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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I'm checking My volume here um I wanted to show you This This this is uh link to just release This video of their um when they were at They had a proper pre party um at the Pro the uh the proper party in New York City they had a proper pre-party myself And Brad comms missed this because Brad C's plane was cancelled because of all The flooding and all the stuff there and So I had to wait back at the hotel for Him and so we we had to we had to miss Out on this we wanted to be there but Watch this this is uh Joe and DOA does a Little bit of speaking and remember link To has announced that they are going Public uh in the next year and this is Going to it's about to get really Interesting with them and in fact I'm Going to have Nick buedo from link to uh On in over the next few months every Once in a while I'm going to have him on To um like I might just put him on the Phone and let him and while I'm Recording my video and and let him talk For a little while because it's it's About to get pretty exciting uh with the Whole link to thing not just link to Itself but but all the different uh Private Equity that they have on the

Platform and Ray you better not have put Uh you better not have put uh music that Was uh copyrighted music on here you're Going to mess me up right out of the Gate this morning Jo I've met a lot of People since I got in this game Joe and Doo who is the president of Link too He's the smartest guy I've met since I Got in this hands down um Nick's not too Shabby himself by the way um check this Out bit stamp is oh by the way I forgot To mention boy let me tell you what Sometime you know I've learned in life That no matter what happens to you you Have you can you can turn a negative Into a positive you can turn things that Are that are horrible that happen to you If you never give up and if you are Thinking most people don't ever stop and Just think when when my X account was Turned off the the initial reaction is Oh this is horrible and all but the but Then I said well wait a minute this is An opportunity Because I should have done this a long Time ago I should have looked at what Was going on in censorship not in not Just on X but on other social media Platforms I should have looked at that And said you know what I've got to Create a fail safe of sorts for for Myself and my whole Community anybody That's listening to me that likes to Listen to me every day and so finally I

Did it as a result of this and yesterday I mean it blew my mind how many people Signed up um for my member group and What's going to happen is the member Group is going to be I'm going to make That so big that that it it makes Everything else uh irrelevant and what I'm going to do and you'll see it Because we're going to start it today What I'm going to do is the things that I'm not able to talk about on this Channel I don't know what got me turned Off but I'm not taking any chances I Don't know if it was you know that word That starts with an e and ends ends ends In an e too right and there's hashtags About about it and we uncovered it with John Deon you know that thing well I Don't know if that's what got me turned Off but I'm not taking any chances so What what that we're going to do is is Towards the end of my videos that you See on YouTube you will see that we're Going to enter the danger zone and You'll see it in a minute because I I am Not going to take any chances on Censorship and this Nazi cancel culture That we have now in this country and in This world so more on that in a minute Now we are allowed to show this as far As I can tell this is cyos listen to What they say here tell me what you Think about published a paper on the Future of crossb payments can you tell

Us about it sure so in the paper we are Discussing who is going to be moving That 250 trillion or so in crossborder Payments 5 years from now we know who is Moving in today but the players who are Moving in today and the players who are Going to be moving These funds down the Road are going to be different because Of the transformation which we see who Will be moving the 250 trillion now this Is cool somebody found one of the guys At cbos on the street and listen to what He says can I show your face or no yeah Yeah hi we're here at seos and this Gentleman is taking his time to um um Answer a couple questions about Blockchain and if it's going to be Implemented in um the banking system so Can you let us know how swift is going To use blockchain for Sending money I'm not sure how going to Do it but for sure they will it's on it Way and we are doing trials on it very Good and Um do you know about on demand liquidity And DLT yes okay and do you know about a Company called Ripple and are they being Used Ripple yes of course we do oh wow That's amazing do you know about bills Of lading going to bills of eling in the UK we are not involved on that okay but You know about it being used on the Blockchain trading is going to be on the Blockchain we had listen about it but we

Are not involved in are you connected With ripple in any way a partner with Ripple not yet not yet that's a very Good very good not that I can talk about Because of my NDA all right I really Appreciate your time and um can I ask Your name or arura from the evil Technology nice and are you here from Portugal Portugal wow well thank you for Coming to Canada and have a wonderful Trip back home thank you take care all Right now check this out now what's Interesting and don't forget And what a lot of people don't Remember uh the guys at birkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett what whatever You think about them these guys were Saying the same thing during the dot Bubble they were these guys were saying The these dotcom uh stocks don't make Any sense because they were they had PE Ratios um of of like 300 and something Without even making any money most of Them were bleeding money and so I Remember Warren buff he gave a speech Somewhere and he was he in the speech he Was telling everyone he said listen this Doesn't make any sense and every every At the time he was catching all sorts of Hell because everybody in Doc was like No this is the new business model Because it's the internet and it has do On the end of it and he caught all kinds Of hell because he was saying no that we

Stick to companies that are making money And da and high valuation or or they're Uh they have reasonable PE ratios and All this Anyway he made the comparison to the car Manufacturers he said look car Manufacturing was a was the hottest Technology back in the whenever that was 19 whenever Henry Ford was around um That was the the new technology and There were thousands of car companies But guess how many survived three well This space won't be any different um you You have the the new new things and all Of that But I'm I've always been interested in The one that nobody wants to talk about Xrp but everybody wants to talk about Bitcoin which for me is a red flag if it Actually worked it'd be different but These guys even in the midst of all the Buildup to the ETF they're coming out And saying it's the stupidest investment And it's going to go to zero then we had This folks this came out now they say That this is an account that's supposed To be T tied to Craig right but this guy Whoever it's at Satoshi claiming their Satoshi Nakamoto Basically they just put this backwards Tweet out the mystery of who I am will Be revealed with lots of evidence in the Year 2024 and if you're one of these Bitcoin

Maxis and you got your fortune tied up In this are you willing to take the Chance be- because if it ever comes out Who Satoshi is you have a central third Party you have a central party and then You are a Security Jack that's the fact Jack this Is what none of them are thinking now Check this out this is Ripple partner They're talking about th payments listen I'm not going to play the whole thing I So what does Tunes do um this is a very Good V visual illustration of what Tunes Does so over the last five five to 10 Years or so chunes has gone to different Markets across the world uh and those Markets now uh the number of those Markets is now 120 markets and we have Gone to all those 120 markets we have Identified what is the most relevant Options to to get money delivered into Those markets Market by market so for Some of those markets it's bank account For some of those markets it's mobile Wallets so in particular in Africa There's uh you get the point um then We've got this from Elanor terret Yesterday she had tweeted this out Ripple's Chief exec Chief Financial Officer Christina Campbell has left her Position at the company to become CFO of Maven Clinic Campbell served as Ripple CFO for 2 years and 7 months and then Ripple she says Ripple uh confirmed that

It's launched a search for new CFO we're Grateful for Christina's leadership over The past two plus years and her Contributions to the company as we've Experienced strong Global momentum Business growth and Navigated regulatory headwinds we wish Her all the best in her next chapter Ripple remains in a strong Financial Standing and his laser focused on its Continued success in key markets around The World and check this out look at this gy From now look this is just a video of One of the ethereum founders speaking And so this we can show on on uh YouTube But in a second we're going to go into The real stuff and cryptocurrency can be Communist so xrp xrp is communist Everyone agree there I me come on like you know just like Look at how the guys have been you know Virtue signaling their like Institutional Partnerships at Regulatory Compliance and then when it turns out They're not actually regulatory Compliant then uh you know they start Talking about how ethereum is controlled By China remember that oh yeah which it Is Comm um but you know there's I didn't Say that I'm going to say that in the Group um in the private group that I Created now you can join my group if you Want to hear there's no censorship this

Is I put up this this uh Mickey Mouse Splash page just so you can understand Where we're going D is where you Can join the group and the rest of the Video is going to be shown to the group Because I don't want to be turned off on YouTube or whatever and so there will be No censorship Beyond this uh it's going To be censorship free Beyond this point Only official when you Jo join you're an Official member of the digital asset Investor Channel and you're only allowed To be on this point now um this is this Is a big deal this is like having a Members only jacket back in the 80s okay But it is the danger zone we do have our Warnings here the cancel culture and the Crypto police they're not allowed Beyond This point um I'm sure that uh they will Try to infiltrate the group there's Actually It's just me talking I mean but uh we'll We'll talk about things like corruption We'll talk about what they would call Conspiracy we might even talk about the Red file Beyond this point and for the Members you won't get to hear it here Because of copyright but for the members We will even play Kenny Logan's danger Zone intro music okay so we'll see the Rest of you later here you go members All right I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment adviser this is For entertainment purposes only Please

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