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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we have for you here we got Conferences we got Ripple swell we got Sccc versus Congress wants to cut Gary's Pay we'll tell you to what and what About xrp price in this pullback here Well we've got some technical analysts That have quite the take and I think You're going to like it somebody wrote a Beautiful [Music] Intro [Applause] Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.37 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is off by 7% Bitcoin 34,700 700 plus right now and $1,878 in change for ethereum tther Market cap is $85 5.7 billion plus and Back at the number five spot we expected This to float back and forth a little Bit here xrp at 68 cents right now it's Off by 3.6 on the correction here in a Pullback uh in the 24hour but we're Still up by 13.5% on the 7 day go xrp the range of Price very quickly here 7315 is the top and the bottom is 6682 is where we're at on the range of

Xrp price currently sitting at 6884 that's where we're at now let's get Started oh and I want to remind you too If you haven't join the freedom Zone Ladies and gentlemen click the link Underneath the video or go to dig Perspectives. comom right here dig Perspectives. comom and click Freedom Zone and join us inside because today We're going to be talking about the Greatest fraud ever perpetrated on Mankind you are going to want to know it And it's not crypto We can't talk about it out here social Media they'll they'll cut you off They'll silence you like they did the Goat we can't have it but you know what Look at what's going on here we know Brad garlinghouse uh is going to be at The DC fintech week and so is Gary Gendler here what I love about this is What Brad garlinghouse said in response To this which is every year I look Forward to DC fintech week everyone from The public to private participants in One room discussing and sometimes Debating the substantive issues with no Holes B wondering a proverbial cage Match see you on Wednesday and then off To Ripple swell so and don't forget Michael West Bar is also on there former Ripple advisor former US Treasury member Architect of the Dodd Frank act and that Bir the financial stability oversight

Council as you can know so as you Probably know but then Michael novag Grats will be there too to I wonder if They'll ask him if he was doing insider Trading when he purchased eth in that Unregistered Ico that' be a great Question wouldn't It then we have this United States Lawmaker is seeking to significantly Reduce the salary of Securities Exchange Commission Gary gendler to just $1 this Is coming from a representative out of Tennessee I believe it is and you know What I love the energy and I love the Thought behind it now we know that Gary's worth over a hundred million Dollars so that's probably not going to Affect him or stop him but at least it Is a start to doing something what I Want to know is is how come we haven't Seen the subpoenas from Congress where's That at where is it I haven't heard the Secc coughing up any documents so where Is it then there's this we got Ripple Swell going on November 8th through 9th Let's just take a look at some of this Here that wrath of common breaks down You're going to want to know it and We'll move quickly through here so uh on Thursday of swell innovating uh for the Inevitable we will see Ripple head of Carbon speaking with Zane carbon credits On The xrp Ledger and CEO of tog a Turkish electric car manufacturer now I

Want to say about zaye if you don't Remember if you're new to the scene Zange is actually a platform working in Conjunction with the United Nations and Is built on The xrp Ledger for carbon Credits and other things so very very Positive and exciting there now tog has Cur created a Mobility ecosystem for his Vehicles where you can track everything Says we're designing more than a smart Car what we are building is an open Mobility ecosystem that is Interconnected interoperable with others Believing blockchain to be the central To their product in January tog signed Ripple property Medico for custody as The first Mobility company with digital Asset wallets the product uses Avalanche C chain but what about xrp P the system Provides Bank grade Securities for users And it says here access to smart device Passport service history valuable part Tracking carbon footprint and emission Records insurance claims and supply Chain authentication via Smart contracts Now one has to wonder when you see this Carbon footprint in emissions does my Car stop running will it not start if I've already hit a number for the month And driving I don't know it's stuff we Have to be concerned about something to Think think about yeah the product used Avac for smart contracts but given the Conversation about sustainability at

Swell and the two xrp Ledger carbon Credit Partners tog might also involve Xrp Ledger for carbon credits if not Other data so we'll see what happens to That and then significant to not Something similar has been developed Independently at the aftermarket is Brash Labs called whips this is built on The xrp Ledger and each day they get Closer to a public demo maybe we'll see More about that at the conference as Well and then conclusion tog using avax Or smart contracts is using Ripple Property Medico for custody and speaking At well about sustainability along with Two other Ripple carbon credit speakers Something to look for this week and Remember carbon credits whether we like This or not is coming in a very very big Way and by the way very quickly here Let's all send some prayers out to uh Darren Moore here who's in the hospital Right now not feeling so good has either A hernia obstruction or a bow Obstruction he says here but uh Darren We are wishing for a very speedy and Full recovery for you my friend no doubt About that so make sure we say a thing Or two for Darren when you get a second And then there's this this is big boy I Tell you if this doesn't let you know Where Ripple's headed here Ripple is Advertis look at this crypto means Business it is insane this is amazing

Big beautiful new Ripple Advertisement now you know uh company IES don't spend this kind of money if They feel like they're going to be stuck In a quagmire for another year or two Right now there may be open ends of this Case that need to be dealt with and There may even be appeals after the Damages is done because we can't Underestimate the embarrassment level or Lack of embarrassment of the SEC and What the lengths they're willing to go Through to keep us hung up in the in the Legal system I've often said that I Would expect a legal dog leash to be Connected to Ripple and xrp whether it's Through appeals or some other measure Because it's so very important what We're watching is the first Non-government non-state backed money Xrp be introduced inside of the Financial system for the financial System the settlement of derivatives and Crossb payments and the like you know The drill right this is not Bitcoin and That's why I would not be surprised Urised to see some kind of legal trouble Hang over the cloud uh or Cloud hang Over uh xrp until it goes probably to The Supreme Court but maybe we get done After damages and maybe we don't see Anything else and maybe I'm just being Extra cynical and it will be truly over We we'll see but the reality is I I

Think that's probably the best angle for The government certainly the US Government knowing that the US dollar is Really what they want to worry about That nothing challenges the strength of The US dollar dominance and I think in This case if the US government gets this Right I've said this multiple times I Want to say it again I believe that the Next move is to bring the Ledger and the Things tokenized and represented as Reserves on The Ledger from all Different areas of the economy can Provide the underpinning and support of The US dollar in the future and and not The Petro dollar here we see Team Ripple And Medico uh regulation in Decentralized World Singapore fintech Festival November 15th through the 17th Steuart Alara and Raul advani will be There from Ripple and we will also see Uh Donahue there from Medico so look uh You know you don't get to sit in these Things and just like DC F fintech week With Brad garlinghouse if you're not a Solution right that's just the reality Here and let's talk about the effects of What we're looking at very quickly here This is a clip of Raul pal doing an Interview here on OSF and I want you to Hear what he says about 10 billion Moving into Bitcoin and how important it Is to understand that it's bigger than The 10 a 10 billion number as an

Arbitrary example take a quick listen to This clip as well yeah so how I'm Thinking about this as well is like we Know about the ETF looks like you know I Would give it like a 75% chance Something like that so it's it's pretty Certain let's say they inject 10 billion Of new liquidity into Bitcoin how risk Markets work and again you understand This because you've always traded the Riskier end of the markets you know Traditional markets is the money that Goes in Here gets recycled and goes down the Risk curve and10 billion do in Bitcoin Is very different than10 billion dollar In salana because the market couldn't Take it but so it it creates this whole Exponential move that's what he's Talking about so the awareness and the Money pouring into something like a spot Bitcoin ETF right that would actually bring what He's saying massive moves in the smaller Tokens in the market because of the Awareness that investors want to bring Money in here and because of the Positioning as the other gentleman goes On to say in here That you see people that have been Holding Bitcoin and ethereum primarily In their portfoli start saying hey wait A minute the real opportunity here is in These other alt coins right and he even

Highlights the fact that there's other Coins with Clarity he doesn't say xrp But we all know that it is it is the Only digital asset with legal Clarity in The United States of America now Bitcoin And xrp have regulatory Clarity together But the only asset that has legal Clarity is in fact xrp write that down Well let's take a look at this because We're going to look at a couple Different technical analysts here and One of them is one of our favorite edrag Crypto right here and says delve into a Comprehensive analysis of xrp's current Trends with detail post and now if you Look at this very quickly here it goes Into this and says consider this if xrp Is priced at $1 and experiences a 1,000% Surge resulting in a 10x increase the Price will hit $10 however if xrp begins At 50 cents and achieves the same 10x Increase it will be $5 the percentage Gain remains consistent however the Starting price is the key to achieving Higher price goals what a great point And a reminder that is to all of us so If we're at 68 cents and then it taxes We're going to be at $680 right so there There there's the point in that but I Also want to show this because we have a Couple things and then we're going to Look at a different Trader and he's a This next person we're going to look at After this is a Traer so uh xrp 7 to 12%

Dance now this is interesting too Because xrp targets tend to overshoot by 7 to 12% offering both a blessing and a Curse I discussed this on October 25th And if you check out the shot he says That's why 58 cents has been and Still Remains my rock solid resistant price Because the logic behind my thinking is Simple xrp consistently dances within a 7 to 12% range above its support or Resistance levels so looking down there You can see the Silver Lining is that This overshooting occurs during price Surges but the downside is is that it Also takes place during market downturns Now we are having a bit of a retracement So you want to keep an open mind is what Is being really shared here take a look At the chart for 65 Cent level we're Currently at 68 on the markets right now In the charts where it overshot by a Whopping 12% for a smoother ride in the Short term I believe xrp should retest The breakout but don't forget about the 7 to 12% so even though we could come Back and test the 65% range don't forget That that 7 to 12% means we may not Quite touch it or it may go 7 to 12% Below that actual price point right that Resistance or support so make sure you Really keep that in mind but here is Somebody who has not been favorable or a Fan of XR RP which may make this pretty Valid because they're not someone that

Really believes in xrp's use right and It's this guy it's crypto sniper give Him a follow make sure you subscribe you Know what I'll subscribe to crypto Sniper right now and let's hear what he Says because he's going to tell you $16 plus for xrp for the next Bull cycle Take a listen quite a reasonable bounce Xrp is one of the key star tokens at the Moment um you can see in the last 7 days It's up 23% so it's left you know the 49's Etc and it definitely warrants Watching and we've said to many of you That this guy is going to be uh the one You're going to need to watch and uh and It's status it's going to be utilized For these Central Bank digital tokens And if you're invested in it that's a Good thing that's our take it doesn't Mean it's a good thing for all of us in Terms of our freedom so we've Highlighted before that this structure Is a squeeze higher structure this is The dominance chart I'll be going over To the dollar chart in a fair bit xrp is Back and in the running and you will get Your opportunity to make good beans that Was a triggering event that was very Positive and you pull back into your Funnel this target however is someway up You see it up top there let's get the Percentage 6.64 you were Downs at 1 and A half we've been we've had an outside 6.64 Target waiting for this one for a

While fizzled back after doing it small Hvf that's on the dollar let's go take You to that dollar chart so that you can See that um so here we go and now you're On 71% and let's show you on the bigger Time frame we're going to need a second Week maybe a Third again this should be viewed in a Log scale so what have we said before We've said and we still say that this Will go to $677 $16.77 and it should overshoot that but You should get a 1677 on the next boom Market out of uh Xrp how about that now this guy I've Heard him speak before again he is not a Fan I mean you even heard him talk in There is it's not so good for your Freedom I don't think he completely Understands that it's a bridge asset Right and it actually can insulate you From things like a digital Yuan from China so may actually help you hold on To your freedom right so but Nevertheless I digress but if this guy's Got a negative outlook on xrp he's Trading the charts solely right so uh it Doesn't mean that he's going to be right And it's not Financial advice from me Him or anyone else right but the reality Is is this tells me I really like the Fact when somebody doesn't have a Favorable outlook on xrp sees a $16 plus

Xrp in his future now whether that comes To be is another question but I like it All right now here's where we look at The freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen we Are going to discuss what cannot be Discussed on social media or YouTube it Is the greatest fraud on the perpetrated On mankind don't believe it it's still True click dig perspectives. comom or The link underneath and join the freedom Zone for next to nothing and by the way If you join the freedom Zone you will Also get a discount on xrp Las Vegas 2024 and now it's time for for us to Head into the freedom zone I'll catch All of you on the next One


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