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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you Brian Brooks lands in a new spot we're Going to talk about it visa head pushes Back about crypto you're going to want Every bit of that Brian Armstrong from Coinbase says U.S risk falling behind You're going to want to hear what he has To say and Rosie Rios Ripple advisor Board member is going to talk to us About how the money makes the world go Around and this is more about utility Somebody wrote that beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.12 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto it's off by one and a half Percent good afternoon everybody Bitcoin 23 300 plus right now ethereum 1634 and Change tether market cap 71 plus billion They're saying here 37 cents for xrp It's off by 4.4 percent let's get Started right here because I want to lay This out I haven't talked about this in A while and I want to give it to you This way so let me do that really Quickly here so First of all 2023 is shaping up to be a Year of lost wealth because everybody Feels like the economy is really going From bad to worse I'm inclined to agree

With them And this survey basically right here has Revealed more than half of Americans who Have six bigger incomes are now living Paycheck to paycheck I mean that is Really mind-blowing when you think about It if you think about it on that level Even college educated young people High-paying jobs are struggling to pay For basic stuff rent car payments you Get the rest of it Now combine that with tens of thousands Of people laid off in the last few weeks Alone you can see that here from this Article Jerome Powell now actively trying to Bring labor markets to his screeching Halt which nobody's happy happy with It's pretty hard to feel secure in your Job what's clear is that a financial Storm is brewing and nobody is safe at Least that's how it feels well now if we Look at this we get more sentiment that Speaks to that from Goldman Sachs Saying stock market's basically going Nowhere for the rest of the year so look If you think hedge fund CEOs and Financial Titans are letting their money Just sit and savings accounts and a 60 40 portfolio you could think again Pouring hundreds of millions into assets That aren't necessarily not necessarily Correlated to the stock market because Even if the stock market flat lines this

Year as they expect these low Correlation assets can continue to climb Higher and higher and I'm going to show You evidence of that right now because What am I talking about you guys know I Talk about it I love it it's Masterworks Invest in multi-million dollar paintings Attractive historical price appreciation Buy and sell shares on trading platform Receive proceeds with the painting cells Look at the net annualized track record Here 32 percent on Banksy 378 days held 27 look at this if I go down a little Further just to show you this chart over The last 25 years we know Green is Contemporary Art Masterwork so you tell Me if the numbers are lying Because it looks pretty much like true Bombs are happening right here this is Truth bombs being dropped ladies and Gentlemen comparatively to the s p real Estate in Gold artwork contemporary Artwork over the last 25 years is Outperforming everything And during a time like this you need to Know about it make sure you click the Link underneath the video and see if It's right for yourself Brian Brooks he's got a new home Ace Bar Foundation congratulations to them boy Brian Brooks is a smart one we're Honored to announce that former acting Comptroller of currency in the U.S and Coinbase chief legal officer has joined

Their board Oh My Oh my he will enable us in our Mission to accelerate hedera's ecosystem And establish the trust layer of the Internet how about that ladies and Gentlemen I'm very excited to see Bob Our Brian Brooks's contribution here This is something else that's new and I Told you guys I've been following and I Am going to the mainnet launch in Los Angeles with Bob Ross and Fabio and Reza And the rest of the team there man am I Excited to learn more about this there's Only 26 days left and I'm super excited To find out more but I'll tell you Something else I was shocked about too Look how this was February 16th they had 76 validators and now they're over a Hundred so I'm really looking to learn More and see what's going on in the way Of who's building on it what's happening And I do know stably usds uh stable coin On The xrp Ledger is working with corium Smart contract technology as well that Was extremely promising to me Visa head of crypto pushes back on Claims of cutting off crypto partnership There was an article that came out and It was a Reuters if my memory serves me Correctly I don't even need to go into This because we know Visa bought Currency cloud and Earth port and Everything else they're tied into they Are absolutely going to be using

Distributed Ledger technology blockchain And cryptos that work in the payment Sector for their benefit they know What's coming better than anybody and The Visa head pushes back on exactly That here we have Brian Armstrong from Coinbase as a U.S risk falling behind I Want you to take a listen to this I think new legislation is needed and The reason is that if you look at Americans eighty percent of them feel Like The Current financial system Doesn't work for them you know the fees Are too high the delays are there it Doesn't serve everybody equally and so And it's not surprising by the way you Know the current Financial system is Built on 40 year old technology some of The laws have been around for 100 years Before the internet even existed and so You know my belief is that Cryptocurrency is actually the most Important technology that can help Update the financial system and what's Really cool to see is that actually the User base of crypto you know Advocates Out there there's one in five households In the US are now using crypto they're Actually coming together and starting to Get organized and saying we want to Elect candidates across 435 Congressional districts that will help Create this industry here in America Safely do you think realistically we are

Closer to regulation Becky and I and Joe Were talking about this earlier and you Know it feels like we're closer but also Feels like maybe we're we're just as Behind as we were five years ago yeah Well I've been spending more and more Time in DC and what's great to see is That there is strong bipartisan support For legislative I think everybody saw What happened with FTX and they said Okay we need to make sure there's strong Consumer protection we also recognize That there's Innovation potential here And we don't want this to be like 5G or Something like that you know the Semiconductor industry that got moved Offshore too much we need this to be Built here in America with strong Consumer protection so there's at least Three different groups I'm aware of in DC Senators that are working on Different bills being drafted in various Different forms and you know it's it Takes a lot A Small Miracle anytime Something actually becomes law but I'm Excited to see that there's people who Are passionate about that making that Happen and I think we I think the voters In America want to see that they're Going to elect candidates coming up who Are going to advocate for that what do You tell the Crypt the crypto critics And I'm thinking um Senator Elizabeth Warren she has said the following she

Says we have money laundering rules that Cover Banks and credit unions and stock Brokers and gold dealers and even Western Union but current rules don't Cover big parts of the crypto industry And crypto likes it that way is she Right no that's just simply not true I Mean coinbase is a great example of this I started this company more than 10 Years ago now and I started it in the United States for a reason I believed That this needed to be built here in a Compliant and regulated way so we've Actually been regulated for about 10 Years now I mean we initially sought out Money transmission licenses here in the US because that was the closest thing we Could find to a license that made sense We've since gone beyond that I mean we Got one of the first bit licenses in New York we're regulated by the cftc a Federal regulator here registered with Fincen and by the way that's just in in America so the U.S risks really being Left behind here a little bit you know The rest of the world is actually moving And trying to draw crypto companies in You know London and Singapore and Hong Kong and the financial hubs of the world Are saying we want crypto to be built Here Europe just passed comprehensive Crypto legislation and so the U.S really Risks uh falling behind what do you see Well there you have it and the U.S does

Really risk falling behind but you know What Why don't we come together because Crypto law and John Deaton have been Doing this for years now Think about the hundreds of thousands of People that have used connect to Congress here you know uh I encourage Brian Armstrong to really come together With crypto law and John Deaton we're Stronger together ladies and gentlemen That much I can guarantee you and There's no reason why they can't put Those efforts together and really it you Know I I think just explode the impact Here And by the way I want you to watch this Video here because this video is just Unbelievable when it explains the History of somebody like Gary Gensler And how is it that someone with this Kind of background that you're about to Hear about is allowed to make and craft The direction of the SEC and use Regulation by enforcement to really Create these precedents To control cryptocurrency space take a Listen to this guy's background here It's disturbing Ginza the head of the SEC is someone who Was heavily involved in the Russia hoax In fact he was the guy who helped to Finance the Russia hoax he was the Treasurer of the Clinton campaign back

In 2016 we investigated all of this in 17 and 18. and look we found out that he Was the guy who made the payments to a Law firm who then moved it on to Fusion GPS I think all of your viewers know That story now that I mean just on on That alone right if that look I'm I Don't care about either side of the Aisle I just care about if somebody's Obviously you know not above board they Gotta go that's why I always say just Vote out whoever's in there just keep Fresh people moving through right Because there's something about power in Humans right when they get they get Access to Power Man some some you know It's just like they say about sheriffs You know a badge changes a man you know What I mean it's you know maybe it just Reveals them so I don't know but take a Listen Now look how can a guy who I Investigated who clearly funded a Dossier to Target Donald Trump Donald Trump owns owns true social as I think Most people know how can that guy be in Charge of this but look just to go even Deeper if you want to go know how deep This gets It happens to be that Peter struck who We also investigated who was the FBI Man In Charge who actually investigated the The Russia hoax and helped to create the Russia hoax in many in many ways and it

Was ultimately fired from the FBI his Wife also is one of the top people at The SEC now look we've asked simple Questions why are these people involved How can they possibly be Unbiased I look and I think that speaks To whether it's the right side of the Aisle left side of the hour it doesn't Matter right you know this kind of Incestuous private government public Relationships Something needs to be done okay and Maybe it's me at 51 and well of course I've always believed it was this way who Am I kidding but the reality is is that When you get older it just becomes more Apparent that of just how Disturbing all of this connections and How the government really runs is not The way you're taught in civics class in School that much I can guarantee you I've witnessed it firsthand myself Then there's disgrace Discrete Bill Morgan boy we're getting Right here from Rosie Rios don't you go A place you can be sorry if you leave Now He says this is what Regulators must Target deliberate frauds and scams Instead of the sec's Judgment Motion in The Ripple case and the SEC uses against Ripple the fact that Ripple relies on to Claim it has been a good Steward of xrp In trying to show the Howie test applies

I completely agree it's like you know Why are all of these the ftxs of the World allowed to continue allowed to to Go on right and speaking of which that's What reminded me of this because I I Actually tagged it Bill agreed Just like the fire token uh uh rug pull Or scam or whatever its technical word Is Why is something not being done here by The SEC You know I would love it if a legal Analyst in this space is interested in Finding out more I try to connect you With the multiple people that have sent Me just nightmarish stories about the Money they have lost and how they've Been hurt It's horrible it's absolutely despicable We'll see what happens Now we're about to hear from Rosie Rios But I want to remind people here that John Deaton has said very clearly and I Think he's spot on here And I'm speaking outside of the case and I believe if my memory serves me Correctly so is John Dean Outside of the SEC versus Ripple case we Will not get regulatory Clarity but for The Fort before the first quarter of 2025. best case scenario is likely the Summer of 2025. this is a fact not an Opinion a well-organized adequately Funded and strategic campaign is a must

That's why I point to the Brian uh Armstrong video from coinbase and the Reason that I believe that he needs to Get much closer with John Deaton and Unite his money in backing with what John Deaton has already gotten done There could be an enormous an enormous Leap for uh getting attention to these Issues with those two coming together I Just think it could be remarkable now The moment you've been waiting for it's Rosie Rios I want you to hear all of This she's going to start off talking About you know the importance of fsoc Financial stability oversight Council And then goes on to talk about Ripple Xrp and about how it is important will Be used and the utility is really what We're talking about these days and boy Do we know that xrp's got it in Spades Take a listen Directs and coordinated action across Agencies to mitigate illicit financing Promote safe and affordable financial Services and explore yes a U.S Central Bank digital currency now you may know That over 80 percent of developed Countries right now are looking at a Central bank digital currency it will Happen and it will happen in the U.S but Is absolutely going to take some time as You know things don't happen very very Quickly especially when it comes to the Central bank now they are taking this

Very very seriously the U.S currency is A world Reserve currency so it is Important for them to get this right but I guess my my point to that would be I Wouldn't hold your breath anytime soon It is going to take a considerable Amount of time because it is a world Reserve currency it's accepted Everywhere before the the Federal Reserve actually decides to back a Central bank digital currency it Absolutely will take some time so over The past year the agencies across the Government have worked together to Develop Frameworks and policy Recommendations that Advance the six Priorities identified in that executive Order The financial stability oversight Council which is Secretary of the Treasury chairs published a report just This last October that examined the Potential Financial stability Implementations a crypto asset Activities as you know crypto has been In the news time and time again and I Just want to share that I am on the Board of Ripple Ripple is xrp and so When people ask me the question why did You join the board of Ripple I joined The board of Ripple because xrp serves a Purpose it's a function that facilitates Cross-border payments it's not some Store of value kind of arbitrary uh uh

Value that is not pegged to anything This is actually what legitimate Financial institutions use specifically For cross-border payments so instead of Days and dollars it's seconds and cents And that is the future in my opinion and Again this is this is a function so this Utility piece when it comes to crypto is Very very important again There's no doubt in my mind That digital assets are becoming Mainstream absolutely no doubt and for Me it is that underlying technology That's important it is blockchain so of Course we all know what blockchain is And blockchain is not going away anytime Soon in my opinion it absolutely is the Future of Commerce whether it is real Estate whether it is Art whether it is Uh nfts it is absolutely here to stay And so it's very very important for the Administration to get this right it will Take some time and obviously what we Experience with FTX is just the Beginning unfortunately the FTX debacle Really put the antenna up the radar up On what to expect in the future and I Think there's going to be a lot more Caution and look you know we shouldn't Let one person Uh and and what has been considered kind Of an unregulated Um industry take the fall for everyone Um this this is you know there in every

Industry whether you're regulator or not There will always be bad actors but Unfortunately by the way that bad actor Was issued a broker-dealer's license From what I believe to be another bad Actor at the SEC Gary Gensler keep Listening in this case because crypto is Still very nascent it'll absolutely kind Of pause a lot more in terms of how to Approach this the right way as you heard The minister say there's no doubt in my Mind That Innovation should not be stymied by Regulation absolutely not but there is a Way that in my in my opinion that Regulators can work hand in hand with The private sector it has to happen Early it has to happen very very early If you heard me speak this morning at The um the Leadership Council I talked About how important it is for the Conversations that happen early and Often and they have to sustain Themselves And so you know for me it's it's I Stayed in the administration as long as I did for eight years because I want to Make sure that those conversations as a Senior government official start and Continue through and that's very Important in any Administration is to Have that stability and that consistency And that's what I think it's going to Take for the crypto Market in this case

You know digital Assets in general to Really take hold but I do think there is A path forward I do think there was a path forward and I do think it is going to take again a Lot of patience with the private sector But I also think it's going to take a Lot of interaction with the private Sector and again from my perspective That utility utility is going to the is Going to be the key not just about Perceived value that's going to be up And down based on some arbitrary Floating values utility is going to be a Big part of this and I do think again Because a lot of this Innovation is Generating the job that's gonna that It's going to take for this recovery to Be on track that the the administration Needs to continue to invest in this not Pull back but invest further invest the Time and care that's going to take for The right regulations the right bills to Be introduced and again how these how These assets can be utilized to benefit All of Main Street not just the Investors but the users themselves and I Still will continue to play a very a Very pivotal role in this I am Absolutely engaged again not just on the Private sector side but on the policy Side and it is my commitment moving Forward because in my opinion money does Make the world go around but this is

Really more about jobs this is more About utility and this is more about the Future of Commerce and how we think About using technology in a responsible Way thank you and there you have it and Shout out to plan xrp for that clip Originally and crypto Dem presented it To me you know uh what I heard in there Were important points where she Distinguishes between Speculation up and down volatility and Real utility and use case of something Like xrp which makes me wonder Ultimately how does this shake out in a Court in this ruling with the SEC versus Ripple we don't know I'm speculating who Knows we'll wait we'll see it shouldn't Be far away it is March it could be any Day not Financial advice or me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives


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