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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out this headline here by the way we're Going into the freedom Zone today and You're going to want to join us because The E Gate Rabbit Hole just got a lot Deeper and a lot scarier no doubt about It you're going to want to be in the Freedom Zone click the link for that Underneath the video but what we're Going to go into today in this video is We're going to go into Ripple liquidity Hub going live this year we're going to Talk about it all you got to do is roll That beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad K's Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it's 1.37 trillion doll market cap for Cryptocurrency the market is actually up 2.1% we like it we'll take that Bitcoin 35,200 plus right now $1,893 and change for ethereum and Tether market cap is 85.5 billion plus Xrp is 62 cents at the moment we're up 2.1 in the 24hour and get this we're up 14.6% on the 7 Day ladies and gentlemen Who's upset about that not this guy I Could tell you that I'm loving that 62 Cents hey you you know what sometimes

You just got to say to yourself I like Seeing it because we've been stuck at Lower prices for a long long long time So hopefully this is a trend and it's Moving in the right direction let's look At the range of price right now we're Ranging between 6139 and 6288 which is Very tight to be perfectly honest with You here we'll keep an eye on it let's Get started ladies and gentlemen we Start with the one and only John Deon Right here he retweeted a a uh steuart Aldera tweet here that we had been Covering but it says basically another Loss this week for the SEC the street Continues second circuit court and the SEC versus goal had the uh held the SEC And can't ask for a crippling Discouragement award without first Proving that investors suffered actual Financial harm in other words no harm no Foul Jeremy Hogan had pointed out which We covered uh Yesterday that he was point the steward Was basically making this point because The price of xrp is actually gone up so Anybody here is most people are not Underwater is the point to where the xrp Is not I mean obviously not everyone but The majority of people but what John Deon added here is now consider that What steuart aldera cites that 75,000 Xrp holders moved to intervene in the SEC versus Ripple case arguing that it

Was the sec's grossly overb Allegations allegations unsupported by 76 years of case law that was harming Investors not Ripple and that's the Point Ripple didn't harm anybody the SEC Did and then here is more evidence right Here from Congress itself representative French hill calling out the SEC in their Despicable actions take a listen from Arkansas Mr Hill who is also the chair Of the subcommittee on digital assets For five minutes I thank Jer Wagner Thank you and chairman McKenry for your Dedication to uh liquid uh Capital Markets that are orderly and investor Protection and capital formation and for Bringing this uh panel to us to talk About the impact of the sec's regulatory Agenda on those goals uh and from Looking and listening today uh I think The SEC under chairman gentler has has Lost Credibility with a lot of Market Participants issuers uh investors Because of what M Miss blast talked About 61 rules dumped out on the market Ivory Tower ideas without any analytic Or statutory framework to support them He's lost respect here on Capitol Hill On both sides of the aisle due to his Flag flagrant just ignoring the Statutory obligation of cost benefit Analysis that actually stands up to a Cost benefit analysis and his flagrant

Shortening of comment periods which time And time again Uh the members of this committee on both Sides of the AL of had to write and Extend and finally uh having lost in the Court of public opinion now the chairman Is losing in the where it really hits His resume he's losing in the federal Court's opinion being accused of the Commission of being arbitrary and Capricious is not something I would want On my resume where I a staff lawyer at The SEC uh and so uh I'd like to enter in The record today's Wall Street Journal Editorial Gary guinsler loses Again thank you uh I like it too and I Like the way that sounds I almost put it On a loop force and made it the entire Video the secc loses again then there's This right here it is ethereum Insider Drops bombshell e Founders fraud bigger Than the FTX fraud well listen we know That the E Gate is a bigger bigger Monopoly Than FTX ever was and you know all of These things could be tied into the very Deep rabbit hole that we're going to be Going into in the freedom Zone and That's why I say you're going to want to Join the freedom zone so you can find Out about that but this very quickly Here goes into what Insider says e Linked to corrupt us officials following

His statements of ethereum allegedly Being involved in fraudulent scheme Higher than Sam bankman free FTX fraud Case Steven nof dis closes that Founders Joseph Luben and falic butan have Allegedly been colluding with corrupt US Government officials for some of the Highest federal agencies so now this is Basically where the rubber meets the Road Stephen needs to drop and has said That he will be dropping evidence in the Very near future I think around Thanksgiving he's mentioned something And he says that he has all the receipts As he says as the kids say and I Certainly hope that he does because Listen I want to see Justice I want to see a Level Playing Field more than anything So we can allow Innovation to run neck And neck without the disadvantage of Being suppressed through regulatory Capture which is what I personally Believe has happened here with eth gate And the free pass we will see time will Tell here John Deon says here does Anyone know the alleged reason digital Asset investor was suspended it has been A long long time now nope you know uh They just keep basically telling him he Submits appeals and they basically keep Telling him you know it's it's it's in The queue kind of right and then and They never get around to it and it's

Unbelievable because we all know that He's one of the most consistent people On the planet at how he reports how he Covers things and there has been no Violation whatsoever and I can tell you It is erroneous for people to suggest That it's because he had any kind of a Sponsor of any kind you know uh I know Him and I and multiple other people have Sponsors and paid promotions and it's Really ridiculous for anyone to think That it's due to something like that Whatever this is I can tell you we know Enough to know it's a malicious targeted Attack and I could tell you that he's Working diligently with people that Believe that they can find out exactly Who's responsible for the attack so We're excited to get that too we'll keep You posted but then there's more Evidence that there is all of this going On with censorship which is why I keep Telling you about joining the freedom Zone okay this is not an upsell this is A make sure that we don't get divided That's what this is making sure that we Stay together I'm telling you this Because look this is xrp crypto wolf Showing you why are xrp accounts like Digital asset investor mine and others Being targeted and shadowbanned and here You have it right here boom right this Is this is the stuff that's a problem Right you know and and yet uh Elon mus

Says they're turning X into a super app And going to be licensing and payments And a year from now you're not even Going to need to use a bank anymore you Could just put your money on X well why Would I do that Elon and I have a huge Respect for your work but why in the World would I ever put all my money on X When I know that I can be silenced Without any reason any warning or any Recourse to get my account back now you Want me to put all my money and close my Bank account that ain't happening then We have this breaking coinbase Automatically block thousands of Accounts due to Regulatory Compliance Holding customer funds I can tell you I Have been asked for my own account to Revalidate some of the information that Honestly that has been a very typical Thing for most exchanges that I've been On so as long as they clear me which They have not yet I would love to get on The platform and take a look at some of The things that are happening there but I am in the queue to uh uh get my Information renewed and submitted there As well so I'll keep you up to dat to That at least from my end and if anybody Else has any information please feel Share uh to tag me or send a DM and then Mr Man here says a stable coin based on Basket of currencies on October October 30th hm treasuries had released their

Regulatory framework which included the Term commodity link token xrp is known As a commodity token in the financial Industry since 2017 according to the use Case in this Len report during the use Of xrp for Sounder transfer using xrp Through fed wire xrp is a commodity and If we go into this let me get this to Open very quickly here you will see Commodity link tokens here Are subset of asset tokens referenced Which aim to maintain a stable value Relative to the underlying commodity Price being collateralized with one or More Commodities of real world assets or Act as a digital representation of an Underlying real world asset let me get That back up there and then you could See this here where it quickly if it Could show you this but because xrp is a Commodity and not a form of money the Monetary authorities take no position on It so there is your your evidence where He's showing you that you know the Conversation about xrp qualifying as a Stable coin through using stabilization Mechanisms maybe like I have suggested Automated market makers which help to Control the slippage and the Arbitrage Of xrp that stabilization mechanism Doesn't always have to be a peg one Toone a stabilization mechanism could in Fact I believe serve as an automated Market Market maker and the liquidity

Pools as I suggested but we shall see Time will tell then there's this we got To go back a minute here because Ripple Liquidity Hub is launching this year and What do I mean by that this is what I Mean I want you to take a listen to this Little Quick Clip here from Ashish Bera Take a it's good to see you here today Uh and ripple net is making some news Liquidity Hub take us through this yeah Uh I'm excited to announce that uh you Know this morning 9:00 a.m. we announced Uh our newest product uh called Liquidity Hub and uh you know as we were Talking earlier Ripple has been building A crossb business uh payments business For a number of years now and uh in 2018 We started Sourcing uh liquidity for moving crossb Payments from crypto exchanges and we Built up that expertise uh over the Years and more recently some of our Enterprise com uh uh customers have been Asking us hey we source crossb FX Liquidity from Ripple is there a way That we can Source Bitcoin and ether and Xrp liquidity for our customers and that Really gave us an idea of bringing Something like liquidity Hub uh to the Market I mean we already have the Expertise we've integrated into Exchanges for our on demand liquidity Product as part of ripplet let's give Customers what they want and uh and we

Brought it to him uh and announced it This morning is that one of the things Still keeping uh crypto more broadly out Of the main mainstream even more than it Is already now that liquidity that on Demand liquidity yeah so I mean it Sounds really easy and when I talk to my You know product teams I'm like why Can't we just flip the switch on uh and It's actually really difficult and as Much as we talk about mainstream Adoption in the name of the conference You know being about taking crypto Mainstream how many crypto developers do We really need know out there that know How to securely Source liquidity and we Become experts on handling all sorts of Things like what happens if a crypto Exchange goes down what happens you Can't we can't tell our customers that Hey you can't uh you know send crossb Payments today I wouldn't have a job uh And just uh like you know one of our Customers that we announced this morning Coined me if they're sourcing a Bitcoin Transaction for one of their ATMs they Can't just tell their customer it's down So we built that redundancy by Integrating into a number of different Exchanges around the world if there's Not enough liquidity we know how to Bring liquidity to the market and now Listen very listen clo we know how to Bring liquidity to the market he's

Saying here listen closely to what he Says now we're going to make that a Enterprise grade product with liquidity Hub that I think will take to our Customers our existing customers new Customers like coin me that we announced This morning and in the future I think Every corporation in the world is going To want to Source crypto liquidity for Their business don't steal my thunder Because I want to get into what Corporation should or should not be Doing right now with crypto but it's Part of liquidity Hub is that trading is There a trading component too well Underpinning uh you know liquidity is The buy and sell uh you know and the Definition of uh you know liquidity is The buy and sell so we offer an Interface that enables Enterprises to Buy and sell crypto so you know we are You can think of us as uh an integrator And an aggregator across a number of Exchanges if you're familiar with kayak Or Google flights it's sort of an uh Integrator across a number of different Travel websites think about uh liquidity Hub as aggregating crypto liquidity Across a number of venues today uh a lot Of centralized ones but I think in the Future decentralized liquidity is going To become more important and I'm excited Ahead that way as well with the product To the crypto noobs out there on the

Yahoo finance platform does this put you In competition with the coinbase in Robin Hood listen uh well so Robin Hood I think is a front end and you know they Have a lot of different uh trading Venues with coinbase uh you know Coinbase is a centralized exchange uh You know we would sit on top of a Company like coinbase and aggregate that Exch uh liquidity across a number of Venues and so you know not only just Potentially coinbase but you know Bitstamp and all the other exchanges out There we're like that aggregator layer Uh again today centralized but in the Future I think the Market's going to Head more and more decentralized in Terms of exchanges uh that's where we Want to be as a product as well into the Future how do you keep this stuff and And not and there it is ladies and Gentlemen and that looks just like what He says right here this is a CEO Simon Mlin from from uphold I believe really Telling you about the Ripple and uphold Partnership which is exactly what is Described as the Ripple liquidity Hub That Ashish berer just talked about this Is remarkable listen to this Quick Clip Here Different so we're effectively a prime Broker and we're the counterparty to Every customer trade on the uphold Platform now we rebalance our Reserve by

Doing trades at 30 underlying venues That include centralized exchanges Decentralized exchanges and OTC Brokers So effectively our pricing engine is Listening to pricing right across the Market it identifies the best pricing in The market we can see the quantities Available at certain prices we can Uncover multiple paths to achieve best Execution we cover for examp example USD Pairs Euro pairs pound sterling pairs Eth pairs wrapped eth pairs usdt pairs So there are literally hundreds of paths To execute a trade and if you look at Why Ripple chose us it's primarily for Our ability uh in terms of being able to Move large quantities of xrp into the Market without moving the price so it's All about our ability to price and trade To extremely narrow spreads Um and the reason we're excited about This is It's payments so it's recurring Income it's recurring flows which is a Much nicer business uh than the sort of Very feal famine nature of retail and You know this is a poster chart for the Kind of deal that we want to do and how We want the platform to be used because It generates potentially higher quality Revenues and we've got other similar Deals in the platform and the other Thing that's significant from my point Of view is it's an example of how we're Plugging uphold as a platform into a

Large installed user base so the uphold O odl platform already handles hundreds Of millions of dollars of flow a year so It's not like you're plugging into a Startup and you're inheriting execution Risk so for us it's a very exciting uh Project it goes live uh on a very tight Time frame actually we've got the first Live trades during during December now You tell me if what he just said doesn't Sound exactly like what Ashish berer Told us about back in 2021 this is Ripple liquidity Hub and Instead of the example in this interview About a coinbase example and about how Ripple liquidity Hub is more like kayak Right Google kayak or some other Platform that's aggregating all this Different best prices This is what is happening it's not Coinbase that it's happening on it's Uphold and this is going to create Network effects ladies and gentlemen That's what that's going to do and real Quick here I can't wait to see when this Utility because it won't be speculation It will be payments and it will be the Utility of those payments I believe that Help to kick off what egg rag crypto Calls a volcanic eruption ladies and Gentlemen and we all know the prices and $27 is back on the board and we don't Know when he doesn't know when but the Charts are saying what the charts are

Saying and until then I'll see all of You in the freedom Zone dig Perspectives. comom no spaces click the Freedom Zone and come on in we're going Into the eth gate rabbit hole it's going To get a lot darker and a lot scarier But don't be afraid come on in I'll Catch all of you on the next one not Financial advice or me or anyone Else


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