Ripple/XRP-USD Global Reserve Currency Status Ending???,A Different Kind Of War,USGovt/Crypto Probe

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got Black Rock Coinbase and ripple cases US Government Crypto probe oh boy you're going to want It and how about this $1 trillion worth Of us treasuries in 2024 what's that Mean yeah what does that mean US dollar Global Reserve currency status ending we Got that and a different kind of War we Got that and so much more somebody roll That beautiful intro [Music] [Applause] Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.71 Trillion market cap for crypto to Markets off by 7% right now 42,4 plus For Bitcoin 2,200 Plus for ethereum We see 95.8 billion plus market cap for Tether we see 50 cents for xrp Everything is red this morning Essentially off by 1.4 in the last 24 Hour and off by 4.8 sitting at 50 cents The range of price very quickly here Between 4951 we'll keep an eye on it I Want to tell you about it trust Capital Think about all the spot Bitcoin ETFs That have been approved think about the Billions of dollars that have flown into That fund those investment opportunities

It's remarkable but you know what they Don't have that it trust Capital does is The ability for you to have a back Office and you can buy and sell assets As you Choose imagine that now we all know that People were talking about bitcoin's Going to go crazy high price when the ETFs got approved and then it went Down in your back office you could have Sold out a Bitcoin watched it go down Buy back into Bitcoin and done all of That taxfree because that's the Beautiful part about I trust capital and Their Ira buying crypto is great but Buying taxfree crypto is amazing click The link to my Sponsor this is super exciting shout out To fruition Productions ladies and Gentlemen I'm proud to announce that I'm Going to be participating in this Documentary series and they are doing an Amazing job just you watch and by the Way you might be able to be in this Documentary too if you get your ticket To xrp Las Vegas cuz they're going to be There with us filming and doing Interviews so I think you'll uh you'll Dig this as something that we made in The office on on eth Gate gave a speech and they cashed [Music] It and everybody recognizes that Gentleman

Right there Bill Henman Bill Henman came to the stand in 2018 and gave his famous speech where he Declared that ethereum wasn't a security The SEC tried to allege that all sales Of xrp were an unregistered Securities Offering December 21st Brad garlinghouse Came out and basically informed the World that uh they were soon going to be Sued by the SEC SEC is preparing to Sue That crypto startup for selling Unlicensed sec ities can you explain Your view of whether ethereum is a Security or not but then why you believe That Ripple is a security we don't get Involved in in these types of public Forums talking about any one uh project We Believe current offers and sales of Ether are not Securities Transactions the SEC is trying to Capture the digital asset space they Went after Ripple and specifically xrp Is because it was the biggest threat to The incumbent Banking and Financial System you know the United States Government is probably the biggest bully In the world I read the complaint and it Was terrible news people were going to Lose money and people had their life Savings in Xrp all right welcome to regulatory Capture 101 also known as eth [Music] Gate

Uh this is long overdue and it's going To be amazing ladies and gentlemen no Question about it I cannot wait to Participate in this thing and there's Already so many incredible people and Again you may have a chance to Participate this thing get your ticket To xrp Las Vegas fruition Productions is Going to be there you'll all to see Yourself on Netflix Too numbers coming in the months or Coming in the this morning and on Friday Excuse me shout out to Chad St grber Give him a follow this guy's crushing it Black Rock increased their position by Buying up another 2,461 Bitcoin for their ETF now at 72,500 Plus at this pace Black Rock will Be passing a 100,000 Bitcoin near February 14th wow and remember February 14th Where will be where we have the Automated market makers uh Um fully confirmed on the vote if it Holds above 80% for two weeks the There's a lot happening that is pointing Towards a direction of creating Liquidity for a new system ladies and Gentlemen we're about to get into it Skybridge capital founder Anthony Scaramucci here predicts coinbase will Win the instrumental legal battle with The SEC and we says basically here if You go into the comments in the longterm

Talking about a change of administration And looking forward and thinking maybe Trump's presidency might not be any Better for crypto cuz remember he has Spoken very very negatively about Bitcoin so you have to wonder how he Sees the entire space whether it's with A broad brush or does he see the Difference between cbdc stable coins Bitcoin and assets like xrp and others That's the question however he goes on To say here uh Anthony scui says the Coinbase case will be very big Instrumental case I predict we will win That case and by the way we may lose it Here at the early stage he's saying but Brian Armstrong will win in the Supreme Court you just look at the Matrix and The makeup of the Supreme Court and Who's on it and I believe that we will Get to Fair regulatory process for Digital assets he goes on to say here Coinbase 70% likely to win coinbase is Likely to win this motion we think the Judge wanted to limiting principle to The SEC definition of investment Contract that wouldn't Encompass Collectibles so that means like baseball Cards Andor digital assets right so we View the one offered by coinbase is more Compelling requiring investment in Business versus just an ecosystem along With the enforcable obligation the SEC First Su coinbase in 2023 for allegedly

Violating Securities laws this was after They approved their S1 and IPO right It's quite obvious that whether it's Jay Clayton at the helm or Gary gor that the People that have been put at the helm Have not been leading from the front It's been despicable disgusting and it Is an excellent example of how not to Lead anything in life there's no Question you should be fired Immediately meanwhile right here looking At the Ripple case Ashley Prosper shares Her tweet from J uh January 26 here at Xrp Community during the case of Judge Netburn usually took around a month or So to issue her Discovery related Decisions which would bring us to around February 26 however judge Torres set the Remedies deadline for February 12th so I Expect we will see the decision sooner So to that point asley Prosper says Judge net bur's decision regarding the Sec's motion for post complaint Discovery or compliant Discovery excuse Me for remedies is due this week I still Think that judge Torres will deny the Sec's motion and the longer she takes to Issue her decision the more likely that Will be if she does Grant the motion Unlikely in my opinion she says Ripple Will likely have to file an extent for An extension of time however this should Not affect the overall schedule for Remedy so there's our update there to

Pay attention to things in the next uh You know six to seven Days US Government announces new probe Into cryptocurrency Mining operations in the United States We covered this over the weekend that Now there is a crypto probe from the US Government over proof of work which is Involving Mining and the consumption of Electricity again I went into this over The weekend watch out I have exposure to Bitcoin too so that watch out goes for Me as Well but what are we to make of while All of this is taking place and this Space is fighting fighting to Desperately get the legal precedent it Needs to unlock the innovation of the Entire space not just xrp the entire Space and all the digital assets that Can bring Innovation to financial Legacy Firms this is what we're talking about Banking the unbanked around the world These are the massive macro goals that Really need to be accomplished and the Only way to get those things done Properly is to really have regulatory Legal Clarity legislative Clarity There's just no other way about it it's Not sexy doesn't sound sexy right but It's what the truth is and has been for Years now However we can't turn a blind eye to What's happening in the regular

Economy and our monetary System who's going to be buying ask Michael Branch give him a Follow1 trillion do in us treasuries Coming to the market in 2024 that's what we need 10 trillion More us treasuries brought to the market In in just a Year this is where we're At well it looks like Iraq won't one Them as they're banning from eight local Banks from using US dollar Transactions doesn't look like Russia or The 20 countries are going to want them Because they just adopted Russia's new Payment system which I believe is was it Fpfs there it is f yeah systems for Transmitting Financial messages it is Their version of Swift for Russia and Basically they got 20 Nations they have Joined but it's alternative to Swift Similar infrastructures exist in some Other countries we are holding Discussions on interaction of such Platforms but hear the interest and Technical Readiness of our partners are Important thereafter adding the Nations Who have already joined its and its 159 Foreign Participants now Swift has 11,000 Organizations but obviously it all Starts somewhere so with1 trillion worth Of treasuries projected to be injected Into our system knowing Iraq doesn't

Want them Russia doesn't want them Right China not going to want them Either maybe they will take a listen to This is ever Grande the huge Real Estate Investment Group inside of China is Illiquid they've had to Halt sales of The Stock there's major trouble there but Listen we have to be careful because Central banks are connected at the hip All around the world this could create a Cascading effect and don't forget it's Been said multiple times that ever Grande has a huge stake in USD tether as Well so we don't know if that plays a Role in that aspect but take a listen to These clips here when there was already A crisis of confidence coming from Chinese citizens around the housing Market due to all of these pre-sold Homes that weren't being built in fact Since 2021 over 50 of China's property Developers have defaulted on their debt These developers are carrying a Tremendously high debt to asset ratio an Average of 65% with many of the larger Players bumping into the 80 to 90% range Now that funding has dried up ever Grand Is only the tip of the iceberg when it Comes to property developers who are Running out of ways to fulfill their Debt obligations now we still don't know Exactly what will happen to evergrand The other property developers and these

Local government institutions but what We do know is that it is not in China's Best interest to allow them to fail There is already a massive push from China to restore confidence in the Property sector and if confidence in Bonds Banks and local government went Away it would be a blow that China might Not be able to recover from so the real Question I want to come back to is why Did China Aid in this impending Catastrophe that they're helping keep a Flow in the meantime could it be that They're setting the stage for the Greatest wealth transfer in history it's Interesting when you think about it that In the last few years there has been a Tremendous push into the real estate Sector spurred on by huge injections of Cash into the system combined with low Interest rates now the entire thing is Set to collapse right when we have a Record number of people with debt backed Assets and high interest rates to match This has had many people questioning the Timing of this liquidation as it would Conveniently Aid in ushering in a Significant crash while not proven there Is speculation about who knew in advance For decades this didn't just happen Overnight but right that is exactly Right this did not just happen overnight And listen for the sake of time you know We got to keep moving but this is a

Great clip and shout out to that person From itm trading for giving us that Information you know he here's the Here's the flip side of this could China Find their in such a hole that they Can't afford to ditch us treasuries you Know the dirty little secret about all Of these countries that don't want to Use the US dollar anymore it's still the Strongest asset and thing and uh Investment product that they have in Their portfolio it's still the best Thing they have in their portfolio Period for now but that doesn't mean we Shouldn't be proactive and listen this Is why I think it's exciting to know That Ripple is now bringing xrp to US Market after three years of a quiet Period having us money transmitter Licens in almost all of the United States certainly the majority at this Point you think this is an accident I Don't find what's happening in China With bricks with Russia and India and Everything that we've been reporting on There to be mutually Exclusive Saudi Arabia joins Bricks and just thumbs their nose at the P dollar agreement and says by the way I Don't want US military protection from The other people that hate us in the World Anymore that's how we're doing It we just ignore the fact that we're

Supposed to trade oil in US Dollars Exclusively in return for military Protection and they simply just go join Bricks like I I'm just playing for the Other side Bro that agree we had go wipe your ass With it Right look you know may there maybe you Know I don't know there's a lot of People I do not and have never seen These Events as anything other than the Ultimate Catalyst of what will usher in The use of Ripple the company and xrp to Digital Asset yeah they they didn't make xrp you Know because they didn't need It these things are being done you know David how many times have we heard David Schwarz that you know the banks if they Could push paws on all this technology And just leave things the way it is this Is exactly what they would do right of Course it's exactly what they would do They're already King of the mountain They don't have to spend one penny to be King of the mountain they already Are but the problem is is the world is Changing the payment rails to move the Money of the world whether it's through Swift's messaging system or some other Payment system they're all Antiquated And vulnerable and every country knows It so now it comes down to musical

Chairs who's going to be left without a Chair I don't think for a second that The United States is watching all of This happen Saudi Arabia joined bricks And everything else that we're seeing And we're just supposed to Believe that the United States is Sitting back and doing Nothing I I'm sorry but I don't believe That I do not believe that and in fact What seems like a dream scenario of David Schwarz and certainly myself for Years Now how much of a dream is it one of the Crazy one of the one of the crazy Success outcomes that I could see is Like I could see a place where the United States says look the dollar is Not going to be able to hold on to its Position of dominance but we'd rather Whatever becomes the sort of next Dominant settlement uh you know unit not Be something controlled by Russia or China or you know a geopolitical rival You I you could almost see them deciding That a cryptocurrency was less a less Bad outcome for them and it may be that There's no geopolitical entity that's Strong enough to take over the role that The United States had and so maybe they Decide on some neutral Asset uh what else does he have to say What are we seeing we're seeing the World be fractionalized because of the

Bricks Coalition and tons of Nations Like Saudi Arabia has the Petro dollar Agreement with the United States to in Order to elevate the status of the US Dollar as more than Fiat money but as The world Reserve currency and they Simply join bricks and like don't even Give a like I'm not coming to your Party Anymore and we're all just sitting Around listening to these people these Mal contents out here talk about the Fact that we need more Builders you Shouldn't support Ripple these people have their head up Their Ass right they've missed the Plot the plot is about saving the United States of America and the status of the US Dollar and not letting the confidence Slip so bad that we have inflation like Down in Argentina or Venezuela who's with Me come on In more to the Point here's the history of the last Five Global Reserve currencies Britain Went for 105 years France went for 95 Netherlands went for 80 Spain went for 110 and Portugal went for 80 now two out Of the five went for 80 years guess what The US dollar started in 1944 Minus 20 24 we're at 80

Years the window is open and something Must be done not because Bradley says so But because history says So maybe just maybe it's the xrp Ledger In that decentralized exchange for the World that could underpin the dominance Of the US dollar for the next 150 years Or More maybe I'm just Dreaming like David but what I see geopolitically Happening looks less like a dream and it Looks more like what's taking place an Actual Destination speaking of destinations We're about to go into the freedom Zone Come on in and join us not Financial Advice of me or anyone else we're going To take a look at a different kind of War and you're going to want to know About this different kind of War ladies And gentlemen I'll see all of you inside The freedoms Out


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