Ripple/XRP-WEF-What We Need Humans For?,US Blockchain Bill Passes,EWarren Kill Crypto,XRP Price $5?

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you Today the world economic Forum ladies And gentlemen what do we need humans for The useless class that's what they're Talking about how they going to get rid Of us and you don't believe me we're Getting into it today it's going to Happen and here how about this one yeah That last shutdown we went through it Was just a test balloon you don't Believe me you're going to hear a member Of European Parliament tell you that we Got that we also have blockchain bill Passes in the US we're going to talk About that and so much more somebody Roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $1.7 Trillion market cap for cryptocurrency The market is up 3.2% at the moment Bitcoin 43,700 plus ethereum 2300 plus now up 133% on the 7-Day Bitcoin up 13.3 on the 7 day xrp is 65 cents Up 3 3.4% on the 24hour up 7.4 on the 7day as well let's Look at the range of price right here as We're moving between 63 C flat on the Bottom and 6569 on the top we're almost at the top Of the price range currently at the

Moment so we'll keep an eye on it well See it it almost feels like xrp wants to Get out here for a jog today on this Friday take a little run xrp none of us Will be upset about it and you won't be Upset about this this number keeps Growing right here over 53,000 registered users can't be wrong Ladies and gentlemen it's the best Private equity in the world and you know What all you have to do is sign up and Register doesn't matter who you are sign Up and register and look at the Opportunities you're not going to Believe what's available and the best Most affordable minimums in the market Period full stop because of what they Want to do for everyone they want to Provide as much access as humanly Possible for all investors so make sure You click the link below and check out Link to this is a a wonderful Opportunity with the sponsor right Here this is from John Deon as he Reshares Bitcoin magazine posted says Just in $4.5 trillion Fidelity director And Global macro says owning a little Bitcoin could go a long way well teasing The crowd are they John Deon says this Is the message that will be driven to The masses a financial adviser who told Me I was a fool for owning Bitcoin and Crypto in 2018 is now advising his Clients to put 1 to 5% of their assets

Into a spot ETF once approved if Approved in January by the having we Will see commercials on it John deon's Absolutely right on this and that's what We're waiting to see and that 1 to 5% Allocation is exactly what financial Advisers are going to be doing to get Exposure for their clients for the first Time in history should we see the Approval of the spot Bitcoin ETFs meanwhile right here Society General uh medical partner launched its Own stable coin called the Euro CV or I Should say Ecv based on the Euro with the backing Of society General launched on bit stamp Uh remember May 23rd Ripple acquired Panta stake and bit stamp and remember They also acquired Medico right so Uh the stable coin should be used to S Settle sedal settle digital Bond trades And more now this is exciting because Now you're talking about getting into The traditional markets with the Application of this technology like Stable coins this is why stable coins Are so important it's not just the on And off ramp to the digital world it is The on and off ramp that will make banks 247365 that will make the settlement of Traditional market products like bonds Easier to do this is very very good at My house right here Chad Stein Graber Says bis basil committee takes this

Phrase and highlights it here crypto Assets that use permissionless Blockchains create risk that cannot be Sufficiently mitigated at present as to Bis basil committee might want to listen To that and this is denell Dixon having A conversation here and it really talks About this trustless permissionless Permission trust Trustless take a listen to this because This is extremely important and it Aligns very much with what I just read You for the bis if you want to build Trustless systems you need to be trusted Hello isn't that the irony of it though So many people think that the trustless Means that it can truly be trustless but You can never get rid of that trust Factor in business you just you just Can't no I'm telling you we've heard Brad gallinghouse say it we're hearing Denell Dixon from Stellar say it all the Legitimate people in the business are Saying it right you're G to have to be Kyc AML to do any business with real People doing real business if you want To see the trillions and trillions of Dollar move into this market and start To use the technology that is in this Space to innovate their business for Their customers and themselves well then You're going to have to comply to giving Your trust and letting people know this Is who I am I'm Brad kimes look that's

The reason I'm out here using my name on YouTube right and on X because I know whatever I'm going to Say online I'm going to be the same way Offline because if I'm not then there Accountability there well that same Thing is coming to moving value don't Believe it it's still true oh it's Coming then there's this oh boy let's Start well let's heat you up with this One here it's Friday don't let it get You too upset I know it's Senator Elizabeth Warren what what are they doing up there Can they just vote her out already can We just you know Jesus listen to this Baites on and I do want to separate Crypto from cryptocurrency sure um which Is if I buy Bitcoin am I buying a share Of stock or am I buying a pork belly or Am I Buying uh Euros or I buy are you buying Air uh oh oh wow okay you're going in What is I'm going in yeah what is it Because that's the point is that it's uh You're buying something that other People believe either is going to go up In value presumably that's why you're Buying it or think it's going to go down In value which is presumably why someone Else is selling it but that's it it's a It's a bet on whether this this thing This uh ephemeral token will become more Valuable or less valuable well listen uh

Let let's understand this and if we have The real honest talk with Department of Homeland Security and they allow us to Know and put in public disclosures who The four Satoshi are so we can Understand that it's not connected to Bad actors of the world like a North Korea or Such then why can't we have it simply be Regulated because it is not air now There's a lot that I find wrong with Bitcoin myself as an Individual but I don't believe that it Is a security in and of itself it's a Computer code for God's sakes that that Is You know that is not up for debate it's Not air it is a computer code now Whether that computer code is worth 60,000 3,000 or $6 or $6 million is Another question but why can't we allow A regulated free regulated market decide That for Themselves well and here's more Narrative right here blowing up crypto This is what she wants to do and this is Absolutely an attempt by Elizabeth Isabeth Warren who is Towing the line For the Legacy firms of the world the Financial institutions I Believe so she can suppress this market And roll in the control of the financial Institutions that have been around Forever let them buy up the market

Pennies on the dollar and then roll out Some kind of cbdc and God only knows What it would look like if this woman Was in charge of it it was written in The 1970s following 9911 The law enforcement folks went back Looked at what had happened figured out How the financing had made it through The system and that's the last time that Congress updated the the bank secrecy Act what we need to do is we need to Update it again because there's a new Threat out there it's crypto and it is Being used for terrorist financing it is Being used for drug trafficking North Korea is using it to pay for about half Of its nuclear weapons program We can't allow that to Continue well look you know you know Like I said all of this is a narrative To squash it and control the market Themselves who the government working as A arm for the financial publicly Controlled companies you know the JP Morgans of the world who she think she's Helping Here Right you know this is serving you know Jamie Diamond's comment which is you Know if I were the government I I'd Close down crypto I'd close it down Meanwhile they have a JPM coin Right well very quickly here I just want You to hear the first 30 seconds to this

This is commissioner meringer from the Cftc who really tells you quite simply We understand rules better and nowhere To relax those to support Innovation What a refreshing thought from a Regulator Ation is a big picture content whereas Rules need to be fairly detailed would You agree with that do you think it's Possible to support Innovation and draw Up some big picture rules yeah and I Think that's why um there's a lot of Interest in having the cftc as kind of The primary regulator our rules are are Very flexible they're principles based They're more outcome based um and we Really give those who are registered Those who who we oversee some Flexibility to figure out how they're Going to comply with The outcome that we want and look and That's hugely positive she goes on to Give the example of moving the trade Floor of like the the stock exchanges And stuff when it was all paper trading People down there holling and screaming Around to the Electronic side where they're at today Right and it could be done quite simply Now with that being said the United States Congress committee on Energy and Commerce listen to this on Energy and Commerce recently achieved a milest Stone by unanimously passing the

Deploying American blockchains Act of 2023 let's get into this right here the US becomes more competitive in deploying Using and applying blockchain Tech a Related bill was established whether Cryptocurrencies or Securities or Commodities a US House committee passed The pro blockchain bill with the Unanimous support if it takes effect it Will increase blockchain adoption in the Country by tasking the US Secretary of Commerce with prompting or promoting Excuse me its deployment and it says Here citing a recent committee session The committee on Energy and Commerce Passed the deploying uh deploying American blockchain Act of 2023 a dozen Page Bill aimed at promoting the Competitiveness of the United States Related to deployment use application And competitiveness of blockchain Technology and other distributed Ledger Technology as well before the bill bill Will be p uh Before the bill was passed Blockchain Association CEO Kristen Smith Said it rightfully Advanced the Country's competitiveness in the Blossoming industry it covers a variety Of actions the Secretary of Commerce Needs to take it uh if it becomes Legally effective now this is Interesting to me too because if you Remember back in the early days of the Internet we had to Telecommunications

Act could this serve if it gets through The house completely because that's to a Committee right it's got to go to a House for a floor vote and then it's got To go to the Senate and then get signed At president's desk we all know the Process right but if this were to get Through could this serve in the same Manner as the Telecommunications Act That allowed the internet to really take Off or is this not quite the bill we Need to be that open and free but yet Effective I don't know just yet but We're going to wait and try to find out More about this as we go but progress None nonetheless right we want to be Tempered in it all but nevertheless but A related bill will establish whether Cryptocurrencies or Securities or Commodities we need to know that for Sure you know the industry needs to Understand this for Innovation purposes And how to develop and how to build Let's get that done meanwhile while We're waiting for the waiting for Congress to get some legislation through And actually do their job we're waiting Everyone my gosh I don't even know if Patience is the word anymore but Nevertheless R crypto says look at the Xrp to BTC chart not xrp to USD but xrp To BTC chart embrace yourself for the Third wave no time to waste he says Falling wedge formation is crystal clear

But here's the twist wave two is Unfolding in one of three possible ways We look down here and you could see this Right here this is the one of the three Possible ways which is regular irregular Expanded or running you could see the Formation right here and you can see Where we currently are in this shape Right here right but wave three looks to Be if it executes and fills its its roll And reaches here then wave three could Take us to 0.135 and when I look that up that would Put us right in the neighborhood of $5.60 Plus or so uh for xrp price and if We have the pullback in retracement and Then go up again like the chart shows Here in the wave structure then that Would take us to $11.60 Plus on the five leg of the wave There so if these things play out we Could be looking at $5 plus a Retracement and then up to $11 plus Should it all play out nobody knows Where it goes but that's where we're Going and right now we do know where We're going we're going into the freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen as I said You're going to find out that last Shutdown was just a test balloon and You're also going to find out today the World economic forum's been busy And they've got ideas about what they're Going to do with this useless human

Class can't make it up not Financial Advice for me or anyone else I'll catch All of you on the next One


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