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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines Ripple did they just announce That they're gearing up for us movement Of payments is there a new roll out That's about to take Place somebody wrote a beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad K Come on In Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it's $1.72 Trillion market cap for cryptocurrency The market is up 1.5% 42,700 Plus for Bitcoin 2,200 Plus for ethereum and we Have 96.3 billion plus for tether market Cap number six spot is xrp at 50 cents We're up 0.9 on the 24 hour We're Off by 3.1 on the 7 day let's get into the Range of price very quickly here as We're ranging between 04963 on the Bottom 0. 5103 on the top we're at 49 Just shy of 50 cents ladies and Gentlemen is where we are this morning And I want to remind all of you your Access to private investment invest in Leading startups with affordable Minimums and I mean the most affordable Minimums minimums in the entire private Equity Gain broadening investment opportunities For all now over

667,000 registered users what are you Waiting for they just got new blocks of Ripple on the board they're not going to Last long do not mess around ladies and Gentlemen they have Circle if it's still Available make sure you go get it Circle's already filed their S1 how much longer you going to have the Opportunity to get that how much longer You going to have the opportunity to get Ripple I mean all of it Is so exciting and it's so incredible Because link 2 does the right job of Getting and grooming the best companies That are helping to build out the growth Industries that we're all headed towards In this new digital Revolution from Fintech to AI to blockchain it's all on Here click the link to the sponsor below And get yourself some private Equity bankrupt FTX won't be restarting But former customers will get money back In full now there's the right answer and Why did it take so long to get that Right Answer I tell you you know it's so Creepy how many times we watched them Try to Kevin oery and others oh I I Would back Sam again I it was a mistake He uh just didn't know what he was doing I would just want someone else to look At the money you know remember all of That that happened I mean not only did That guy say that he said that knowing

He was was being Recorded that to me shows just how much They were after profit for order payment For order flow right they wanted to put Themselves in front of every transaction If they could that's why FTX was going Around and dumping money into everything Including Capitol Hill meanwhile just to give everybody The refresher here we know that the First of the month we see an escrow Release Ripple locks up 800 million After releasing only 600 Million and this is just to understand That there's a release every month they Use a certain amount for operating Expenses expanding operations and put The rest on the back end of the escrow Account this is a very big piece of news Right here ladies and Gentlemen and we got to give credit Where credits due shout out to Patrick McKenry and all of the other Congressional officials that back this Mike flood Wy nickel senator lumus for Their Leadership chair Gary Gensler sabb 121 Has virtually blocked Banks from serving As custodians of digital Assets well now with the help of all of These members of Congress And the one and only the Chamber of Digital Commerce shout out to Cody Carbone and everybody over there in that

Camp Because the incredible bipartisan work Here Sab 121 will be nullified after it Passes both houses and signed by the President of the United States CRA Resolutions only need 51 votes to pass The Senate and this is important and it's Important because we know that there was A feature in here that if you had a 100 Bucks they were forcing the banks to Hold a hundred bucks of something else On on the Books outside of the assets that you had And that's why it was not attractive to The banks but now that's going to be Gone so now you're opening up Banks to Custody yeah this is why you want those Lobbyists working on Capitol Hill look This is why I tell you come to xrp Las Vegas you are going to love the Experience for one I'm telling you if You haven't come if you have talk to Somebody who's already already been You're going to find out but this is why It's so important why we're uh working To support the Chamber of digital Commerce with the benefit dinner where You can have private dinner with Brad Garlinghouse and it's a tax Deduction because this is the kind of Efforts they're doing every single day When you're not aware of it to make sure That the innovation of this Tech space

Is not crushed by people like Elizabeth Warren and Others meanwhile stable coin issuer Circle expands its native issuance of Stable coin usdc to the CeeLo Network CeeLo ecosystems looks to Boost crossb Payments and peer-to-peer transactions In developing region cabs an Organization dedicated to CEO ecosystem Development will propose a community Vote to enable paying transaction fees In the usdc stable coin more Interoperability more expansion there Won't be one to rule them all Right and then JP Morgan analyst Published a report about USD tether Explaining that they are concerned for Some reasons going into this the report Underlined tether's lack of Regulatory Compliance and transparency and stated That its increasing concentration was Seen as a negative for the stablecoin Universe and the overall crypto Ecosystem now companies operating stable Coin face regulatory risk globally in The US the clarity for payment stable Coins Act is awaiting approval from Congress meanwhile Europe expects Partial implementation ation of crypto Assets markets Micah regulation in June Of this year analysts believ the stable Coin companies that strictly adhere to The existing regulations can benefit From the upcoming regulatory scrutiny

Potentially gain market share now as you Would want to know right the new the Former CTO Paulo adorno responds to JP Morgan report saying he was pleased that JP Morgan recognized the importance of Tether into the stable coin technology Created by his company but he found it Hypocritical for JP Morgan the world's Largest bank to talk about Centralization well that might that Might be a nice Zinger for an Article but there's a reason why the Secret service has partnered with USD Tether secret service was created to Chase down counterfeit counterfeit money Money Makers I'm not saying tether go away I'm Just saying you know uh if you were Doing things the right way the Secret Service wouldn't be partnering with your Ass now here's evidence here never Before seen video of the first wallet to Wallet transfer of the palow stable coin Using a ripple payment app ladies and Gentlemen this is super super cool and If you look at this and I just bring it Down you can see the change getting Ready to go on here sending it over look At that Ripple payment app right there How cool is that And of course like anywhere in the world The internet connection everything Relies on the internet connection can we Turn star link on please can we do that

Money money sent and money received Ladies and gentlemen here it comes right Here show me so you can see even with The slow internet connection it's all Coming through it's working it's super Super exciting there it is right there So first ever transaction Shout shout Out to uh shout out to Jay Hunter anen For sharing that but this brings us to What is currently getting ready to go Unfold for 2024 and I tell you we got The early predictions in January from Ripple Monica long Brendan Barry and Multiple other Executives at Ripple and They were super bullish and it hasn't Changed one bit uh rulon from Ripple Says this week's APAC policy digest Features a summary of Ripple x uh RM Lab's round table on defi as regulatory Updates and we go into the regulatory Updates very quickly here just to get to Those taking a turn around the world Here Raul van uh tells us that the Australian presedential regulation Authority updates its policy priorities For the first half of 2024 which Includes a consultation of presedential Parential Treatment this is what I'm saying don't Let four and a half five years years of Understanding that the same problem is The same problem don't let it become Something else this is not about Developers in a basement versus a large

Corporation that is absolute childish Nonsense this is about Clarity it's About Clarity around the world Securities and Futures uh uh commission Warn public suspicious crypto related Activities here it says here Bank of Japan cbdc Forum met to provide updates On their pilot program Financial Supervisory Services reconstructing Crypto fraud uh reporting Centric Center Of including Market manipulation other Unfair trading practices Singapore Police force cyber security agency of Singapore Bank of international Settlements the effects of stable coins Right International Organization Securities Commission the is IOS all of these players the World Federation exchange right he's got it Right here everything's right here this Is what they're watching out for and It's what I'm watching out for Too because I know once you get Regulation financial institutions Banks Developers in their mom's basement Everybody's coming but they want to come After they know that there's Clarity and They're not going to be chased Down and they know that they don't want A free fake pass like ethereum had we Want to do it the legitimate way the way We've been doing it and there's This awesome Announcement by Ripple oh You going to love

This you're going to love this after Being relatively quiet for the past Three years in the US for ripple Payments we're geared up to announce new Product updates powered by our money Transmitter license Mtls that cover the majority of the United States to get the ball rolling we're Hosting a Meetup for folks in fintech at Our San Francisco headquarters join us For a Light Panel about Ripple's Blockchain and payments outlook for 2024 Featuring our heads of product Brendan Barry pegga salani and moderated by USMD Joanie Z and with our CTO David Schwarz Joining you know it will be fun how About that that's going to be on Wednesday February 7th at 5:00 p.m. at The headquarters there uh super excited To find out what they're gearing up to Do as they've been relatively quiet for The past three years in the US for Ripple payments does that mean we're About to not be so quiet in the US for Ripple Payments I like it what a year this is Turning shaping up to look like and here We have from dark Defender who says Squeezed and squeezed for all aspects in The charts and now between 52 and 46 Cents psych psychological tests for Years but xrp had an extraordinary Technical move in Elliot waves and it is

Developing the third wave and will prove It I'm here to win and I will Chop Chop Xrp is coming as you can see there's the Chart right there you can see the macd Right here right you can see this where We are in the Triangle all of it's there Let's take a look now at egg r crypto as Well xrp Destinies and unwavering Targets there's no escaping the target Set fate cannot be twisted but Destiny Does short-term struggles here xrp faces Resistance to favor certain incumbents But it is destined to rule them all Zooming in and simple breakdown is this You want the long and short of it dark Defender and egg rad crypto give it to You low end 41 Cent High high end 74 Cent anything in between is just Noise but it sounds like we get above That 74 Cent we can start talking about A all-time high Target above 384 then $640 $13 $22 $27 your destiny aligns with being in The top 1% just stay steady the journey is Destined for greatness man do I love That I hope you'll join us in the Freedoms ladies and gentlemen because we Going to get into it we going to get Into it Today politics is a real problem but There's a bigger one and we're going to Discuss it inside the freedom Zone Because censorship is a very real thing

I have combatted for years and if you Want to help support the channel you can Do it by going to dig prospectives decom Clicking on the freedom Zone and come on In not Financial advice of me or anyone Else I'll catch all of you on the next One


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