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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel question for you how many Times have you heard me say that I Firmly believe that even if things go Horrifically long wrong for xrp in the United States let's say it's just Outright band we can't even hold it here In the United States how many times have You heard me say that even if a disaster Scenario like that happens xrp still is A very bright future literally Everywhere else on the planet I've said That so many times no I don't think that Disaster scenario is going to occur but Look at this headline from the crypto Basic Fortune article says Ripple and Xrp could succeed regardless of SEC case Outcome so I'll tell you here even at The outside of the video this is a Mainstream media publication and the Author of this particular article that They're referencing has been covering This since I think this is 2016. so he's Been aware of Ripple and xrp for a long Time has been a skeptic for that entire Time until very recently and now uh this Guy is convinced after being a skeptic For over half a decade based on what he Has learned he he is he's turned from Skeptic into a True Believer of the Technology and he thinks that xrp is Going to be around for the long term now I've I believe that for the longest time Like from from 2017 I I found that

Possibility to be very reasonable and Then the more time passes and the more Adoption occurs the more obvious it is That yeah it really is here to stay and Now it's so entrenched it's just it Couldn't be I couldn't be more convinced At this point compared well compared to How convinced I am to when I jumped in In late 2017 I mean granted I still had A lot to learn even then but you know Getting caught to speed in X you know Half especially in the first half a year I was pretty well caught up to speed It's been since it's a damn time on it Uh I still was optimistic but the amount Of confidence I have now compared to Then even though I was confident back Then it's just on a whole different Level here xrp ain't going nowhere son Even in a disaster scenario but it's Just nice to see somebody who was a Skeptic for over half a decade come Around be like yeah looks like this Actually is a long-term Future No Matter What happens with the SEC case But uh before going further you want to Be clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby

In just four fun and so this article's Covering what was written in here in a Fortune crypto this piece from literally Yesterday was titled Ripple and xrp may Finally be for real and and we are at a Point now or it's like it's not Reasonable to be a skeptic we have real World proof of actual adoption And so he is focusing you know pretty Well on what Ripple is doing with xrp Here but there's additional adoption Which he may not even be aware of Outside of that and all you need for a Crypto to have long-term viability is to Be adopted for one purpose and if people Adopt it broadly for that one purpose Then it's going to stay as long as it's Valuable for that specific purpose now In the case of xrp there are multiple Reasons but he's found this one and he Recognizes that even with Justice one Yes xrp's here to stay And it's just so exciting to be here at This point in time because there's Almost no money and almost no humans Invested in crypto right now something Like four percent of humans have ever Held Bitcoin at any point in their their Entire life that's it about four percent Anyway peace reads is false Roberts Taps ripples on-demand liquidity As its key to sustainable success in a Recent newsletter Fortune crypto editor Jeff John Roberts asserted that Ripple

Has finally found a long-term value Proposition for the company and xrp the Native token of The xrp Ledger in the Newsletter titled Ripple and xrp may Finally be for real Roberts reveals that he has always been Skeptical of the value proposition of The cryptocurrency until he met with Ripple president Monica long this week Notably the uh King Kings of crypto Coinbase and the Next Generation Finance Author now believes Ripple and xrp have Found their Niche with Ripple's On-demand liquidity product now folks This isn't going to be surprising any of This but it's just it's more Vindication Of what we have known for years and Years and years and it's just anytime You get somebody especially if it's from A mainstream Source like this to Acknowledge it Uh it's just kind of nice it's just kind Of nice to be Vindicated and for other People to finally freaking get it and And you could say and I would understand The skepticism more so back in 2017 so Like the idea of what Ripple ultimately Did it has achieved but the but they Hadn't achieved it in 2017. so the idea That that always made sense to me the Whole time the idea But they hadn't proved it yet so if you Were skeptical back in 2017 because they Hadn't proved it even if you could

Understand the mechanics of how an On-demand liquidity flow works I can Understand the skepticism then but it's Not reasonable in 2023 it works it's not A science experiment it's here and those Cryptocurrencies that are functionally Useful are here for the Long Haul and That's where all the money is ultimately Going to go when it comes to investment That's where it's going peace continues As highlighted by Roberts and previously Reported by the crypto basic The on-demand liquidity product has Grown rapidly in the last two years from Just three countries in 2020 to 40 Payout markets today representing nearly 90 percent of the Foreign Exchange Market Roberts disclosed That long explained that Ripple achieved This growth by focusing on Partnerships With small and medium-sized banks that Appreciated the lower transactions costs So Just pause not right there a couple Things so in in terms of the growth and I wish they had this stat in there too And I can't remember exactly what it was But you'll you'll know what I'm talking About if you've been following anything That's happening within the last year And a half or even just that period of Time Back it may have been last spring or

Summer that whatever the latest figure Was at that point in time Brad Garlinghouse had announced that and I Think it was in even in the quarterly Xrp markets reports from Ripple if I'm Not mistaken that on-demand liquidity Year over year was up like something Like 800 or 900 percent that requires The usage of xrp ding ding ding D like Of course it's working and then as far As go the reason that they have this Growth small and medium-sized Banks yep Absolutely and this goes back to Understanding as a business who your Target a customer actually is the best Potential customers for ripple would not Be the largest banks out there and they Didn't know that in the earliest days When they're still figuring stuff out But they painfully figured out they Remember they were they were talking to City and nothing was coming over like Yeah but look at what you can do but the Truth is that was never going to work at Least not in the earliest of days Because it's the largest banks that are Making the money by all by there being This friction in the space because it's A small medium-sized banks that don't Have no stroke counts the world over so They have to tap into the liquidity of Their larger competitors so yes the Smallest banks on the planet are paying The largest banks on the planet money so

That they can facilitate cross-border Transactions because they don't have Deposit accounts all over the world they Don't they can't they don't have the Funds they're small and mid-sized Banks So of course those would be the bank's Most obviously willing to jump on board And then when that source of that Friction which results in money for the Largest banks dries up then the largest Banks have less incentive to have a Bunch of money sitting around all over The damn planet and maybe at that point They might be more inclined to utilize Uh xrp as a bridge currency but they'd Be the last ones too that just makes Sense and so the fact that we're seeing Here that they went up the small and Medium-sized Banks yup they figured that Out peace continues for context ripples On demand liquidity utilizes xrp as a Bridge currency to allow for near Instant cross-border payments at low Cost consequently the author expressed The belief that with this model the Company may be positioned to succeed Regardless of the outcome of its legal Battle with the United States Securities And Exchange Commission and here's a Quote All of this is to say that Ripple more Than ever before has figured out a Long-term value proposition for both the Company and xrp

In that it may be poised to succeed Regardless of how its big court case Turns out end quote that was a quote From the author yep And I've been saying that for the Longest damn time of course even if you Get a disaster of an outcome well first Of all that's just at the district court Level anyway so uh you'd go to a pellet And then potentially Supreme Court so There's the years of battle if it comes To it but I don't think that's probable I'm just saying but even if the Supreme Court Smackdown Ripple and couldn't Exist in the United States it's going to Exist Elsewhere and on-demand liquidity Will work utilizing xrp in every country Except for any you know quarter that Would touch the United States That would be it and that would still be Massive that would still be absolutely Massive and it's stupid and eventually Somebody probably figured that out and Trump probably tried to find a way to Remedy that situation who maybe I don't Know but yeah look again I don't think It's coming to that because that's not Right that is not what's just But anyway writing's on the wall here's Son if how many have out there let me Know seriously in the comment section Below but how many of you have similar Thinking to me in this idea that as long As there is one use case at least one

Use case for a crypto as long as that Persists then the Crypt is going to Continue to exist and people broadly Will recognize that especially in more Mature markets as people parse out Increasingly the differences between Cryptocurrencies that's where the money Flows that is where the money will flow And then as that happened It just means xrp is going to get Whatever percentage of the crypto Pi There is and the pie just gets bigger And bigger and bigger and bigger over Time despite contractions as markets Pull back over time there are bear Markets but an overall bigger pie just Trending endlessly bigger xrp is going To have a massive slice of that I think Absolutely massive That's my belief we'll see what happens And if I'm wrong it all goes to zero and That is possible That's a helpful way to the video right I am not a financial advisor you should Not buy yourself anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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