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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lifp [Music] Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I had an interesting Conversation yesterday with Brad comms From digital perspectives about xrp Las Vegas and by the way the links to that Are in the description of this video If You go to my private group dp.com you Can get a discount in there but I was Having a conversation with him and I Said wait a minute I want to sponsor Your coffee at the event and so he said That he would figure it out where I Could be the official sponsor of the Coffee of x RP Las Vegas so I couldn't think of a more Appropriate thing for me to sponsor so That's what I'm going to Do I might I'm going to make sure that He has some cinnamon there too there'll Be like cinnamon shakers beside it Sponsored by Dai all right Circle you May have noticed I've noticed circle is Doing an advertising push you'll see Here where it says add if you go on X You're going to see a lot of circle Advertisements going around right now And the reason they're doing this is Because they're heading to IPO and if you look here's one of the Video ads usdc is a digital dollar that Works around the world with all the

Security of the dollar so anyone Anywhere can participate directly in the Global economy and we activate the full Economic potential of humanity for the First time and so uh I was talking to The guys at link to and they're about They're about to add up more Circle Private equity on the platform today I Think at 8:00 a.m. Pacific time is what The deal I think I'm don't quote me but This is a is is a big deal because these Guys are on the runway to going public Which means that sooner rather than Later in my opinion this private Equity Is going to dry up and people won't be Able to get any more of it so keep your Eyes open if that's something you're Interested in they are my sponsor links In the description just go to link 2 L NQ To.com check this out from Gemini they Still have not listed xrp itself but They are uh listing xrp gusd Perpetual Contract on Gemini Foundation users in 30 plus countries can leverage their Crypto to manage risk generate returns And gain directional Exposure here's their Pairs Gemini Derivatives look at crypto bolt every Once in a while he comes out of nowhere With a bold Claim look there's another Circle add Right there this time he's saying he

Sees an xrp to $10 to $13 in 2024 once it breaks this little Triangle that is one long triangle right There I'm I've got my money where crypto Bull's money is cuz I'm thinking that at Some point we're going to blast off this Year at the latest next year but I think This year's as good a year as Any very bullish on this year myself um Watch your Guru now we know why now we Know why Homeland Security met with the Four Satoshi and has pretended like they Did not and the government has pretended Like they don't know who Satoshi is for All these years it's because they were Sitting on a pile of Bitcoin that they Had gotten from Silk Road and have been Waiting on the ETS to be launched so That they can liquidate their positions The question is what does the government Do once they have gotten their money out And the other question is if bitcoin's So great why are they selling It that's something to keep your eye on Right there so is this Ripple explore The future of digital asset trading for Financial institutions in the next Medical to talks with David Regalen CEO of rule match boy I sorry David I butchered your name now this is Elon Musk here in the in recent days Talking about X payments when you look At the future of X you've talked about X Being kind of an everything company what

Does that actually look Like I just mean all the things that you You would want to use online Um China has WeChat which is um you you Kind of live on WeChat in China you know So you buy things on WeChat you post you Know if text audio video to uh various Feeds um yeah payments it's it's sort of Like Everything um so I want to try to have An app that at least allows you to do Everything on on X uh you don't have to But if you want to you can so I mean Like like what what PayPal should have Been Basically now I have done many a video And told you what my theory is is that Somewhere behind xrp and xlm is the PayPal Mafia in fact I have I have shown You how the guys behind PayPal are Behind stripe which owns 2% of xlm I've Shown you how opencoin which was before Ripple it was opencoin how the guys from PayPal the founders fund Peter theel and Those guys invested in opencoin before It was even Ripple so I've always felt Like PayPal was behind it I've also Shown you video where PayPal the Original Vision well originally PayPal Was called x.com and then the original Vision of PayPal was to create a global Reserve currency okay then they scrapped It because they had Venture capitalists Which required a a a shorter time

Horizon profit motive and so they Abandoned what their real Vision was Then in 2013 PayPal announced pay PayPal Galactic you never heard about PayPal Galactic before but uprises Ripple Opencoin and then Ripple in the same Year so now he's talking about this Everything Out And this what you're about to watch this Is a clip I put out a while back what You're about to watch is Greg kid Greg Kid Just happened to have Jack dorsy living In the house out behind his house when He founded Paypal uh Twitter Jack dorsy Just just by coincidence Greg kid just By pure Coincidence Greg kid happened to have Jack dorsy living in the house out back When Twitter was founded happened to be An investor also happened to show up to Be one of the early investors of Coinbase and also in 2013 when he Happened to show up after a quote poker Game to uh to be one of the first 10 People at Ripple Greg kid in 2000 around I think this was around 2013 just Happened to say this of of Truth so I'm Betting on the new forms of Wallets new forms of messaging that go With those so I believe like in the Future young people and those young

People get older I'm not sure why you won't have like a Super app which is just messaging on Steroids messaging that's also your Wallet messaging where there's Bots and You can buy things you want to do you Don't really have to leave that Messaging app so instead of having like A hundred apps on my phone this one is Um this one is music the other one is Words the other one is money so I'm Investing in the pieces of that Infrastructure if you think about it the Things you need to get to that world is You need message ing rails you need Identity because you got to do it Compliantly you need a ledger to keep Track of everything you need a wallet to Get access to the money and because we Still live in a card-based world you Need cards in other markets you need QR Codes so anybody who's building those Pieces those are the picks and Shovels of the next world that I'm Expecting to live in and so I'm Investing in picks and shovels the other Thing is he's expecting to live in a World where there's an Intergalactic Currency because that's what he said When I interviewed him you can currently Download an app do basic attestations Like prove you control a phone number Prove that the information on your Government ID is valid you can confirm

That you control certain social media Accounts you'll soon be able to confirm That you control various bank accounts All those attestations can be written to Your name your handle which is globally Unique sits on a global registry you can Think about as there a White Pages for Everyone to see not the private Information but the public attestation That those private details have been Verified and so that's out there now the Next steps for that is to attach to it The messaging rails The Ledger and Wallet rails and the all right you see The big picture here's Sam bankman freed He's scheduled to be sentenced on March 28th now the doj decided not to pursue In second trial the counts uh severed at The uh uh Bahamas de demand request Campaign finance and China Bribes and then Patrick McKenry uh Elanor terret informing us that if Patrick McKenry does does serve a Subpoena Gary Gensler will have to Comply Trump White House official Peter Navaro is sentenced to four months for Defying January 6th Subpoena um then we have this this is an Interesting clip I'm going to play at Least some of it for you it's this is The CE Ido finina guy and he's talking Oh I don't want to butcher his name Verson alera but he's one of the uh I Love I love these guys he's one of the

Guys from um ah shoot Black Swan capital I think they are one of the best Channels in xrp land I think they're two Really smart I think they're Brothers um But listen to the beginning of this Reset because everything goes down with The internet and I think person say Something extreme important that The xrp Ledger might have capabilities to work Offline so in the same way that they Always come with the problem it's it's Called Problem reaction Solution by the Way so the same people who actually Bring the problem which is basically the Globalists out there you don't see Nobody tokenizing on bitcoin for more Than two years and but the last time I Checked in November 2023 Stellar was Still the coin with most daily Transactions so it's very interesting That nobody talks about that right so Stellar is also flying under the other Huge hedge tokenizing on Stellar one of Them is actually Franklin tempton Whenever we talk about cryptocurrencies You have to expand your views because Especially with xrp xlm people think xrp They think currency crossb payments but Is actually Way Beyond as a great Mechanism that allows to tokenize Everything of value on the blockchain Now people what I mean by everything of Value well that goes from the first People think it's about Properties Real

Estate yeah that's one of them but we Have collectable cars for luxury goods It goes perhaps even tokenization of Gold think about tokenizing not only Physical assets but the entire data that Is on the blockchain called the Blockchain they have what is called the Oracles that they actually serve the Purpose of extracting the entire data I Mean let's let's imagine a full Transition from Web 2.0 to web 3.0 where You have to actually gather all of this Data that's right now iset and you have To pull all of this data into the Blockchain that's what's going to Tokenizing everything derivatives folks Derivatives tokenization of the world That's what I've we've always kind of Thought xrp really was is about the Derivatives derivatives is all the money Into the quadrillions now we're going to Go into dip.com right now and I'm going To tell you you know our world doesn't Make any sense anymore we've got we've Got it's all craziness at this point Even even people who have always been Lifelong people in one party or another They no longer trust their own parties Because it's never been about parties They used these parties to divide all of Us they used these parties and all this Stuff to to Emotionalize things things that don't Really matter so that they could get

Away with doing the wrong thing on the Things that do Matter well in dip.com I'm going to show You why they're doing what they're doing It's a very easy explanation when you Really sift through all this stuff but It's the the real root of the why that's Imminent right now I'm going to show you And it's very obvious it's not hard to Figure Out some of you may have already figured It out I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like like button tell Your friends and family that we have we Are ruled by liars and thieves and Criminals so all you got to do is think Like one of them and you can figure out Why they're doing what they're doing all [Music] Right [Music]


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