Ripple/XRP-Govt Officials Recognize We Need a Neutral Bridge Asset,BoEngland/Ripple 2023, FTX Case

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines new cbdc pilot for Ripple and Bank of Bank of England and Ripple news you're going to want it it's Recent and how about this could the Current climate we're in right now and The geopolitical stage be pushing the World and the United States towards a Neutral Bridge asset one guy thinks so And you're going to hear it today Somebody rolled that beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now 1.08 Trillion market cap for cryptocurrency The market is off by 1.3% Bitcoin 26,800 Plus 1500 plus for ethereum tether Market cap is 83.5 billion right now xrp Is 48 cents at the moment and it's off By 1.3 on the 24 hour and off by over 8% On the seven day what is going on I Don't know at the moment but I can tell You this I trust Capital what I do know Is the best crypto Ira on the planet Gold and silver 2 and you can get in There get your own back office and by The way I know a lot of people that are Transitioning in their jobs right now They got to roll over are 41k you can do That right here with it trust very Easily all you have to do is click the

Link below because the only thing better Than buying crypto is buying taxfree Crypto that's what I do in my IRA you Can do it too click the link to my Sponsor oh boy let's start right here This is two minutes you're going to want Every single bit of here I tell you the SPF trial let's not forget that people Were harmed in this thing but this thing Has got the makings of a best seller Book or movie what a mess this was and We're about to find out just how Tangled It was and by the way why was none of This discovered by the VC's investing in FTX why was none of this Unearthed by The due diligence of Gary gendler who Met with Sam bankman fraud in his office At the SEC more than once and why was The FTX comp awarded a dealer's license On top of it with the mess that you're About to hear uncovered this is Remarkable the depth of problems and Corruption inside of this company take a Listen okay here we are Matthew Russell League Inner City Press here during a Break in the San B free trial and it's Been a doozy it's been a doozy carollyn Ellison on this on the stand today October 11th um and it finally got into To the Chinese bribes now this is a Count that the Bahamas has put on Ice Said that they didn't agree to it when He was uh when he was extradited and it Seems like the the the C might go away

Except that it was brought in today to Show Motive method knowledge and here Essentially is what it consists of a Million dollars of n ftxs investment Capital was frozen in China as part of a Money laundering investigation they Wanted to get it out there was a guy Called Mr ma working for DX he tried to Get a lawyer over there no they tried to Get a lawyer over there it didn't work Mr ma had another solution and the Solution ended up involving bribes to Chinese government officials to the tune Of $100 million through accounts in the Name of Thai prostitutes yes it's true This case has it all so there were Multiple except um objections by um Bankman Freed's Council Mr Mark Cohen And judge Kaplan agreed to a number of Them but then came back with a Curative Instruction or a limiting instruction That these were not being offered for The proof now what's interesting is that Mentioned more than once during Miss Ellison's Chinese bribery testimony was Sam truko her co- CEO at Alam truko um Saying did did did uh handy another Employee did Handy's father turn Us in Over there in China and SP SPF Responding law so truko was absolutely Involved in this alleged violation of The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act so Those wondering where is Mr truko this Is a charge that the Bahamas can't make

Go away an American citizen was today Named in federal court with the Knowledge of the sdny prosecutors as Having been involved in a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violation with China involving $100 million of bribery Money so the question is what happens Next well we're here inner city we've pointed out similar Corruption at the United Nations but now We're looking into this one Intercity crypto creeps to be continued Well I tell you first of all shout out To Inner City Press for that and shout Out to Mr huar for this comment 100 Million in bribes for all Chinese Government officials that's only 6.66 Times the amount the director William Henman $15 million Financial incentive That he had and was instructed by the SEC that he could not accept or deal With but did anyway uh I believe that's What Charles Hosk says is not a bribe But calls it just receiving Money oh boy then there's this shout out To Jay Hunter Anson here as we finalize Our Pala stablecoin pilot report and Plann for the next phase today's Forbes Article expertly summarizes the crucial Lessons from palo's Journey for other Nations possibly considering cbdc and Stable coin adoption now the article Wouldn't open but wanted to share this Because there is going to be a next

Phase and we can't wait to find out Exactly what that is hopefully Forbes Will get that proper article posted soon For us this is a reminder here last week It was announced that Ripple gets Another partner in the cbdc project with The National Bank of Georgia in a Trillion doll industry shout out to them Remember there's so many more that we Don't even know about yet and then There's this from flipped a chain this Is global banks are aligned and working On Direction and Regulators for faster Payments NPA UK director Shane Warman Bank of England guiding NPA Ripple has Involvement with ripple Bank of England Paper I'm going to show it to you in a Second but listen to what he says here Let's start off with with something Simple just explain to us what the mpa Will do and what it benefits are so look The mpa is a payment system uh in the UK Uh the UK was was the first country to Have a real-time payments solution that Was about 2008 uh it needs to be it Needed to be updated there was a process That was run a number of years ago about Eight years ago with the Regulators uh Where they identified a number of Changes that need to be made to it to Modernize it and one of those things That they the way in order to deliver That they decided the best way to do That would be to effectively build a new

System so that's what it is it's a part Of the wider payment underpins the Payments ecosystem in the UK so wise pay Uh UK doing this now uh and why is the Mpa MPA needed would you say well the Reason why we're doing it now is because The Regulators have told us we have to Um so that's that's that's the case for Change and it is the right thing to do So as I said the the faster payments Which is the name of the current Realtime payment solution in the UK is About 18 years old or 15 to 18 years old Um it when it was you know the world has Changed the the the world has changed You know we've moved to ISO as a Messaging standard it doesn't support ISO um if you look at the growth in Volumes we need yeah we need a faster we Need a faster solution we need something That supports interoperability globally So yeah that's that's why it's happening Now now is the right time to make the Change to create you know the system of The future and there you have it right There and shout out to Shane Warman for That and the great questions from the Interviewer and here is the document Bank of England shared here uh look I Want to bring you down into this and Show you exactly where we are I know I Have it one second I will find it for us And here we go right here and this is Obviously a recent document from 2023

Still highlighting the crossborder Synchronization joint project with Ripple demonstrating synchronized FX Transactions in two different simulated Rtgs systems can be achieved you know This hasn't gone away this has been a Manye old experiment that is still being Cited as very relevant today and that is Extremely exciting understand what Shane Warman is saying they are from the bank Of England so with that being said let's Take a look at what's going on with Swift huge announcement on Swift website And it says here everyone's focus should Be the big go live of November 2023 read it right here everyone's focus Should be on test in there is only September to Mid November to prepare Before the big go live date of 20 November there you have that and it says Here let and this is all based on uh the Iso2 two 202 uh format at the start of Coexistence phase which we are currently In now less than 1% of that is expected To carry Rich data elements with no Signs of increases through the first of Year of Co existence so we are in that Coexistence phase and if you remember Victoria Cleland from the bank of England told us that there would be a Coexistence phase a few years ago and That the systems would run parallel to One another because there would be a big Bang cut over which is what this sounds

Like and the two systems would run Simultaneously side by side and parallel In case something were to go wrong they Could revert back to the traditional Payment rails is currently being used so This is extremely exciting to see where All of this is going now with that being Said temper it all that's England and The rest of the world we're talking About so far this is the United States Government now Elizabeth Senator Warren Is saying here uh calling on the US Government to reconsider its decision to Impose a two-year delay on crypto tax Rules well if you go into this she Doesn't want us to see this pushed off Well we don't either but the only Problem with Elizabeth Warren is that She doesn't like crypto so whatever she Wants to do in a hurry she wants it to Be damaging to crypto is the problem she Says we're alarmed by the self-inflicted Two-year delay for rules implementation Which would contravene the requirements Of bipartisan infrastructure investment Of jobs act a disadvantage law abiding Americans it says here Warren further uh Asserts that the delay will result in US Government Miss out on billions of Dollars in Revenue all of a sudden this Sounds a little bit bullish but we all Understand in this space that Elizabeth Warren is not a fan of crypto she's Absolutely doing the representation of

The financial institutions here so what Could it all mean well I remind you of This it won't take long take a listen to Her just less than a year ago pressing The under treasury secretary to the US Treasury Nelly leang about Fock stepping in and taking a role Against stable coin risk which I have Said if Congress doesn't do it fso can Do it without congress's approval but What would it look like is the big Question take a listen the president's Working group on financial markets Recently identified a long list of risks Posed by stable coins run risk payment System risk concentrated economic power Illicit Finance investor protection or To state that in slightly fancy uh less Fancy terms it found that stable coins Run the risk of helping cheaters steal People's money financing terrorism Cyber Attack ransoms and the drug trade Causing a run on the financial system Like we saw in 2008 and allowing big Stable coin users to dominate markets And harm consumers Now secretary Lang do you agree that These kinds of risks mean that stable Coins are not just an emerging threat to Our financial system but a threat that Could become systemic if this Market Continues to grow Rapidly so Senator Warren thank you for The question so I do think there is some

Urgency to considering stable coins and Applying the appropriate regulations to Reduce run risk And the potential for them to scale up Quickly so are you just let me remind You what my question is do they pose the Threat of becoming a systemic risk of Becoming a systemic risk yes yes there's The answer right there and then if we go Over to this right here this is Senator Hagerty who says exactly the same thing And ask about epock just take a quick Look tremendous amount of capital is Moving around the globe right now trying To search uh for for a reason there I'd Like to turn my ability for just a Minute my last question uh regarding the Um fx's ability to address um Designating Financial Market Utilities is systemically important Under tile later the do Frank act if you Were to take this market and address Address the utilities here as as Systematically important um the stable Coin Market is much smaller than many of The systemically important Financial Market utilities how would you go about Making this determination and and would This be the first time that such a Designation been made under title 8 um yes and there it is another yes and I'm showing you this and even though This is talking about stable coins think Of it for a moment Brian Brooks just

Told us a week or so ago that you could Have stable coins create a revolution From below around the world if you get The Integrity right on St stable coins And create even more demand for the Digital dollar or dollar US dollar as it Were now with that being said I want to Show you this guy this is Luke groman Here has 25 years experience in equity Research and you're about to find out Why we're talking about him here in a Second here and basically a macro uh Thematic analyst in the space and he's Done a lot of really cool things but This is what he said talking about the Current state of where things are on the Geopolitical stage going on with oil and Everything else we're seeing and I want You to hear him say a neutral Bridge Asset will have to be introduced if we Keep moving in the direction we're going And there are top officials in the Government who understand this take a Listen and uh import it from elsewhere To run more deficits to supply the Dollars that's what we do so if we're Actually bringing stuff back Relocalizing that means the global System is changing that means the global Monetary system is changing and if that Is going to continue to happen you have To have a neutral Reserve asset you can No long you can't have both treasuries Be the primary Global Reserve asset

Which means treasuries Remain the Biggest export of the United States and If that is going to continue to happen You have to have a neutral Reserve asset You can no long you can't have both Treasuries be the primary Global Reserve Asset which means treasuries Remain the Biggest export of the United States and Reassure if you want to reassure you Have to move to a neutral Reserve asset This is understood at certain levels in Washington and that's and there it is And this is understood at certain levels In Washington and I believe it is too Remember we talked about Caroline fam From the cftc discussing digital Currencies and she said the conversation And meetings that she's having are Really concerns about a digital money Digital currency becoming in such Demand and not being backed by any Government or state that they see it as A Threat this is the moment we're in Ladies and gentlemen don't believe it It's still true I certainly believe that When you're talking about a neutral Bridge asset I believe xrp has a uh very Very likelihood of growing to serve that Particular position for the world but we Got to get it right we got to get it Right not Financial advice for me or Anyone else it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on

The next One


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