Ripple/XRP-The Greatest Financial Collpase Is Underway, BRICS vs G7, WEF-The Quiet Part Out Loud

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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we have for you national debt Is surging we got Ray Delo is going to Break this down for us the Federal Reserve reporting a massive loss and Pulling the safety net pulling the Goalie ladies and gentlemen the bis Preparing for a new Financial system we Got China we got bricks we got bricks Versus the G7 we got this Brian Brooks You're going to need to hear this in Context to today Chris Larson and guess What else the world economic for in the Freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen oh It's bad bad bad bad Leroy Brown we need To know it all somebody roll that Beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now 1.68 Trillion doll market cap for crypto the Market is up 3.2% we are at 41,400 Plus For Bitcoin 2,200 Plus for ethereum 95.6 Billion plus for tether market cap xrp Is 52 cents if we could stay above it This could be good news going into the Weekend we'll see what happens but we Got to stay above it uh 2.5 up on the 24hour but still off by 4.3 on the 7day Uh the range of price very quickly here If I can get my actual clicker to work Here 51 cents is where we're sitting

Almost 52 cents 50 cents on the bottom 52 on the top we'll keep an eye on it See if xrp wants to go for a jog on this Friday but until we do listen we're Going through a massive Financial shift The greatest Financial paradigm shift in The history of mankind to be uh to be More uh to the point and that means gold Is God's money and I don't know about You but I'm trying to get physical gold As much as I can during this time Because it's what the central banks are Doing as well I like to do what they do Because that is the way to do it because I know that if they're doing it then I Need to do it because they're the ones That always win right the central banks And governments always seem to come out On top so I think I'm going to try it to A degree to the way that they do it much As I'm able to and you can too for the Best prices click underneath the video And use the email info mfranklin Put dig gold in the subject box and you Won't believe it the best price is the Best service you're going to love it Make sure you check them out tell them I Say come on In right here last time the Federal Reserve reported an operating loss was In 1915 remember the Depression was 1928 1930 window so it was all before that Was headed there and here we see the

Central bank has just recorded another Loss in 2023 of $114.3 billion uhoh could we be a few Years away from a repeat Scenario and this gives you a more macro View here who is incredible investor Ray Delio explains what happens when fiat Currency is going to a collapse debt Holders are selling central banks print Money to buy debt currency devaluation This is happening now in the United States of America there you go let's Take a Listen indicators of when a uh fiat Currency is going to decline and To um you know collapse is when those Who are holding its debt sell the debt And the government Central Bank has to Print money to buy that debt in large Size while that's going down those was The most important indicators uh so that You can see it again I want to repeat Selling the debt so that there's a big Supply demand Imbalance and the Central Bank having to Come in there and buy the debt that no One else will buy in large quantity so That what then there's a currency Devaluation you have those three things Aligned the currency devaluation going Down at the same time as those other two Things are happening and that's been a Classic it's like a bank run you they Come to the bank there's not enough

Money in the bank and so they have to Make up the difference by the printing Of money and there you have it right There and I tell you that's a a minute And 8 Seconds of serious business and We're not just talking about you know Selling bad packaged real estate default Swaps that's how the last crisis Happened what we're talking about now is The problem of the next Crisis is at the Feet of the central banks of the world That's what Ray Delio is talking about Right there and that's what we're Talking about today and listen I'm not Saying this or showing this video Putting this video together to be an Alarmist I'm doing it because it's the Real moment that we're in and it's hard To believe if you're here in the United States or some other places has a strong Economy or a solid economy and always Has that you've known and Experienced but this is the moment that We're in now let's take a look at This US national debt surges more than 98 billion doar just in January as Lawmakers warn America's rapidly Approaching a crisis point so this is The debt surging we got a printing Problem we got people dropping the de The debt they don't want to or they Don't want to hold the bonds then listen To what just happened here shout out to Zack Rector for this piece of news the

FED rug pool has been confirmed and you Don't need an economics degree to be Able to decode the data it's actually Very simple and if you did go to school For economics you might as well throw That degree out the window because they Continue continue to rewrite history the Definition of a recession and how they Even calculate the data like our Inflation it's all one big facade it is Completely delusional and the masses are Not going to be ready this is why in Today's update I decoded the data for You explaining why the Federal Reserve Rug pole has been confirmed not only did They raise rates at the fastest Pace in History but now they are ending the btfp Which is the bank term funding program It was the liquidity back stop that Implemented last March during the Banking crisis and so now that this Program is coming to an end in March This is the back stop for the banks that Is going away and as we've been saying This trickles all the way down to Main Street and the US economy the full Update has been dropped on my YouTube Make sure you guys go check it out thank The there you have it right there They're pulling the goalie right the Safety net that's been used now for Years to bail everybody out has been Pulled back in and now that tells me That's just like musical chairs right

They just took the chairs Away look we covered This the bank of international Settlements has unveiled its Central Bank digital currency and is entering a New phase this year you think that's an Accident you think this is just Happening because bitcoin's running wild And other cryptos are going nuts and People want this stuff that is the Smaller part of this point The bigger point is is that the bank of International settlements is the Central Bank of central banks and yes they're Obviously heading and leading all of These projects because they know the Larger problem isn't crypto growing into Being a multi- trillion dollar industry No that is not the problem the problem Is is their industry is Collapsing because the crisis is at Their Feet this is not a real estate crisis This is an everything dollar Crisis that's what this is and that's Why I'm so excited about the long that's Why I'm a long-term investor and not a Trader I don't do trades I don't chase Candles I'm here for a macro play 10 Years plus Play that's why I'm Here and the bank of international Cament and other central banks I believe Know exactly what Ray doio knows and

That's why they're preparing for this Shift and I'll tell you what they also Know what Brian Brooks is going to tell You here in a second too and let's not Forget the geopolitical angle as the World moves forward the massive digital Yuan pilot projects planned in Shanghai Development and they are the leader China is the leader in the race for Cbdcs and I don't like cbdcs at all you Guys know that I'm clear about that I'm Not a fan but the reality is I'm even Less a fan of a Chinese Yuan cbdc good Lord Then we have the larger narrative Geopolitical movement is all of the Countries joining bricks and now it gets The attention of us Senator Marco Rubio Who says it's a major problem with Bricks we should all be concerned what's Happening there and you know why because When you compare bricks Coalition and it And and its expansion and the GDP the Gross domestic product versus the G7 Countries what you find out is is that Brics Alliance boasts of nation with the Fastest growing economies as their GDP Is climbing higher against the G7 Countries and we know that they all are Participating in a project Sandman which They intend to at some point to Simultaneously ditch the US dollar and Some of them individually have already Been turning away from the US dollar in

The way that they normally operate with It in trade and using their own local Currencies look I don't think think this Is necessarily bad I'm just saying we Need to see our country and government Be prepared this is why I talk to you About the idea that if we see stable Coin legislation come and we see it set Up in a way that allows multiple private Institutions and Banks to issue their Own stable coin legitimately under Credential regulation it will tell me Stable coins are not only digital money For the internet they're also a sponge To soak up the hyperinflated dollars That may be coming home soon sooner than We Think America could lead the digital uh Could lead the transition to a digital Currency Reserve but you know what not If it's a cbdc according to presidential Candidate Donald Trump has said and Recent uh presidential candidate just uh Just uh ended his campaign vivec Ramaswami and Robert F Kennedy Jr who I Also like a lot I think that guy's Really got a good head on his shoulders Too I I look there's a lot there there's A lot out here going on politically I'm A one isue voter and it's about it's About digital assets you know what I Mean and there's a lot wrong that you Could vote on in this world but that's Where it's at for me because when I get

Involved into politics it's because it's Come to a Crossroads of my Pursuits and My Endeavors and that's it for Me and they're like wrenches in a Toolbox I'd use a Democrat I'd use a Republican I'd pimp out anybody I needed to to get What I need done CU that's what they Do Ain no fan club at my House This Means War what we're talking about here is Brian Brooks I want you to hear him Explain exactly where we are you may Have seen this clip but let's let's Understand where we are and the things That are happening here this is a very Big moment this is the the greatest Financial paradigm shift in the history Of mankind and it absolutely is about Replacing the underbelly the very Foundation of what banks are built on And that's why we have the suppression That's why I believe we have regulatory Capture of the SEC and the things that We've seen and the inconsistencies to Suppress Innovation and allow the US to Be the leader oh we're going to win this We're going to win crypto currency does Not seek to replace currency it's a bad Name cryptocurrency seeks to replace Banking the core things that banks have Done since the 1300s those are going to Go away 100% And and let's just be clear

What I mean by that the reason that we Even have Banks Banks originated in Italy around the year like 1340 all Right and the reason they originated was Because of a set of accounting advances That allowed Banks to serve as trusted Intermediaries between parties that owed Each other money before that literally I would write you a note and I would Promise to pay you money and You' put The note in your pocket and you'd see if Anybody else would take the note you Know that's that's why we prefer to Discounting notes and then Banks arose And it was like you no longer need to do That we'll take care of it for you but You're going to have to pay us to do That that function of needing a trusted Intermediary to maintain ledgers of Account to figure out do I owe Brooks Money or does Brooks owe me money it Turns out that function no longer has to Be done by human beings the same way we Don't need postal clerks anymore more I Can send you an email for free and it's Instant and that's just the end of the Post office sorry but it just is that Function will go away the the what's Going to be left for banks is the high Value ad Services you know structured Finance investment advisory you know uh All of the things that make a dynamic Economy function we we still need people To do that there's a lot of creativity

Going on in finance but the core of Banking the base of the pyramid the Thing that drives most of their revenue Doesn't need to exist and that's why I Say and I was saying to one of the the Organizers even before we stood up in This panel cryptocurrency does not seek To replace currency it's a bad name Cryptocurrency seeks to replace Banking And there you have it right there and That's why we got a 180 degree reversal From Gary gendler going from MIT to the SEC I believe into into the hands of Regulatory capture doing the bidding for The central banks and then let's talk About this because the idea of where We're going how do we get to where we go We're going what's going to be a Solution well I'll tell you it'll be Ripple it'll be Xrp because we're going to have a money Crisis problem you think we're going to Change over to a new Financial system And there isn't any bad weather there's No stormy Weather of course there will be stormy Weather of course it will be very Difficult of course it's going to feel Very scary it already does and we're not Even there yet but that moment moment is Coming and it may sound like well you're Crazy everything's fine there's nothing Wrong and xrp's 52 cents I get it I Totally get it but you know what when we

Saw the last World Reserve Currency Change take place it was a 10 to 15year Window and building struggle for the United States with the US dollar for it To even be considered an option at the Time to replace the Pound I'm not suggesting that xrp will Replace the US dollar at all what I'm Suggesting is that a bridge currency Will be introduced and primed with Liquidity to help service the financial System the way it is today with Respecting the hyperinflated dollars of The Us and other areas of the world so Each country can begin to address the Issues in their ation from within their Borders without having to deal with the Currency manipulation that goes on Around the world every single Day so not only are you ushering in the New payment rails you're ushering in a Technology a ledgers from multiple Different protocols there will not be One to rule them All and in doing so you're bringing in The ability to deal with the spill over Shocks of printing too much money of the Exhausted end the exhausted end of fiat Currency serving as a world Reserve Currency and I don't believe the dollar Has to stop being a dominant World Reserve currency Either but you have to do something to Put the confidence back into it it

Cannot simply be it's backed by the Full Faith and confidence of the US Government because the world isn't Buying that any anymore it's reaching an Inflection Point so you have to start to introduce Something else and I think this is where It goes I got to be honest take a listen To this clip from May 22nd 2013 Chris Larson absolute Visionary Chris you're Absolute Visionary I want you to think about Where we are just here we are 11 years Later 11 years later approaching here And listen to how relevant all of this Is we're excited about it we think uh This math we call it the math based Currency movement um we think it's uh it It it could be the biggest game Game Changer in finance uh since the internet Was was created we kind of view the Currency as supporting a new Global free Irreversible payment system that's open To everybody um rather than the other Way around but on the utility part That's where we think we we could add a Lot um because utility really comes to Having a payment system that everybody Can use so for example the payment System needs to be multicurrency so the Structure that we've built to solve the Double spend problem which all Math-based currencies have to solve it's Basically a global Ledger uh everybody

Shares The Ledger and then there's a Process of consensus which is what Solves the double span problem that Structure allows us to have any currency In our payment system uh including Bitcoin dollars Euro Yen rupes anything So we are right in that moment and now Where does it go from here and um it's I Mean the potential CL it's incredible Right now and it really is and it's even More incredible today 11 years later Almost to today we're just a few months Away from it so you know look when I This moment here is a massive moment for All of us we know how close we are to Seeing some legislation get passed for Stable coins again this forget the on And off ramps obviously we know that Stable coin legislation is going to open Up the financial world to the rest of Digital assets period full stop if we Get it it's a game-changing moment and It will move so quick and so fast from That moment it'll make all of our head Spin remember crypto itself is a very Small market and it will be a small Market always and I don't care how big It gets the larger market is the Traditional markets and the tokenization Of them all right we're heading into the Freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen we got The bond villain World economic Forum Cloud schap He's going to say the quiet part out

Loud and boy he says it proud he wears It like a merit badge this stuff is Disturbing and I tell you uh we have you Know I'd love to turn a blind eye to it But we can't we cannot do it and I'm not Suggesting that you have to take up arms And just join government and try to Dismantle this or that or the other what I'm saying is it it makes sense for all Of us to be prepared about what the rest Of the world is trying to do And if you're not prepared you've got to If you don't have a plan you got a plan To fail not Financial advice for me or Anyone else we're going into the freedom Zone come on in I'll catch all of you on The next One


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