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They will do absolutely anything to keep You poor that is the truth guys you are Going to start to see so much fear Uncertainty and doubt it's going to Drive you absolutely crazy and if you Don't learn how to be non-emotional About these markets these people that Run the economic system are going to Fudge you out of one of the greatest Opportunities in history my name is Coach JB what I work to do is make Complex macro and microeconomic Strategies very simple so the normal Everyday person can Implement them we've Helped over 7,000 people 7,500 since 2020 my goal is to help over a million In the next 12 months so I have three Things to mention number one is a free Consultation we will never ask you to Send us money it's an insurance contract We teach you how we ensure our wealth as Everybody teaches you how to ensure Their life we use tax code 7702 Infinity Banking Concept in the description of This video down below you set up a free Consultation with my licens insurance Team number number two is a 16-page Absolutely free guide on the blueprint That we use to create Financial Freedom Spiritual freedom and mental freedom in The description of this video and number Three if you're on our email list Tonight today Monday is the last day for Our Black Friday special it will end at

Midnight tonight that is not false Scarcity it is the greatest deal we've Ever posed it's in your email it didn't Go out to the public so if you want to Get in the academy there's great deals Send in your email so let's dive into This so three resources guys all in Description of this video or in my Social media platform just click the Link we're here to support and help you All right so let's Dive Right into this Guys so you're going to see a lot of This narrative and I want you to pay Attention Okay so first they resist it Then they sue it then they regulate it Now I repeat the same things over and Over again because what you repeatedly Do gets ingrained in your subconscious Mind what gets ingrained in your Subconscious mind becomes your Unconscious behaviors and there's three Things you can control your thoughts Your actions and your reactions so if I Was the prince of the earth as Jesus Says the devil is the prince of the Earth then I would control your emotions And your reactions and I would keep you Looking this way as I switch the whole System this way so Christine lard the ECB Chief admits her son lost crypto Cash okay so so she's very very adamant On it's it's interesting they're goingon To share with you that cryptocurrencies A fraud cryptocurrencies a fraud

Cryptocurrencies fraud at the same time They're implementing blockchain Technology guys remember cryptocurrency Is a fraud blockchain is here to stay Bitcoin's used for nefarious activity Cash is Good Guys cash is good I'm going To show you another narrative that's Being pushed out to the Senate okay so Our public is seeing a lot of this stuff Right now and if you're not if you're Emotional about these markets you're Going to get fed out of this guys so This is what the public seen that her Son her own son lost money in crypto Right and she admits it wasn't a lot but Guys you can lose money on any Investment You can lose money on any scam there's So many things happening right now you Have to use discernment okay you have to Use your intuition you have to Understand what is good what is bad There is absolute risk to investing 100% I agree with the Bad actors within Crypto but there's Bad actors within the Banking system I used to be in the Banking system guys trust me it is not Designed for you to win so let's dive Into this I just want to show you guys This and this was at the um this genten Now one of the things I want to share if You go watch this video because this is Gary scherhorn He's a corporate attorney Who is in front of the Senate talking

About Ai and cryptocurrency okay now the Thing that I do agree with in his story And I do support oh it didn't switch Over here one thing I do support is his Uh story around so I'm going to show the Back end of the story but I don't want To get to misconstrue because we show Bits and pieces which um can manipulate The story right the first part of this Video is talking about Ai and crypto Currency okay he's talking about the Fact that his son is crazy so this is What you guys need to watch out for Because this has happened to me uh or or People getting scammed with AI right so Basically they're using AI technology to Use influencers voices and people's Children's voices to call them and say That they're in trouble okay so they go Through this whole process with AI Technology and the parent thinks that They're talking to their actual child And it's real convoluted it's kind of Disconnected and the whole process takes Us through the thing but what he blam it On is cryptocurrency right he never he He didn't actually fall through with the Scam his son finally called and was like Hey Dad everything's okay but what They're hearing and the public is Hearing is this type of stuff okay on The back end here so I do agree with This story about AI scammers out there You got to be careful guys so if you're

In the older crowd like I reached out to My parents and said if you ever get a Call from me saying that I'm stuck in Jail or something happened make sure you Verify with me okay uh if you're if You're uh following me on social media Guys I will will never reach out to you Guys I will never send you a video Asking you to send me money they're Using AI technology to mimic my voice Because there's so much content out There okay so we're going to listen to The back end of this video it's going to Kind of go in line with Christine lagard Where they're saying guys cryptocurrency Is the worst thing ever it's for fraud It's the worst thing ever and I Guarantee you I guarantee you that They're saying this because they want You to feel safe when your local bank Wells Fargo Bank of America Black Rock Uh coinbase turns into a bank Kraken Turns into a bank Ripple turns into a Bank come on in to flight to safety guys Come on in that's how they do it problem Reaction solution whoever creates a Problem creates a reaction in the people Comes up with the solution so pay Attention to what he says about crypto Oh and the other suggestion I had was to Go to the bank where they where they Bank and suggest that Tellers inquire about anyone that's Taking out a lot of cash that doesn't

Usually do that they do that already We've been doing that I was in Banking 2008 to 2017 and we were already encouraging our Tellers to do that people get pissed but We're especially elderly people uh this Has been happening for a long time so It's nothing new Gary that was the only Thing I could come up with The the Cryptocurrency and AI have provided a Riskless Avenue for fraud ERS to take Advantage of all of us they have no risk Of exposure they have no risk of Exposure but everything is tracked on The Blockchain I know that there's economic Benefit to Cryptocurrency but I also know that it Causes substantial harm um to to society And financial harm to me you know it's Fundamental if we're if we're harmed by Somebody there's a remedy either through The legal system or through law Enforcement in this case there is no Remedy and that fundamental basis uh is Broken and I hope that this committee Could do something about that okay so That's the narrative I want you guys to Hear you're gonna start hearing things Like Christine lagard right her son got Scammed on cryptocurrency making it Personal right his son uh they used his

Son to scam him and almost got his uh His money right and then on the same Page guys this is the stuff that's Happening this is the same stuff that's Happening on the same page so as you Look this way there's a whole another Narrative going on this way the Narrative in crypto is completely Transforming in the institutional area Joining us now coin Stories podcast host And Bitcoin educator Natalie Brunell uh So Natalie you know we've seen a lot of Bad PR of course for crypto of late you Hadf get the guilty verdict we saw Binance earlier this week uh plead Guilty to money laundering but those are Exchanges right that's not Cryptocurrency so I'm curious what's Your so think about that she nailed it Guys you're seeing a lot of bad press Exchanges Christine lar son got scammed This lawyer corporate lawyer sitting in Front of Senate he almost got scammed With cryptocurrency cryptocurrency is The worst thing ever Elizabeth Warren Says it's used for terrorist activities All these different things guys this is What the public sees take on why we're Seeing Bitcoin rise recently and where Are the opportunities going Forward sure well thank you so much for Having me I I think that Bitcoin is Finally being recognized as a dominant Global macro asset an asset with no

Issuer with absolute scarcity and I Think it's performing beautifully amid Sort of the chaos of the other markets Because look in the last year we've seen US banking failures the government Running massive deficits and ballooning The debt the bond market and turmoil we Had obviously the crypto actions that You mentioned that show that Bitcoin is Very different and special we're seeing Legacy firms filing spot Bitcoin ETF Applications and legendary investors Changing their tune so a lot of Tailwinds for bit coin over the last Year and I think people are just Realizing that Bitcoin is not just the Best way to store wealth over the long Run especially when you zoom out but we Have an opportunity now to have a form Of money backed by energy that no one Can control or manipulate with unlimited Velocity and instant settlement without Relying on credit this is a system we Can opt into based on value and Ownership instead of theft through Inflation oh she nailed it that's why They're fighting you out of it theft Through inflation guys that's how they Steal our money through inflation okay Taxation inflation and they can't do That with Bitcoin that's why they Absolutely hate it so if you can't beat It what do you do 2017 I played this Video over and over again but I want it

Repetitively in your head this gentleman Right here told you cryptocurrency used For money laundering and this was a Couple months ago well I can't talk About the specifics of anything I think It just an example of the pent up Interest in in crypto and I and we are Hearing from clients around the world About the need for crypto I mean when You think about I think some of this Rally is Way Beyond the rumor I think The the rally today is about a flight to Quality with all the you know all the Issues around isra War now um Global Terrorism and I think there's more People running into a fight the quality Whether that is in treasuries gold or Crypto depending on how you think about It and I believe okay so with high Inflation jacked up interest rates guys What's going to happen now I'm sharing With you guys 2024 is going to be Massive we've been trying to prepare People for years for this moment you've Been preparing you've been focused You've been dedicated family you have to Have an exit plan at the back end of Every video I'm going to share with you Guys exactly what I'm doing now anything I promote guys is something I own myself Something I created to solve the problem For Humanity either I'm the owner of it Or we're one of the creat ators of it so What I'm showing you right here is

Merlin this is the smartest way to track Your crypto okay this is key factor and Everybody needs to have this in their Portfolio now what I mean by that it's Not investment you need to have this in Your Arsenal the reason why is number One you always know where your portfolio Is at and number two is this right here I'm keep preaching this Exit Plan Exit Plan Exit Plan Exit Plan you have to be Disciplined you have to hit the sell Button guys you are going to get the GRE Gene if you've never experienced wealth Like this before if you've never Experienced a parabolic moving crypto or You did experience it before you've been Waiting for this moment guys and I'm Telling you when they told us Bitcoin is Going to 100 every influencer was futing You the out of Bitcoin that it was Going to 100,000 it hit 68 somewhere Around there and came collapsing down we Had pulled profits guys so when things Go up okay so I'm holding 50% of my Portfolio Legacy not touching it 50% Will be exited during the bull market I'm going to be using Merlin with my Exit strategy excuse me so it'll send me An alert saying hey JV say let's use xrp For example okay xrp my first Target is $3.7 okay my first Target I'll exit About 5 to 10% of my portfolio of the 50% so Merlin will send me a text saying JB hey you're getting close pay

Attention so I can step away I can go Pay attention and I can get ready to Exit now when I exit I am securing mine In Max funding index Universal Life Policies that's what I'm doing it's work For me it's radically transformed many People's lives okay number two is I'm be Getting more real estate I'm going to be Getting more into precious metals and I'm going to continue to expand my Self-development very very important and Business but Merlin is the key factor That is the key that is going to Absolutely change everything so let's Recap so Merlin is the smartest way to Track your crypto we do not hold your Keys or your combos this is not an Investment it is a interface which shows You your daily gains and losses and Allows you to set up an Exit Plan guys Don't worry when you get in there There's facts uh videos custom customer Service the greatest customer service Ever to help you if you don't know what An exit plan we can help you with that Okay your coins are never at risk it's 30 days for free so you can try it and Another thing that we pride ourselves on Is the fact that you don't have to jump Through hoops if this is not a mutual Value exchange so if you feel Merlin is Not the greatest thing we have over a Thousand customers already we just Launched guys that shows you something

If you don't feel that it is the Greatest app that you've ever used you Can just go on there and click and Cancel your relationship you don't have To jump through hoops we're not going to Make you uh you know reach out to this Person and that person we also have the Greatest customer service so when I say Exit Plan if you're like what the hell Are you talking about we will help you And walk you through that our goal is to Make sure you're successful but guys Time is running out we have December Where's my thing I'm backwards here December January February March April Six months and this thing is going to go Parabolic in my opinion Bitcoin having Is going to happen the Bitcoin ETFs are Going to get proved and you're going to See abs absolutely parabolic moves if You're not prepared for it and you don't Understand how this works and you don't Understand that what goes up must come Down and it comes down extremely hard Then you will get wrecked in crypto like Most people from 2021 to 2020 that's why We created Merlin so again in the Description of this video you can Download it for absolutely free try it For 30 days no payment okay you can Download it in my social media profile Here if you're on Twitter it's in my Profile if you're on Tik Tok it's in my Profile if you're on Instagram it's in

My profile if you're on YouTube it's in Descriptions video You all have to have this in Your Arsenal it's very important I'm very Passionate about this because I want to See you smiling during the bow run when You pulled profits because Merlin gave You that alert so I love you guys I Appreciate you um let's get out there Let's get after it we're six months this Is our Super Bowl guys start training Get mentally prepared get physically Prepared the Bull Run is coming Warriors Rise get your together let's go Love you Guys


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Get Daily XRP & Crypto News!

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