Wall Street Trillions Coming , Ripple , XRP & Black Swan In 2024

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I wanted to Start by showing you something from from Uh link to one of my sponsors the um Here this is something if you go to the Invest section even if you're even if You're not a member you can look at some Of their offerings but what you can do Is you can filter by vertical I don't Know if I've ever shown you this so Let's say you wanted to see which um uh Artificial intelligence companies that They have that you that people can um Invest in on their platform they've got These Sova we've heard of sa B so There's all there's like several AI Companies or if you wanted to focus on Companies that are in digital assets You'd click there and then you'd see Circle Ripple polyon itrust Capital Chainalysis copper Ledger Dune analytics Alchemy Unstoppable domains block Damon Bit pay figment I mean these I remember When they only had like one or two Companies on here when I first started Talking about them it's come a come a Long way so you can go check that out Link to Lq.com Um there's stuff in the description of My videos on that check out egag Crypto he's calling for gold to 3K and

He says men lie and women lie but charts Do not Lie good luck people that bought gold And gold and they I think gold hit like The record of all time here in the last 48 Hours go figure I've got a gold sponsor Too Go look in uh the description of the Video you can use Dai um miles Franklin Dai gold is my code you can call them or Send them an email for the best pricing Now something I've talked about on this Channel Before for those of you that are new um I am not a financial adviser but I used To be I was a financial adviser at Morgan Stanley um and there's a story Around that that I'm not allowed to tell Out here on YouTube because they Wouldn't allow it but there is a story There but I was a financial advisor uh For Morgan Stanley and one of the things That I learned uh when I was there was That um is called asset allocation and Basically a financial advis advisor when They come in and and meet with you uh Let's say let's say that you're in your Uh early 30s and you've just started out In a career you just got married they're Likely to Al to to advise you that to Allocate your assets in a more Aggressive way than they would if they Were talking to someone who was 60 or 65

About to retire or something like that What they would allocate your assets to As a 30-year old would be a lot Different than what they would advise a 60s something year old that's coming Closer to retirement and the reason is That as a young person you need to be More aggressive to grow your asset That's over time whereas an older person Needs to be more conservative and be in Things that may be more weighted towards Things that are paying an income and Preserving their the wealth that they've Accumulated so um th this is called a Heat map and what this is and and a lot Of times an a financial advisor would Present something like this to you to to To make to drive the point home that Look in in in in each year a different Asset class does better than what did Better last year in 2014 here this is on Blackrock's website they had this uh Reit real estate investment trusts did The best then in 2015 Japanese equities Perform the best then high yield debt Like I guess high yield bonds uh in in The bond category you might have Corporate bonds or municipal bonds or All kinds of different bonds then that 20 17 equities in China did the best Just having your money in cash did Better in 2018 than anything else or in 2019 us equities Commodities in 2021 you see the point and what they

What a a financial advisor would do um Is would would spread people's money Across these different a asset classes So that uh they're Pro it's a protection Mechanism so that you're not getting Killed if if you if you had all your Eggs in one asset class or something Like that Well so I show you that and and I've Told stories on this channel before when I was a financial adviser and I repeat I'm not now but when I was we when we Would go in the office in the morning um They they would have a morning meeting And they would have someone from like a Mutual fund company like a let's say a Franklin Templeton one of their sales Reps might come in the office and they Might they would bring donuts and coffee And and they would be there to show us The latest mutual fund or the latest ETF That was from Franklin Templeton or Whatever and they would and they would Tell the financial advisers in the room All about it and then they would go over Here's here's how the money is invested In this fund and here's how it's Allocated and and then the final Question by the financial advisor would Always be well okay how do we get paid And then they would tell you the Commission breakdown how how you would Get paid on that that's how it works Okay I I want to show you that I told

You all of that because I want to show You this video this is um Anthony Scaramucci and he's describing kind of What I just talked about and he's but He's talking about what's going to Happen with this when this Bitcoin ETF Comes about okay so so he's gonna talk About kind of what I've been talking About on this channel for years that When all of this money and I used to Joke around I used to talk to some of my Financial advisor friends here in town And I would say I would say I would tell Them I told them on many they laughed at Me oh how they laughed at me they they Would say oh you're in that crypto stuff And I would say yeah I said and I'd tell Them in the end I said I said the only Reason you're not into it is because Right now you don't have a way to sell It but the second that that that Happened happens and you have a vehicle Where you can sell it to your clients You'll be the biggest crypto cheerleader That there is you just don't have a way To get paid yet that's what this Bitcoin ETF thing is about this opens the door For these financial advisors that being Able to get paid and that's when this All the people that laughed at me that's When they're all going to be telling you All about it and what he describes here Is exactly how it's going to Happen and and it's and it's gonna B

Folks you think that bitcoin's the only One you think that you think they're Going to just slam the door and it's Going to be Bitcoin only think again Once these guys taste once these Wall Street guys financial advisors once they That blood's in the water they're going To add ETF after ETF and before you know It xrp will be one of them and so I'm Going to say something to you that's Sort of this unspoken not so secret uh Reality of Wall Street so they not so Secret reality of Wall Street is that Products are sold and not bought and so I just want you to imagine an army a Legion of people who are going to be Selling they're going to bring coffee And donuts to these brokerage offices or These fa offices and they're going to be He might be a listener or he was just a Financial advisor because I've I've used That exact example for years me giving The Mantra speech about Bitcoin they're Going to tell people put 1% in Bitcoin And these are people that are Traditionally buying ETFs they're buying S&P ETFs or S&P dividend ETFs or Bond ETFs and now they'll have this ability To buy the Bitcoin ETF which has been Approved by the federal government and It's been the best performing asset in The last 10 years Bar None and so I Think that these products this product The Bitcoin cash ETF they're going to

Unleash a tens of thousands of people Salesforce can can cash Bitcoin ETF yeah So the profile of that group is a higher Threshold group those are people that Typically have a million dollars of Netor worth a couple $1,000 in earnings Sort of a higher threshold that's sort Of the mass affluent the target audience For Bitcoin you know you in an ETF you Could put $500 $1,000 $2,000 up to an Infinite number in in an ETF and so you Have a much broader cross-section of People that go to Brokers for advice or Go to Fidelity for advice and then you Get the self brokerage Community you Know people that are going on eade or Fidelity.com to do their buys and sells So there's a whole group of people there That could also be contacted and and Drive prices and So the phenomena that people are not Fully getting and this is why I say that The cash ETF approval isn't fully priced Into the marketplace is that you don't Have the Traditional money managers in Bitcoin Right now you may have them in it Personally you may have in very tiny Amounts but I'm talking about somebody Making a tactical asset allocation Decision is running a billion dollars is Going to put 1% or $10 million into Bitcoin and spread it out among among Their clients we don't have that right

Now and you will get that as a result of This approval and I think people are Underestimating the power of wall Street's marketing element to sell a Product story like that remember talking About narrative it's all about the Narrative I need you to own some digital Property uh it's a good diversifier as Kathy Wood says it's a diversifier Against inflation and deflation it's Just a great store of value and you you You Get do the math let's just take Fidelity At four trillion and black rock at 7 Trillion okay so 1% we're talking about Uh I don't know $110 billion dollar Going into Bitcoin and those are just Those two companies so just add up the Other ones that have all filed and add Up the ones that are going to add on File after the well just think about While they distract you with Bitcoin What happens when when the one comes Along here is a uh I like this sit back And relax absolutely yeah and we're kind Of uh nearing the end of my questions Here is there anything that you would Like to speak to specifically or kind of Highlight um just drawing from maybe uh Some examples of of businesses using Ripple it's an very exciting time uh I've been with the company for about Three and a half years um definitely a Lot of work that went into our solution

Before my arrival for sure uh but what We've seen sort of at a global level is On on the regulatory front increasing uh Clarity in many different markets around The world uh so basically removing some Barriers in the minds of institutional Customers as to whether you know Blockchain and crypto is a sort of a Safe space to operate so I think that Trend you know is going to continue Which is very exciting uh we've seen Institute with that sort of in lock step With that we've seen institutional Adoption uh go way up so big names you Know stripe Amazon Visa Mastercard all You know going public with uh with Various crypto strategies I think that's Going to embolden uh you know additional Waves of institutional customers and so We're very excited to be there with open Arms to help them with our solution I Think that alrighty and then here's Brian Brooks talking some Ripple is you Know the biggest issue that I always try And focus on is cryptocurrencies are Really not about currency and and the Biggest misunderstanding of this whole Discussion is the belief that if crypto Is not doing a great job of replacing The US dollar uh then crypto is failing In its Mission and what I what I think We'll talk about a little bit today is The idea that most of crypto is about Replacing the centralized banking system

With networks that allow user control Versus Bank CEO control the crypto Assets that have prices are more like Internet stocks it's more like you bet On Google if you think there's going to Be high internet traffic and you short Google if you think people are going to Go back to the post office right but It's not that ethereum or Ripple or Anything else is trying to replace the US dollar it's trying to replace a System of transmitting value and we'll Talk a lot more about that so for me the Prices are not that relevant anymore Than Google's volatility is and in the Early days of Google that was super Volatile so the point that I okay um I wanted to show you actually I may skip this I've already gone too Late but here's what we're about to talk About let me tell you here's what we're About to talk if you're Into false Flags Black Swan events if You've ever heard of or have not heard Of Vault 7 You're going to want to go to Dp.com because today we're going to talk About what's coming in 2024 and to me There's not a doubt in my mind that this Is how these guys are going to do it This is how they're going To they're they're going to shock the Financial system and I think they're Going to do it exactly how it's

Described in the video I'm about to show In the member group I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button and tell your friends and Family Dp.com I'm going to show you exactly how This thing is going to go down in 2024


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