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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we have here Jeremy Hogan Talking about his gains we got a new Argentina president he's talking about Being bullish on crypto and the US Dollar too we'll get into it Bonos Santander offering Bitcoin retail Investor trap watch out ladies and Gentlemen ISO deadline push back will'll Tell you when digital pound the Government versus the consumer in the Citizen ladies and gentlemen us Mo Lawmakers urge treasury to revise Proposed crypto uh tax R rules we'll Tell you which one Singapore we've got That we've got $33 trillion in debt Bullish for crypto and xrp we've got 19 Banks report exposure to crypto assets And xrp is one of them somebody roll That beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on in Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now $ 1.47 trillion market Cap for crypto the market is up 2.1% in The last 24 37,1 100 plus for Bitcoin Now just over $2,000 for ethereum 8805 billion market cap for USD tether And we still don't know how the US Government and the Federal Reserve truly Feel about it hanging in there folks I Think we're going to find out soon Enough xrp 62 Cent to the number five

Spot is all well sitting flat on the 24-hour but off by 4.7 on the 7 Day Range of price right now is between 6153 On the low side and 6285 on the top We're currently sitting at 6198 right Now this is a key key level according to The technical analyst in order for us to Run up to 85 cents to a do5 we need to Stay at this level or above we will keep An eye on it for you and then here is a Reminder that Ripple has said themselves That they intend to go public Linda P Jones 25-year Wall Street veteran here Says you know what Ripple might go Public with an IPO in May 2024 now she's Speculating obviously but I tell you What I appreciate the season speculation I can tell you that and if the IPO Doesn't happen in the spring of 24 it is Likely to be expected only in 2020 5 so Either way you slice this near term is The window we're looking at here and I Love the idea of a ripple YPO as a Shareholder but I also love the idea That you can get it too at link to You've heard me talk about it but join The other 469,000 registered users all You have to do is sign up and register And get started it literally is that Simple but you know what you need to Understand this link to does doesn't get Ripple shares from Ripple they get it From the employees the shareholders Themselves and they buy it outright so

You are literally getting it from Another employee that's at Ripple not Ripple the company this is a very very Key point to understand because at some Point if Linda is correct about the IPO Coming in 24 or 25 at the latest it's Going to start Dawning on to these Employees I maybe I don't want to sell It today because of what it'll be worth Tomorrow that's why I always wonder when Will it run out someday it's going to Happen click that link get started Underneath the video this here from Jeremy Hogan he says in what world is my 60% gain in xrp over the last two to Three years bad if I could have done 20% Per year since I was 25 I'd be retired By now how about it Jeremy you tell him He says Boomer Jeremy well Boomer Brad Says I like it And here we see this there's Geopolitical events happening everywhere Ladies and gentlemen Argentina president Javier Mele plans to replace the peso With the US dollar and shut down the Central bank after the peso has Collapsed so severely in their country And he is also super bullish on holding Reserves in Bitcoin especially we'll Keep you up to date as things move Forward there now we also see around the World this is why I believe we will Ultimately see the approval of these ETF Products for Bitcoin ethereum and I also

Believe xrp as well and many other Crypto asset ETF trust will be developed And approved and launched sometime in The future my speculation not Financial Advice but I believe that will happen And I believe that will open the Floodgates to an enormous amount of People who do not want to be us they Don't want to open an account account on A crypto exchange they don't want to do Cold storage they just want exposure to The asset through these ETF products and Here you can see Bonos Sounder now Offering High net worth clients in Switzerland the ability to buy Bitcoin And it always starts with the richest Folk first right because they get the Larger run when the price goes up Because they consider us the retail Investor dumb money their comments not Mine that's how they label us but here I Want you to see more more evidence about Not being treated like dumb money here Shout out to Black Swan capitalist these Two guys I believe the brothers do a Wonderful job let's take a listen to This Quick Clip here you you don't want Anybody to make Money if you're trying to hollow them Out so you first inflict immense Economic hardship on them so that the Necessary bull market that has to happen Sees minimal participation by Individuals and the corporatocracy is

The primary participants and The Originators of the token so the Look this is exactly what we talk about On this channel we believe there's a Huge downside coming to the economy a Collapse correction in traditional Markets we've said it a million times But the trick is is to be disciplined Enough not to just have money to get Through that time but to be able to Continue to invest during that downtime Because that's what the large financial Institutions will be doing right and if You can stay in state with them and out Of step with the masses I think our Chances get pretty damn good for Witnessing success on the other side Here's a quick reminder we touched it in The first video this morning but if you Haven't seen it Iso20022 for sepa the European payment Region payment system has been postponed Till March of 2024 this is why it's good To understand that we are in a Coexisting phase and this is why I talk A lot about the iso20022 going Live and Not Looking for Price reflection for These kind of false flag water marks but They still become important key Fundamental accomplishments right when We reach these Keystone marks these These these places to me it tells me we Are still on the right path and why do I Feel that way because even though price

Might not reflect it we see here as City Bank iso20022 Website says here C of metam Man X it Shows Iso20022 and the integration of crypto Assets as well and that is ultimately What we're waiting for so whether it be Stable coins cbdcs or Bridge assets like Xrp and so on I am here to see it unfold Now what will cbdcs look like well it Will vary around the world depending What jurisdiction you're in but let's Hear what they're selling over here in The UK about the digital pound the bank Of England nor the government would be Able to program your digital pounds or Restrict how you spend your money However you would have the ability to Program your own payments if you wanted To today this would allow you to make Automated payments such as paying your Rent or mortgage on a set day but in the Future this feature could also lead to Exciting Innovations in Payments and there you have that they're Saying you got all the power not us Right well I like the sound of it but You know you have to wonder you Know you know so many people think of The term government and they just think You know well my gosh I they're not what I I trust the government what the hell's Wrong with you why would you ever do That because the government in it of

Itself doesn't mean anything government Is filled with people and most of those People whether we like it or not and I'm Not saying this specific to the UK I'm Saying this specific to governments Around the world are usually filled with With people that once they get power Something actually happens to them and Bad things usually happen so we'll watch And speaking of bad things happened you Remember in the last bit of legislation That got through there was a problem With the definition of broker dealer for Crypto and US lawmakers now urging in a Bipartisan fashion as Patrick McKenry And Richie Torres are just two of nine To come together in this effort to Revised the proposed crypto tax law Essentially they want them to change uh The part down here the major sticking Point is how the proposal captures Hosted wallet providers payment Processors some defi entities and other Others as Brokers for tax reporting Purposes the definition of broker Remains too broad and would capture Entities that do not possess traditional Characteristics of a broker so they're Still trying to sort that out is what They're still trying to do and here is a Very very key article and this is going Geopolitical we're moving across the World now from the US to Singapore here Cryptocurrencies have failed the test of

Digital money says the monetary Authority of Singapore ladies and Gentlemen Uhoh said crypto has performed poorly as A medium of exchange or a store of value Well don't get worried because this is Where I remind you Ripple gets a formal Approval for Singapore for a payments License Ripple said it received its Fully-fledged digital payments token License from the monetary authority of Singapore which is obviously hugely Critical on the rest of the space as a Medium of exchange loving that for us Yeah and right here is Marcus Treacher Here with formerly of Ripple and now at Rtgs do Global and obviously he has stayed in The space Because he believes in the Space in what's going to happen with the Use of blockchain crossb payments and Cbdcs and as Bridge assets go like xrp Take a quick listen with cbdc is running Domestically and with a bridge asset Another cryptocurrency Model A Bridge Asset to connect those cbtc together the Opportunity is to deliver liquidity On point in the moment in micros seconds From one part of the world to another And the model that you we focus on is Using xrp uh which is a very high Velocity and um very high volume digital Asset it's a free floating asset unlike A you know cbdc or staple coin use it as

A bridge currency between these cbdc so You imagine a a world in future where There are let's say 180 Um individual cbdcs per jurisdiction uh In the world making markets between Those cbdcs is quite challenging um Unless you have a common single point uh The bridge currency which then enables Connections to be uh made more Efficiently and markets to be made um Between these individual currencies now He's not mening any words here he's Explaining how xrp will sit in the Middle of a new monetary system As a bridge asset between all the World's money and tokenized value that's Exactly what he just describe right There don't believe it it's still true Will they capture the goal I believe That they will how much will they Capture of that market 100% 10% 5% 80% that is the question the question Now is not will it happen the question Is is how much will they capture They're already doing it that's the Beautiful part then there's this Billy Brra uh bambra I guess I should say uh Senior contributor at Forbes recently Asserted that the US monetary system is Teetering on the brink of collapse Sounds like uh Marcus Treacher got it Figured out exactly how you could help Solve that problem with digital assets Such as xrp now positioned at a focal

Point for positive impact you damn right And you're talking about a $33 trillion Debt problem that he's talking about Here a shocking $ 33.7 trillion Inflation warning here US Federal Reserve has put out uh this is what's Talking about him saying basically this Dire prediction makes a compelling Bullish case for leading Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and xrp Says down here that the fox contributor Believes that the US projected debt Death spiral could lead to a collapse of The US dollar and trigger a surge and Price of Bitcoin and xrp and other Cryptocurrencies and be akin to the Gold Rush uhhuh yeah so when you see that Then you understand that 19 Banks report Exposure to xrp we're talking about $1.2 Billion do Plus in investment positions Of crypto Assets Now this is a very Small portion allocated from these 19 Banks into xrp but this is how it starts I remind people at home that Brad Garling house has told us all directly That the OCC has told banks in the US Don't do it not till we say do it not The SEC the OC so I think that this is How it starts it always starts small I Always talk about things being phased in Will they do 1% of payments like Iso20022 just because 100% or 75% of the Network goes live doesn't mean they're Going to do 100% of those payments in

Crypto or xrp and in fact we're going to Need to have stable coins and cbdcs Broadly for that need of that bridge Asset to really serve at a high high Level I believe my personal belief now With that being said here you could see That according to Basil committee Findings xrp ranked is the third largest Altcoin in reporting of banks disclosed Comments uh commitment excuse me it says Here um specifically it it was Identified that xrp constituted 2% of The total exposure Of the 9.4 billion it says this percentage Translates to a total xrp position of 188 million or $25 million so look it's Small and I'll show it to you in the in The in the bis document right here there It is Ripple exposed 2% right it shows Other positions as well again the Question comes down to when will Banks Be able to use it right but Banks Obviously even on a small level Understand what it's for that's why they Have exposure to it right now so this is Just what we know about this doesn't Deal with anything like pre-allocated Contracts which we know for a fact Actually happened right and they could Still be happening we don't know but What we do know is that they they did Happen and that is a fact so how much is Really being held that we really don't

Know about I don't truly know that Number and I don't know who really does But I'll tell you this Banks understand What the problem is Banks understand That they're going to be rolling out Central Bank digital currencies and Stable coins alike and when they do You're going to need something to sit Between all of these jurisdictions and Country's money in order to respect the Jurisdictions their regulations and Their beliefs and everything that go Along with their culture so it's not Challenged but complemented and that's Why Ripple xrp serves as water for the New Financial system I hope all of you Will join us you're missing out in the Freedom Zone let me tell you Something this is a censorship free Place this is a great Community Already there's so many people in here You won't believe it and today we're Dealing with the extremely dangerous to Our democracy that's exactly right Free Press is dead ladies and gentlemen we Also deal with some political events Inside of here and mandate issues and Many other things that I couldn't dream Of having a discussion about on social Media if those things interest you and You love having a great discussion and You want extra content as well as the Daily videos that I post with zero Google ads join us in here for next to

Nothing and that is a fact Jack uh don't Believe it it's still true not Financial Advice or me or anyone else come on in We'll catch you on the next one


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