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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bearable ball here And I got this aggressively average Content for you today as shock waves Have been sent throughout the crypto Market a day Elizabeth Warren stated She's building an anti-crypto army Oh ladies and gentlemen it's in it so Funny wasn't she the woman that Pretended to be Native American Just for clout To me she's nothing more than a crypto Karen Oh my God I just want to speak with your Manager Ladies and gentlemen This is nothing more than political Posturing and if you think that the Crypto industry is afraid of Elizabeth Warren and Gary gunzler you have another Thing coming the reality is after the Coinbase notice And after this the crypto industry is Uniting together more than ever before They're beginning to get emboldened We're beginning to root for each other The way we always were supposed to Innovation right now is under threat in The United States And I think this was the warning shot That woke up the industry Crypto Karen is the new name I'm gonna Be using for this senator And in my opinion she's gonna risk

Getting voted out of office with this Stance The people are the ones that are gonna Speak And on April 18th Tom emmer and other Members of Congress are gonna give Gary A piece of their mind Ladies and gentlemen I'm looking forward To it And before we get into anything else I Want to give you all a great clip from An interview Tom emmer had discussing This horse stance the US is having on Crypto and what he believes it's all About Towards the end he Echoes something Ripple and Brad garlinghouse have been Stating for years now And it really is beginning to feel like This is our last stand is there a war on Crypto in the United States I I wouldn't Have previously you know uh said those Words but it feels like this year crypto Has increasingly been under attack in Various ways that I'm sure we'll explore Does the US hate crypto representative Emmer what's going on here can you help Us make sense of this well I I mean That's a that's a much broader question If you're talking about U.S citizens who Believe in the right to self-determine Who believe in Liberty and uh you know The fact that their government's Supposed to work for them we love it

Right we we love uh web3 the ownership Economy the idea that we can do business Directly with one another and we don't Have to have intermediaries uh not that We'll never need them but uh we get to Choose them right uh when you talk about The US uh Ryan what I would Define that As is the uh centralized bankers and Government Uh those are the ones I let's just go Back to 2008 when they messed up this Economy the last time I because they're Uh their poor monetary policy led us to A place where a lot of people suffered a Lot of people were hurt that's when you Have the Satoshi white paper that shows Up that's when the Bitcoin experience Begins and I believe a lot of these uh Central Bankers both here uh and around The globe but let's just focus on the U.S some of our biggest Central Bankers Not just the FED but I some in the uh in The private sector we're looking at People that were doing this Bitcoin Thing and I guarantee you Ryan they were Going oh look at those kids isn't that Cute playing with their virtual money You know it's it's like a video game That they're doing and then it goes on For about two three four years they go Uh-oh this thing's actually picking up Steam there might be something here and So then they tried to kill it in my Opinion their their goal was to try and

Stop it they couldn't so guess what the Last few years they've been trying to Swallow it up this is the discussion About cbdc's this is now the discussion About fed now I mean their whole thing Was let's get you people and your Audience let's get you on board with Central Banking in the digital age which Is nothing more than a surveillance tool For government but guess what there are Too many of us that say no there are too Many of us that are going to stand in The way so I look at what's happened in Just the past few weeks they're Definitely a lot of people talk about is There a choke point 2.0 uh trying to Debank uh crypto well you got to tell me I it this is this a coincidence that we Lost uh silvergate Silicon Valley and Signature uh all within a matter of days Uh a couple of weeks uh I don't think There is any coincidence gentlemen uh The closure of crypto and Tech friendly Banks like silvergate signature and Silicon Valley have left the crypto Industry largely unbanked and I I think The attitude of our government Regulators right now I think the Attitude of our cabinet members whether It's the uh treasury whether it's the FED uh whether it's the uh the SEC Cftc is all taking a negative aspect or Few of what we're trying to do and as a Result I think they're risking uh

Sending the Innovation we've been trying To protect right here in this country Right across the uh the ocean Now ladies and gentlemen that you've Heard Tom Emmer's take Please watch this from Brad garlinghouse He States for the chair of the SEC Gary Gunzler to assert that he dictates what A security when it comes to crypto Assets is and not the legislation from Which this agency derives power is Beyond comprehension It's time for elected officials in the United States to take notice When you behave like an autocrat running A 2.2 billion dollar agency Why would you ever want to provide Clarity about what's in or out Without clear jurisdiction ambiguity Masquerades as power And this goes hand in hand with the Frustration I feel about crypto Karen's Stance Crypto Karen and Mr Burns are in bed Together producing an anti-crypto army Of children And personally speaking this is where we All are taking this massive stand Which you all don't understand is that They're trying to dissuade all of us From wanting to own crypto By passing horse regulation so that Incumbents the billionaires and the Trillion dollar institutions can get in

Pennies on the dollar so that then they Can flip the switch send prices to the Moon and then have all these Institutional products ready for all of You to get dumped on to get marketed to As their exit liquidity Rinse repeat Ponzi scheme continues and then with all Of that they'll usher in their Central Being digital currencies Here from Wall Street Silver it states The EU is going to cap cash and crypto Payments that can be accepted by persons Providing goods and services And they're setting limits of 7 000 Euros for cash payments and one thousand For crypto transfers All of these are steps towards essential Bank digital currency and we are so Close to cbdc's being adopted and all These major Nations that they're Actually beginning to protest this In the UK you lose cash and this is what You must not let them do when we lose Cash if we lose cash and you've only got Central Bank digital currencies the Computer will know what it is you're Trying to do that before you even do it And they will prevent you from doing it If for example they say you can't leave Your house more than five miles you can Try and buy a bottle of water six miles From home you won't be able to I'm not Kidding that's those so many reasons why

You should retain cash it's offensive That the politicians uh believe that They have a right to all of your Information at all times and ladies and Gentlemen that right there is an Important message That man is 100 awake and what all of You need to understand is we're on the Precipice of global cbdc adoption And a financial Revolution That is headed to a climax of a moment Tensions are rising on the planet Between the East and the West You don't believe it it's still true the Dedolarization of the world and the Pivot away from the traditional Swift System is happening in real time On my Instagram earlier today I had this Post up showing the number of examples All from this week of the detolorization Happening across the globe Not only that but the pivot away from The dollar towards the one Saudi Arabia partners with China to Build the Chinese oil refinery for 83.7 billion won Or 12.2 billion dollars Here we see that Saudi Arabia entered Into a trade alliance with China Russia India Pakistan and four other Central Asian Nations to step further away from Reliance on the dollar China and Brazil are going to be Settling trades in their own currencies

And they're ditching the dollar China and France have completed the First LNG gas trade using the Chinese One ending Reliance on the US dollar for Energy trades China and the UAE have completed the World's first one settled LNG trade in a Blow to the U.S dollar dominance The association of Southeast Asian Nations has considered dropping the Dollar euro Yen and British pound for Their local currencies for financial Settlements and here there's apparently Been an operation called operation Sandman that's allegedly a collaboration Of a hundred plus nations in agreement To simultaneously sell off their U.S Treasury Holdings and it will be sent Back to the U.S to collapse the dollar In real time Ladies and gentlemen all of these things Happening these Mass pink failures ISO Going live These nations working in unison To ditch the dollars no coincidence And do you also think that the tensions Between Russia and the United States Right now are a coincidence either Absolutely not Every single time there's been an Attempted dedolarization America gets feisty Ladies and gentlemen to cap off this Video for today I'm gonna show you the

Number of examples throughout the last Couple decades where Nations tried to Build their own monetary system And how America reacted We have had the privilege of having the World's Reserve currency but we've Abused it We've sanctioned Nations And then we've attacked other nations That have attempted to make their own Financial system The reason this happens is because the Key to the U.S Empire is the U.S dollar And as that's gonna fall right now So will America's grasp on the world But if history proves to be correct We're not going down Without a massive fight Over the next few days this is where the Bull is going to get very geopolitical As you need more context for every Single one of the xrp Army members to Know exactly why and how things are Going to happen Stay the course my friends It will be a bumpy road But like a phoenix out of the ashes The xrp community Will become The new one percent Ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable bull here Thanks for tuning in As always I appreciate every single one

Of you Now be back tomorrow With another video In October 2000 the president of Iraq Saddam Hussein announced they would no Longer be selling oil in US Dollars only In euros Which on the surface isn't innocent Change what's the big deal The big deal is that Iraq has the fifth Largest petroleum reserves in the world And in the 2000s it had become the World's fifth largest oil producer so When Hussein decided to start selling Oil in Euros instead of dollars the US Wasn't too happy by February 2003 she Has sold over 3 billion barrels of oil For 26 billion euros Later the U.S invaded Iraq my fellow Citizens At this hour American and Coalition Forces are in the early stages of Military operations in an operation Ironically called operation Iraqi Freedom They overthrew Saddam and by June just Four months later the country was back To selling oil in dollars Years later a number of U.S officials Started to let the truth seep out former Head of U.S operations in Iraq General John abbazade said of course it's about Oil we can't really deny that Former fed chairman Alan Greenspan wrote

In his Memoir that quote I'm certain That it's politically inconvenient to Acknowledge what everyone knows the Iraq War is largely about oil end quote A former Defense secretary Chuck Hagel Said the same in 2007 quote people say We're not fighting for oil of course we Are End quotes Venezuela 2002. Coincidentally Venezuela also has large Oil reserves in fact they have the Largest proven oil reserves in the world At the time Hugo Chavez was in charge of Venezuela as the dictator president he Planned to start selling oil for euros Instead of the mighty American dollar Well we can't have that now can we so in 2002 the U.S backed a coup against Chavez which ultimately failed but it Crippled the country and its economy Empires are built on oil yet despite Having the largest oil reserves in the World today Venezuela is one of the Poorest economies in the world Do other factors play into that many We've talked about a few of them on this Channel before but going against the US Is probably a big No-No Libya 2009 Eerily similar to Venezuela and Iraq Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa and they weren't doing that bad They did a great job managing all those Oil revenues building up a 143 ton gold Reserve according to WikiLeaks they have

The highest GDP per capita in Africa and Libya was on track to become the most Influential country in Africa And also similar to Venezuela and Iraq Muammar Gaddafi the leader of Libya Suggested all Muslim and African Countries buy oil from Libya using a new Currency backed by their giant gold Reserves instead of US dollars In other words they want to sell oil in Exchange for gold instead of US Dollars And other major African governments were Ready to support But I think we can all guess what Happened next years later it was Discovered in Hillary Clinton's emails That NATO really wanted to overthrow Gaddafi's governments mainly because of This plan for an African goldback Currency supported by Libya's oil Reserves this was Libya before And this is Libya today Foreign Why because each of these countries Tried to break away from using the Dollar as payment for their oil and each Of them faced the consequences of America's wrath out of all although none Were able to recover from America's Interventions in the name of freedom and In taking down an axis of Evil all these Countries had problems while all of These countries had huge economic Potential despite their dictator leaders

But as soon as they moved away from Selling oil in dollars the U.S swooped In and quickly put an end to the party And they're not alone which begs the Question why is it so important for oil To be only sold in US dollars what's the Big deal why is America so quick to Liberate people as soon as this oil for Dollars Arrangement is threatened why do I hold xrp because Ripple's the chosen One to lead the new Global digital Payment system and they use xrp in 2013 The Federal Reserve began looking for Faster payments options two years later An action plan was born in a federal Payments task force was created it Included one company focused on crypto Ripple in 2014 the World Bank in better Than cash Alliance which includes the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Clinton Global initiative in the Governments of 32 countries put out a Report called the opportunities of Digitizing payments one year later the Better than cash Alliance featured one Crypto company on their website Ripple Today better than cash Alliance and all Other un initiatives are focused on a Single agenda the sustainable Development goals for 2030. you could See the sdg's logo on Bill Gates lapel World leading companies the better than Cash Alliance website and on the un's Official exchange exchange what crypto's

Exchange officially utilizing for their Carbon credit solution xrp the world Will move to a new international Standard for exchanging electronic Messages between financial institutions By 2025 called ISO 20022 who was the First ISO 20022 member focused on Distributed Ledger technology Ripple Who's partnered with over 300 financial Institutions including Bank of America American Express PNC Santander SBI HSBC Standard Chartered Bank bank of England India Singapore Scotland Australia and Indonesia the largest banks in Japan Canada Egypt the Middle East United Arab Emiratis Thailand Morocco Bhutan South Korea Brazil and Latin America Ripple Who is a former employee overseeing the Federal Reserve Ripple a former employee Overseeing the world's largest asset Manager blackrock's digital Asset Division Ripple leading Australia cbdc Effort Ripple who hired a former Treasury of the United States Ripple two Former Federal Reserve attorneys to Their board Ripple two former Clinton And Obama advisors former minister of Defense and economics of Germany former Business director at Swift former Swift Board member former CFO of PayPal former Head of the dtcc former Chief business Officer at Uber former VP of Amazon and Former SEC chair on their legal team Ripple who's a member of the digital

Pound Foundation digital dollar project Digital Euro Association Mojo Loop imf's High-level Advisory board on fintech Hyperledger blockchain Consortium open Payments Coalition faster payments Council global payment Steering group Cross-border working group International Association for trusted blockchain Applications crypto climate Accord University blockchain initiative Worldwide Web Consortium and a featured Partner of the world economic Forum with Three members of their team directly Listed on the WF website Ripple Ripple and xrp sound like they're going To disappear but do they sound like They're part of a much bigger plan you Decide


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