$150 MILLION IN XRP Shifts As Market ROCKETS, Destroying Bears

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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel here's a headline from the Daily huddle indicating that 150 million dollars worth of xrp has Been on the Move by Wales and this is Happening at the same time where we saw Another major move for Bitcoin which Does lead the market from a little over Twenty three thousand dollars today to Almost twenty four thousand dollars and I think it's safe to say at this point That uh pretty much all the Bears out There are in disbelief which is a part Of the psychology of Market Cycles by The way and doesn't mean we couldn't at All have a move to the downside but I I Look at things in terms of probabilities Rather than absolutes in in most Instances when it comes to price action And in terms of probability to the Upside there's so much activity Surrounding xrp also in fact when uh When Bitcoin had a major move today a Big chunk of it xrp had an in-kind move Around that same time period so it is Good to see that frankly the entire Asset classes continues to move into But uh before going further you want to Be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say it right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube

Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun as I Record this video expertise at 41 cents Bitcoins at 23 750 but I'll note that The 24-hour high was 23 962 dollars so Knocking on 24k's door you've got the Market cap for the asset class at almost 1.1 trillion dollars at this point and Bitcoin dominance at 41.87 And by the way and I love this metric Especially now I mean I think it's worth Tracking this just so you can get a feel For how the typical retail Speculator Other is feeling because I understand It's not just about understanding their Emotions for the sake of it it's Understanding that a lot of these people That feel these emotions they make Important financial decisions based on Their feel feels rather than logic and Data and common damn sense frankly but Look at where we're at right now now Continuing to climb further into greed We are folks we are at 61 out of 100 in The crypto fear and greed index Absolutely astonishing I know just a Couple months ago it was the end of the World and Bitcoins going to 12 000 or 10 000 or who knows maybe even lower Maybe even zero who knows my gosh ooh Scare scare feel feels Except for that's not what's happening Is it it does make you kind of Wonder

Though had it been the case that uh FTX Was not an outright scam had it not been A Ponzi scheme when we didn't see that Capitulation down to you know roughly 15 500 for Bitcoin and wherever xrp got Cameras under 30 cents or so if not for That I do wonder how low would we have Gone or I mean we've just been reversing To the upside a little bit sooner I Don't know we'll never know for sure but But either way I'm just saying like After that capitulation event to see the Quick move to the upside after people Were calling it as I noted yesterday in A video people are saying oh man we're Not going to recover from this for five To ten years and I was like are you sure About that son because it took about six Weeks and we started rocketing okay After six weeks roughly we started the Move to the upside now it's been another Few weeks we're at the end of uh several Weeks actually this point I suppose We're at the end of January Absolutely incredible and the Bears are Hiding now uh here is a comical tweet From uh Ben Armstrong AKA bit boy crypto He wrote we are now starting to see the Liquidation of bearish crypto Twitter Accounts LMAO and then he wrote the rest Of his tweet is just like a faux uh what If you know like uh crypto Trader Account would have said oh I'm leaving Twitter for a while no it has absolutely

Nothing to do with the fact that I told You 100 the price is going to twelve Thousand dollars and now it clearly is Not And so upon reading that I had an Inkling for who Ben Armstrong might have Been talking about and admittedly I Don't technically know for sure but I'm Wondering if it's this guy very popular Chart analyst IL Capo Who has 713 000 followers on Twitter and I will say you know the price Target That he was calling for uh back in May Of last year before the Terra collapse Luna collapse Uh before that happened he was calling For I can't remember the exact figure I Mean it may have been I admittedly could Be well but it may have been something Like twenty thousand dollars I can't Remember where we were at before that I Can't remember if we were still hovering Around thirty thousand dollar Bitcoin But whatever the target was the point is It was dramatically to the downside and There weren't a ton of people Necessarily calling for it there were Some and I highlighted at the time of Course but he ended up being right and I Highlighted him at the time because like Well folks he was right but I had this Little asterisk bite some of you Listening back then may recall I said Look okay so he was right but here's the

Thing Uh he's he's the price went where he was Predicting but not for a reason he was Predicting he was saying it's in the Charts you can see it it's gonna happen Outside you know independently of Anything else that may happen from a Fundamental perspective he didn't Predict that Luna was going to zero he Didn't protect uh you know the crypto Contagion spreading from that point he Just said here's where I think bitcoin's Going here my reasons and yeah it hit That level and he got a lot of credit And hey fine credit where's dude but I'm Just I even said it at the time multiple Times I was like okay but it happened Because of a wild card event like like I'm okay so I was obviously a little bit Skeptical then but anyway so he's he's Been tweeting ever since then nothing But doomsday a bearish type of stuff and I've highlighted him you know over time From you know from time to time over This well ever since that particular cop Started and even a bit before that but Um what's interesting is that he went From being a person that would tweet Multiple things having with Bitcoin and Crypto multiple times per day to Vanishing for over a week at this point Until today uh January 20th oh by the Way okay so technically it's uh not Today anymore so it's 12 35 a.m but it

Doesn't count until the next day until I Go to sleep so I'm still going to stay Today even though it's January 30th Technically as I'm recording this but uh But he put this tweet after a week of Just Vanishing and he he wrote which was Not characteristic of him and he's been Calling for uh even after we started to See the move this month to the upside He's been saying yeah it's a bull trap We're going to see Bitcoin even lower Going down to twelve thousand dollars And if he isn't right I will give credit Words to you I'll I will pull him back On the channel be like hey he was right Credit where it's due but right now the Reason he's getting criticized so Heavily is because it's increasingly Becoming more probable that he's Actually wrong especially when you see The move that we've seen and it's been Sustained uh the force with which it's All come here and he just vanished so That doesn't look good anyway but uh Here's what he tweeted out he said for Those wondering I'm totally fine Just disconnecting from all the Twitter Negativity and focusing on charts slash Enjoying life there's no point tweeting When there's no change and yes still Short and strong interesting weekend and So there you go I mean if he's right Again I'll still highlight that because I don't really actually have a dog in

The fight I don't pretend to know where Prices go in here I I and I'm not a Chart analyst but it's just the Doomsday Stuff like I I saw this crap when Bitcoins at 3 200 bucks oh that's going To one thousand dollars back in 2018. And then this year I'm like I'm not I'm Not well I don't make price predictions Anyway but I'm not predicting certainly That we're going to have a dramatic Dramatically wild positive year in 2023 Though I'll be happy if that happens too I'm not convinced of that either I'm Actually not I'm not convinced we're Going to have that Um if anything I'm more convinced that We'll have something which I'll talk About you know I'm going to get to it Just a minute or two in this video but It's it's more so like yes a trend Upward to whatever degree in 2023 but New highs this year I mean maybe they Happen but what do we normally see after A major capitulation years like we had In 2018 well you see a sideways year the Following like 2019 was of accumulation And so even if you missed the most Recent lows of Bitcoin around fifteen Thousand five hundred however low xrp Gotten everything was down obviously Even if you missed that you don't have To beat yourself up or anything like That I I think I was kind of hoping in a Way that things would go lower like yeah

I would harm my net worth of things Galore but I was like I still have all This cash and I only deployed part of it So like I wouldn't be sad if it does That but look even if you missed that The levels that we're at right now if We're indeed starting this point we're Returning back to the upside we'll look At 2019 as a road map it's like even if You're buying now and I'm not telling You to buy or seller hold I'm just Sharing ideas and things that I've been Thinking about Even if that's the case like these Levels right now are going to look Dirt Cheap because eventually eventually Bitcoin of course which always leads the Market you know in terms of the biggest Bull moves uh it's it's gonna hit it It's gonna start rocking it out of here It's gonna hit a new all-time high it's Going to go into crazy price Discovery I Don't know until what level it's going To get and then the rest of crypto Follows and then the real life-changing Wealth is made in all coins and I think Xrp is going to be a major part of that But I say that all to make the point That even if you missed some of the the Recent lows even if you're one of the People I thought was going to go lower Well that's fine because none of us know But I don't feel like just because price Went up that necessarily it's it's some

Sort of bad time to buy it's just like At this point we're splitting hairs Because look if Bitcoin goes to 100 000 200 000 well I mean if you bought it at Fifteen thousand five hundred or twenty Three or twenty four thousand by the Time it gets to those higher levels it's Gonna be like And you can't tie markets you never can You can never buy the perfect bottom you Can never sell the tippy top it's it's Substantially less than one percent of Humans that happen to do that and when They do it's by chance anyway it's like Who cares Um but uh then there was also this from Chart analyst income charts he said Bitcoin the largest scariest red candle In history is when you buy not when you Sell and as he wrote that he was sharing One of his own tweets from November 9th Which you'll recalls right as FTX was Collapsing very scary and if you go back To listen to my videos where I was Talking about price at the time I said Yeah uh I'm excited and happy to buy it I'll be some of the biggest purchases in Crypto that I ever did because when There's a major capitulation event like That history tells me as everybody's Fleeing because it's emotional decision It's typically the wrong decision and so I laid down some serious money well to Me subjectively serious money it made

Some of the largest individual crypto Purchases of my entire life not the very Largest ones but not far off to be Honest with you they're pretty big ones And so we shared this tweet from November 9th in which he wrote Bitcoin Largest sell-off candle in coinbase History I'm buying some more at sixteen Thousand dollars don't have much left to Dollar cost average but I'm going to buy After a major capitulation event Spot on my friends and then there was This from chart analyst Kaleo who shared The following with his 560 000 followers He wrote this is your daily reminder That 30 000 Bitcoin is a magnet if we're Being honest though forty thousand Dollars plus is two And so maybe they're right maybe they're Not but uh directionally what does it Make sense to expect for 2023 well I I Still anticipate outside of wild card Event whatever it is even if we don't See Wild euphoric highs better than last Year I think it's fair to suspect that That's what's more probable right But is it going to be mostly sideways Well maybe but you know even if it's Sideways it doesn't mean it won't be a Bit higher than it is right now which is The point of this article from the daily Huddle it's titled analyst Benjamin Cowan Or maybe it's Cohen I'm not sure it's

Pronounced actually predicts long year For Bitcoin here's what he means widely Followed crypto analyst Benjamin Cohen I Guess I go with Cohen why the hell not Make your name easier for me to Instantly know upon reading uh says that The historical price movement of Bitcoin Suggests that the top crypto asset will Likely have a long year in 2023 and a New video Benjamin tells his 783 000 YouTube subscribers that in the past Cycles Bitcoin traded in a wide range Following a bear Market yeah so again Back then I didn't know I I'm not Pretending to know now but that's why my Strategy for me is the perfect Investment strategy I buy I've done Dollar cost averaging and I buy after a Capitulation events and then I do Nothing and one day I anticipate I'm Going to be enticed to sell a ton of my Crypto if not all of it Um and and there you go and by the way Even if I do sell all of my crypto Doesn't mean I wouldn't in the future Jump back in it's more like if I'm Sufficiently enticed we have insane Prices it's like I'm going to take that Risk off the table and take some Prof Because I've been in this for over half A decade and I have never exited to United States dollars after investing But it is paying off so in terms of like What it's worth even at these lower

Levels compared to what I put in yeah And I am down on some coins for sure for Sure but like the whole the whole ball Of Wax Looking pretty good folks look I'm not Crying I'm definitely not crying here Uh but anyway so here's a quote from Them I want to remind people that and This is my own experience I've said this Many times the year after the bear Market year is often a sideways year so Far that's not been the case it's mainly Just been up end quote But the analyst says that while Bitcoin May appear to have significant strength The king crypto may actually be in the Midst of setting up a wide sideways Range as a base and I'll pause note There are tons of analysts that I follow And respect and I have been highlighting Some of them recently even more recent YouTube videos where I'm talking about Price they think yeah we're probably Going to go up a bit higher but it's not A straight line forever they're thinking Okay so even if we hit some of these Levels that sound really good Considering where we've been in recent Months uh you know you go back up go Back down because Hero's gonna have Retracements of course but anyway here's Another quote from them when we say Sideways year that doesn't mean you're Not going to go up in fact you are

Likely going to go up and you are likely Going to go down in 2015 we saw two Rallies to the upside and then we Finally got a third one that was Actually real in 2019 we had a massive Rally and then a massive dumb and then We got the real rally that took us to New highs end quote Yeah so that's all All true and then as another friendly Reminder In terms of probability when you and This is true stocks when you have A massive down here like we saw in 2022 It's true for stocks and crypto Well if you look on the the stock side Specifically because I'm just talking About using data to just You know share some ideas about what Might be most probable the following Years after major capitulation years Like we just saw it's much more probable That you see a move to the upside or so Even if you're like quote unquote Ranging sideways it doesn't mean it Wouldn't be to some degree at least a Bit higher anyway peace continues should Bitcoin follow the previous Trends Cohen Says that 2023 will possibly be a long Year for the leading crypto asset by Market cap he says investors could make Use of this period to increase their Bitcoin Holdings quote so while I know Everyone's excited and I don't want to Reign on anyone's parade per se

I would still think that the most likely Outcome for this year is that it's just Going to be a long year for Bitcoin to Sort of build out a base You could think of it as an accumulation Year to build out a base and to Hopefully have enough strength to really Push higher especially whenever the FED Goes back to looser monetary policy Integral yeah so I talked about that Heavily uh in a video well actually over The last couple days in particular so I Don't want to go into the FED stuff Again today other than to note that yes That does make sense and the FED in Terms of this idea everybody keeps using The word pivots and how I am too but They are they're going to Pivot the Loosen the monetary policy well we've Already seen that frankly I mean even Like I think I said this literally just Yesterday in December we saw that yes Fine increase the interest rate to 50 Basis points but the previous hike was 75 basis points so even if we don't see Uh you see push down to make say you Know the 25 basis points it's another 50 basis point okay well so what Eventually at some point at some point You're going to see that direction to The downside continue because you're Seeing month-to-month inflation not not Be so bad You're seeing year over a year of year

Inflation still look bad but it was does That surprise anybody it was 2022 when All the action from the FED started to Be implemented in terms of rate hikes so That shouldn't be surprising at all If anything it shows that the intended Result which was to slow the economy Effectively you know it can certainly Encourage people to take uh fewer loans Like well that's that's working Like it's it's doing what they were Expecting it to do and why wouldn't it Do that So we're gonna see what happens but that In conjunction with the fact that we Just went through a terrible year and And don't forget if you're an xrp holder And I'm willing to bet you are if you're Listening to me uh you know my favorite Crypto it's xrp uh don't forget the SEC Ripple cases ending this year too and I'm very optimistic I know we could get A better ruling but I'm very optimistic That we won't and for a number of Reasons I've been talking about and I Don't want to I don't want to segue into That for this video but just just think About all this you've got the FED uh Presumably and we can they'll continue To lose some monetary policy we we just Came off of a terrible year in 2022 and You typically know back to back bad Years and then everything with the SEC Ending with with ripple which should

Provide Clarity for xrp holders can you Imagine the route I just There's so many reasons to be optimistic It's an incredible time to be in crypto And it's still real I know I've been in This over half a decade but the asset Class is only 14 damn years old man like It's early days still So I'm sure another decade out from now We'll be looking back on these days in Some ways with fondness in some ways be Like ah that damn SEC and Kim jong-ins Are and all that crap fine But uh This this is the time this is the time Where people make the moves they need to Make so that they achieve life-changing Wealth because it's a real thing it's a Very real thing I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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