SEC MAY GET $0.00 FINE FROM RIPPLE, Top Attorney States

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and you are absolutely going to Love this now we already know that the SEC has suffered blow after blow after Blow this year when it comes to its Attack on crypto losing lawsuits most Prominently the secv Ripple case uh but Also the the secv grayscale case and Then there have been other losses Within These uh and then and then there there's The tone of the judges uh you can look At how the sec's appeal for inter or Interlocutory appeal was denied you can Look at how the lawsuit against Brad and Chris that was that was outright Forfeited that was just straight up Surrender because thec knew they were Defeated uh there's there's no shortage Of examples here but you're going to Love the latest one because now we're in The remedy phase of this lawsuit and so Ripple uh you know judge Torres found That there were certain institutional Level transactions that were illegal Securities transactions and so there's Been this uh there's been this number Bandied about and I think it's somewhere North of $700 million that potentially Ripple might have to pay but based on a Brand new loss that the SEC has endured This week based on this apparently it's Going be used is precedent uh it may be The case that Ripple in the remedies Portion of the lawsuit which is what

What they're in now uh Ripple may end up Paying the SEC a fine of exactly $0 and0 Now how about That I freaking love this stuff so I Have perspective from three attorneys Within the xrp community and one of them Says that yes it's it's absolutely Possible that uh the fine could have end Up being exactly 0 0 and then but I'm Going to provide full context because he Did say more than that and it's very Fascinating but isn't that rich so then You can also think about all the $2 Million Ripple had to spend and then There's all the taxpayer dollars on the SEC side that had to be spent to pay the Lawyers to do all that quote unquote Work if the devil's work right but think About how much money was just wasted and Then you could actually get an outcome Where it's great that xrp is legal Clarity but there's not even a fine pain Even for the portion that Ripple Technically lost so we'll talk about That and and the probability of such an Outcome but uh before going further I do To be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all

Right so uh here's a headline from the Crypto basic SEC faces another loss as Xrp holders never lost money because of Ripple following the second circuit Decision in the gville lawsuits that's V Gville Pro xrp legal experts speculate That the SEC could potentially suffer Another defeat against Ripple during the Remedy stage prominent xrp lawyers have Taken to the xplatform to discuss the Implication of a second circuit decision In the ongoing secv Ripple lawsuit and Um and so oh by the way actually Appeared in this article here there's One of my post because attorney Bill Morgan uh reposted that we'll get to That in just a second though so where Did this stem from there's this post From um Ripple clo Chief legal officer Stuart aldera and in the afternoon he Wrote another loss this week for the SEC The streak continues Um the uh the second circuit in secv Gille held that the SEC can't ask for a Crippling discouragement award without First proving that investors suffered Actual Financial harm in other words no Harm no foul and so folks think about That who was actually harmed in the secv Ripple lawsuit well first of all on the Programmatic side so you can talk about People like you and I that would be Would have been purchasing xrp on Various exchanges that's off the table

We're not included there because Ripple It's already judge torus found that they Did nothing wrong for the for any of Those types of transactions right so That's that's absolutely off the table And obviously none of us were harmed Anyway by Ripple are you kidding me uh But on the institutional side you still Got to ask because you're talking about A lot of on demand liquidity customers Who was harmed and so now you have this Precedent in the second circuit as cited Here by Stuart Alder and he's saying Well according to this you know if if You're going to ask for crippling Disgorgement you got to prove that there Is an actual harm to investors so who Are the investors that were harmed That's the question and so um here was What Attorney John Deon had to say in Response to this he reposted what Stuart Aldera shared on social media platform X And he wrote read what Stuart aldera Sites now consider that 75,000 xrp Holders moved to intervene in the secv Ripple case arguing that it was the C's Grossly over Brad allegations Allegations unsupported by 76 years of CAS law that was harming investors not Ripple exactly and of course the judge Is well aware of this it's not Ripple That was harming the xrp holders and I Would argue not certainly not on an Institutional level it it was the SEC

That was harming all of us including Those on an Institutional level because Whether you're on the retail side or the Institutional side if you hold xrp if You held it any way when that that news Broke you suffered a loss there you Suffered actual Financial harm because Of the bogus allegations made by the SEC then there was this from attorney Jeremy Hogan he wrote aldera is Highlighting this case because there are Because they are rather in the damages Phase in this case is saying that xrp Holders must have lost money on xrp in Order for ripple to be liable and if you Bought xrp for under its current price You haven't been damaged by ripple at Least so think about that also even if There was a point where in theory an Institution could have argued that they Were damaged and again it has to be an Institution it can't be on the the Programmatic side like you people like You and I even if that's the case what Price did they buy at and what price is Xrp now if it's higher How can there be Any sort of uh damage that was Caused so that's another major hurdle Especially when you're talking about Transactions dating back about a decade You know that's kind of a problem for Those ass hat Pricks over at the SEC Don't you think here is what attorney Bill Morgan had to say and attorney

Morgan is the one that was say citing That yeah it actually is within the Realm of possibility that the SEC could end up getting a a a fine from Ripple of Z0 so anyway here's what he said though Oh dear that is a real problem for a Regulator seeking disgorgement of over $700 million from a company that sold an Asset that over 10 years had appreciated Greatly in value yeah and that really is Going to be a hurdle because you can Think about uh the price at xrp was up Until the beginning part of 2017 it was Half a penny plus or minus a little bit You know I mean there was a short period Where it burst up to six um it went from Like half a no yeah it went from half a Penny to about 12 cents at one point That might have been 2014 I want to say I'd have to look at a chart so there's Like that there was this 12-fold Increase but then it crater back down is Very shortlived so it's mostly around You know about half a penny for most That time it's folks as I record this Extra fees about 61 cents good luck SEC When it comes to that and then it Turnning oh and then I reposted uh Steart Al and wrote this is good because Zero xrp holders were harmed by Ripple Despite what the SEC argues I hope this New SEC loss will help Ripple and Attorney Morgan responded to me and he

Said imagine a disgorgement of zero so That certainly caught my attention I Responded to him and said do you think That maybe a realistic outcome would be Incredible I mean he said zero Discouragement of Zero uh yes that would be I can imagine That I'm imagining it right this very Second I hope it happens because I hate The SCC so much uh so attorney Morgan Responded to me and said in the absence Of evidence of institutional investors Suffering harm from acquiring xrp why Not it could be zero now that's Fascinating so I don't know what the Odds are that and attorney Morgan didn't Put odds on he didn't see say that he Thinks it's highly likely or not Particularly likely or 50-50 flip a coin But he thinks it's obviously quite Plausible and you know given the President that just been set who can Argue right but he did have some Additional thoughts that he posted um And he also wrote The Following this is In a separate threat he said uh because He was asked um by somebody uh somebody Named inplane sight hook wrote how is This going to work so unregistered Securities were sold but because no harm Was done so there can't be any Implication it's a waste of time and Effort for SEC if the outcome is zero Doll and attorney Morgan wrote The

Following there are still issues of a Fine and an injunction I am not saying No harm was done to institutional Investors I say several things number One saw no evidence of harm in the Summary judgment material number two Don't recall the SEC even alleged harm In its amended Complaint number three substantial price Appreciation over 10 years means you Have to delve into specific transactions To find the harm the SEC doesn't do the Transactions uh transaction specific Aspects of these cases so well so pause To think about that and that's that's a Great point the SEC you know what they Were alleging that xrp itself is the Security remember the embodiment Theory We were talking about for so long which Which judge Tor is absolutely squashed Well they weren't talking about Individual transactions that's why Attorney Morgan said that obviously so You you have to go to individual Transactions to cite what specific harm Was done to what specific institutional Customers of Ripple but the sec's never Even done that are they going to dig in To that degree and find specific stuff Can they even do that at this point and Then um and then attorney Morgan says Number four the SEC caused some of the Harm by fing the lawsuit and crashing Crashing the xrp price yeah so that's

Another thing I was citing earlier in The video you come right back around and Be like no no no the price is lower and If it honestly I think it's very fair to Argue right now xrp price today is still Lower than it would otherwise be because You lost two and a half years of people Purchasing xrp that otherwise would be In it right this very second so xrp Price even today is artificially low Which thankfully for some people I mean Silver Lining I guess it's traded a lot Of opportunity for people that came Along after this that maybe otherwise Wouldn't have been able to get in at Such a lower price but it's still it's Just it's So like from a moral perspective Reprehensible what these assat Pricks Have done at the SEC little spawns of Satan as far as I'm concerned and then Attorney Morgan says number five the SEC Has the onus of proof on the issue of Whether harm was suffered and how much Harm number six discouragement is now Limited to harm done to sophisticated Institutional investors who are better Equipped to avoid or mitigate Financial Harm from investing some were odl Customers who held xrp for seconds so How did they suffer harm and folks think About that Ripple also stopped all Programmatic sales in 2019 so what sales remained it was all

Odl related and so if you're in and out Of xrp it mean it's a matter of Seconds what harm are you taking on if You're a customer like it's Just I don't know folks we'll see we we We'll see what this looks like I Just you know the idea of them getting Over $700 million I mean it could happen But in light of this doesn't it seem Less probable isn't that that's at a Minimum fair to say right so you know I'm kind of skeptical of the idea of of EX of Ripple not having to pay some sort Of fine but uh it fills my heart with Joy knowing that they might get a big Fat Zero I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy yourself anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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