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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines boy are you going to like this One Ripple swell recently uh we have a Prediction about realworld asset Adoption and tokenization to the tune of 30 to 50 trillion doll on The xrp Ledger By Q4 of 2025 uhhuh somebody roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it is 1.73 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 1.1% in the last 24 43,000 Slightly over for Bitcoin 2300 Plus for Ethereum 96.5 billion plus market cap For crypto or or USD tether excuse me Xrp is 5050 cents right now up0 2 on the 24hour off by 3.3 on the 7 day we'll Keep an eye on it range of price is 49 Cents to 51 we'll let you know if it Gets out of hand but nothing to worry About so far and the countdown is on Ladies and gentlemen we are 90 days left Until the largest xrp conference in the World goes down I want you to take a Look at the incredible people that are Going to be participating and there's More to come take a

Listen the world's largest xrp Conference is only 94 days away hear From the influential voices in the Industry including Christopher Gian Carlo digital dollar project Perry and Boring digital Chamber of Commerce Simon Mlin uphold Kevin Maloney I trust Capital eler terret Fox Business and Many More we're trying to fractionalize it to Where anybody can have access to Generational wealth by buying these Fractional shares of property so um We're trying to restore that kind of uh Access to it so building generational we For anybody early bird tickets ending Soon on the future of digital assets Benefit dinner book your room now with The MGM Grand get your tickets now to Xrp Las Vegas 2024 no doubt it's going to be an Incredible incredible conference let me Tell you VIP tickets are going to sell Out first we can already see the numbers Don't mess around don't hesitate get Your ticket I want to meet you in person It is such an incredible event and you Will be surprised and if you're the kind Of person that's like I don't want to go By myself I don't like it you're not by Yourself you are going to be surrounded By so many people that love and think Just like you do you are going to feel Like you have arrived you're going to

Feel like you're home not to mention the Fact that you were going to get some of The most incredible dialogue and Conversation and networking that you've Ever experienced I I wouldn't have Believed it until I went you're right I Mean it's it's trust me just come and You will not be sorry that you have come It is going to be a remarkable time this Is a remarkable number look at this and Boy even with all the things I Understand about Bitcoin I'm glad I got some exposure to It even in the current market right now Because look at this black rock Bitcoin ETF ibit hits $3 billion in Holdings Over 70,000 Bitcoin in just 15 days well You keep a pace like that and that Market's going to start talking for too Much longer and don't forget about that Bitcoin having and don't forget about The bank of England and central banks And the way they really see Bitcoin Doesn't stop me from having exposure to This investment product because that's What the financial world has decided it Is it is not money listen to the bank of England tell you That I really haven't CH I mean look can I Can I by the way draw a distinction I Think it's important when we talk about Crypto to just draw a distinction Between two things one is what I tend to Call unbacked crypto of the Bitcoin

Verat the other is stable coins I think They're slight they're different animals In that sense I'm afraid I continue to Think that unback crypto uh you know is Essentially has no intrinsic value it May have value to people who want to own Bits of it but it doesn't have an Intrinsic value and it is a highly Volatile uh volatile investment um I Think it it should be regulated Appropriately with that in mind but you I think we have to always get the Message across that is a highly volatile Instrument to hold you may want to hold It but please understand what you've got And it's not Money and you know it is not in any Sense money stable coins purport to be Money um they purport to be used Payments you'll have seen that we've put Out um you know we've got legislation Now in this country which sets out the Regulatory framework for stable coins Which is important and yeah we in the Bank of England for systemic so-called Systemic stable coins those that would Be used more widely will put in place The rules around that now because they Purport to be money and because you know That is their intended use they will They will be have to be held to a higher Standard with with with unback crypto It's not money nobody should I think be Under Illusions uh with stable coins

Purporting to be money they will have to Maintain the standards of money uh you Know I think the public has a right to Expect they hold their value and so That's what we will be aiming for the Only thing I was going to add to that Andrew was just some of the underlying Technologies uh particularly around Distributed Ledger technology blockchain They obviously of in interest we're Experimenting uh with them uh just as a Lot of other central banks are the you Know the the financial sector is doing a Huge amount of experimentation to see if The the use cases where they they could Be Rel technology not the crypto yeah That but but it's the technology that Often gets emphasized as being um you Know why people are getting involved in Them so but that's certainly why why We're of in why we're interested in There and there you get so you get it From the banks the banks are trying to Separate out the blockchain technology From the Cryptocurrency itself look uh they've Made it clear the distinction between a Bitcoin and a stable coin cbdc right They they made they've made it very Clear the question is to the banking World how clear is it when it comes to Xrp xlm xdc and other assets such as That that's what we're here For well I think we'll find out soon

Enough Let's refresh your memory about this Dtcc press release in less than four Months the US moves to t+1 settlement Cycles tokenization is coming in hot This year says Chad Stein grber remember Securency was purchased by the Dtcc securency said that they're Interoperable to settle digital assets Using networks like ethereum EOS Ripple Xrp And Stellar's Xlm we know the SEC has voted Unanimously to allow for the use of Distributed Ledger technology to be Used in a manner that helps reach t+1 t Plus 0 settlement Time so the plot Thickens how much Market capture will be Available for ripple and xrp to be Efficient and serve this Market we don't Yet know but I'm super excited that Between 24 and 25 maybe we get to See that all Begin I want you to listen to Marius uh Jillis here and forgive me if I've said It wrong Marius from axy and he's going To explain to you wholesale digital Euro The announcement of European Central Bank that is the spring of 2024 it will Be inviting firms provid tokenized asset To the Interconnected within the European Central Bank wholesale digital Euro now

I'm going to play this clip but while I'm playing this clip we have another Couple clips that I want you to hear as Well and they're all extremely important This entire talk was great and I I timed It out I I broke down all the the points We need to touch but I want you to think About the fact that when it comes To uh prognosticating s or signals that We're looking for of which countries Will be on The Cutting Edge of this Technology look for the ones that launch Cbdcs and stable clear stable coin Legislation first because that's where Your integration and the medium will be Between tokenized assets and the Traditional markets changing over is it Not you know stable coins cbdcs real World asset tokenization seeing the Governments and countries that are going This way first there's going to be your Signal to which ones are going to be the First movers in this space but let's Take a listen to what he says here There's one thing missing in our Discussion which links very well uh to What we are discussing on the previous Pan what was discussed on the previous Panel um you know real world asset Trading transaction uh be re assets or Tokenized Forum uh they require ultimate Set settlement asset Central Bank Digital currency is something or Tokenized form of uh money be it stable

Coin regulated stable coin or Central Bank digital currency will be required To power these Initiatives and jurisdictions which are Leading in that will have a big or very Strong Foundation U besides the need to ensure That kyc AML and uh legal Securities Regimes will Will need to be adapted uh central banks Need to be ready to provide the Electricity to channel those Transactions so I would bring your Attention to all the initiatives on Central digital currencies that are Happening in the world and the the Recent shift in the discussion from Retail Central Bank digital currency you Know to facilitate personto person Transactions to wholesale cbdc which is Showing that Uh Central banks are understanding where The big game is and willing to start uh Experimenting and the recent Announcement of European Central Bank uh Announcing that next spring they will be Inviting firms providing tokenized Assets to interconnect with the Central Bank European Central Bank wholesale Digital Euro and that's I believe will Either bring Europe into the Forefront Or some other J ditions usually in Southeast Asia will very good Mario so Basically the cbdc development as an

Indicator for where obviously the whole Scenery will be uh bearing fruits for uh That's exactly right and what a great Point and observation that is now I want To bring you here into this Mark and I'm Going to play it for just about a minute And a half and I want you to listen to This clip here because this clip is Important because this is going to talk About listen to that Xrp trade to Treasuries now I want you to think about Just how liquid we will be when you're Using xrp to trade and settle Treasuries imagine the depth of Liquidity needed to get that job done Uhhuh thank you Marius we'll talk more About what's missing for the stuff to Really take off yeah I want to close This round of question first with graham Uh about like you know where do you see Biggest opportunity with what hasn't Really arrived r on chain yeah I think Um a lot of people used to talk about You know fractionalization and and the Like and really that's not where the Most exciting areas lie it's certainly Um you know as Jeremy was talking to Kind of the function of the instrument If if you're a hedge fund you could Usually hold cash or go in a money Market fund which kind of froze your Liquidity overnight but you took away From Bank risk but now you can hold a

Tokenized money market fund a tokenized Treasury whatever it is and use it Pretty much PR much in the same way as Cash so you know we're hoping in January Xrp versus tokenized treasuries will be Trading on our venue we've already Announced that we've worked out the Transaction reporting the regulation Allows it and really that function of an Instrument completely changes what it Can be used for and if you look out There's kind of a a bit of um you know People in the industry like to say okay Kind of defire is over there and Regulated assets over here but what we Like to do is look to defire and kind of Be inspired by it and go okay what if You can take a tokenized security um and Put it into a b lending platform it Starts to look like a pretty open SEC Lending Market people can freely lend And borrow peer-to-peer in this manner U We're also dropping daily interest rates Into people's wallets directly so really Just the functionality of the instrument Completely Changes the idea that you could trade Treasuries with xrp is a very deep Market and if you're tokenizing Everything I couldn't be more excited About it to be honest with you ladies And gentlemen xrp versus token oriz Treasuries that's how he said it I Actually went back and heard it again

That's that you know that's a big moment When that comes that will be a big big Moment no doubt about it all right now Uh let's let's quickly go to this Because I know you're going to want this As well this is the the thing that's Been grabbing everybody and this entire Conversation at Ripple swell was Fantastic by the way and shout out to um This gentleman from Arch crypto Arch ax crypto here Graham rodford who Made this prediction by the way and You're going to love it and uh let's Remember while he's making this Prediction as Zack Rector rightfully Reminds us remember that Ripple is Planning on moving some of the odl flows To the decks now expect this to increase With the automated market makers going Live so there's another thing to note as Well but here's uh where we really want To get you to because this is what You're going to want to see which is Right here this is the prediction from Grah [Music] Rford1127 Ram says his jaw-dropping Revelation is 30 to 50 trillion trading On The xrp Ledger Using the arch ax Deck that's what he says and I want you To take a listen to how he breaks it Down 30 to 50 trillion all on xrp all Trading on artx here we go my original

Projections but 30 to 50 trillion all on Xrp all trading on artx here we go my Original projections but the total Market is 1.4 quadr in everything that's Ever out there and if you start looking Across any of those asset classes They're all starting to move on chain Already um and the ease with which we've Seen people interested in the money Market fund tokenized treasuries and Those types of instruments the support For stable coins when you're talking About replacing cash when I see dtcc Euro clear clear stream you know it only Takes one of them to flip on to natively Digital and that's trillions of assets Um on its own that move so you know tens Of trillions I think we could see and Bearing in mind it's 1.4 quadrillion This is still a tiny slice of a huge Market you know 30 to 50 trillion all on Xrp all trading on artex here we go $50 Trillion two years from now Ripple Twitter will replay the session you're Damn right and we're replaying it today And kudos to them but here's the Thing are you GNA feel like it's a Failure if it's a Trillion I'm Not This isn't about whether it's going to Happen this is about what the size of The Market's going to be when it Does that's the beautiful part of this

For me and I hope you will join us in The freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen Because today we're going to do Something a little different in the Freedom Zone we're going to Discuss the idea of this Happening and are you ready and I hope That you will go to dig And come on in to the freedom Zone Ladies and gentlemen I'll see all of you Inside not Financial advice from me or Anyone else I'll catch all of you on the Next One


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