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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines Mount goau Bitcoin Payout starts today they're saying SCC Recent attack on the xplatform how' it Happen we're going to get into it Iso20022 Swift in the coexisting phase Fed now announces they're going to go All at once and we've got the date for You and ripple is in pole position and What about well you know what somebody Rote that beautiful intro you're going To like this one [Music] [Applause] Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.58 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is off by 6.3% in the last 24 Hours currently falling like a manhole Cover from the sky 38,600 Plus for Bitcoin 2,100 Plus for ethereum tether Market cap 94.8 billion plus xrp is at 50 cents and just moments ago was at 49 Cents I don't like it either but off by 5% in the 24hour and off by 12.7 on the 7 day look at the range of price like I Said just not long ago 49 cents 53 at The top we're at 50 keep keep an eye on It remember the technical analyst said We could see a dip all the way down the

39 Cent range uhhuh head on a swivel out Here if you want the big gains you got To be able to deal with the big losses And we've all been here for almost five Years of a crypto winner four and a half Years plus I could tell you one thing And it's not Financial advice I damn Sure ain't leaving now hell let me just Be clear and say this what I have have Been waiting for it to happen for ripple The company and xrp the digital asset And this space broadly for token Projects that actually have use Case Utility hasn't even taken place yet That's how early we Are so regardless of all the cancel Culture out here and crypto Twitter Police and all these other people that Tell us that we don't have the right to Talk about four five digit xrp CU I Can't take it Grow up you Know imagine if you let me I I I I want To I want to share This imagine if you had a kid that told You as a little child that that child Says Dad when I grow up Mom when I grow Up I'm going to be President and then your response is no You're not you're not even in the first Grade yet you're not allowed to talk About being presid president you just Need to go clean your Room and focus on doing that

Right imagine telling your kids Something like that just smashing the out of their dreams just imagine That what kind of person would do that Well the kind of person would do that a Loser right and the pain of the loss That they've suffered in their life is So great they now want to bestow it on Their own Children You don't have the right to talk about It my question is let's look at another Example very quickly here in this down Market imagine all of these influencers Out here to get so pissed off that you Talk about four and five digigit xrp was It okay to talk about four and five Digigit Bitcoin when it was 50 Cents or would some of these cancel Culture out here in the Influencing world would they be the ones Telling everybody when Bitcoin was 50 Cents stop that stop it right now you Don't have the right to talk about that Because I can't stomach It it's guy's not even a dollar yet look If you scared say you scared everybody's Got a different threshold you obviously Know where mine Is I'm here I've done the work and you Know the other thing is too When you've gone and accomplished some Things in your life you understand that You're

Accomplishment is what people see what They don't see is the journey and Lessons of failure that you've learned Along the way that got you to that place Of success and the fact that you didn't Let other people's know Define You I know somebody out here needed to Hear that today so I'm just saying it Link to ladies and gentlemen I tell you About this all the time I'm going to Tell you Way my pop Robert would God Rest his soul I talk to you too I got Tears in my eyes big as horse turds and You still don't listen to Me we were always kidding around with Each other he was such a good guy but I Tell you you know I do tell you about This all the time it is the best private Equity in the world all you have to do Is sign up register to get started Circle uphold Ripple I mean think look Listen to the list of these companies Link to is said they plan on going Public hopefully this year Circle has Filed to go public and you could still Buy the private equity on this platform I don't know what else to tell you right There I could I'm gonna stop right there Click the link to the sponsor underneath The video before it's Gone Mount goau truste is getting ready To start repayments of Bitcoin and bit Cash the mount gox is EXP expected to Repay its creditors 142,000 And1 Bitcoin

And 143,000 Bitcoin cash by October 2024 the Market's already bleeding Heavily so you're getting ready to see a Lot of people that have been waiting for Many many many years for their Bitcoin Off of that [Music] Platform the SEC provides an update on The recent X hacking victim of a Sim Swap attack and I'm not going to play The whole thing but certainly sounds Like I'm curi an Exchange Commission Providing update on the hack that led to An unauthorized tweet saying Bitcoin ETFs were approved when in fact we know They weren't Jennifer shanberg has the Very latest Jennifer hey Josh yeah That's right that hack causing major Confusion over whether the the SEC had Actually greenlighted a spot Bitcoin ETF And now we are learning new information From the SEC apparently just two days After that hack the SEC determined According to its phone carrier that an Unauthorized party had gain control of The sec's phone number associated with That X account and what is called a Sim Swap attack Sim swapping is a technique Used to transfer a person's phone number To another device without approval Allowing that unauthorized person to Begin receiving texts associated with The number Access and there you have it And that is a terrible attack I've been

Through Sim swap attacks before it's Horrible but the reality is here is they Didn't have two-factor verification on The account they undid it because Multiple people needed access to it so It was a pain in the ass essentially Right so they undid the two-factor Verification so everybody could easily Get into the account and lo and Behold that's when they were ha Look as much as I share this for the Hypocrisy of the SEC to claim that They're protecting all of us and they Can't even protect their own social Media accounts that's one side of it the Other side of it here is for me is that Look we're all potential victims to Hackers don't mess around don't wait to Have to touch the stove to find out it's Hot yourself let's all learn the lesson From what happened here get very Pro Proactive about what you can do to put Protections in place for yourself and Your security online and on your phone All right let's get into this very Quickly here uh we know Swift is talking About ISO uh 20022 adoption is creating Exciting new opportunities for payment Providers and customers and they go on To talk about all the many different Things that are happening I want to set This up to remind you don't forget that We are already in the coexisting phase According to

Swift Iso20022 transition has already Begun it started March 23 last year we Run to November 2026 so the rails are running side by Side not my opinion that's what Swift Said right successfully began on March 2023 making important Milestone Global Pay industry the standard for crossb Payments Ripple is a part of the ISO Standards body committee what else do we Need to See because this is the kind of stuff I Need to remind myself of when it hits 49 Cents Yes the information is There but the asset has not been tapped Into to the degree that we've learned The information that it will be or the Plans for it to be another reminder here Talking about fed now in Iso20022 critical component of fed now Service they announced that it will be Implemented all at once on March 10th 2025 and to go even further from the Pcbb more than 70 countries have already Adopted Iso20022 such as China India Japan and Switzerland and cryptocurrencies just Like Ripple which is xrp hadera Iota Quant Stellar xdc alaran have already Done what they need to we know Ripple is Already on the board of standard body Committee for iso20022 this is why we're

At 49 because this is not being used in The full manner around around the planet Where digital assets can play a role Like stable coins cbdcs Bridge Currencies and Bridge assets like xrp Xlm Xdc right this is a reminder that Ripple Is in the poll Position annual transactions 2.3 billion 58 countries Ripple net is Active no there isn't another project in The digit Ripple in the pole position to be able To serve where we're Going like this because now the Depository trust Clearing Corporation Digital assets because they bought Securency and rebranded it will tokenize Their entire clearing orders to the tune Of $2.5 quadrillion dollar remember one Quadrillion Is 1,000 Trillion xrp is set to process markets In the quadrillions and how do we know That how do we know that that's that's Accurate well the depository trust for One is a member of isda as we've covered And so is Ripple labs in case anybody's Not been with us to know that part and Securency was acquired by the depository Trust Clearing Corporation rebranded is Digital Assets and it says clearly here that Securency protocol can be utilized on

Ethereum Stellar Ripple EOS and other Distributed ledgers some would say That's a hell of a barometer if you Wanted to figure out use Case utility Tokens to be involved In not Financial Advice Ripple joint is the alongside R3 To help settle 1.2 quadrillion which is Now totaled at 2.5 quadr drillion who's The conspiracy theorist now but remember It's 49 cents we're not allowed to talk About This imagine if you were on a football Team and in training camp you're not Allowed to get excited about I want to Go to the Super Bowl you're not allowed To talk about That these are losers these people who Think this way they've never had the Ability in their life to celebrate an Accomplishment ever if they think this Way and not too long from now it looks To me from the T leaves I'm seeing that All those and Dum Dums are Getting ready to be on the wrong side of History that's what's getting ready to Happen and it won't be the first time That they've been There Ripple joins is the over one Quadrillion dollars is actually 2.5 we know that dtcc bought securency Rebranded as digital assets utilizes EOS Stellar Ripple ethereum and other Protocols even talk about the idea that

The world may prefer a currency That No One controls over the current model That's in place now but it can still Allow the US dollar to be dominant and Relevant in the manner that it is but it Will also deal with the spillover shocks Of other countries who do not want to Continue to use the US dollar instead Their local Currency what I see moving into place is Not only the new system but the measures That need to happen to set up for the Spillover shocks of moving to a new System damn right write that Down now it's time for us you know where We're going we're going into the freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen And today we are going to cover climate Control the next form of government Tyranny is fully in play and you're About to witness it inside the freedom Zone I hope you'll join us inside of There just tell them I said come on in Click the link dig perspectives. comom We'll see you in the freedom Zone we're Getting started right Now


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