XRP 10X ATH Leap? & Ripple GC Invokes Colonel Jessup

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor just a little Reminder today's the day Linda Jones is Going to be talking about Ripple and all The things all things linked to um today 1 p.m. eastern time you can go and Register for this link to is conducting This Webinar um and that's at 1:00 so go Check it out they are my sponsor by the Way Crypt bull xrp setting up for a huge Bull Run I love the look of that chart I Don't know anything about that chart Other other than I I do Know what it was like back then and I do Know what that was like and I do know How long that xrp has been Intentionally and with everything that They have held back not with what Ripple Has but with everything that all the bad Guys the government the who you know who They've this has been if if if that none Of this had been done SEC and all the Bad guys and all the media if none of This had been done this never would have Stopped right here cuz cuz the market Knew the market Knows egag crypto knows V Pandora's Box To all-time high the VR a charts Potential is captivating my targets are Crystal clear one hitting an all-time

High two reaching between 30 and 50 Cents three surging to FIB 1.618 at 88 C cents which is 10 times Leap from alltime High I don't know what I just read folks I just look I'm trying to figure that Out let's see what he's talking About man there's a lot going on right There I don't even understand That but that's part of it that's why I Show you the things some of you that Follow this kind of stuff maybe you get It but I there's there's way too much Going on there for me I need a much more Simple Chart okay Black Rock has filed the S1 Prospectus for its spot ethereum ETF With the SEC let me give you a little Theory here folks do you think it's a Coincidence that step narof pops up on The scene and starts to talk about all Of the things he's about to unveil about Ethereum it almost feels like black rock Is rushing to get this ethereum thing Out so that they can say oh we've got an ETF this the ship's already sailed on That it that the regul from a regulatory Perspective because apparently we're Under a 48 hour countdown on Steven ner Off blowing the lid off of this thing The ethereum thing hey Black Rock why Aren't you filing an S1 application for A spot xrp ETF it's the only digital Asset with legal Clarity that is the

Fact Jack and that's a great question For Black Rock and everybody should Continue to ask it now steuart Al R's Been on the war path and I don't think He I don't think that he could have Picked a better a better character to Compare Gary Gensler too he says the SEC Is losing in court being criticized by Judges for shady Behavior being rebuked By the government's internal auditor Hiding info about meetings with a felon Becoming irrelevant on the international Stage Gensler admitting no fault has Become the insulate Colonel Jessup exactly the the the same Character who who from A Few Good Men Who thought that because he was powerful And had a a position of power in the Government that he was insulated and Could not be dealt with for any Illegalities he ended up getting Court Marshaled just so you know that's the Military version of being arrested then Here's steuart aldera he is at this Uber 2023 listen to this quo when you're Faced with regulation by enforcement and Regulatory Overreach Fight defend yourself don't surrender uh Which is what Ripple chose to do which Is what our CEO chose to do what our Chairman chose to do who are named Personally in a non-fraud case there's Never been a crypto case the United

States where individuals have been named Along with the company with no Allegation of fraud they did it in our Suit why did they do it to try to bring Us to our knees and surrender and we Didn't so we fought them and we won and We won in a very important way um and I Think that has Given um uh courage to other Participants this yes sir it has now Here's another clip that uh that uh Digital perspective he put out the whole Clip this one's good listen to this Matter that the US is crypto antagon Asking why does it matter that the us Regulators are are anti- crypto the rest Of the world's moving on if the rest of The world is getting on Board um I think that's a good question And uh it it's interesting let me start Here that after the SEC sued us that's All we talked about uh is the SEC case And I remember um uh our chief executive Was visiting uh Dubai meeting with a Regulator and he started the Conversation to talk about got the SEC Case and afterwards he got some feedback From our local uh managing director on The ground and said you don't have to Talk about the SEC case they don't care About the SEC case then as I went to London and you know uh started Singapore They really not interested so I think um So that would suggest that it doesn't

Matter but the United States is still The largest economy in the world it Still has massive influence Um uh it still is very fertile ground For entrepreneurs Engineers uh people With bigger brains than me so you would Like to see the US come along that's why I think at the end of the day it does Matter and we need the US has to get it Right all right then we've got this step Nof put this out my place he's talking About how um and it starts right here He's talking about how these these guys From ethereum vitalic but and Joe Luben And all those guys have gone out of Their way to downplay Steven n off's Role in the thing this guy here this is A tweet that's saying never heard either To be fair I only really get involved After the token sale says reached out to Vitalic and he stated he met him a few Met him a few times and that he helped Us with legal stuff back in 2014 seems like an exaggeration on the Role but maybe it was uh on cnbc's part And then Steven nof is putting is Showing the proof his personal guarantee That he put up uh to Prior Cashman back In the day I don't know if you remember This when Joseph Luben said that he had A note he had a something in his pocket What he was referring to is the legal Opinion letter that he got from prior Cashman as a result of this Jeffy

Alberts was the attorney apparently so Steven ner off's pointing out theal Slept on my freaking couch and they're They're putting this lie out that he Barely even knew I I just helped on a Couple things back then he barely even Knew knew knew me and he says balic Stayed with me when in New York worked In an office I rented for ethereum Steven's place doesn't sound like he Used to uh he's used to staying at my Home yet he says he only met me a few Times so um this is falic right here He's put this guy's putting out emails Showing this stuff from balic to Steven N off head to Manhattan Center Stevens's Place so he's just pointing and and then He puts this out the recording isn't Directly related to the fraud but it Will illuminate a lot of what was really Happening and show my involvement the Fraud will be in the lawsuit 48h hour Countdown ethereum Insider shocking Fraud expose Loom And this was two days ago he was saying 48 hours we're there folks it's imminent Now check this out because I'm in the Private group today I'm going to show You I can prove it I can prove it wasn't Just the SEC it wasn't just Homeland Security it was also the Cftc they all and other parts of our Government they all know who Satoshi is They all knew who Satoshi is and I'm

Going to prove it in my group d xrp Um I'm going to use some of the the Proof we we've had in the past and I'm Going to go further into it and I'll Show you they all had to know so listen To This this is a this is a theory that That some of us have had for a long time By the way folks and that is remember we Already know that our government is not I mean look at Gary Gensler it's not Like these people are um honest and Above board okay okay so if you're if You're Rogue regulators and you don't Get what you want wouldn't you then put Rig some I mean isn't that what Executive orders is this just overtime How politicians and all these people Have rigged rigged it so that they can Put in place whatever they want if they Don't get the regulations they want what She's saying here is some type of Emergency um action that they could take And I think that is Ofac the treasury I think that's what She's referring to listen to This way that we have looking at it and Propose tools that are available there Are some powers that the when you start Hearing them talk about tools I think That means bending the Constitution D See uh where I sit has but for something Like this which is you know right now uh Particularly spot crypto is not

Something that we can directly go in and Intervene there might be some limit Mited circumstances where we have Emergency Powers but that that would Need to be examined we as you know are Primarily uh very focused on the system Of Regulation around U marketplaces Around exchanges and clearing houses and Those Market participants are on Commodity derivatives folks in the Financial crisis do you have any idea How many laws were broken by our Government and all of the bankers and Everybody involved in the bailouts many Many many many and the what what you Should have taken away from that if you Did Not is that under the blanket of an Emergency this these people will do Anything they want to do and that's the Fact Jack and I I I I can remember Talking to many of my friends who are Bankers back during that and they all Thought oh yeah it had to be done I said No no no what y'all understand is that That Pandora's Box was opened and it it Goes back to what Rah Emanuel said who Is one of Obama he's one of that whole Crew guinsler all of Them he said never let a crisis go to Waste well I believe that these people See it a different way yeah never let a Go crisis go to waste but I think that They take it a step further I think

These people are create a crisis then Never let it go to waste then do what You wanted to do because of the crisis You Created I believe that's part of what All this cyber oh we have a Cyber attack There could we're in danger of a Cyber Attack well yeah almost like they want One so then you got this because this I Wanted to show you this I was watching This this morning and the more I watch The more I was like what is going on we Know that these people all know who Satoshi Nakamoto is what in the world is Going on this is all a govern this is Folks I can't talk about much of this Here go to da da Dp.com today we're going in there here In a second but I want to show you a Little bit of this first okay something Has Changed um so we had put in a number of Times a filing and we were just denied Never got any questions really never got Any response this time as you listen to This listen to it with this in your head The government knows and has known for Years who Satoshi Nakamoto is we have The proof as she talks that includes the SEC we know they were in the room I'm Going to show you some other people that Were in the room today in dp.com Uh this summer we got questions back From the SEC now normally when you get

Questions from the SEC you're just Saying oh my goodness we were thrilled To get questions back because it means They're engaged now now we have met uh Number of the research people at the SEC On the research side and they are Extremely sophisticated how is she able To why why is she able to go and just Meet with them and have all these Conversations Ripple was never able to Do That they know what have you ever Noticed that Kathy would never she's one Of them never brings up rippler or xrp She won't even broach the subject all Right we're going into the the group I'm The digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family as we go into Dip.com it is onike Donkey Kong I'm Going to show you a bunch of people who Know


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