SEC / ETH vs. Ripple / XRP Case Update & Bizarre Goings On

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I'm behind Schedule my day was started Wrong today I um you know what the worst Possible thing that can happen to me When I wake up in the morning for those Of you that have been here for a while You know what it is it's when I wake up And I'm out of coffee well this morning Was one of those mornings so there's Only one thing that's worse than me Waking up with no coffee what that means Is I got to go hop in the car when I Don't have any coffee the the thing that Makes that even worse is when I get into The Car and there's no gas so I hopped in my Wife's car this morning and yes of Course there's no gas so now I've got to Go to the gas station it's cold don't Feel like it I go to the gas station and I get gas and then I went to get coffee So I just had one of those false starts To a day but you know what I tell my I Tell my 18-year-old this every day uh With him and his baseball and his school And all that no matter how bad it gets And that you should listen close you Young people out there Especially no matter how bad today is if I've learned anything tomorrow is always Better it's always another day tomorrow

Is always another day don't ever forget That especially if you've got like Depression problems or something like That don't ever do anything stupid in The moment always always get some Especially when you're tired you're a Totally different person when you're When you're rested in the morning and You got a clear head always go to bed Knowing that tomorrow it's going to be Better didn't mean to get that message Today but oh well if I can give you a Good message why not I'm expecting xrp To bounce soon this one caught my Attention because I like it some of my Favorite people that do charts are the People that are not into xrp the Bitcoin Maxis Because they say things uh good about Xrp only because they mean them because They want to say bad things about xrp so This guy is one of them he says he's Expecting a bounce soon based on Something he sees in the charts then of Course his friends in his comments oh That's a garbage coin but he says when Xrp pumps it pumps hard and fast then Gives it all back it's only garbage if You're a holder well I think both of Those guys will be proven wrong in the In the long run when it comes to what Xrp is as a holder but we're talking About short run and in the short run he Sees something in the charts and he

Thinks something's about to happen and I Like the sound of that I also like the Sound of this this is David Schwarz Talking about the amm again trillion Dollar Problem like automated Market maret Makers are an indicator of this sort of Rapid Evolution and just the beginning I Think we're going to see things like Ubiquitous tokenization tokenized Securities tokenized digital rights just It it makes sense to represent ownership Or right over something as a Token all right now that's a good little Clip there all right Uptown Saul says The clawback amendment is three days From passage when it happen my mother is Calling me now I always get my phone Calls and and for some reason I can't I Was pushing the button for some reason I Can't my my the calls always come Through when I start my show and then When I try to answer the phone call it Wouldn't just now when I push you know How you push the side button on your Phone and it makes if your phone's Connected to your computer makes it go Off well it wouldn't go off anyway mom If you're listening to this video and by The way I don't think I've ever told any Of you this but my mother listens to my Show and a lot of times if I haven't Talked to my mother in say a week she'll Call me up and she'll say I heard you

Stop talking on your show about how you Don't that you're sick or whatever and So a lot of times she'll be listening to My show it's kind of weird she'll be Listening to my show and find out what's Going on um and give me a call Interesting stuff when it happens xrp Will uh be even further differentiated Uh than it already was plus institutions And central banks will presumably be More comfortable issuing assets on The Xrp Ledger then James fan came out today Magistrate Judge netburn has granted the SEC motion to compel in its entirety Elanor terret has translated this new SEC has won its motion to compel Ripple To produce its 2022 to 2023 financial Statements post complaint contracts Governing institutional sales of x X RP And answer questions regarding the Amount of xrp institutional sales Proceeds it's Received so we'll find out more about What we're dealing with there now I Can't stress this enough to you folks This eye connections conference I think It was held in in Miami John Deon was invited to the party And he was on stage with Anthony Scaramucci you've got to understand the Significance Of John being invited to this party down There Mike novag Gratz was there Jared Kushner was there there was a lot of

Major major people there John Deon or xrp people in general were never Invited to this party not until eth gate Folks once eth gate was exposed it gave The whole Community a lot of street cred Folks And Maybe if I had to bet these people Probably want to be on John's good side And the xrp Army's good side more than Anything and that's probably a big part Of the reason he's on that stage but the Interesting thing about it is what we Knew all along if if the E anybody from The adults in the room the xrp army ever Got on those stages they would be one of The more intellectual people on the Stage which is what what I found to be True from listening and but the diff but But here's the core difference John's a Gunslinger and that's the difference all These other people tow Lines not not this Army listen to John Talking about whether he thinks coinbase Will win coinbase is being sued by the SEC you said that their business Approved by the SEC is now deemed Illegal by the SEC are they going to win That case ultimately they're going to Win uh they right now they have a motion To dismiss and normally at this stage a Motion to dismiss as a lawyer I would Tell you has a 5% chance at best I put Coin bases up near the

40% range which is big for a motion to Dismiss But ultimately they're going to Win the question is do they win at the District court level do they win at the Second circuit everyone agrees that if It gets to the Supreme Court the current Makeup of the Supreme Court they're Going to invoke major questions against Those guys won't even go to the Supreme Court with something like this cuz they Know be embarrassed by the the the thing Is this Anthony you said you own algo And and I know you own Bitcoin right You're one of 55 million Americans that Own this asset class one out of four Adults owned crypto people in the United States want access to this asset class And so what we're seeing right now is The control Factor so so interesting it Say it's a it's a great code the 55 Million we now think it could be closer To 70 million because of the Introduction of the of the of the of the ETS so John thinks that uh coinbase is Going to win and then here's another Clip of John right here talking about Getting rid of Gary Gensler yes we the First thing is getting rid of Gary Gensler and once we get rid of Gary Gensler if we get someone in that says Listen we want to be you know Pro Business pro investor but Pro bus and Work it's not that difficult to say Here's a framework the asset class we

Can't apply 1934 Securities Act Laws to this modern-day technology so we Come up with a framework and say if you Meet these markers it's a commodity and It's going to be governed by the cftc if You don't meet these factors then it's Going to be deemed a security governed By the SEC it's not that difficult to do And if we get some smart people which This industry has we could solve this Just like that once we get the politics Out of it okay and then I've got a third Clip this is the one where he's telling These guys about the Ripple case and and What the judge and what was so profound About what the judge said about the SEC 100% you made the perfect uh comment About a check on an autocratic agency in The Ripple case that I talked about Earlier the federal judge said quote the SEC lacks faithful allegiance to the law Then in grayscale they were denied a Bitcoin spot ETF they sued and the District court of appeals came back and Said that it was arbitrary and Capricious that you were denying Investors the right to a spot ETF while You were approving a Futures ETF the Same rationale applies and we won in That case and we're seeing case After Case of the court system holding the SEC Accountable and we got the spotting F Just because of the courts okay now I Want to finish here this is Tucker

Carlson going to the uh Kremlin to meet With Vladimir Putin and I believe that There is a lot going on in this country Folks and I think and I want to show you What I think about this Tucker Carlson Thing that's just bizarre and then I Also want to tell you show you what's Going on in this country that is So Terrifying and I'm going to do that in I can talk about things in there That I can't talk about out here I am The digital asset investor I'm not an Investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family you want to hear what You want to hear what in the United States of um USSR America what we can't Talk about anymore out here come on into here we go Oh


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