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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here we got BG You're going to hear from Brad Garlinghouse ladies and gentlemen we got Gary genzer's twin brother talking about The Phoenix Rising we're gonna hear that Oh my goodness you're going to want it By the way Bitcoin nuclear-powered in The United States xrp Ledger Amendment Australia Spain Norway Bank of America Swift cutting out retail investors we're Going to readdress that and we got this For you too what about affirmative Confirmation on xrp price and fair Market value versus market value I'm Going to show you what you don't know And you need to know somebody wrote that Beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody boy Do we got a show for you today Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive Content right now we're flat in the Market at 1.08 trillion dollars Bitcoin 22 800 plus up nine and a half percent On the seven day ethereum sixteen Hundred plus four and a half on the Seven day tethered market cap is 68.8 And we see right here xrp is 42 cents Ladies and gentlemen 42 let me just take A note of that really quickly here 42 1-4 and we are up 9.6 on the seven day

Now that is something to pay attention To and so is this ladies and gentlemen Link to portfolio company poly Sign Products are making the world of digital Assets more attractive institutional Investors in accelerating the transition From traditional Finance to Decentralized finance yeah yeah yeah Click the link underneath this video If You want to get some of that private Equity I'm telling you it doesn't it Lasts long ladies and gentlemen and you Got to click the link you got to be Accredited if you're not find out what You need to do to get accredited and Here's more poly sign news Germany's Token test buys stake in the U.S Blockchain enabled fintech company Things are happening quickly ladies and Gentlemen yeah if you don't know Arthur Britto and David Schwartz co-creators of The xrp Ledger also at poli-sign click That link underneath the video Don't Mess Around oh boy look what's coming Here apparently according to America's First Nuclear-powered Bitcoin mining Center to Open in Pennsylvania Oh that's all we got right now but we Will keep you up to date on it and then There's this Is The xrp Ledger we got for you here Now wait a minute I don't know where That came from but here The xrp Ledger

Amendment goes live today without Ripple's approval now that's what we'd Like to see decentralization ladies and Gentlemen Xrp Ledger will see a new Amendment go Live today and this is based around the Check cash makes trust line and Essentially the amendment will adjust to Checks feature of The xrp Ledger that Has been available for over two years Now it's worked similarly to personal Paper checks the sender issues a check For a specified amount while the Recipient must redeem the check to Receive the specified amount now the Actual movement of the funds does not Occur until the check is cashed so the Check may fail to clear depending on the Center's current sender's current Balance and available liquidity however The new change customizes the check cash Transaction so that when a check is cash For an issued token a trust line is Automatically created for the token this Eliminates the step of setting up a Trust line before receiving a token via Check so there you have that and again That went through 27 out of 34 boom just Like that that's decentralization baby We love seeing it yeah no nuclear power Plant necessary John Deaton says here People have told me that I'm likely Fighting a losing battle maybe I am he

Says but what else do we do we have to Fight all of these Court battles because Clarity through legislation is not Coming Congress I triple dare you to Prove me wrong yeah and I double down on That one but I stand with John Deaton And say sometimes you have to pick which Hill you're willing to die on I stand With John Deaton in 76 000 plus xrp Holders if you haven't joined that class Action I don't know what you're waiting For I check it out see if it's right for You because I think it is This is in support to a thread that was Going on here and we need to see it John Deaton shared this right here I'm going To open this very quickly for you This is literally the framework analysis From the Securities Exchange Commission Okay for investment contract analysis of Digital assets that's what this is and This to be clear just for clarity here Came out in 2019 modified 2019. so this Is the rules from the SEC now what's so Disturbing about all of this is I Highlight exactly two John Deaton's Point here is this It clearly says in here the less likely That how we test is met if these things Are affound with respect to a digital Asset referred to as a virtual currency It can immediately be used to make Payments in a wide variety of contexts Or act as a substitute for real or fiat

Currency That's exactly what xrp does and is You know You come back to this this is the Framework that they had here right and Then this is the findings of thinset Financial crimes enforcement network From the treasury who said that xrp is a Virtual currency How in the world do we get here ladies And gentlemen how do world do we get Here It's just unbelievable but yet we're Here The Australian government plans to Introduce legislation to regulate Regulate crypto sector later this year We also know that algorand's been Selected to launch a stable coin out of Australia and then we have the bank of Spain which is given approval for the Launch of a pilot program involving the Issuance and usage of a Euro Peg stable Coin Right We've also known that now we see Norway Plus Central Bank digital currencies the Scandinavian Nations working on cbdc Since 2016 and it is coming quickly we Also noted the UK has said they intend To release a UK or uh British pound Stable coin in the coming weeks G7 Nation ladies and gentlemen Bank of America's had a revelation

Digital currencies appear to be Inevitable Welcome to the game right I want to remind everybody of this Remember this Nick bureaufedo went went to uh swell This most recent swell remember this Take a listen what was said here first Thing is Face to face To face clear that they're ready to Settle with the SEC as long as they get Clarity on XR XR I asked him if American companies Were waiting on the sidelines to jump in The game once Clarity happens and he Said absolutely and he specifically said Bank of America Bank of America is a Huge partner of Ripple and he said Bank Of America Bank of America stands to Gain really big when the settlement Happens and there you have that is a Nice reminder right so I tell you you Know things are happening even when we Feel that they are now I want to come Back and address this shout out to xrp Crypto well shout out to Pro Coin News My sponsor give them a follow Remember when it said binance reveals That Swift Network might have to cut Access to crypto and then we dove into It a little bit and found out that Actually it was Signature Bank right That was cutting it out and basically

Saying they weren't able to use Swift Unless you were sending more than one Hundred thousand dollars which is Essentially saying if you're a retail Investor the door is closed Well I think we have some information on Why the door got closed Is this the federal Home Loans bank System carrying out a stealth Rescue of The two biggest crypto Banks and are we Really watching a too big to fail moment For cryptocurrency Take a look These two banks are Signature Bank which Happens to be the very bank that was Cited by binance in this particular Release Here Oh it gets better Signature and silvergate bank which Happens to be owned by wait for it Barry Silver digital currency group also In trouble The two biggest crypto bags have Received billions in loans from the Federal home loan Banks a system Originally designed to support Housing Finance and Community investment hence The reason here that we're seeing this a Stealth rescue It's a very good article here Signatures loans are more than double as Previous highest sum in several years While 2022 marked the first year of Silvergate to tap home loan Banks

The federal home loan banks are 11 U.S Government-sponsored banks that provide Loans to institutions Founded during the Great Depression the System has 1.1 trillion dollars in Assets in over 6 500 members it says Here if you come down here Senator Elizabeth Warren who has been vocal Critic of the crypto industry Has voice concern regarding the growing Relationship between crypto exposed Banks and trade-byed companies This is why I've been warning of the Dangers of allowing crypto to become Intertwined with the banking system Under no circumstances should taxpayers Be left holding the bag for collapses in The crypto industry a market brimming With fraud money laundering and illicit Finance just as Congress is brimming With a lack of responsibility due Diligence and hard work Foreign Got off their ass and did this job she Wouldn't have to make that comment However Signature Bank tells us that they have To stop using Swift unless it's more Than a hundred thousand dollars That meant I am speculating but that Probably has a lot to do with this Bailout that they're getting through the Home loan organization here And it was probably an agreement that

You're going to stop accepting retail Money through Swift for all of this in Order to get this money you need to bail You out We get more information we'll let you Know about it but that's exactly what it Looks like let's turn the table real Quick I got a few minutes left here and I want to go over this because I covered Over the weekend and Molly Elmore shout Out to her Val Hill Capital Jimmy Valley The xrp buyback the confidential Committee everybody gets confused There's a new price out here that's been Formulated and it's 122 000 plus per xrp If you add in all the world's total debt And value Now with that being said I'm going to Ask you take the 35 000 50 000 the 122 000 now formulated Price of all the value all the debt of The world and set it aside for a second Because the point of it and the Confidential committee and the Federal Reserve buyback proposal is not about a High-priced xrp it's about understanding The difference between a 42 Cent xrp Which happens to be the current market Value Versus fair market value And fair market value is the most Probable price which a company or an Asset would bring in a competitive and Open market in a fair sale and in order

To have a fair sale and trust me I used To be a real estate appraiser I know a Little something about this You can't have true fair market value Unless both parties on each side of the Sale have complete and full disclosure And are not under any duress Now I'm about to show you that you and I Whether you like it or not do not have Full disclosure So it's impossible for us to truly know What the full scale intended use really Is and that would indicate we certainly Don't know the real fair market value Now wouldn't it let's take a look So this is the actual post here to got It all kicked off shout out to Bali Omar She's incredible give her a follow and Then this here Is the initial complaint from the SEC And then I'm going to take you right Here to just start things off those Who've been with me a minute you know Where I'm going that's right line 82. Ripple also undertook to achieve its Goal of widespread distribution of xrp Exchanging xrp for non-cash Consideration Now that right there is telling you that They made deals using xrp now I don't Think that that's nefarious there's Nothing wrong with that I'm just showing You that we don't know the details of Those deals

Okay And then we're going to show you this This is Michelle Bond formerly of Ripple And Monica long at the time talking Exactly about this Dang that um I think sets us apart is That we're really changing the Infrastructure for cross-border payments Um and we're not consumer facing in any Way so I think that also You could hear the condescending tone From Monica long and that one can't you Yeah why why I wish these retail Investors would just get the hell out of Here right That's what we're hearing out that's What that tone speaks to me um We are not consumer facing in any way Which means there are clearly details That they are not made for you and I and That's okay look you're a retail Investor you're not an institution I'm Not either But it means there is a lot of Information that you don't know to Understand what the fair market value And Rio intended use of the asset truly Is But we do know this listen to this old Clip talking to uh uh Uh to the people in this conference here And listen what Brad garlic house says In this clip here take a listen Institutions you know Joey and I sat in

A meeting not that long ago with you Know some of the the largest Institutional money in the world trying To get smart about crypto they owned Zero on that day I don't know if they do Today but as they enter the market you Have fixed Supply increasing demand you Don't have to go to MIT to know what's Going to happen Uh right You have fixed Supply increase in demand And you don't have to go to MIT to know What's going to happen there That's kind of where my head is and That's what I'm waiting for and I know a Lot of people here in my voice are Waiting for that moment as well we just Want to get clarity on the asset so we Can see what a open free market can Really do and then find out the nda's Burn off about the non-cash agreements The pre-allocated option contracts which Are 100 confirmed Then as retail investors we can truly Understand what the potential for fair Market value can be Then there's this clip here We've covered this before and shout out To Linda P Jones and shout out to Working Money Channel where I first Found this clip at Mr Huber as well This is Gary gensler's twin brother Visiting him when he was teaching at MIT And he talks about the fact that we are

Going to see a phoenix Rise From the Ashes after all of this that's been Happening take a listen I actually think Something will happen just will wow us Off that we hadn't even considered but It's in the second phase not in this First phase of hype disappointment and I Don't think we're anywhere near the Disappointment the disappointment takes Years and then all of a suddenly like The Phoenix From the Ashes it rises up Again and it's once the distributed Process is all out there and there's not Nodes like a Bitcoin notes but nodes of Users it's like it's unbelievable I mean I don't think you could say it any Better and when you think about all of These things and what we truly don't Have access to and I'm not blaming Anybody it is just the current state of Affairs and it is the way things are and I understand that I don't slight Ripple For that they are not consumer facing They have been forward about that notion It's from day one they have never Misrepresented themselves But is it so hard to believe that we Could see some affirmative confirmation And break out as Ed grad crypto sites Out here above this little window that Could eventually take us to a 27 xrp I don't think so I don't think it's out Of the realm of possibility I don't think a breakout like that's

Hard to believe as long as we have Clarity going forward for xrp I believe We could see a lot of non-disclosure Agreements burn off And when they do it's because they're Going to see the real application of This technology this digital asset put To work in a very real business Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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