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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here we got the White House and a crypto advisor who Says it is a national security issue to Keep crypto at home you're going to want To hear it Caitlin Long says Scandal It's an outright Scandal we'll tell you What Ripple bolsters its case with a new Filing and we'll hear from John Deaton And Jeremy Hogan on the matter somebody Wrote a beautiful intro Thank you Guys come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.22 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto it's off by point two percent Good morning everybody Bitcoin 28 300 Plus up 17 plus percent on the seven day Ethereum over 1800 bucks it's up 8.1 on The seven day and we see tether market Cap now 77.6 billion plus keep an eye on it xrp Is 39 cents this morning it's up 3.9 Into 24 hour and just under 7 on the Seven day let's get started ladies and Gentlemen uh this is linked to you got To be accredited and if you are you want To take the opportunity to figure out What you're going to get on this Platform don't mess around none of it Lasts forever as you can see with poly Sign currently fully subscribed right

Now artificial intelligence is going Insane and they have some incredible Offerings on this platform for that as Well as Ripple which we know we're going To hear from John Deaton Jeremy Hogan This stuff does not last long and how Much longer is the window actually open To continue to get Ripple private Equity It could be closing very very fast Let's get started here uphold says the Countdown Begins for two major events March 23rd is corium's listing March 24th is a snapshot for Corey Amer drop And let me tell you something I'm going Out at the end of this week and flying To La so I can be there for the quarrya Main net launch shout out to Bob and the Entire crew over there I can't wait to Get there and learn more about what's Going on with Corey I'm very excited About it and I can't wait to see them And talk to them about what's going to Go on at xrp Las Vegas too by the way Make sure you get your tickets it will Sell out there's no question getting Very getting close if you want to get a Ticket you better get your ticket we'd Say when says here this is a little Warning to everybody now Samsung phone Owners turn Wi-Fi calling off Google discovered multiple security Flaws with Samsung Galaxy phones that Could allow hackers to Target devices All a hacker would need is the victim's

Phone number which can be used to Compromise the phone without the user Knowing anything is wrong I could tell you right now that I don't I don't I made a decision about a year And a half ago to not do crypto from my Phone and makes it more difficult for me But I also feel safer and this is one of The reasons why shout out to weed say When for that heads up Look here uh this is Jack Muller's right Here talking and professing about Bitcoin you need to hear it based on the Recent information of the Federal Reserve and what they're doing right now Listen to what he says like the Government's going to tell me how the Dollar is inflating based on a basket of Instruments like my Netflix subscription Or my Caesar salad doesn't actually tell Me how well the dollar is doing or how Much it's being devalued Miami real Estate does Bitcoin does Bitcoins up Over 50 percent this year you're telling Me that the dollar is not inflating You're out of your mind I'm not Listening to that the the fed and the Whole monetary system is based on trust And they constantly they constantly uh Break that trust it'd be the equivalent If there's a fire outside of my house I Smell the smoke and someone saw me no no It's just a bunch of teenagers putting On a bonfire okay but I hear one one

Siren I hear one police siren yeah are You sure it's bonfire yeah yeah it's a Bonfire now I hear 10 Sirens 100 Sirens Now my whole Community is running out I'm not going to get up and look outside The window Kelly and see what's going on I don't don't believe them for a second You've got to be absolutely crazy to Believe the Federal Reserve right now They're full of it and I don't have to Because I own Bitcoin there's no one That could deflate my instrument I get To hold it save in it I know the Monetary policy I sleep like a baby like The baby face that I am you know uh I Have to agree with Mr I here I smell a setup here Look here not there you know I got to be Honest nothing feels safe at this point And uh to be that overly confident about Bitcoin and think that the federal Government or Department of Justice Can't come in and Reign on that parade Or congress itself is just I it's a Little short-sighted and I wouldn't be So braggadocious about it if it was me It was me Eleanor Terence says she asked a source At one of the big crypto exchanges for His thoughts on what's going on in the Industry right now his response was While the whole industry is happy to Finally see a more definitive decoupling From the traditional Market there is

Very little time for celebration most U.S based projects and investors are Scrambling to plan their for their move Abroad While Global platforms are working to Vet non-usd stablecoin projects a lot Has to be done to prepare for the next Bull market whether that's today or a Year from now Well and in light of that we know that Coinbase is going to be a part of the First ever crypto related case in front Of the Supreme Court today Now this is not a actual crypto related Uh issue even though coinbase is Involved in this what this actually Comes down to is about a pair of clocks Action lawsuits that the exchange is Attempting to force the plaintiffs into Arbitration and the and the and the uh And the argument is that that should not Be in ha that should not be able to Happen because it puts the uh customers In the arbitration at a disadvantage we Will wait to see what comes out of that But here is President Biden's executive Order on crypto and Carol House Who was a co-author of that bill or Executive order I should say excuse me And said keeping crypto in the country Is a matter of National Security this is What she said take a listen I also wanted to address our last guest To custodia CEO Kayla long she said that

She believed that there was some sort of Coordination among government agencies The Regulators Etc to Snuff out crypto Firms from the banking system and There's this whole conspiracy if you Will called choke point 2.0 that Is under the belief that That there there is a force of uh Government policy makers regulated Etc That want to remove crypto firms from The bank U.S banking system I just want To get gather your thoughts on that I I did hear her remarks um and I um Always appreciate her perspective as uh As always Um I'll I'll say that from from my time At the White House what I saw was was Really the balanced approach that was Pushed in the executive order Um which was much more just coordination Of the Strategic policy objectives to Mitigate the significant risk that is Seen in crypto but then also Drive uh Drive the kinds of technological and Policy innovations that are needed to Achieve their positive potential so I I Certainly didn't see evidence of that The white house does not direct anything With The Regulators um by by my Understanding certainly not in my role When I was there Um but I I would just say that I know That it takes a long time for

Enforcement actions and other things to Come to fruition so some of the things That we have been seeing are just the Culmination of many years of work Um but uh yeah but uh otherwise um I Think what I've seen has been a balanced Approach on one side trying to mitigate The risk and on the other side try to Figure out where we can drive the right Types of of positive technological and Policy developments Well there you have it so she says no It's not happening that's not the way it Goes but you know what Caitlyn logs doubling down and I'm Excited to hear what she's got take a Listen to this clip Caitlin long from Custodia Bank who had the door slammed In her face by the Fed And take a listen to what she says about How Signature Bank and Barney Frank who Said himself at Signature Bank they were Not insolvent when the bank was taken Over and listen what the implications Are there Property by Regulators who did property Scandal outright Scandal this is theft Of private property by Regulators who Did not have the authority to take a Solvent bank and put it into Receivership Wow and I do suspect that there will be Litigation over that did The Regulators Have the right again finally you're

Having some of the regulates be in a Position where they can Sue The Regulators for Overreaching but that's what it takes And the fact that these Regulators have Not had anyone sue them for decades They've just grabbed power that they Didn't actually have they've way Overstepped their bounds and if this is Correct and I don't have any reason to Doubt Barney Frank because he did have Inside information he was a director of The company and he himself admitted that He was a bit of a crypto skeptic so for Him then to say that The Regulators put A solvent Bank into receivership I think The stock was trading at uh something Like forty dollars before it was put Into receivership this was not a stock That went to zero or close to zero So it that that is theft of private Property and it's going to be challenged If you enjoyed this wow I tell you Watching this very closely to see what Goes on from here and speaking of Watching things closely there's a new Filing and ruling by the end of April is What's being said now We're talking about Ripple bolstering Its efforts by filing the recent ruling And decision and comments uh based from The Voyager judge and it's Michael Wiles In the Voyager bankruptcy case and Essentially where judge Wiles rejected

The sec's objection approved by uh Approved bankruptcy plan and if we go Into this Jeremy Hogan breaks this down So nicely shout out to him Jim filen Shout out to John Deaton everybody who Keeps us up on this stuff we'd be lost Without it Jeremy says here Ripple finally filed The Voyager bankruptcy decision judge's Decision the judges uses abnormally Strong language stating that the U.S Regulators themselves cannot even agree On what criteria to use in deciding Whether crypto is a security parentheses Fair notice we are getting close he says It goes down here and we I think we all Know what the judge had said here and Made it very clear that there is no Clarity from the SEC or other Regulators Basically I'm paraphrasing Jeremy is asked here Jeremy do you think The Judge Torres will prolong her Decision for summary judgment now this New filing has made uh or has been made Or it won't affect the timing for her Ruling what a great question from the Future is here I had the same question Originally Jeremy says it won't change The timeline music to my ears and I Believe it and then he comes down here Further and someone asks thanks for the Interpretation is always crucial to Whole Community uh pop and corks are Buying diapers uh does a little morsel

Change your prediction or outcome or Percentages uh and he says for me the Dalbert ruling just increased the Chances of the case going to a jury Trial I still don't think it will but a Couple of things in there made it seem More likely then there was the question Here from Johnny Bravo what's Interesting is we have not seen a Request to strike the first letter now Let's see if the SEC requests a strike Of this this letter I find it very odd Says Johnny Bravo considering they know A decision could happen any minute they Don't seem to be in a hurry suspicious Jeremy Hogan says it is strange that They never replied to that prior case Law I can't explain it That is coming down here and somebody Says this waiting is excruciating how to Trial lawyers stand it and Jeremy says The longest hours are for a jury to come Back with a decision years of work on The line that is a I can't imagine what That's like Has anything changed regarding the Outcome on this case at this point it's Getting better percentage-wise or worse He says well I thought the Darwin ruling Looked good for ripple and then someone Here says sir Jeremy do you always also Expect March 31st and then he says well I guess the decision by last week so I'm Already wronged

Phylid said uh March 31st and Deaton is Saying anytime between now and mid-april And uh he says he does not believe that The decision will be delayed based on The submission of this filing and uh Being super close what do you think Jeremy by the way he says definitely a 10 out of a one out of ten he says and Then this person says if you're heading The case up for ripple would you even Settle at this point or continue to Press on basically and he says Ripple Would settle in a heartbeat if the SEC Was at all reasonable and uh let's see Uh I think that was about all the Comments there some of them kind of uh Repeat but we certainly appreciate Jeremy's insights I I found that to be Extremely huge helpful for to me to Understand his legal analysis of where Things are at the moment and certainly As always John Deaton here who noticing Uh that the submission was made here by Voice on voyagers bankruptcy ruling from The judge he says I'm hoping judge Torres was already very aware of the Ruling by judge Wiles of the U.S Bankruptcy court for the southern District of New York same district as Judge Torres in the Voyager bankruptcy Offers the ruling and further support of Its Fair notice defense so we get Support from both Jeremy Hogan and John Deaton on that understanding of what

That could mean and how it could bolster Ripples chances for the fair nose Defense John Dean goes on to say here if Judge Torres in the ongoing working Draft of her decision criticizes the Sec's approach and inconsistent Behaviors attitude toward digital assets She can cite to the Voyager ruling as Further corroborative evidence of her Criticism As you know he predicted over a year ago That judge Torres will rule in favor of Brad garlinghouse and Chris Larson Remember they're being sued separately From Ripple the company he goes on to Say I believe judge Torres will rule That no reasonable jury could conclude That the two Executives were Reckless I'm not knowing Exar in not knowing xrp Was a security when the SEC itself Didn't so there you have it I mean this Is where we are on this day and look at This too by the way let's see where we Are with the atlas line here this is egg Rag crypto give them a follow FIB Channel .382 is acting as resistance he says but Its pressuring price against the atlas Line which is a big heavy line obviously So we're right here wondering where it's All going to go and I have to feel like If we're this close to getting some kind Of a ruling that we're going to need us Aligned soon here at grad crypto called

Court ruling law right right what we're Going to need to rule it first right but Once we get the ruling it'll be Interesting to see where that timeline Hits of that Court ruling and we start To watch what happens after that I think It would be very interesting to see what Unfolds and obviously what the ruling Will be That's going to do it for me not Financial advice for me or anyone else We're getting close is right Any day now I'll catch all of you on the next one


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