SEC :BTC / ETH / XRP Currencies & Ripple GC On Operation Chokepoint

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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I want to remind everybody Look at this uh Nick burafado from link To the Next Generation digital asset Custody solution for institutional Investors a wholly owned subsidiary of Poly sun or two reminders with with Linked to the first one is that they're Giving away Um first of all they're giving away a Thousand dollars of xrp for poly sign Orders between ten thousand and twenty Four thousand dollars twenty five Hundred dollars of xrp if you buy twenty Five thousand to forty nine thousand Dollars worth of poly Sun at private Equity five thousand dollars of xrp if You buy fifty thousand or up of poly sun And also today Joe and doso and they'll Have the link Um in the link to if you look at link to Some Twitter feed Joe endoso is Interviewing Jack McDonald who's the CEO Of poly sign today and you can register To go in and watch that today as well so Check that that out Um now looks like Patrick mahenry McHenry is is commenting on Gary Gensler's what he was talking about with The custodians the other day yesterday's SEC action on qualified custodians is

Clearly part of the Biden Administration's attack on the digital Asset ecosystem let me be clear the Future of digital assets is a major Political and economic question that Must be decided by Congress and I said Look more Congressional tweets while Gary keeps doing what he wants and they Do nothing I think Patrick McHenry is a good guy I Think Tom emmer is a good guy But all I know all I can tell you is the Only indication of them being good guys To me at this point is they like to Tweet things that sound good to us and They like to talk about things that Sound good to us and they like to ask Questions that sound good to us when They're in Congress but they haven't Done anything Patrick McHenry if you're out there At some point you have to punch back These guys are doing nothing but beating You guys to a pulp Gary Gensler is Literally beating you guys to a pulp With actions while you guys are talking Stop talking and do something about it Unless you're with Gary then just tell Us All right The official cool guy of the digital Asset investor Channel checks in on Friday often and today's no different What's up fam happy Friday are you tired

Well that's okay that's why we have an Army we persevere one man out we tagged The next one in let's have a great Weekend and keep the faith the digital Asset investor is tired but that's okay I will not stop we're going to finish This thing Hassan Alan Ozzy both Bitcoin And ethereum have exhausted their time I Agree in false attempts to climb it's All built up on nothing and let me let Me get rid of this It's time for the real rise of xrp as New leader of crypto It's time folks I agree it is time now Check this out I wanted to make sure you Saw this these are Nigerians who are Revolting again after at their Central Bank after it declared their old Currency notes to no longer be legal Tender after the Central Bank destroys Them So that's what's going on you know what I bet they wish they had is some a glint Account where they had a SP a MasterCard Debit card where they could spend their Gold a Glenn account is not a bank Account government does not control the Glenn account So they I wish they had a Glenn account Or some physical gold glints my sponsor Link two's my sponsor links in the top Of the description both of them will be There you can click on them and tell Them Dai sent you now from Stuart El

Doradi reminder that agency Authority Rests on laws and regulations not on Personal beliefs or political Motivations regulatory threats undue Pressure coercion and intimidation have No place 2019 FDIC statement ending Operation choke point because now They're trying operation choke point 2.0 Now Gary Gensler tweeted this in the Last 24 hours he's the U.S the SEC went After terraform labs and doe uh Quan With orchestrating a multi-billion Dollar crypto asset Securities fraud Okay so they went after dokwon finally For the Luna this is the whole Luna Thing and he's bragging about how this Demonstrates their commitment to being Public servants well I got a question About this because Gary was meeting with FTX and having planning sessions as well Was just like the rest of our government Including the cftc was because bitboy a While back said this I understand why You believe this but it goes back to What caused Luna SBF Alameda was behind Every single crash collapse this year Even Target was even um Target was a Solana FTX competitor think about it Hopefully going to deliver hard evidence On this soon I never remember him doing That but I would love to hear his Thoughts on that now Tipsy tiger makes a very good point Three times the SEC changed its position

On the Hinman emails six times the judge Netburn ordered the SEC to hand over the Emails one time judge Torres ordered the SEC to hand over the emails 18 months Later you are still hiding the emails For invest from investors you're Mandated to protect And then we've got this this guy's Talking about the sec's action he says He's a lawyer just read SEC civil Complaint against dokwon SEC alleges These tokens are crypto asset Securities Luna W Luna UST stablecoin Mir and Security based swaps like M-a-a-p-l so Gary's trying to capitalize On on a fraud and make it about Designating uh digital make the guy Obviously can't fight back because it's Fraud and so why not throw in there and And say oh these are securities because He can't he has this guy ultimately Probably has to settle with the SEC Because he committed a fraud see how Gary operates now A lot of people have not really zeroed In on the cftc but I think it's time Because after I saw thinking crypto say That the cftc was a part of this crypto Crackdown it's time to call them out and I have been calling them out Caroline Pham I've been calling out because she's Running around acting like they're Pro Crypto so you can't have your cake and Eat it too folks it's one of the other

They're either Pro crypto or they're Part of the Crackdown which is it Caroline fam cftc was meeting with Consensus and the SEC in the lead up to The ethereum free pass thinking crypto Source said they are part of the crypto Crackdown former cftc commissioner Mark Wetjin was General Counsel and the D.C Political connection for FTX what say You because I think Chris Giancarlo Needs to answer these questions too Because Cowboy crypto who's the official Cowboy of the digital asset investor Channel says Jay Clayton met with Gary Getzler and the cftc chairman Heath Tarbert in back-to-back meetings the day Before the Ripple lawsuit Heath tarbert Left the cftc in March 2021 is now Chief Legal officer at Citadel Securities Investors are Paradigm and Sequoia Here's the meeting with Gary Gensler and There he is And let's see if we have anything else Yes we do Stefan Huber has been activated on the Cftc thing he says ho ho look at what Look at Who ethereum Bull and cftc Chairman Heath tarbert's Mentor was at Sullivan Cromwell J freaking Clayton Well now I'm getting into the game It was London off of Sullivan Cromwell If you can believe it that meant my that Mentoring partner was none other than Jay Clayton now chairman of the SEC the

Two of us have weekly one-on-one calls To coordinate our agencies so I still Get the benefit of his mentorship then There was this This is Heath tarbert Crypto M A deals are on the pace to Surprise surpass last year cftc tarbert Is impressed with ethereum and filecoin Flies Okay Facebook's Libra is very Different product than Bitcoin says cftc So anything just like Jay Clayton Anything that threatens Bitcoin and Ethereum he's there to fight what's the Cftc chairman actually said about at Their Futures in ethereum 2.0 expects to See regulated at their Futures in the US In the next six months Cfdc chairman Heath tarbert talks Ethereum D5 and the next bit mix Excuse me ethereum's upcoming proof of Stakeshift won't necessarily put the World's second largest cryptocurrency in This into the Securities bucket the Chairman of the cftc said Wednesday So then this was brought to my attention This morning too this was on this was on The right here you'll see it January 4th Of 2021 just a few days after the SEC Filed the lawsuit against Ripple This was on the on the SEC website and It says let me see if I can get a better Thing here let me find it It's hard to find All right it's right here I'll just

Stretch my eyes here Um it says Bitcoin ethereum that are Generally accepted to be currencies and Are not currently subject to regulation By the SEC these three cryptocurrencies Are treated as non-covered Securities Outside the cryptocurrencies and outside These cryptocurrencies investments in Other cryptocurrencies that's prohibited Please note the following And I asked John Deaton if and the Ripple people if they had seen this and John said yes it it is in the brief I Filed so John Deaton is all over it as Usual now when before I end I want to Bring something to your attention I Covered this tweet a while back biggest Community because this is one of the Lies that oh Bitcoin has somehow got This massive Community whatever biggest Blockchain community on Twitter today Look who wins Xrp 32.5 percent of the vote all you've got To do is go and look at viewership Around xrp and the and the different Channels and the different Twitter feeds Xrp is by far the biggest Community okay Now Lucky for us Brad comes from digital Perspectives has stepped up to the plate For the xrp community and done what Bitcoin the Bitcoin Community has been Doing and bit I have a feel in the

Bitcoin Community is about to find out Whose boss Xrp who needs Bitcoin Miami when you've Got xrp Las Vegas now I'm not involved In putting this thing together folks but This is big okay xrp Las Vegas 2023 he's Doing this and he's already lining up People like John Deaton and Eleanor Tara It looks like he's got Quincy Jones some Guys from link2 are coming he's got Linda P Jones looks like a lot of people Are starting to jump on board of this Thing Joe and does so from link two this Is and I will bet let me make a little Let me make a bet folks I will bet you Because why wouldn't they we you Remember Bitcoin Miami this is Bitcoin Miami Um from 2022 Ripple had a presence there At Ripple house in Miami you remember This and so Ripple obviously go is going To the Bitcoin Miami events we also saw Back in 2021 Brad garlinghouse he was I Think he was Bennett at all of the Bitcoin miamis in the recent history so My question is why on Earth would they Not be at xrp Las Vegas I'm expecting no I don't know I don't know anything about That but I it wouldn't surprise me a bit If you didn't start to see one or two Ripple people start to pop up here Because this proves the whole XR Decentralized xrp narrative this was not Put together by Ripple this was put

Together by an xrp army community Whatever you want to call it member Brad Comes from digital perspectives so so This right here is going to be exciting And I would I would be shocked if I did Not start to see some Ripple people pop Up in here at least one or two so this Is going to be interesting Um you can go and and get your tickets But I would imagine these are going to Be gone pretty quick The digital asset investor I I haven't I'm not saying I'm going yet but the Digital asset investor loves some Las Vegas I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family Who in The Who in the in the hell needs Bitcoin Miami that doesn't work when you Have xrp Las Vegas thanks for listening Thank you


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