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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you this Morning CEO Jack McDonald of poly sign Talks about a possible tuck in Acquisition say what we're going to get Into it Ripple partner prepares for Real-time payments you're going to want To know every bit of that cbdc pilot Passes with flying colors ladies and Gentlemen and how about xrp backed by Gold I've got some thoughts I want to Share with you on that and then we're Going to hear from James Wallace yeah About the automated Market maker Exchange it's a World Exchange ladies And gentlemen it's The xrp Ledger Somebody wrote that beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.12 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency we're off by point four Percent good morning everybody Bitcoin Right now 23 200 plus ethereum 1600 plus And tether market cap 70.8 billion they Say 37 cents for xrp let's get into this Ladies and gentlemen uphold is my Exchange love having them as a sponsor And I love being a customer and I was a Customer first that's the way we like to Do it around here yeah it's home of the Altcoins but let me tell you something

Uphold is different because they've got Radical transparency but more Importantly they're anything to anything And speaking of which which means you Can buy private Equity through your Uphold wallet at link two of great Incredible opportunities I believe like Poli-sign Ripple and other incredible Products on that platform but right now I want you to hear what Ray Fuentes from Link2 is getting ready to tell you about Well actually Jack McDonald is going to Tell us but listen to Ray break it down This is amazing everyone it's already Linked to in this clip Paulie signed CEO Jack McDonald reveals a possible exit For the link to portfolio company Jack Mentions that a tuck in acquisition by a Bank could quite possibly be on the Roadmap for poly sign what makes this Idea more attractive and quite possibly A reality is the fact that polyscience Business model mirrors that of Traditional asset servicing firms which Includes Services typically provided by The largest financial institutions in The world like BlackRock Vanguard Fidelity State Street bny Mellon Goldman Sachs JP Morgan and many more a tuck in Acquisition is often referred to as a Bolt-on acquisition it's a type of Acquisition in which the acquiring Company merges the acquired company into A division of the acquiring entity this

Technique is often used when the Acquiring company wishes to obtain an Advantage but at a lower cost than it Would be required to implement the Changes on its own a successful token Acquisition can increase Revenue use and Broaden the acquiring company's Capabilities and resources listen to Poly sign CEO Jack McDonald yourself and When you're finished head on over to to sign up download our app And invest in the link to portfolio Company poly sign thanks for tuning in Our vice chairman uh Tim keaney used to Run all asset servicing at bmy melon so He and I have shared this vision of Where the business would ultimately go It happened quicker than we thought Because of the opportunity to acquire mg Stover the clients segments are the same So the idea is to cross-sell custody to The fund Administration client's cell Phone Administration to the custody Clients and what we can do with the data Behind the scenes in terms of Reconciling data pricing positions Reporting Etc really starts to have some powerful Synergies when you put those businesses Together and so we're quite excited About that business it's been six months We did a capital raise in the middle of Last year brought in some great Investors to lead that round and to

Acquire that business and we're very Excited about partnering those Businesses going forward you know Skipping ahead we're all investors and You know part of investing is exiting And I do think about that my job as a CEO is to grow a business uh that will Ultimately result in an exit of some Sort that can take many shapes and sizes But one of the Strategic thesis that we Had in acquiring the mg silver business Is it makes it more attractive Ultimately on the exit because it Mirrors this business model that the Traditional asset servicing firms have And could be a tuck in acquisition for One of those types of banks you know Down the road when we're ready to get to That to that point what Uh and imagine and look I'm speculating Now first of all thank you to link to Ray and Jack McDonald they're a poly Sign But imagine the connection being so Close to bny melon imagine being why Melon becoming that actual bank that Wants to do a tuck in bolt-on Acquisition you know where it goes Nobody knows but I tell you what I like What I see and it is remarkable click The link underneath the video and see if It's right for yourself Boy I tell you what the news just keeps Getting better this is the New Zealand

Prepares for real-time payments here now What's so important about this Brad well I'm getting ready to tell you and I'm Happy to tell you first of all Acy ACI Worldwide They're the ones handling and working Here with uh New Zealand to get these Real-time Payment Solutions in place Here and I tell you something it's Exciting to me because it doesn't cite Anything about rip or xrp let me be Clear right but I do want to show you This as a reminder ACI Ripple partner does 14 trillion Dollars each day Keep that in mind now this is New Zealand they didn't suggest that they Were using rip war xrp in this Particular instance but they are Ripple Partner is this a test in New Zealand to See how real-time payments are going in Conjunction with ripple and maybe even Odo in some way we don't know the answer To that but I tell you what it's Exciting and knowing that they're a Ripple partner at the end of the day Somewhere along the line some of that 14 Trillion dollars is expected to run Through ripples corridors and I can't Wait to find out when and from where This is another place to be watching Hot Spot It's Brazil ladies and gentlemen They just had a cbdc pilot passed with Flying colors again

We are watching closely because we can't See the direct Connection in this to rip Or xrp but we know again Ripple has a Very deep presence in Brazil so this is Another area to watch very closely to See if not only that pilot that pass Would fly in colors ends up becoming a Blossoming relationship with ripple And we know without a doubt Ripple has Had an incredible extensive partnership With the bank of England for many years Many many years now and we are obviously Watching this we know that they are on The digital pound Foundation as well and Helping them design and release a Britcoin or a central bank digital pound For the UK things are really headed that Direction if you look at the fundamental News here we're seeing a lot of action Taking place here and I'm reminded we're Going to hear from James Wallace on a Different matter and it's a big one but I'm reminded right now that James Wallace told us that there were more Than a dozen Central Bank digital Currency Pilots they were working on and They couldn't just discuss them Currently but he said 2023 would be a Year where you would hear as Ripple has Said uh themselves as a company uh more Information about global pilot it's Between those Central Bank digital Currencies so this is getting to be an Exciting year and it's just started now

Let's change gears wish for one quick Second here there has been for many Years now a Discussion and speculation about rumors About uh xrp being backed by gold you Know I I've not subscribed to that and I Look I mean I'm willing to entertain any Conversation that has a reasonable Amount of speculation to it obviously we Are wild speculators here on this Channel but this is not something that Uh I've come to this is not my area Where I think this happens and shout out To Emily for sharing this information It's not a shot at her or anyone else But for me what I see is more something Along these lines because I agree with Matt Hamilton here Matt Hamilton was in A long thread and I'm going to spare you That but just to say that he says here You can track Gold by tokenizing It On The xrp Ledger and creating a token such As the xau like companies have been Doing for the past decade But you can't back xrp itself with gold And I just think that's so spot on and Shout out to mcdub here I think my Response are pointing here was not clear Enough for them so I'll just clear this Up for everyone here I know that you Can't do that Matt is right I'm actually Highlighting the fact that I agree with Matt Hamilton on that point I think Matt Is spot on now

If you want to back digital Fiat money Cbdc's By gold and other Commodities and have Xrp settle those transactions on The xrp Ledger Well then now you're speaking my Language Because I think that's a great way to Bring confidence to digital dollars and Digital money Not just for the consumer and citizens Of the world and in their respective Countries But for the trust of other Banks and Financial systems and institutions To assure them that this digital money Is in fact backed by very very real Assets like gold and other Commodities Now This is a great point right here and Shout out to x-punk DS right here x Specter is a sponsor and we're going to Have them there at the conference I tell You I couldn't be more excited for dirk To be participating in xrp Las Vegas 2023 he makes an incredible observation And point here that goes to the Conversation we're having Why are fast settlements not possible in The traditional Financial system Pre-funded liquidity known as nostro Vostro accounts and correspondent Banking relationships it takes months to Build those xrp solves the pre-funded

Liquidity problem elegantly as a Settlement currency you just can't say It any better But Maybe you can James Wallace Echoes that Same statement we've covered this back In January Of this year where James Wallace is Sitting down in the digital pound Foundation and this particular spot one Minute clip here I want you to hear he Finishes with explaining About how you could do this is one of The options by using an automated Market Maker like The xrp Ledger as a Decentralized exchange take a listen Um last one I'm going to talk about Because I want to you know hear that Here what the panel have to say is Um it's cross-border payments Um yeah this has obviously been around For years Um maybe it's a little bit more of an Interesting topic now with brexit and Trade Um you know new trade Partners Developing around around the world Um but this you know it's still a very Inefficient Um uh approach now obviously you know we Believe from the ripples perspective With our Ripple net we've sold that in Certain markets Um but with a with digital currency I

Think you can go one step one step Further Um you can do these payments in a few Different flavors you know one is Through an intermediary Which is really a bit more like the Existing sort of correspondent model But also you know you could go through a Digital exchange which would you know a Digital exchange automate the uh FX Um you know in a in a very cost Effective way So you could go through a digital Exchange that could automate the FX in a Very cost effective way this is exactly What we're talking about The xrp Ledger is where the value really Is Because it is the World Exchange And little by little what they're doing Is plugging in all of the lower exotic Corridors right on up to the main G7 Nations of the world like the UK pound I Believe And eventually building it so that you Can have a match of any pair of Currencies and be able to make a market To settle it and use xrp to do so where Applicable and over time I think the Financial institutions will learn that They can release that dormant Capital Because they don't need to pre-fund Accounts that is the goal and ladies and Gentlemen I have to say from where I'm

Sitting And that's where we're headed not Financial advice or me or anyone else It's just my digital perspectives I'll Catch all of you on the next one


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