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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and let's get it going With this great clip this is um Andy Shackman from Miles Franklin who is one Of my sponsors you can look in the top Of the look in the description if you Want some gold go to uh use the code Dai Gold and they've got a phone number and A website or or an email address there Where you can call or email to get the Best prices listen to what Andy sheckman Says he's a gold guy keep in mind the Dollarization to move away from the Dollar as a single World Reserve Currency and and change and either you Accept and embrace and roll with the Changes or you get rolled by the changes So look when I think about something Like xrp um not knowing much about it I Would say that it presents an Opportunity for people to become Incredibly wealthy without taking a Enormous risk because it's valued at a Level that allows you to throw a Moderate amount of money at it and if it Works you make a fortune now I don't Know if that's what your intention is or Not That's a PR from the Black Swan Capitalist that is a pretty interesting Take um check this out Bitcoin magazine Imagine this where have we heard

Internet of value just in world's Largest asset manager Black Rock Says Bitcoin is creating a global internet of Value wonder where Black Rock would have Heard of such a term as That well Chris lson literally I think Invented that term or that phrase then We've got these ethereum guys that are Saying that ethereum is the internet of Value look at this with clever Engineering we'll be in a position where We can do 10 million transactions per Second on eum it sounds insane but this Is where we the internet of regulatory Capture and Corruption where we're Heading 10 million transactions per Second and that's enough for every Single person on Earth to do 100 Transactions per day and so we'll be in A position where the whole internet of Value can be in one place with sh Security and we only buy into one Security assumption which is that Ethereum is secure and this brings us to Trying to grow the economic security of Eum right now we are at $70 billion Which is extremely good it's 29 million Eeve times the price of oh say I we Don't have to listen to anything else I'll say this again the disguised whales Are everything because until you can Show who the disguised whales are so you Can show who owns all the ethereum or a Large part of it you can't talk about

All this decentralization bull crap you Just can't now vitalic butter and as Mr Huber points out he knows what the Internet of value is that's really what Ethereum is you know people talk people Talk about things talk about Cryptocurrency 2.0 being like the Internet of value we're not the internet Of value GLE is the internet of value We're an arbitrary processor for St Transation functions Ripple or Xrp is the internet of value now I'm not Going to go into the Ripple markets Report I just wanted to let you know That it came out um still to my Knowledge Ripple is the only digital the Only company in digital assets besides Maybe uphold that is completely Transparent in what they do you can see Exactly where the xrp is who owns it and All of that as opposed to doing what Joseph Luben does which is practicing Whatever internal transparency is I don't I still don't know exactly what That means but that's what he that's What he does um check this out this is Elanor ter they're talking about Gary Gensler and what might happen to whether Gary Gensler stays or leaves in the Coming years speaking of that uh I was Looking at a tweet you put out SEC chair Gensler said Wednesday absolutely plans To stay on wall Street's top regulator Should President Joe Biden win a second

Term in November here's my question to You if Biden wins okay that's a that's a Slam dunk Gensler stays in most likely What what happens if we see Trump or a Republican come into the White House do You feel that gendler would still be in The same position or do you think Because I don't know I'll give you my Opinion after but I want to hear your Opinion what do you think is going to Happen if we if we get an alternative in The White House yeah so just following Up on the what he said about serving a Second term if Biden gets into office Again Gary gendler's term this is his Second term he's in his second term now So he can only serve until June of 2026 So it would be you know only serving up Until then if Biden got into office so Just keep that in Mind and then Biden would have to Nominate somebody else and he could keep His position until the nomination is Approved uh if Trump comes in then Gary Still has that term he has right to his Term through June of 2026 yes but what Like what happens usually is that men Who are of the opposite party than the Incoming president they usually step Down because they don't feel like they Want to work with the new Administration Or you know for for other reasons they Want to they want to move on with their Careers elsewhere um so we've seen that

Sort of pattern I guess with with other Chairman but but the question I asked on Twitter is was would Gary step down Under Trump I mean I don't I I don't Think I've ever heard gansler like you Know sound off about Trump exactly I Don't know if like they it's not like They this like famous rivalry right Where like where Trump is like he always He always blasts off about Jerome pal But he hasn't actually said too much About yeah he hasn't said too much about Gendler so like could they work together I think it would be unprecedented but Then again you've got him saying like I Love this job I want to kind of you know And I would imagine he wants to finish What he started he's he's come up with a Lot of rules there's a lot writing on His name so it would be interesting to See if he if he keeps that position but Then what Trump could do potentially is Uh demote him from chairman to make him A commissioner so then he brings someone Else in as chairman but does Gary Gendler want to serve another two years As just a general commissioner or does He want to step down and you know maybe Go for aspirations that are higher I Don't know but it'll be a great it'll be A interesting thing to watch because you Know she has to go by 20126 and that's I Don't think look I think you're going to Have to take that twerp by the neck and

Throw him out now I don't think that Gary would would would be willing to Deal with the demotion um that idea I Think he would resign before he let Trump demote him to a uh just a regular Commissioner but I think that that I Think this Punk is going to stay there As long as he can keep destroying the United States and helping China I think He's going to stay now um Charles Gasparino look what he said scoop SEC Bracing for major Exodus among senior Enforcement lawyers in its crypto assets And cyber unit according to officials at Major law firms who have been Who have seen several resumés Fox Businesses withholding names to protect Privacy the move suggests that the bleed Of senior staff under Gary gensler's Controversial leadership of the agency Isn't letting up more at 3:45 I looked For this video clip and I couldn't find It but I'm hoping I can dig the clip up I'd like to hear more about this and it Turns out Elanor terret looked into it a Little more and says adding to this we Reached out to the SEC and one of the The senior officials at crypto assets And cyber unit for comment and have not Heard yet heard back guinsler requested A record $2.4 billion budget for his Agency this year in part to add an Additional 170 staff positions including It's crypto cyber unit so everybody's

Leaving the crypto cyber unit so Gary's Trying to get more money to hire more People that can be his Toadies people that have no Integrity Cuz the ones that do apparently are Leaving Gary needs more people like him With no Integrity John Deon is says he's Not going to hire any of them I can say With certainty there will be no job Offer coming from the Deon Law Firm Despite the fact that I'm hiring you see Unfortunately the SEC enforcement Lawyers the Deon law for the SEC Enforcement lawyers the Deon law fir Requires one to always maintain a Faithful allegiance to the Law plus we Have a zero tolerance policy for in Intentionally lying to judges just to Win a motion Uhoh that's exactly what they've done And the question is has Gary been the One that has been instructing them to Lie now this is an interesting clip Digital Breton Woods 3.0 re uh Reimagined by the bricks listen to this Current lockdown will be over soon that Your lives be able to will be able to All return to normal um I was also very Uh pleased to he the remarks by the Vice Deputy Vice Chancellor at Nelson Mandela University which is the um university Located in Port Elizabeth which is my Hometown so I'm feeling very much at Home in this uh conversation here today

It's a great uh privilege and honor to Uh speak to you today uh on behalf of The new development uh bank but let me Say from the outset that we have uh People like uh SAS Dr Ben and others ja And others who are significantly more Qualified than me to talk about Central Bank digital uh currencies what I would Like to do uh today is to set this sort Of context within which the Central Bank Digital currency uh movement is is Expanding and has has expanded and to Also probe some questions that uh will Become of relevance I believe in the Next uh year or two or three uh to come And I would like to also raise some Fundamental questions about the Historical political economic moment That we are in in 2022 and by that I'm Not referring to the current political Juncture of the last month or two I'm Referring to this period that we are Living through which is defined by Significant changes in the global Economic structure as we uh know it I Think in in setting the scene the first Comment that I'd like to make is that um It is very important to start the Conversation with where all started the Defining moment of the Global Financial Architecture is Breton hoods 1944 in 1944 in a place called New Hampshire in The United States at the end of the Second world war the core and essential

Architecture of the modern Financial System was designed by people like John Maynard KES who represented the United Kingdom treasury um John uh har Dexter From the United States who eventually Went on to become the uh head of the World Bank and all of those who were the Founding fathers of the international Monetary fund I mentioned that is the Starting point because the United States Dollar became the anchor Reserve Currency of the world uh in 1944 the Global payment systems that have evolved Over the last uh 80 90 years have been Anchored around the US uh dollar and the Creation of the IMF as the body Responsible for mon And financial stability is where we Should start this uh uh conversation Folks what he just said is the reason I'm here I'm not here for just random Pump and dumps random green candles Random even random companies that are That are building things I'm here for The people That this is about Breton Woods 3.0 this Is for all the marbles this is this is The reason I don't sit around and get Upset based on what xrp is doing dayt Day and the price is down oh and look at Those other digital currencies they're Up and xrp is not no that's not what This is this is for all the marbles and All the everything you're seeing I don't

Care if it's if it's Gary Gensler if It's eth gate if it's what's going on in Russia and Ukraine and and the tension Around the world and Co I all of it has To do with this Brettonwoods 3.0 this is for all the Marbles it's for all the money it's the Transition to the new Financial system And that's why every that's why so many Things don't make sense in our world now Because it is a power struggle it is is Digital currency Wars that are going on Right now and that includes all of the People who are constantly out here on X Trying to scare you away from Xrp who knows which ones of them are Being paid to do so or whatever I don't Know I'm not here to try to figure it Out but I will be locked on xrp I will Be locked on Ripple for all the reasons I just said this is not an ordinary Company is not an ordinary digital asset And anybody that tell tries to distract You away from that you should question What their intentions are and what are Behind their intention because they're Just flat wrong okay now I'm going to go In di EX R and I'm going to show You what an ex rippler is is saying they Keep talking about this big announcement And and there's an update on it okay so We're going to talk about that in I'm. I'm the digital asset investor I'm

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