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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got for you here Silver Bank sorry silvergate Bank 4.3 Billion dollars whoa tether D listing We're going to get into it Congress said There's going to be a new day well we're Going to hold them to it Twitter Developing coins we got Charles Gasparino in the news a serious question And Jeremy Hogan chimes in Swift ISO 20022 Bob way Matt Hamilton xrp Ledger Developers and patent designers and an Incredible threat we all need to know Somebody rolled that beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 890 billion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency at the time of making This video we're up point eight percent Bitcoin 17 400 we see ethereum 1300 plus Tether market cap 66.3 billion and xrp 36 Cents We are up 2.9 in the last hour three Point nine percent of the 24 hour and 4.7 on the seven day Ladies and gentlemen if you haven't done It check out the link to my sponsor here Underneath the video I trust Capital Crypto IRAs the only thing better than Buying crypto is buying tax-free crypto

Transfer your existing Ira start a new One roll over your 401k and so many Other options as well as staking ladies And gentlemen check it all out click the Link underneath the video Here we see breaking Silver Gate tapped Into Home Loan Bank for of San Francisco For 4.3 billion dollars in advances in Q4 of 2022. now how systemic do you feel That this is going to get I tell you This game is getting bigger but it ain't Getting any better and neither is this We see right here action required it Says it appears from this right here That USD tether is no longer supported In your jurisdiction now I don't know What jurisdiction that is per se but it Does appear here U.S debt USD tether in All USD tether trading pairs will be Delisted from app in exchange January 31st 2023. if anybody can help Me understand what area that is because I don't believe I saw it in this Particular thing no I don't I did not See it and I looked and maybe it was in The comments after but let me just Really quickly here check yeah from Where is this mail and so I've been Trying to figure out too so if anybody Could absolutely help us figure that out We'd certainly appreciate it but heads Up if you're on and you find Out you're in that jurisdiction now Check this news out right here

Look ever since Elon Musk has purchased Twitter it has been the Talk of the Town About whether Twitter will go through a Metamorphosis a transformation like Um Facebook to meta like Twitter to it feels like the beginning days Or at least stages of that is beginning To happen but what we're seeing is is More of a working within the current Financial structure to do what they're Doing here this is Twitter developing Coins featuring with stripe payments if We go into this it does break down here That uh Twitter is continuing to develop A new feature that would allow users to Give each other Awards using coins that Can be purchase with fiat currency and All of this is going to be done through Stripe for now so we will keep an eye on It to see if it moves to digital Assets In the future but it does feel like Tokenization is coming even if it's in The form of the token you buy and it Works for the platform we'll see how the Incentives and features develop right Here this is a reminder for everybody This was back in May before last summer Of 2022 in the spring but I wanted to Bring this up because you remember that Congress told us especially the right Side of the aisle said you know if we Get control there's going to be a new Day well I'm here to ask and remind Everyone that Warren Davis and Tom emmer

And the rest of them There's no anointing oils we don't need Lip service what we need is action let's Not hamper or stifle American innovation Let's see you come to the table and Bring some real real action and not lip Service or political posturing right Here is Charles gasparino says the Crypto Community sees a bloodbath if the SEC prevails against a ripple in the Form in the form or of more regulations Oversight that will impact nearly every Sector including the exchange business Given Gary genzer's desire to force Registration of every coin but Bitcoin We discuss on Fox well let me tell you Then there was this Charles gasparino also said coinbase Tells Fox Business that it's developing A plan to survive SCC regulatory Crackdown on digital assets using broker Dealers to trade coins registered as Securities move comes as SEC case versus Ripple looms SEC win could force coins Aside from Bitcoin to register I asked a Question serious question who exactly Would xrp register with repo is a Company xrp is a digital asset and then Of course there's this person here with Not so good remark and then we have Jeremy Hogan who Chimes and says well Except when you buy one dollar of ABC Startup you own an interest in the Company when you buy xrp you do you

Don't own nothing of Ripple If you don't believe me try walking into A ripple board meeting with your Nano Ledger to place a vote He's got great humor ladies and Gentlemen he's spot on and he's got Great humor go live on ISO 20022 for Cross-border payments and Reporting Cbpr is coming in March 2023 to support Your preparations our latest webinar Start January 17th look March 2023 just Really You know could you make it up I mean I'm Not suggesting that we're going to see Xrp used in March but it does strike me As very You know is a coincidence that the case Is potentially going to end in March of 2023 at the same time the iso is really Going to get off the ground here with Swift And to go live I just I don't know I Mean I'm not suggesting that we're going To see price action I'm not suggesting We're going to see settlement with xrp But what we do know is a fact Rubber meets the road Ripple was the first distributed Ledger Technology company to be brought on to The standards and body committee for ISO 20022 Followed by stellar xlm That's that's true now here's a great Thread and shout out to Zach Rector here

Who got this going There was a great Twitter spaces last Night and Um uh Matt Hamilton and Bob way both Chimed in Jeremy Hogue was in there too And it was a great conversation and There's a great thread that came about Because of it uh after Zach apparently Made a video here uh I just wanted to Jump in because there were some great Points being made and this conversation And uh really picks up right about here Where um Matt Hamilton says if the U.S Government were to buy all the xrp Because the conversation was based Around the uh fed buyback proposal he Says here if if the US government were To buy all the xrp even if that was Feasible then the very Act of doing that Makes it worthless as it has no value if No one else can use it or its use is Prescribed by government Zach says Absolutely I believe xrp is best slated To solve our currency and debt crisis in The U.S does it mean I want the FED to Buy back my xrp as an American I wish The FED treasury would acquire some from Ripple and Matt says I'm curious how Does xrp solve our debt crisis surely The debt crisis is caused by government People taking on too much debt I chime In and say Ripple uses pre-allocated Option option contracts we don't know How many and to whom in my opinion it

Wouldn't just be the FED it would be Other countries too speculative example G7 G20 agree to collateralize the cbdc's On The Ledger now add in Joel Katz David Schwartz's dream scenario Black Swan Event and voila many possibilities Matt Asks anything to back these claims up And I said I'm glad to share what I've Learned with you to be clear I'm trying To have a rational conversation about The points I made here you go Greg Kidd Told us he held one billion xrp option As well Brad garlinghouse confirmed it On Julia Chatterley's show too line 82 Of the SEC lawsuit let's go through it Very quickly here for all of us new People coming every day and let's go Through the information because this is Real information that has led me to the Speculative events that I have come to To this day from long ago but Ripple 3 Ripple and R3 absolutely did settle on The fact that there was additionally a Separate option contract was created Which Ripple sales was intended as Compensation the option gave R3 the Right to buy 5 billion xrp at .0085 That's what we need to know confirmed That option that pre-allocated option Contract of xrp to R3 absolutely Happened Greg Kidd told us in an Interview with uh digital asset investor That he had a 1 billion xrp option Contract that's what he held right so if

You really at the end of the day we know Here this is Brad garlinghouse on Julia Chatley show I think it was 2019 Admitting that they do option contracts With lock-ups look I don't think any of This is nefarious I'm going to explain To you what I think it is in just one Second but take a listen to Brad garlic House quite funny one of the big Questions that I was asked when I was Talking to people about xlp they said What price do you sell xrp to to the Financial institutions that you're Dealing with here do you give them a Discount and and is there a lock up can You answer those questions because this Kept coming up Yeah sure so I mean let's use MoneyGram As an example when MoneyGram is moving Money from US dollars to Mexican peso They're buying at Market they're they're Not there's no you know special Sweetheart deal there there are times When we work with institutional Investors who might say hey we want to Buy 10 million dollars of xrp and we Would have lockups that would prevent Them from dumping you we don't want some Other party buying a whole lot of xrp And dumping on the market and so we went Hypothetically have restrictions about What they could sell and what uh you Know how often and usually those are Based upon a volume in the market

Yes you you might give them it slightly Cheaper but you say to them hey you're Not allowed to sell it for six months Let's say or a year Yeah correct that that's basically Correct there you have it confirmed Right so we know that's confirmed it is Not speculation it is absolutely Confirmed now here we know from the SEC Ripple lawsuit line 82 confirms also That the SEC believes that Ripple also Undertook to achieve its goal widespread Distribution of xrp by exchanging xrp For non-cash consideration such as labor And Market making Services now that's Not just saying Hey I want you a Developer B developer C developer to go Build on The xrp Ledger in some cases Absolutely it is But such as Market making skills and Market making services That comes down to another category Which we're going to talk about in just One second here Bob asked me here and shout out to Bob Way and shout out to Matt Hamilton What are you trying to work out Brad and I shared with him Bob I'm just trying to Share with Matt Hamilton asked me to Provide information on pre-allocation so I share some of the information I have With him I think it helps bring the Conversation back to a real uh Documented events and I said so many

People in this community have had so Much to offer whether it be skill set or Specialized knowledge sometimes it feels Less like we're helping each other and More like we're just tearing each other Down I look forward to a healthy Collaboration between all of us I Remember your study Club you had back in The day that would be a great way to Collaborate and educate one another I Know I speculate in these Hills and so Does my audience but some of what we Know isn't speculation but it leads to It Bob went on to say here clearly a lot Of what you have posted is real however Putting it into contests context Requires knowing the dates of each Document or statement not trying to Dodge the question at all it's just that Ripple did a lot of things by trial and Error at the beginning which I totally Understood and I laid out that basically How the events went Greg Kidd was first With the one billion dollar option Contract our three was next with the Five billion dollar option contract Brad Garlinghouse in 2019 or so confirms and Admits about the pre-allocation option Contracts and 2020 lawsuit we know that It's also shown there that they use Non-cash agreements for Market making Services which is also known as Senora's I believe is how you say it and we know Here that number five is the big one for

Me all of these facts and understanding Lead me to understand that I don't Believe Only Greg Kidd and R3 were smart enough To receive option contracts maybe others Do But I do not now with that being said That's my speculation But in this I just wanted to uh bring it There was another spot here that Bob had Some really incredible comments and I Wanted to share those okay so here we go This is it right here So uh he says okay right here most of it Was not directly involved in but just For background reference Ripple the Company was given 80 billion xrp from The founders the task was to make xrp Ledger distributed Network useful for Something at the beginning it wasn't Clear who would use The Ledger or why They would use The Ledger the early Company went through many pivots of Focus The xrp Ledger isn't like Bitcoin Its focus was not on was on was not on Xrp but Rippling transactions being used By payments that means cross entity and Cross-currency payments before you can Do this payments you need to First Create currencies on The Ledger and Entities to on and off ramp those Currencies originally those entities Were termed gateways and that's how we Got Gateway like Snap swap received USD

Wires or ACH transactions to their bank Then issued USD on xrp ledger to Depositor the USD owner could now pay Okay someone else with it gateways were Not Banks they were money service Businesses that used Banks to hold their Funds and I totally understand that then I shared the most recent news that we Have from Ripple that's public it Certainly has come a long way I know it Still has a ways to go but that is truly Impressive we're talking about now being In a situation where On Demand liquidity Which is the use of xrp expansion into Nearly 40 payout markets around the World representing 90 percent of the FX Market this is from Ripple's report here From Brooks ant whistle senior VP of Global customer success at Ripple right And I still remember if we go back it is Impressive and I still remember you and I discussing Bob I'm talking to xrp Trying to get into small exotic Corridors back in 2019 again not to say That the work is done it isn't but we Have seen Leaps and Bounds I remember You and I Bob and I also spoke with Miguel Villas about seniors I believe it Is and it says the profit made by a Government by issuing currency Especially the difference between the Face value of the coins and their Production costs In my opinion at some point banks will

Play too and it only takes two When I'm talking about this right here What I'm really talking about the fact Is coming to The Federal Reserve it only cost them The paper and the ink to print the money That's why they can keep printing it It doesn't really cost them anything so They'll print it into Oblivion before They want to fix anything But to that point Remember just a month or two ago Brad Garlinghouse told us in a Twitter space That they keep xrp as zero dollar Balance On their books Right it has zero on their books That's the value of it and then they Sell it for a price but it is zero Dollars on their books now that's very Important Because it literally cost them zero to Make it right I mean it didn't it Obviously time energy effort and all of This wages but you get the point it is Under their possession and escrow but Think about just the Ripple that they Have the escrow is obviously locked up But if you think about that it really Looks like to me what we see with Pre-allocated option contracts is Healthy monetary policy of seniors of Dealing with entities like market makers Who can actually bring the utility and

Liquidity to the system This is how you incentivize them you Incentivize them by issuing a currency To them Because you can absorb the difference Between the production cost and its Current face value of 35 36 Cents That's how I see it today look that's Going to do it for me make sure you hit The like And subscribe if nothing else I Hope that we're able to keep a civil Discourse or civil conversation here Where we can continue to talk and Collaborate and work in a collaborative Manner instead of an attacking manner With one another to get the clarity that We're all looking for I don't think There's really much difference between The way a lot of us think I think There's just a difference in how much Confidence with which all of us believe What we talk about Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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