on that website a Second ago there's all sorts of other Use cases for it but this is just this Is a good starter one this is a really Good starter one so he can start to Learn about this now did he respond no Did I expect him to no he doesn't want To be wrong on the internet he want Wants to be right on the internet and Say things and he did he said he said Stuff he said lots of stuff he's wrong Though my God it's just it's only going to get Worse and worse for these people though Because the more time passes the more Obvious it will be that we are right and It makes sense for xrp and certainly Crypto broadly speaking to be here and Continue to Exist Jesus freaking Internet

So I just want to say some things about He get to say some things I get to say Some things all up on the YouTubes That's what I Did I feel better though when I get to Like you know go on go on rants against These people that say a bunch of Nonsense it's cathartic for me and I Feel much Better so there we go let me know what You guys think I not a financial adviser You should not buy yourself anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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