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Welcome back to the show everybody boy What a day this is I'd love to smell a Crypto in the morning ladies and Gentlemen xrp takes the number four spot On market cap up over 133% in 24 hours And over 25% on the seven day and we've Got a possible Ripple uphold power play And what will the settlement be on Damages for ripple we may have a number For you and stable coin Bill early this This next year an ETF in the US and Hong Kong we got that and so much more you're Going to want it all semi roll that Beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad K Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $1.38 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 4% but take a look at this 30 thou 35,000 slightly over for Bitcoin 1900 in change here for ethereum tether Market cap 85.6 billion plus xrp now at The number four spot ladies and Gentlemen 72 cents up 12.9% and it's more than that actually This is coin Market or coin Geto we'll Take a look at Fiat Link in one second Up over 133% actually is the number and 25 plus% on the 7 day and obviously

Taking that number four spot is a big Deal look at this it's 72 almost 73 Cents right now 14.38% this xrp is on a run baby and we Hope it continues remember the technical Analyst told us this morning's video up Above 88 Cent if we can get above 88 Cent and hold we're plus a dollar That'll be our road right there is what They're telling us we will keep a close Eye on it to see what happens not Financial advice but let's get started Into this there's a lot to look out for Yes we have taken the xrp number four Spot BNB get on down there yeah damn Right shout out to Jeremy Hogan for that And uh we see yasim Mubarak here shout Out to yson here who basically says it Just the way it is and this we got a Glimpse of this last week when all of This really began for xrp xrp is moving Outside of the market performance So Bitcoin is not dominating this move Is the point that is very key to note Now it does it mean that we have a Fullon uh uh um uh what do you call it The word is escaping me right now it Doesn't mean that we have a full-on Decoupling is the word I was looking for But it does mean that xrp is Outperforming the market as it is today And has been for the last several days Someone knows something he says and I Believe leave it too and then there's

This I want to show this about don't Forget about the Bitcoin ETFs because They turn around and introduce the Bitcoin ETFs and then the Bitcoin Dominance is going to come back into Play and we may see things calm down a Little bit in the altcoin part Department but maybe not because xrp is Op operating in a outperformance of the Market as it stands today so will it Cloak what xrp is doing I don't know but We'll see but here uh says Scott Johnson Says two things caught my eye from the Latest ey shares Black Rock S1 Amendment They've obtained a cusip which in prep For a launch and it says they may be Looking to seed with cash this month so Here you can see the NASDAQ ticker and Then the cuss up number and then he goes Here to show that it says on October 2023 it says the seed Capital investors An affiliate sponsor affiliate of the Sponsor subject to conditions purchase The seed creation baskets comprising Shares at a share price not yet listed As described in C Capital investor so on And so on and so on so you can see they Are preparing for the launch of this ETF Whether they act like it's not coming or Not let's take a look at this shout out To Michael Branch for this Kenyan President William Ruto calls for African Nations to abandon the US dollar in Favor of local currencies for intra

African trade now I think all of this Plays into what we understand from the Bricks Coalition so uh this is branching Out even further to see countries want To pull off of the US dollar dominance And Elevate their own currencies and Trade as more of this happens it becomes To me the perfect fertile ground to Introduce a bridge currency like xrp and I think it could favor the US dollar as Well Senator lumus takes a stand against Sec's crypto Crackdown says the Commission is overreaching yeah not not A surprise but remember Senator lumus And Christian uh gilbran introduced the Bill that they had uh put forth before Congress but remember that bill was Discussing the crypto Market as is half Of the market is Commodities and half is Securities but they were going by market Cap volume which would essentially mean That they believed that Bitcoin and Ethereum were Commodities and the rest Of the market divided by market market Cap are essentially Securities in their Eyes so we always want to be careful With Senator lumus when we hear things But nevertheless down here Senator lus Is working on a number of crypto Legislations and is actively working on Multiple fronts to provide crypto Industry remember just recently a side Note Senator lumus was saying we should Go after binance and USD tether if you

Remember so keep that in mind as well uh It says uh she is co-sponsored a Comprehensive piece of crypto Legislation with uh obviously Gill brand Which aims to outline the sector's Regulatory framework and I see the small Differences between the House and Senate Version specifically related to stable Coins and we know they are Resolvable she said so I think we're Going to be able to get a resolution on Stable coins now that the house has a New speaker and they're again open for Business lumus is hopeful that this Legislation will pass in early 2024 and Is open to incorporating uh specific Provisions into other legislative Packages as that comes about so look uh That's that's what I wanted to give you Out of that if we get ETS or Bitcoin and We get early legisl or early 2024 stable Coin Legislation watch out because I got Something for you at the end of this Video which is a ripple uphold power Play and as you can imagine it could be Very big and we're talking about a three Trillion Ion plus power play ladies and gentlemen Hong Kong renowned for its position as a Global Financial Hub is contemplating The introduction of exchange traded Funds as well we know the us so I wanted To share that as well DZ Bank the third

Largest bank in Germany by asset size Has launched its own digital asset Custody platform built on blockchain now Why you suppose they did That and let's talk about the litigation For settlement here we have two of the Best it's going to be Jeremy Hogan and John Deon there's a lot of litigation Info still to come out but if some of The numbers I've heard are about are Proven true under 100 million is where Jeremy puts it and then he puts out a Great thread here that you have only the Way Jeremy could and it's in response to John Deon who said people have argued That the SEC got a 50-50 victory in the Ripple case are 100 100% wrong it is More likely 90 to 10% in Ripple's favor Being the 90 if Ripple ends up paying 20 Million or less it's a 99.9% legal Victory well said by John de And Jeremy Hogan chimes in it says I was In small argument with my wife last Night which means I am thinking about Damages this morning for me this is an Examination of different restaurants to Take her for ripple and the SEC are a Little more complex small thread if You're interested and we are Jeremy that The law allows the SEC to seek Discouragement penalties and interest Discouragement is taking away of profits From the rule breaker being Ripple in This case the Court held that about 770

Million in sales of xrp to institutional Investors were improper Ripple has a Couple of arguments here first the SEC Versus Lou case in 2020 basically said That discouragement is an equitable Remedy which means that it should be Fair and fair in this context means that It should be the violators net profits Not gross so Ripple will deduct business Expenses from the total as recently Upheld in a second uh district court or DC yeah District Court I believe of Appeals the amount of discouragement Must be awarded for victims victims mean Individuals entities who lost money on An investment so if an XR r p purchaser Paid 30 cents and the price is now 60 Cents which is 70 plus uh they are not a Victim and therefore no discouragement How about that one and on a side note How rare is it that the SEC sues a Company for selling an unregistered Security and during the litigation the Price of the security increases very Rare and that might be another Indication that the security is not a Security but I digress he says fire Finally the SEC has to prove some Nexus Between the purchaser of xrp and the United States in other words if Ripple Sold xrp to a German Investment Company With no ties to the US the SEC has no Jurisdiction over that sale the Nexus Question will be interesting and the SEC

The SEC will rely on case law which says That it doesn't have to prove Discouragement damages with speci Specifity here uh it says the SEC can Provide the court a ballpark estimate Then be the burden shifts to the Defendants to show otherwise the SEC Will also argue that Ripple expenses Which were made in order to further the Violation of the law should not be Counted towards Ripple business expenses For calculating net profits these are The issues that the parties will be Litigating in 2024 and in conclusion $770 million is Not going to be $770 million but Something much less I hope you have a Better understanding of the main damage Is issued now Excuse me while I go back To researching restaurants with the best Chocolate fond De John Deon comes back In to add here shout out to Jeremy for That John Deon comes back and said I Would also add that in some of the Briefs it mentioned that sales of xrp Could be 95% outside of the United States if that figure applied to Ripple Sales to the 770 million this is a Remarkable Point as well that would Deduct 731 ,500,000 Leaving only 38.5 million then deduct legitimate Expenses and like I said before most of

The institutional sales were in the Early years when xrp was under 25 in the end when Ripple pays the fine There is no way the SEC can justify the Amount of resources spent on the case They got 140,000 from library makes you Think there were other motives at Playing at at play bringing the case Doesn't it it really really does it Really really does and I hope that Ripple doesn't have to pay a nickel but I'm sure they'll pay something but Hopefully it is a very small fine Compared to what they're looking at now Let's talk about the Ripple uphold power Play ladies and gentlemen the bank of England will be regulating these Systemic stable coins and their issuers This is from the fin Financial conduct Authority knows the FCA will oversee the Crypto sector including stable coin Providers and remember Senator lumus Just gave us promise that or hope rather That we could see stable coin Legislation now that there is a speaker In the house and we could get that done By early 2024 so knowing that the FCA in The UK is is going to get that done Right now and knowing that we could see It done in the US in early 2024 think About this ladies and gentlemen the London Stock Exchange listen London is a Huge financial hub for the world let's Understand this if you don't know and

The London Stock Exchange one of the Biggest in the world with 3.18 trillion enlisted companies is Moving forward with plans to incorporate Digital assets The company is looking for a director Now this is big because we know also if I could get to this quick clip from Simon mcgoffin here talking about the Beautiful relationship that they've just Made with ripple take a listen to this Well so we've now been approached by Several Banks oh who are interested White labeling our service again they Don't want our wallet they don't want Their customers have to go through kyc Twice but they do want to plug in and Access certain of our core Serv services And there you have it and it's obviously Going to explode and I can't only Imagine what the network effects will be But remember this to flip the switch Brad garlinghouse said one year Ago we started building ripplet oh it's Probably got copywritten music I can't Play it but nevertheless he said it to Flip the switch ladies and gentlemen so I forgot about the copywritten music I Got to be careful we don't get a strike On the channel but they could be ready To flip the switch well that I believe Is exact ly what we have seen here with The partnership with ripple and uphold What you have just witnessed is Ripple

Liquidity Hub being put in place with Uphold I went over this this weekend and If you haven't watched that about Ripple Liquidity hub goes live this year go Watch that video it is about Ripple and Uphold and this partnership being put in Place to service the financial industry I believe this is just like the money Gram deal was in the early days where The Regulators got to take a real lot Live look at xrp in action and Regardless of what Alex Holmes says Today we know that that was a that was a Very good working relationship uh and we Knew it from the Q reports too the Quarterly reports as well from Alex home Now he's saying something different Today but that's okay because the bis And all other Financial Industries and Kuwait Finance house and many other Entities around the world understand the Power of Ripple and xrp even though Alex Home does not today so don't worry about Money Graham or him there's something Personal going on there I believe but Nevertheless let's take a look at this Really quickly here remember when we Played this and shout out to Thomas suer Uh for this and this shows the network Effects since the Inception of The xrp Ledger this is what the xrp Ledger looks Like right and this is how it comes Together over time and think about the Uh tapping into the financial system

Through the UK and the relationship with Uphold and ripple to put Ripple Liquidity Hub in place to start Servicing all these stable coin just Think of stable coins right now right to Make payments more efficient and think About the idea and understanding that we Could see obviously and if I just get This here so you can see but uh think About the relationship and getting the Stable coin legislation early 24 in the United States as well and what that Opens up financial institutions to Access through the Ripple and uphold What I believe is a real version of the Liquidity Hub and exactly going live in December according to CEO Simon mlin From uphold so this is so so exciting Ladies and gentlemen and this is a real Live look at what's going on today when You're looking at how exciting prices Are this is it right here in the moment Ladies and gentlemen you're seeing it This is what is happening in real time Right now shout out to 3 xrp Dev for This because this this is remarkable I Haven't looked at this in quite a while But wow is it super powerful just to see What's happening in real time here Amazing look at all of this happening in The US now and look at this from around The world things that are going on here Just a remarkable remarkable image to See and then take a look at this uh

Bombshell breaking news reports indicate That the U US Federal Reserve is set to Embrace the iso 4217 standard Potentially kicking off in December 31st This year interestingly xrp shares the Same ISO code now the iso code 4217 Codes currencies to three letters so you Can organize that data As you move Messages right so looking at this hit Down here from amalay she pulls this up Which I have found which was in a medium Article here and essentially it explains The 4217 coding right which gives three Letters to money we know that xrp has an X in front of it because it is not not Backed by a country or government right So that's why it has xrp most people say X for non Fiat and then RP for ripple Right so uh understanding that then we Come down to here in xrp you're Currently using the iso code 41 4217 Code xrp and having this as a prefix Doesn't give xrp the recognition that Other major currencies have like USD or E for Euro right so that you understand That so this is exciting on its face Because we understand the iso code xrp ISO 4217 using the same coding that you see For all your standard currencies like The Euro the British pound and so forth In the Japanese Yen and and we know xrp Having a code as well this all leans Into the idea that at some point in the

Near term we will get an opportunity to See xrp be used inside the financial System and how amazing would that be now Before we get out of here I want to Encourage you to go into the freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen click the link Underneath the video to get into the Freedom Zone it is almost nothing to Belong to the freedom zone I'm going to Tell you that right now and what we're Going to talk about today is absolutely Critical because this is it it's the World economic forum and the next plan For control and I tell you I don't say This to be an alarmist but when you see It it's probably going to scare the Living hell out of you like it does me These people are sick uh I hope you get A chance to check it out not Financial Advice from me or anyone else I'll catch All of you on the next One


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