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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel the blastoff is real and I know Y'all have been refreshing whatever the Hell app you're using to see what the Latest price is like every five seconds And I've been doing a little bit of that Too it's fun just enjoy the excitement It's fine you do that but I I'll say This with any luck we'll have our Lambos On the moon very soon and and also say You know I do not expect xrp to hit a New all-time high unless Bitcoin hits a New alltime High first so I want to Continue the discussion um with what It's been discussed pretty widely within The community lately I made a video Yesterday I was talking about when I Want to expand upon it because I have Additional perspective here from Reputable individuals and it's on the Topic of okay are we actually going to Top out here closer to closer to $50,000 For Bitcoin which leads the market and This is crucial because again if we want To see xrp hit a new alltime high we Need to see new alltime high for Bitcoin Are we going to be topping off Here and then cratering back down for However long whether it's a year or two Or whatever it is or is this a super Cycle we're just GNA blaze it and just Rip onto the upside hit new all-time Highs ultimately see xrp hit its All-time high and surpass it and ENT

Price Discovery now the good news as far As I'm concerned is even if there were a Delay of a year or two I'm patient AF I Am more I will outpatient anybody okay I Will outpatient anybody so if that's What it takes I'll just be here But personally if I had to guess and Look nobody knows for sure my suspicion At this point is that this isn't going To be the top I understand I've seen From chart analysts that I respect Tremendously and they could be right That they think it's even probable that We're going to be moving to the downside And that's it and then uh you know maybe A comeback whe whatever the amount of Time would be after that whether it's a Year or whatever my suspicion is Actually that we're going to be seeing a Move to the upside and there are some Very good reasons for this which I want To highlight here but um because again Look what whatever you hold whatever Your favorite cryptocurrency is whatever Is going to provide you whatever you're Counting on anyway providing you life Changing well just know if it's if Bitcoin doesn't lead the way it ain't Happening with rare exception there There are some outlier instances where Yes coins have popped I remember like I Think it was the summer of 2019 uh Pretty much nothing was going but I Think that was the summer that chainlink

Took off out of nowhere um so there There are outliers like I've seen them Over the years I've been over six years I've seen some instances but it's not Something that we can reasonably count On um so anyway all that to say but I'm I'm optimistic that we're going to be Moving higher I mean hell we just saw Bitcoin at over $444,000 today now at The time I'm recording this xrp is at 62 Cents Bitcoins at 43762 bucks crypto fear and greed index 72 out of 100 so people feeling pretty Damn greedy here and to the point to Let's get cut to the chase because That's what I want this whole video to Be about what is actually going to Happen What what is reasonable because There's a lot of Suspicion from at least From some um that uh you know like I Said upper upper 40 something thousand Range for Bitcoin that's it it's all she Wrote create her own back own down now That's actually a minority opinion but Sometimes minority opinions are correct Are um are correct so I pay attention But here's what credible crypto had to Say one of my favorite analysts out There with his 356500 followers on social media Platform X and he wrote the following People keep trying to the top with Shorts and or profit taking because they Believe the rally is

Overheated guys look at the data there Is literally nothing overheated about This rally we simply keep sending it Till every last bear is dead now as we Go further I'm going to share with you Perspective from others who share that Sentiment and say uh no there's really Seriously nothing overheated about this Like retail is not even here like Seriously it's it's not it's just it's Driving and pretty much no nobody's Paying attention which is crazy to think Because if like I was here in late 2017 The amount of mania the Euphoria in Crypto and and Bitcoin topped at $20,000 Like now there's like arguably there's No Euphoria here I mean people are Excited I'm excited I hope you're having Fun and you feel a bit of excitement we Should enjoy this but uh there's no Mania here you know there's there's no Euphoria we're not there yet I I I don't See enough cele like are there any cele That have jumped back in yet I can't Think of one off the top of my head Anyway um and then there's this separate Post which I thought was funny and this Is from this afternoon incredible crypto Wrote The Melt up get it instead of the Meltdown he says the Melt up molten Melted bear strewn about like furry Brown Puddles Gross I'm for

It there's this post from onchain Analyst will Clemente and check this now This is this is really tellalian here Bitcoin trading $43,000 and this is what Google search Trends for Bitcoin look like there will Be nasty Corrections along the way but This is not Euphoria now that I think he Is correct about I mean look at this Chart it goes back to 2018 and this is just it's Google Searches you know it's it's it searches Google searches for Bitcoin and if you Look to where we are right now where I'm Circling this is not mania this is not a Blowoff top yet we broke past $44,000 today and he shared this post This afternoon 12:13 p.m. central Time There's there's no there's no like a Euphoria like there's been a blast off I Mean it just what a couple weeks ago we Were in the upper 20,000 for Bitcoin now We Blaze past 44,000 and yes of course There will be Corrections along the Way but we had that happen without the Masses coming in and so that's why like You know that's it's you can't always Just look at one thing necessarily or or One C category of metrics and know know With a high level of confidence what's Going to happen so like even the chart Analysts that I respect who are really Good at what they do and there are some That are some that are really really

Good at what they Do um when you listen so like listen to What they have to say I've been sharing Perspectives on this channel but then Look at This so if if it's probable that we're Going to be moving to the downside for Anybody that thinks that and maybe They're right I don't pretend to know For sure When have we seen this in history Because look I like I said I've been Here over six years off the top of my Head I cannot recall a time where we had Bitcoin blaze up you know this Percentage of you know re this Percentage of gains over this this type Of period of time but you know the Retailers aren't here propping it up and Then it just ends I I just if there's Something I'm not maybe just I'm just Not recalling something for the last six Years I don't think it's happened though At least not the time during the time I've been in crypto can you think of any If you can then let me know maybe I'm Just unaware or my mind's blanking right Now I can't think of a time right here As I'm recording this video where we had Bitcoin rocket up like this and then Like this is just it you know just There's there's no Mania because when You see the Mania yeah okay so the Retailers are in they are the exit

Liquidity and things fizzle out okay We're not there I we're not that's not Happening so if this really is the end Or we're about at the end okay I'll just I'll I'll admit like I'll be surprised If that's the case but I also Acknowledge like I don't know for sure I'm just a dude on the internet I don't I don't like I don't know nobody knows Though that's the thing nobody knows I'm Just really upfront about it um I but That's why I'm saying I'd be surprised This is a key reason that I'm telling You I would be surprised so what what I If I had to guess you know there will be Corrections of course but still if you Fast forward a year from now I think That from this moment what's most Probable and could be wrong I think You're going to see Bitcoin continue to Rip to to the upside eventually at some Point I don't know how long it's going To take hit a new all-time high and then Xrp Goes um because look xrp's never hit a New alltime high without Bitcoin hitting An all-time high first and xrp Historically lags behind the market so However long we got to wait fine but we Have never been closer and again it's a Shame because we would have seen that in 2021 I firmly believe but not for the SEC uh doing their nonsense SEC stuff Why we don't need to get into that in

This video so we've had to wait But xrp actually is legal Clarity it's Not going to be suppressed like it was In 2021 when this if it's going to go It's going to go and if Bitcoin goes Then yes xrp is going to go I feel like That's a virtual certainty I could not Be more positive about xrp and it better Because that's my favorite crypto it's My largest individual holding by a lot So I'm definitely counting like that's a Huge part of what I'm counting on for my Crypto life changing wealth I'm just Saying that's that's a huge part of it Admittedly uh there's also this post From onchain anist will Clemente who Wrote there will be Corrections along The way but zooming out Bitcoin is far From overvalued based on historic Readings just getting warmed up for What's to come over the next 12 to 18 Months and so there you go he's using Ontain analytics rather than just doing Technical analysis and he's coming to a Particular conclusion that this thing Doesn't even almost look overheated it's Going to keep ripping to the upside and While again nobody knows for sure it's Reasonable for him to State what he's Stating this is perfectly reasonable now Take a look at this from the daily Huddle Bitcoin bull market not yet Overheated as Bitcoin forms negative Correlation with stock market crypto

Quant CEO the co-founder and CEO of Crypto Quant says that Bitcoin is in a Bullish Trend that still has gas left in The tank despite the king crypto Suddenly smashing through $43,000 K youngju tells his 327,00 followers on the social media Platform X that based on an aggregate of Key metrics used by by crypto Quant Bitcoin has more upside potential quote Where in the bull market thankfully not An overheated bull market end Quote the analyst says that Bitcoin has Flipped into a negative correlation with The S&P 500 Index which He suggests Indicates the king crypto is acting more As a store of value like gold rather Than a risk on Tech stock quote Bitcoin Entered a negative correlation with the S&P 500 it's not a tech stock anymore It's the digital gold end quote all Right uh I'm not convinced of that yet I Think that there's too too much limited Data at this point to come to such such A strong conclusion I've seen other Brief periods in time where people have Made the same or similar arguments over The last six years it's never been the Case it has been the case that uh Bitcoin and crypto continues to move in Tandem uh with equities and they're Treated as risk on assets is this the Moment in time where it's different well He's looking over a really short period

Of time so if he's right great and and Maybe that does happen in the future if This is the moment fine I'd just be kind Of surprised to be honest with you but Just it's too it's too short a time Period to be considering this to be a Sustainable Trend here um so I'm willing To be con like let it let more time pass And if it actually stays like that and We see other big moves and you know Crypto asset classes doing different Stuff than equities in general okay and That's plausible that could happen in The future anyway like it's not a Guarantee that this crypto asset class Is always going to be treated by Speculators and investors the same way In the future that it is being treated Today while it's still in its ncy and I Do consider it to be in its ncy even Though it's almost 15 years old um this Is going to be a really long like a Decades long journey just to get it to The point where it's Mature uh but anyway so that part I'm Not as convinced on but the rest of what He's saying I'm I'm pretty well in Agreement with them anyway peace Continues je says the official start of The current bitcoin bull market cycle Began back in August when crypto whales Started aggressive ly going long near The $2,000 $229,000 mark quote whale Traders opened

Gigal long positions at $29,000 end quote yeah and so if you Want to argue that that's when the bull Market started okay um because you know If if you're if we're going to argue About whether the bull market has Started or hasn't started or when it Started it's like what's the litmus test That's why so many people have different Perspectives about what it is what is The authority that is in charge and what Are the what criteria have they set to Determine something is or is in the bull Market as it turns out there's actually In the real life uh a lot of Subjectivity to that so people will Subjectively state that it is or isn't In a bull market so from his perspective That's when the bull market started but Even if we were to seed that point and Say that's true it's undeniable that the Bullish moves started more like a year Ago when Bitcoin and the crypto asset Class bottomed out at the end of 20122 that's when things turned bullish So they've been bullish for a good year At this point point so if you want to Say technically the bull market started Fine well then it's more of like a Semantics definition type of argument There okay whatever but um yeah Obviously things have picked up a bit Since that particular point and fairly Quickly peace continues the analyst also

Suggests that another reason to remain Bullish on bitcoin is that retail Investors have yet to significantly Return to the crypto markets with their Liquidity meaning larger players won't Be able to efficiently exit their Positions I've seen multiple people Point this out and it's just Based on Data they are correct about this this It's just a matter of fact statement Here and so here's his quote retail Traders the exit liquidity have yet to Join the market end quote folks that is Exactly what you want to see so all Things considered I'm looking at what Technical analysts are saying most think That uh Bitcoin is going to continue to Rip rip to the Upside and so then then you can also Look at other metrics like are the Retailers here no I mean the ones that Were here before things started moving From the upside we're here but where Where's the massive inflow of of new new Human where's the fresh blood you know What I'm Saying not so much here definitely not So much yes some there are more people Paying attention than before but it's Not you saw the Google search for Bitcoin you know what happens when you For hits we are not there so that's why My for fun guess is that even though There are going to be Corrections along

The way and there could be substantial Ones no we we ain't seen the that's my Guess and I could be wrong um but but I Don't pretend to know for sure like I'm Just being really upfront like I don't Know I'm not like a prediction guy I'm Not a chart guy but just looking at the Data that's presented from other people That are like opinions I respect Intelligent people and then just Straight up data yeah I don't think it's Reasonable to suppose that that's what We're going to be seeing here and keep In mind that there are it's normal to Have massive pullbacks even in bull Cycles even leading up to Euphoria of Like even with Bitcoin over 30% drops That is historically normal so if we see Those which we could it doesn't Necessarily even when we're over 30% Down it doesn't necessarily mean that It's over I mean it could but it doesn't Necessarily that in and of itself Doesn't necessarily indicate that that's What I'm saying here um there is an Analyst here who thinks that uh yeah we Could be seeing some downside action and So I don't want to read this whole thing But I just wanted to point out uh this Perspective which is is not the Mainstream perspective but it comes from One of the most popular analysts out There named Benjamin Cowen I think he's Got like over yeah it says it here 78

8,000 subscribers on YouTube so one of The most uh popular crypto analysts on The planet I think it's fair to say and Um he thinks that Bitcoin could dip Should it hit uh you know about $48,000 and he gives it I don't want to Give the technical like the TA types of Information in fibon it's on your screen If you actually want to pause and read It I don't think it's necessary for the Purpos of this video and I try to stay Out of that type of stuff as much as Possible but he does think that it's Quite possible that uh we're going to be Seeing a move to the downside So I just want to share you know diverse Opinions and we'll see and then we'll Give credit to whoever's right and then We will shame whoever is wrong right Great shame I kid I kid but no I just There's reason to be optimistic have fun With this folks I hope you're having as Much fun as I am this is a blast like my My net worth has been going up Dramatically lately yours is too I bet Right unless you're getting in and out Of positions and getting eaten up like You know like hopefully not hopefully Not many of you listening are going Through that but that's why for me like I just I'm at no risk of that because I Don't sell unless I want to sell and Then I'm just out and then I'm out until Another bare Market comes like that's it

That's that's I set a rule for myself That's that I will not be a victim of my Own stupidity because I just I have Strict rules in place to prevent that And then if I miss out on potential Upside so be it I don't care I want These protections for myself I am Forcing myself like once I sell uh you Know it's going to be because it's a High level I'm not going to put it in Anything else it's going off into Traditional Finance or whatever I'll go Buy something or blow it all in hats you Know just just whatever it'll be maybe Some really fancy hat it'll be it'll be Just a blasty blast right but I'm Definitely not going to be putting it Back into some other coins even if I Think it's highly probable that they're Going to the blast off I just I'm not Going to do I want I'm going to ensure That I have profit I've been doing this Over six years and yes when I take that Profit I'm going to ensure that I keep It by not putting it back in Period like That's it For Better or Worse that's What I'm Doing I'm not financial advisor you Should not buy your sell anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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