XRP Recovers After FED SCARE, Upward Continuation LIKELY

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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel crypto markets Dramatically plummeted yesterday after The FED announced that they're Increasing the federal funds rate by 25 Basis points it's like the sky is Falling out of this all of a sudden Completely ridiculous Behavior but it's Fun to observe and not participate uh Xrp went down along with everything else Got as low as uh the 41 Cent region and It's recovered since then and frankly What's most probable at this point from The analysts that I follow is a Continuation to the upside now outside Of news regarding the secv Ripple case It's positive doesn't mean that you're Going to have a melt your face off type Of rally uh you know tomorrow but still A trend to the upside but if we do get Positive news sooner than later Regarding the secp Ripple case uh that's Certainly on the table so it's a good Time to be holding xrp in my humble Opinion we also saw as a lot as a result Of a lot of the nonsense Behavior Trading that occurred yesterday massive Liquidations look at this headline from The daily huddle 359 million dollars in Bitcoin in crypto Liquidated in just 24 hours as Bitcoin Reclaims 28 000 dollars Um then there was also this headline From the daily huddle Arc invests Kathy

Woods says institutions will come for Bitcoin amid U.S banking crisis now That's an interesting concept now I Still believe you know as far as Institutions and long-term are they Going to get in a much more notable Capacity but I think the obvious answer Must be yes it's not like crypto is Going to way away despite the onslaught That we're facing here in the United States from a regulatory perspective but The question is you know what's the pace Going to look like and what does that Mean for the typical retail investor uh And then also at the end of the video I Do want to talk about one thing I'm just Probably going to spend you know maybe Two or three minutes on it but Um I like two days ago I made one of the Largest cryptocurrency purchases that I've made in my entire life and probably Yeah probably the most risky one I've Ever made and it happens to be one of The biggest so Um maybe I become a Sad Panda if this Doesn't go very well but I want exposure To the crypto asset class and I think There's opportunity here I think there's Tremendous risk Um so I'll tell you what what it's all About towards the end part of this video But I do want to be clear like I am not Encouraging anyone to do what I did I Just think it's fun to talk about this

Stuff so I'm going to share with you What I did maybe it's a it'll prove to Be a brilliant move maybe in the future I know you can play this clip back to me I'll be like wow I was a total idiot Stick we'll see we'll see what happens But but that's the thing when it comes To crypto I do think most coins will Ultimately fade away and basically go to Zero and we don't know which ones and so For me it's it's somewhat easy to Justify just in terms of exposure I just I just I want exposure to the asset Class the question is did I perhaps go Too far in what I actually spent but Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say are right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all Right as I record this video xrps at 44 Cents but it did hit a 24 hour high After drop dropping to 41 cents hit a 24-hour high of about 45 and a half Cents here's a 24-hour chart on your Screen don't mind seeing that uh Bitcoin At the time I'm recording this 28 228 Chart doesn't look that different it Kind of had a pump a little bit later in The day than xrp as you can easily

Easily see visually but I got as high as 28 692 bucks so all of the losses that Happen very quickly yesterday after uh You know the fed and then Jerome Powell Ultimately speaking publicly all of Those losses have been erased back to The positive at the time that I'm Recording this and that's why when I was Making a video talking about what was Happening the developments yes I find it Interesting to follow all that but if You watch my videos where I was talking About you probably got the fact that my Attitude was just like Damn fools bunch of idiots out there Emotionally buying itself and that is Pretty much how I feel the The people that that caused the Volatility I have jokingly call them Useful idiots because without them we Never have moves to the upside in a World where there's nothing but a bunch Of me's you know Moon family sedans here There is no volatility because I'm Stubborn AF you are not going to get me To budge emotionally uh when it comes to Buying selling anything with investing I'm just gonna sit there and be stubborn For Better or Worse that's just it so in A world where everyone behaves like me There's no volatility there's no point In investing even effectively Um but that's not how humans behave they Are useful with your irrational nonsense

Behavior and so look I'm here for it not To participate but to observe it and Kind of joke about it a little bit Because that is what happened so I'm Appreciative of it but damn I'm glad I'm Not behaving like that silly ass Nonsense uh We've also got the market Cap for the asset class a little uh shy Of 1.2 trillion in Bitcoin dominance at 45.52 percent uh crypto fear and green Index at 57 out of 100 so markets still In greed now that doesn't update for Almost two hours at the time that I'm Recording this so given we've had a Positive day today won't be surprised if One that does update which does only Once every 24 hours wouldn't be Surprised to see that pop in a little Bit higher Then we've got Um this Here's somebody named Jim Bianco President of Bianco research and he Shared this I'm just gonna make this Full screen right here and I've talked About this before but this is updated Even further now this is the fed's Balance sheet Dating back to September 2021 And Jim Bianco simply wrote the FED Updated their balance sheet now Two-thirds of quantitative Titan has Been reversed So think about this why has the FED been

Increasing interest rates and obviously You know the the effect that had on the Economy and what it had in terms of Speculators and markets you know the the Fact that it had You know dampen things obviously which Is the intended goal if you want to you Know quell inflation then that's what You do that was the intent but then with The recent banking collapse as you can See so fine they didn't start increasing Interest rates and uh you know the Federal Reserves balance sheet it's Going down down down down Banks collapse All goes all the way back up so look at How long it took him for to get get the Balance sheet to go in that direction And then the span of like a weak-ish It's just two what do you say two-thirds Of the quantitative tightening has been Reversed two-thirds of it These people are not Geniuses they are Not Elite they are not to the Wizards of Smart they're incompetent they are Adults but here they are running all the Financial aspects of Our Lives I'm Telling you they may use and you know Words that you know the typical person Isn't accustomed to because the typical Person doesn't have you know their Career focused in finance but I'm Telling you it's just a definitional Thing it learn the vocab they have and Then learn but then if you learn that

And then you learn the concepts they Have you might quickly understand even If you're just a person of regular Intelligence the ideas that they have Are very stupid S-t-o-l-p-i-d stupid but they're driving Everything that's happening in equities Markets and in crypto and so on and so Forth What an s word show and that's what We're looking at and that's why we've Been seeing what we've seen in markets React to it it's just complete absurdity And I enjoy observing it I happy to talk About it's fun to report on it on the Moon family sedan Channel but I gotta Mock it a bit because it really is dumb As hell Which leads us to this From the daily huddle 359 million Dollars in Bitcoin and crypto liquidated In just 24 hours as Bitcoin reclaims 28 Thousand dollars Hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were Liquidated from the markets after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates According to data from Market Intelligence from coin glass in the past 24 hours 359 million dollars in crypto Is sold off The liquidation was likely caused no I Shouldn't say likely it was it was it The timing sometimes timing in terms of

Moves for various cryptos it's a Question mark is there a delay for some Reason that is not the case here it was Instantaneous I watched it live but Anyway they write the liquidation was Likely caused by the Federal Reserve Raising interest rates again this time By 25 basis points on Wednesday in the Agency's effort to draw down inflation When the rate hike was announced Bitcoin's price momentarily dipped into The high 26 000 level Bitcoin has since Recovered and is trading for 28 646 at Timer right now actually that's not Quite precise enough I watched that I watched the pricing Live uh Bitcoin actually temporarily Spiked and it went down in particular After Jerome Powell started speaking Talked about that yesterday uh yeah it Went straight into the gutter 26 Thousands and now it's back up at this Point and all these people that were Panic selling at Bitcoin in the 26 000 What if that goes lower what will I do I don't know wait I don't know what like that's what I do I've been doing that for over half a Decade it's worked out pretty damn well Not doing a damn thing just sitting here Holding stuff uh maybe there's that and So it turns out in this case you didn't Have to wait that long less than a day And it's back to where the hell it was

Completely ridiculous now In terms of what is going to drive this Asset class further well there are a Number of things to consider but what About on the institutional side I Haven't talked about that too much Lately but with the chaos that's Happening you know the question of Solvency of various Banks and this next There have been actual banking collapses Recently uh is this going to cause Institutions it's going to prompt them To in any way further jump into crypto Just to diversify Well that's what this article is about Check this out Ark invest CEO Kathy Wood Says that the U.S banking troubles will Prompt institutions to invest in Bitcoin In order to diversify their portfolios In a new interview with Bloomberg wood Says bitcoin's strong performance is U.S Banks failed will encourage wider Adoption of the crypto asset quote one Of the things that happened in a crisis Is liquidity dries up so that tends to Hurt assets and the fact that Bitcoin Moved in a very different way from the Equity markets in particular was quite Instructive into yeah and so look and That's all well and good I just want to Be clear because I've talked about this And I want to make I want to make sure My point is perfectly clear on this I'm Not disputing that my point is that when

The FED makes decisions which are Frequently dumbass decisions markets Respond Ultimately on a global scale because the United States is the printing Factory For the United States dollar which is The global Reserve so all of these these Impacts are highly consequential on a Global scale so what I'm noting is that The FED is controlling the price of Bitcoin in the moments where it makes Makes those those moves I that that Doesn't mean that I think we won't see Increased adoption of Bitcoin and crypto Moot including xrp moving forward that Doesn't mean that at all it doesn't mean That over this short time period a Bitcoin hasn't been doing well but it's Also been doing well for the vast Majority of this year so in terms of What is the narrative I'm just saying That this narrative that Bitcoin is Impervious to what the FED does is bogus If you want to note what has happened Recently in terms of the disparity Between equity markets and what happens With Bitcoin specifically fine facts are Facts I don't have a problem with that I'm just saying the narrative where like Like Bitcoin is impervious to the that's The part that I have a problem with the Rest of it no that's fine Anyway peace continues wood says she Remains confident in ark's base case

Prediction for bitcoin's Price which is More than 680 000 by the year 2030. Quote you'll find the building blocks of Those bitcoin price Targets in our Arc Big Ideas 2023 and they are for the base Case I would suggest quite conservative We've dialed some of them down since Last year I know that corporate Treasuries pulled away from Bitcoin Because The Regulators were pulling them Away from Bitcoin on their ballot sheets So we've pulled back there But we do believe that the behavior of The price through this crisis is going To attract more institutions for example Um end quote and so it doesn't it's not A wacky idea and I certainly hope that This happens because look I pointed this out before but it's Crypto historically has moved in tandem With Equity it's just in particular for The big moves Now I on an individual level which is Just an anecdotal individual data point On on an individual level this is one One of the many reasons that I hold Crypto in general I want something That's you know the the FED can't print Into Oblivion that they don't have that Kind of control over and in the in the Case of xrp it's extra attractive Because it's deflationary in that that That's the gonna be the biggest driver Price in fact I think it's it's fair to

Note just be realistic it's a minuscule Driver of the price but I still like That in general I think it's an Attractive concept the point is it's not Certainly not inflationary so for me That is a reason I want something that's Detached from all the rest of this Nonsense because I do not think that the People running all this are are just Genius level people I really don't think That they are as demonstrated by their Performance So uh you know could Institute people at Institutions because understand Businesses and institutions they aren't People that's what they are businesses Are people what do you think what do you Think of businesses the brick and mortar I mean the business it's the people and So the people at the institutions might Some of them also be thinking that might Some of them make moves that would you Know not threaten You know their their existence but you Know should put in a certain percentage That you know if you know understanding How crypto historically has performed 14 Years worth of data you know the trend Is to the upside and it will Dramatically in all likelihood Outperform anything else you're invested In isn't that a reason to put even just A little dab in And so there's this quote

We've done a report targeting Institutional investors in the Allocation that they should make if they Care about this new asset class Diversifying their portfolios I believe It's somewhere between 2.5 percent and 6.5 percent so not crazy these are the Sorts of allocations they would have Made to emerging new categories of Assets like real estate in the 70s Emerging markets and small cap in the 80s and 90s so I think in a general Sense it's kind of a question in the Short term What are the institutions going to do Now that we have this banking crisis is That actually going to expedite the Process of them jumping in because I Think no matter what if you if you fast Forward a decade from now you'll see That there obviously would be over that Time period a dramatic increase but the Question is in the next three six nine Twelve months is is that going to be a Catalyst for such uh maybe well for some People probably yes it's just is it Going to be enough that it's noticeable Or is it just going to be individual Instances like you know people like me Like I'm one data point I'm one human Right so I I've treat I've treated Crypto like that sure sure are there Going to be enough though institutions Now if that does happen if you're

Talking about just you know those it Smells like small percentages but the Dollar impact would be dramatic and There's a finite amount of Bitcoin There's a finite amount of xrp and the Degree to which this would dramatically Drive price it's it's hard to overstate The degree which is as consequential So I continue to plan for that and I Bought more crypto you know what I Bought some of you might have guessed it Already I was talking about this a Little bit recently it was more Flair Now this is something that if it takes Off and demand increases in crypto in General although I think that's a No-brainer over time Um depending on how the project does Could make an absolute fortune or I Could just lose everything so again to Be clear I'm going to share with you my Thought process on this because I Haven't talked about this on the channel Ever before But again I'm going to say one more time I am not encouraging anyone to do this I Do think this is what I've done is Highly risky and I acknowledge I could Lose everything I don't know what's Going to happen I just want broader Exposure and I put in although a big Amount to me uh an amount that I'm Willing to lose if it comes to it and I I fully expect that you know or think

It's possible I mean hold about 30 Different cryptocurrencies I may never Cash out like so maybe maybe it is the Case I'll make a fortune on a handful of Them and maybe the rest of them I'm not Able to cash out before they go to zero Even if that might happen I don't know Or maybe I'm able to cash out emotion I Don't know we'll see what happens here But I'm fully acknowledging this could Be one where I ended up getting a goose Egg out of it but I want to talk about This because Flair And a lot of people have a lot of Different opinions and I'm I'm willing To be persuaded for sure But you know it's the case that Initially flare tokens the initial Distribution was supposed to be Allocated completely to xrp holders Right you had to initially the deal was If you held your xrp Uh you know uh you put if you put a Claim on it you know back in December of 2020 if you held an exchange it was Going to take care of you Then you would be allocated your flare And ended up coming to a point where They're like okay well you're going to Get it but it's going to be over a span Of initially three years but it's still Going all to xrp holders and that wasn't The biggest fan of that because I'm like

Okay well that's just gonna be a lot of Downward pressure for sustained for Three years now the truth is the Downward price pressure whether you have It all at once over a time period of Three years it's going to equate to the Same downward Force it's just a question Of how long do we have to put up with That and to what degree would it stress People out but ultimately if people Don't want it then they don't want it so After that period's over it won't matter Anyway but it's annoying to have to deal With that for three years so I was kind Of against like just rip the Band-Aid Off and if the price you know will enter Price Discovery when it launches and if It goes way down from where it initially Starts at and we fast forward 24 hours And it's way way down from that then so Be it and then then the whole ecosystem Can start to recover and continue to Participate in price discovery that was My stance but then things changed and Because because look I think if you had The situation where it really was xrp Holders solely as initially promised Receiving the xrp I do think with each Distribution for those three the three Year period I think with each of those Theory periods you'd be handing those Flare tokens to people who don't Necessarily give a damn about it and I Think that you would in that instance

See a lot of downward price pressure but That's actually not what's happening Right now at least at least it doesn't Look like it to me what's what's Happening now because the flare Ecosystem people voted on it and the Distribution model changed yes xrp Holders they did get their initial Distribution but only 15 of it that That's what it started at and there are No other airdrops unless you take action Meaning you have to take your flare Tokens you have to wrap them and you Have to delegate them and then you get For 36 months in a row uh you you get a Certain amount back And it's actually pretty substantial the Amount that you get back and so people Are complaining about the tokenomics They're saying that's just downward Price pressure and that's a fair point To bring up for sure in fact I was Talking about this on Twitter my fellow Expert YouTuber the blockchain backer Was saying that's just the tokenomics Are terrible and you know the only way I See that for this to you know kind of Even out I'm paraphrasing here but he Said the only way I basically see for it To even out is if the price goes way Down maybe like 90 percent And maybe he's right maybe that does Happen I don't think he's saying wacky Stuff at all and I value his opinion but

I'm looking at this a little bit Different to this point if you had again The distribution is going to xrp Holders Because they had that snapshot in December 2020. it doesn't matter Necessarily that all those xrp holders Give a damn about the future of the Flare ecosystem but if instead the only Way to get the rest of the distribution Is you have your flare and you don't Sell it and then you wrap it and Delegate it and then you get more those Would be the people that would be least Likely to sell it that most likely if We're going to xrp Holders I'd be like Yeah I'd be a little bit more worried About that But no So But even if this happened I ran some Numbers and even if even if uh the price Of of the uh of the flare token which is Currently about 3.1 cents as our time Recorded even if it went down 90 percent Based on the amount of flare tokens that I'm anticipating to receive over the Next uh three years roughly For the rest of that distribution Because I'm just going to hold it mind You I'm just going to hold I I currently Have no intent to sell unless some crazy Price action stuff happens that I'll Talk about but say I hold it through That period even if the price goes down

90 percent Based on what I'm anticipating to get Over the three year period I'll be at About break even even if the price goes Down 90 percent 90 so consider consider This because there's more things that Went through my little Moon family sedan Brain when I was considering making the Purchase that I made and I'm not going To tell you how much I purchased but let Me just use a number that I think for Most people would be reasonably Reasonably big let's say you had 250 000 flare tokens Just to start just to start now at three Cents just use Easy numbers let's say It's three cents that's worth seven 7 500 bucks 250 000 flare at three cents Seventy five hundred dollars okay well There's a flare uh distribution Simulation model which the community Made me aware of because I was trying to Sloppily figure out something you may Saw it on Twitter trying to sloppily Figure out in an Excel spreadsheet What's my distribution going to look Like and I had it was a good faith Effort but I did have a uh a problem With my model in which I assumed a Percentage of distribution that it turns Out isn't the most reasonable because it Actually diminishes over time so I Started with something that now actually Would be conservative at 13 distribution

Per month because there are people for The first distribution that got 20 of Their their Holdings but it turns out by The end of that it skews downward to the Point where maybe more like four percent But anyway it doesn't matter so even Even with this looking at the because There's a there is a distribution Simulator out there and I just plugged In that number of 250 000. well by the End of that You know at the end of that you know Roughly three year period you'd have it You wouldn't have 250 000 flare anymore You'd have 3.1 million flare Which at a price of three cents that's Assuming the price wouldn't move of Course it would up or down we'll see but At a price of three cents that's a Little shy of a hundred thousand dollars Now mind you that's because you have More Flair the price in this Hypothetical that I'm discussing here Didn't move So is the price going to go down or is The price going to go up well I don't Pretend to know for sure but again I've Already articulated my point that I I Think that the people that are here now Like me they're not intending to sell And you have to have Flair to get the Distribution anyway so the people that Are already in it are not the P not the Most people that are likely to sell it's

Not like it's being airdropped to xrp Holders which was originally intended in Which case yeah I think a lot of them Would sell it's people like me who are Like I'm just gonna stick around I want The exposure let's see if Flair does Well and I don't know if it will You know the coin's been around a couple Months right so you know I I get it Price could go down but what happened Leading up to the first flare drop uh on Like I think it was the 17th so because There's a first airdrop in January but Then there's the first of 36 Distributions those are called flare Drops well the after leading up to the First one there was a price crash to its Lowest point two days before the flare Drop where it got down to 2.4 cents 2.4 Cents but that was before the flare drop So it's not that people got more flares Started selling no it was in Anticipation of people selling that Certain people started selling thinking That people would sell but in the future So kind of self-fulfilling prophecy Right and what happened the price Recovered very quickly and then when the First flare drop happened I believe Again it was on the 17th this month of March When that happened the price did not Crater one bit Not a little it's been chugging in fact

It's it's up a hair since then not much So that's one we have one data point Now a data point does not indicate a Trend because it's one instance you need Multiple data points to have a trend But with with this one data point that's Kind of compelling information because That would have been my suspicion based On the fact that again the people that Are here are the ones that are not most Inclined to sell so I now how confident I am that we're not going to see price Creator as a result of the flare drops I Am not highly confident is that what I Think is more probable yes okay so my Answer is yes I think that's what's Probable I place my bet am I highly Confident that my supposition is correct No I'm not I think that there's a lot of Room for air here there could be things I haven't considered and the price could Just absolutely plummet beneath me and With future flare drops and acknowledge That could happen but I decided I made I Made a move here I decided I want the Exposure because if looking at what you Know you know even if he had like the Number I'm just making up I'm not Telling you what I bought just just Using a number that's relatively big for Most people You know 250 000. if you're talking About that being worth more in the Future well what if it goes to six cents

Or nine cents or 12 cents and so Consider this now If you hold the point that flare Is is going to drop because of these Flare drops people are just going to be Selling because the tokenomics are awful Kind of like the blockchain backwards Get it which is not a crazy point but if You believe that that's going to happen Then let me ask you this is the inverse True when we get to the end of the flare Drop once there are no more Distributions after that 36 month period Doesn't the opposite happen because There are no more drops now people Recognize there are no more drops and They start putting money back into it Isn't isn't it only reasonable suppose The inverse is true when the tokenomics Are no longer what you would perceive as Terrible if that's your position And not only that you know when it comes To demand for crypto it is demand for Crypto static just in a general sense or Does it increase over time So even if there was downward pressure From these flare drops wouldn't you also Over the the next few years think that They'd be likely that more people would Come into the crypto space in general And some would jump into flare Mitigating some of the downward price Action And on top of that

Once we get to the end like even setting The the flare drops aside once you get To the end and there's no more downward Price pressure and the average inflation Rate is probably more like five percent Or something that which is pretty close To what's been happening with xrp if you Consider what Ripple's been putting into The what's considered the circulating Supply would be pretty equivalent Probably anyway well if that's the case Uh what do you think happens when kids Mind you there's like four percent of Humans have ever held Bitcoin way less Than one percent of humans have ever Held xrp and way fewer than that have Ever held Flair what happens when you Have like 10 percent of humans in crypto Are 20 of humans in crypto The multiplier effect for the smaller Cap coins obviously it's completely more Outrageous So you see what I'm getting at here Right if demand is going to increase Which is absolutely a gigantic part of You know my investment thesis when it Comes to crypto in general wouldn't that Hit this as well Well my bet is yes now that said there Are a lot of moving parts to this this Is a small cap coin it's a minuscule Market cap and Um you know 380 million dollar market That's I mean it's pretty small it's

Pretty small All Things Considered also Early days it's been out a couple months There and it's so much more risky to Hold a new coin like this on top so There's so many uncertaints which is why I said this might be the riskiest crypto Move I've ever made but I was just like I'm just doing it yeah I'm just doing it I still got my xrp I got my everything Else I got my H bar I got my algo I've Got all the other stuff close to 30 Coins I'm fine if this one goes to zero Fine I messed up I made a little oops of Doodles I still think I'm gonna have a Net plus with my crypto experience so I'm not worried in that regard But you know you just you look at this Little market Camp 380 million my God I just I there's so much opportunity There but again the risks yes there Could be a bug in the code and we Discovered that and then it goes to zero Or what if we're actually tricked in It's actually a rug pull what if that Happens that happens in crypto no I Don't think that's that's probable here But it's it's a risk and then what about Utility so utility doesn't sufficiently Matter in 2023 but what about a world Where it does sufficiently matter what Happens then Uh you know is is is is this going to be A blockchain that is adopted in any Important way that would result in it

Continuing to exist in people putting Money into it I don't know I but that's why I said I want exposure I just think from what I've seen from This point the technology seems to work The incentive structure seems to be There and even if it doesn't have Long-term viability decades from now is It going to make it through another Market cycle a few years from now Well that seems more probable at least So we'll see what happens but yeah so This is again I just want to flesh out My ideas on why I've done what I've done Here and some people will agree some People disagree I'm just sharing with You my open honest thoughts on this so Again not telling anyone to do this Because this could go horrifically for Me but I just think it's an interesting Topic and there are so many Um you know heated opinions on this I Just thought I'd kind of share what what My thoughts are because I haven't really Fully fleshed them out ever in any of This but to all the people again one of The most important points that you know The people that say all the all the Tokenomics are awful and the downward Price pressure well the first data point Says that you're wrong on that But again I admit that doesn't make a Trend so maybe the next one happens and Okay

But you know after a few data points you Need at least three to have a trend if We start to see that and be like okay So we'll see I don't know there are so many unknowns I don't know I'm just saying if it go to Zero I'm gonna be okay but if you're Talking about like in my hypothetical Where you're talking about for three You're doing nothing having you have to Start with 250 000 flare tokens and then In in you know by the time the final Flare drop happens three years later you Go from 250 000 to 3.1 million What if what if it's worth six cents or Nine cents or 12 cents or 15 cents or 20 Cents or even what xrp is worth today at Around 44 cents I don't know if that's Going to happen but I am saying that the Flare drops are going to cease at some Point I'm just trying to get mine in the Meantime I'm just going to write it out And we'll see what happens I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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