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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we have we've got Eric Van Milton from Ripple we've got Chief legal Officer from Ripple steuart alati Raul Pal on major crypto players and what They're going to do you're going to want It we've got this evidence from SBI Swift credit Swiss in the World Bank Court of settler on The xrp Ledger we Got that and the biggest derivative Platforms you're going to want it all Somebody roll that beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.09 Trillion market cap for crypto Market is Off by 8% 27,000 slightly over for Bitcoin 1,500 plus for ethereum tether Market cap 83.5 5 billion plus xrp at The number five spent number five spot Fighting for 48 cents it's off by 2% on The 24h hour and off by8 and a half on The 7 day that won't stop us let's get Started join us tonight inside the dpmg The digital perspective Mastermind group Where we're going to talk about Empowering yourself taking control of Your life and your finances and making Sure that you don't treat your crypto Portfolio like Lotto winnings that's What we're doing in side of here and

You're going to do it surrounded by some Of the most incredible important Thinkers that you're ever going to meet That's what makes us truly a mastermind Group we know that you can't keep up With everything we've got investor Checklist we got portfolio creation we Got all of it in here courses lessons Special guests you name it we've got it Make sure you join check out the Three-day free trial we'll see you Tonight at 6: p.m. let's get started Right here oh boy and look at here Well let's play this Jim Kramer I just Can't get on the I can't be in something That where Mr Bitcoin is about to go Down big Mr bitcoin's about to go down Big Meanwhile we're seeing the largest Institutions in the world put in Applications for a spot Bitcoin ETF this sounds a lot like Jim Kramer as A Wall Street Puppet talking the book of those largest Players scaring the hell out of Retail which forces the price of Bitcoin To go down which it Has they continue to buy because they're Going to have to back those ETFs with The physical asset Bitcoin they buy it Pennies on the Dollar while the retail runs scared and Then they turn around get the approval On the license and then they say hey Come over here and get it and then Jim

Kramer all of a sudden change his tune On that that's what I would expect to See happen here he's such a puppet but Not this guy Eric Van miltenberg you're About to see him right here this is Coind death sitting down with the senior VP of strategic initiatives ladies and Gentlemen he's going to talk about the Recent license in Singapore formerly Approved the judge dismissing the sec's Attempt to appeal the ruling and the CFO Leaving from Ripple you're going to want All of that take a listen to this Ripple Singapore recently secured a license as A major payments institution from the Country's monetary Authority joining us Now to discuss is Ripple's senior vice President of strategic initiatives Eric Van milenberg welcome Eric hi Lawrence Michael pleasure to be here thanks for Having me congratulations on this License can you uh unpack the sign Significance of it for us please yeah Absolutely um as you mentioned this Major payment uh institution license That we uh received just a week ago is Really it is a big step um you know We've been through this process for a While now several institutions did not Receive the license and so we're proud And excited about reaching that Milestone I mean really the significance Is that that that we recognize Singapore As a significant hub for our business

And frankly for crypto overall uh in Asia Pac uh you know I have to uh tip of The hat to the Mas for finding a balance Between um encouraging Innovation and um Also protecting users right um I think They they really are at the Forefront Compared to some of the other Jurisdictions around the world and Providing regulatory Clarity which is Absolutely essential for companies like Ripple and other projects on uh the Blockchain to uh feel comfortable about Investing in and knowing that that There's guard rails and Clarity that Allows them to operate so um we have Invested in Singapore and the region for Years now we opened our office there in Uh I believe it uh I think it was 2017 We have 50 employees there and we're Excited about doubling down in the Region and and this license obviously is A great uh step in that Direction uh it's a welcome change to be You know talking to Ripple about like You know developments beyond the S of Ever long running you know SEC lawsuit Let me just ask you though like has that And you know how long it dragged on Forward perhaps the uncertainty Associated with that how has it affected Your capacity to get licenses outside of The United States such as in Singapore And else and other places and and what Is the outlook for that now that it

Seems like there's been some rulings in Your favor yeah I mean the fact that the Judge uh uh several several months ago Ruled that in fact xrp in and of itself Is not a security you know helped to Create a little bit of clarity um I Think there's still a long way to go in The US in terms of providing regulatory Clarity but frankly Ripple's business Has been thriving um regardless uh in Some ways we've been operating um you Know even as if we lost the suit which Of course we didn't um and outside of The US uh in regions like Asia Pacific In the Middle East in in the EU in the UK uh you know we continue to press our Our our advantage and move forward uh With our our um our services so we're Seeing great growth uh we're seeing Adoption by financial institutions um And corporations alike so I think this Is the the the you know the milestone in Singapore is a great uh move forward uh The the more clarity get with the case That that certainly helps provides a Little bit of Tailwind so we're excited We're in a great position and we're We're looking forward to um to the Future so that future of course is going To involve a different CFO from from my Understanding uh there there's been some C Suite changes uh has a replacement CFO Been found why did the the previous CFO Leave and uh how are they how are they

Finding if they haven't found the CFL Where are they you know who are the top Contenders of course that Don't know if that's a something you're Talking here yeah I mean I I really Can't comment too much about that um you Know our past CFO Christina Campbell was Fantastic she's she's served us well Over the past several years and we wish Her nothing but the best um you know It's an industry where there's Transitions there's really no no drama Here um you know these things happen and So you know we're in the process of of Um securing that next CFO uh certainly a Company like Ripple with uh our Market Position and the prospects for the Future is a is a pretty interesting Place to work and so you know that Process will move forward um you know Quickly over the next several months and I want to stop it right there because They ask him about the state of crypto Regulation and I think we all know we Need Clarity here in the United States But I want you to know that you know We're going to hear from Stuart Alara in A second but before we go because this Is great but we don't have a lot of time Today so and we're losing time right now But ubri the future of blockchain Research which is the University Blockchain Research initiative started 5 Years Ago by Ripple is now expanded to

Over 50 universities and Ladies and Gentlemen let's think of this you talk About planning for the future you're Talking about 50 universities having the Ubri in place where you are educating People in how to integrate the services Of The xrp Ledger into business in the Future you're putting it into the minds And the knowledge of these young Graduates and it couldn't be a better Idea I tell you that take a look at this This is steuart alati right here yes us Financial institutions xrp has legal Clarity sounds like a call to action to Us financial institutions to me listen To steuart Alara lat us down the US Unfortunately we have lost our way and We've lost our way because we have Politics and power being elevated over Sound policy meaning we have certain Agencies who are fighting in over who is Going to get to control from a Regulatory perspective the technology Rather than satisfying what is the right Policy outcome which I think the Licensing firmwar that we see in it and The monetary authority of Singapore Pursuing a proper policy outcome through A licensing framework so right now Unfortunately in the US the issue of how To um uh how to label a digital payment Token properly whether you label it as a Utility token a payment token a security Token that's not left to a regulator and

A rational regulatory framework it's That issue is now being fought in the Courts and ripple has been on the Forefront of that fight with the Securities and Exchange Commission here In the US we have been defending the Issue of whether xrp again the digital Token that we use in our Tech stack to Enable able our customers to benefit From our products whether that should be Classified as a Security or it should be classified as a Commodity or virtual currency we won That issue we won that issue on July 13th um uh so hence the uh the sticker Xrp is security which I think is gives Xrp Clarity in the US and xrp as a Digital token is now uniquely classified As a non-security in the US us but we Don't think even though we W in the Courts we don't think that these issues Should be fought token by token Case by Case judge by judge we think we need a Rational regulatory framework but to Your question although we have some Policy makers in the US trying to take The lead to come up with a rational with Rational regulatory policy proposals the Chances of anything moving forward in This Congress or the next Congress um Doesn't seem very I'm not very very Optimistic about it and you know what He's got good reason to be with all the Geopolitical events taking place on top

Of the obvious uh uh friction that Gary Gendler and the SEC have brought to this Space but I will say we're going to Bring together an association with our Audience with this xrp community and We're going to make this voice so big That we cannot be ignored we're going to Do it proudly polit lightly directly and I tell you we are going to make sure That the things that need to get done Need to get done for this entire crypto Space Not Just xrp we've won right there Isn't much left going on here right We're watching the uh final uh uh spiral Down the drain here for the SEC and the SEC versus Ripple case I believe no Matter which way they go to try to stall And kick the can and believe me this is An agency that doesn't embarrass very Easily so I'm not saying that this is Just a wrap and done but there isn't Many places left for the SEC to move Against Ripple or Brad and Chris at this Point so we'll see how this plays out Going forward but I certainly believe It's going to be positive for ripple and Xrp as it already has been but as Stuart Said we don't need to sit back and watch This space be defined by individual Court cases and lawsuits that is Despicable we need to get Congress to Act and pass legislation because if we Don't we're going to create a situation That Raul pal talks about right here

Known as regulatory Arbitrage and it Could cause a major move to Big crypto Players out of the United States take a Listen because the UK has seen this go Down before and he's going to explain it To you this is why it's so important to Look back in history and superimpose Other markets over top of this nent Market to see exactly what's missing and What could take place this is a Remarkable clip here shout out to R and Impact Theory UK says forget it we'll do It it became what's known as the euro Dollar market there you go which is the Overseas market for dollar borrowing and Lending that becomes a we don't know the Size of it but let's call it a $400 Trillion dollar market whoa and then the US then we get this big breakthrough In derivatives the US has got the Chicago Board of Trade doing Futures and Options and all this Stuff But we start to figure out more Complicated structures things like Swaps and the US stops its banks doing It by its use of regulatory Capital They're like no no no this is Inefficient you can't do this the UK and Europe went well we're going to regulate In the it to happen because it's big We've seen this before that becomes a Quadrillion dollar market Jesus that's Why every single Bank from about

1985 well particularly after the big Bang in London so let's call it from About 1990 to about 2008 2010 all the major Banks largest Operations for London so golden sack's Biggest operation most profitable London Maril Lynch London Mar Lynch is Different because it was a brokerage Firm but JP Morgan they were all London so London if you've been watching The News is going to do the same thing it's Called regulatory Arbitrage London is putting together a Very sensible set of crypto Rules as has Europe as has Switzerland As has Singapore as has Hong Kong as as Australia okay there's its old Trading Group that it did with Euro dollars and It did with derivatives and it did with Foreign exchange all got their Regulations in place the UK is the Hub At the middle and it will capture the L Sh and before you know it coinbase Gem And and everybody will move to London And there you have it and that's the Concern and as steuart Alara said if we Continue to watch this fight go on Case By Case by case token by token by token I believe Raul's got it uh spot on here We're going to watch the biggest players In the United States and in this in

Industry move Offshore that's what we're running the Risk of so we need to come together Raise our voice and get Congress to Understand the larger implication isn't Just that we're not happy the larger Indication is that we're going to lose All this Innovation to the rest of the World that's what we can't afford to do And we know that this is very real and It's not going away listen to broadridge CEO confirm that very fact uh where you And and broadbridge are you seeing the Move to DT based platforms okay yeah I Think it is you know it's funny because With sort of the empion to the crypto Market last year I think the general Public is sort of thinking like oh well This stuff is going away and you know When you talk to people in the know and Financial services it's like no it's not Going away well when you talk to people In the financial services in the no this Stuff is not going away right it is not Going away and we know right here this Is a clip from back in the not not not Terribly long ago where Brad Garling House laid it out Ripple is like Swift Isn't it yes I mean Ripple's starting Point kind of our first use case for the Technology the blockchain technology and The digital asset xrp was to solve that Crossb payments problem right Swift is Quite Antiquated kind of designed 50

Years ago it's slow it's Expensive there you have it and it is And then we know that there's new Technologies and new companies out here Here moving in to really fill that Gap And solve that problem Ripple is one of Them xrp is one of the options to help Solve that problem evidence directly now From SBI Japan Swift credit Swiss the World Bank group that Corda settler is Primarily based on The xrp Ledger as Late and as recent as 2021 now we know the C of settler demoed Xrp in the early days it is going to Open up to multiple different kinds of Digital assets although xrp is still one Of them take a look right here you can See the timelines here promote Establishment uh settlement system Utilize Affinity of company R3 and xrp Resolving the R3 Ripple legal dispute Which went on and has been solved the Settlement announced between them at September 12th 2018 R3 released xrp Settler that makes full use of The xrp Ledger 2019 we saw JV announced between Um SBI Holdings in R3 and ripple solution Here is high potential to become global Standard for financial operations such As International money transfers and Trade Finance we go over to here we see Settlement on qua shows obviously the Link here crypto currency as it was in a

Demo is xrp it can use multiple assets Along with xrp now and we see an xrp Ledger testnet here as well as cord's Example right so you see WB it's Technology and innovation And we got another slide right here Cross border B2B is most meaningful Medium term use cases for crypto Payments up against the existing Banks Wire transfer messaging system Swift and It says here platforms like Ripple have The potential to reduce settlement times We see here Ripple Ripple net the use of Xrp IBM crossborder uses Stellar Protocol offers Corda settler which Supports uh xrp partnering with swift R3 You see it all Right here very exciting stuff to see I Also want to remind people too back in 2020 we learned that 85% of Italian Banks are exchanging interbank transfer Data on Corda platform by R3 how about That and then we take a look at this Urex right here is one of the biggest Derivative platforms and uses for R3 Cord DLT for Securities which can Obviously use xrp and other digital Assets you see your X right here Derivatives Market is made up of four Major participants speculators Arbitragers hedgers and margin Traders And then you can see here using Corda Distributed Ledger technology to Digitally represent uh baskets of

Securities from urex right here so very Exciting ties it seems like we are Moving into this phase where there will Be an implementation we know that November 20 3 will be a shift for a lot Of Iso20022 uh users on Swift's Network we Also understand that at least I hope we All understand collectively that for me Doesn't transfer to price necessarily Now I wouldn't get upset if it did but What I'm looking for is again what we Have seen in history past is a slight Phasing in of all of these new things That are coming right so that could be Small pay payments at first being made In settlement or Pilot things that are Happening that are being turned on and Starting to use publicly we got to Temper all of that for now because I do Believe we're going to get to that place I think we're seeing enough information To know we're getting there we just have To really pay attention that these Things continue to unfold and continue To phase in to the ultimate end goal Which is the use of DT and all of these Different companies and products like Ripple R3 and xrp not Financial advice For me or anyone else it's getting Exciting I'll catch all of you on the Next One


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