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Welcome back to the show everybody take A listen to these headlines we got for You we got the numbers on the spot Bitcoin ETFs oh my goodness and what About ethereum ETF not so fast everybody We got Patrick McKenry on regulating Digital assets and you're going to want Every single bit of that Elon Musk is in The news the latest update with the SEC Versus Ripple what's going on in February maybe sooner I don't know then We got the xrp charts and get this Freedom Zone baby what the bad guys and Girls are doing to hurt us all into Total control somebody roll that Beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad Kinds come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show everybody You can follow us on Twitter and YouTube For exclusive content right now it's $ 1.67 trillion market cap for Cryptocurrency and the market is up 2.8% 41,000 an extra slightly O 41,000 an extra that's new I'm gonna Jesus I'm not even starting this video Over again that was so stupid Bradley uh 2,200 Plus for ethereum if you can't Make fun of yourself who are you 95.4 Billion plus for tether market cap xrp's 51 cents it's up 1.8 in 24 hour keep

Going to work don't turn the car around 5.8 off by the 7 day woo happy Friday we Need it this time I'm going to tell you We're ranging between 50 cents on the Bottom 52 on the top sitting smack dab In the middle right here at 51 cents We'll keep an eye on it hey xrp I know a Lot of people right now that if you Wanted to go out for a run we'd bring The refreshments that's all I'm saying Right that's all I'm saying look I want To tell you guys about this right now Very quickly it's linked to and there is A block of circle that's headed back to The board you did hear that right the Same Circle that just filed their S1 to Go public uhhuh link 2 just got another Block on the board today you want to Watch it like a hawk because you want to Strike like a lion in the bush get the Money on the platform they've made it so Easy to do get your money loaded on the Platform so as soon as you see it get That buy button because I'm G to tell You this is a window that you don't have To wonder when it's closing it's closing Soon right so make sure you click the Link to my sponsor below and take Advantage of that it is going to be oh I Cannot wait to see how that one shakes Out yes loving it US Government files Notice to sell $130 Million worth of Bitcoin Seas from Silk Road okay well Did that already start because we're

Wondering why the price went Down I think we all know there's a huge Sell into the face of all these products Right and in some cases I think it's the Grayscale to the fund that they're doing Isn't it so that they had to sell out of The fund and then Reby into the other Fund that's also a wash that's taking Place there right uh Black Rock in nine Trading sessions acquired one point 82 Billion dollar worth of actual Bitcoin That's about 0.1% of the total assets Under management Black Rock will take This to 5% at least two factors Acquiring and price increases uh and Fidelity is fighting to beat them so you Can see what kind of pressure that's Going to put on the asset and the demand Over time now this is something here Where uh Natalie Brunell uh Bitcoin coin Maxi here says is Bitcoin is her Insurance policy in a world of Debasement uncertainty Institutionalization and moral hazard And credit risk I don't worry about Other cryptocurrencies I worry about the Consequences of Fiat experiment and Inflation that's why I buy Bitcoin that That I mean listen I get that principle I understand it but what I wanted to say To this because it's not as important to Hear this clip for what we're going to Talk about today it's important the Statement that she made made because I

Get where she's coming from right I do I Also understand the pitfalls that the Department of Homeland Security has Actually interviewed the Satoshi they Know who they are this is not a guessing Game this is not like gold that you Found in the ground that's a lie but I Have exposure to bitcoin also but the Reason I do is because what Natalie Brunell has said here about Bitcoin Being her insurance policy for a world Of debasement uncertainty Institutionalization and everything else Credit risk is the same reason I feel Like it has been approved knowing the Truth that I just shared with you it has Been approved as a official investment Product that will be offered through Financial advisors and that tells me Black Rock because they called it a Flight to Quality after beating it up For so many years tells me it will be a Hedge for them through a correction or Collapse in the traditional stock market For their clients that's how I'm seeing This and we'll see what happens over the Next year or So then what about the ethereum ETF well Here you have it let's talk about the Top stories the SEC is pushing back its Decision on black Rock's proposed spot Ethereum ETF the reason for the delay Well in this filing from yesterday the Agency said it needs more time to review

The proposed rule change now this marks The first of several delays the SEC can Employ before the regulator must Announce a final decision for this ETF That has to happen within a 240-day Period from when the SEC opens comments On the applications late last year Black Rock filed an application with the SEC To convert its ethereum trust into an ETF now a final decision on all pending Spot ether ETFs including black rocks Could come in May as that's the earliest Final deadline out of all the applicants That would be similar to the sec's Decision on all the spot Bitcoin ETF Applications which were approved all at Once on January 10th now we have to Remember May is a window to pay Attention to for this but at the same Time we also have to remember that Fred RIS polei forced the SEC to admit that They had not made a determination on Ethereum whether it was a security or Commodity so again there's this back Door open wondering where this is going To go now shout out to metala man who's Following up on where all of this is Going to go I'm not going to play this Clip again but I'm gonna show this Because I I encourage everybody to go Watch this interview Uh James Murphy metal law man is one of The brightest people in this space and I Tell you when he sees something wrong

He's also going to take action and That's exactly what he's done here by Filing a foyer request because the New York Department of Financial Services Removed xrp from its green list after Judge Torres ruled that the xrp token is Not a security and he wants to find out Why and you know what God bless him Because we all want to find out why and I was smiling with that grin because it Has been my suspicion that Gary gendler Knowing that he's in a bit of a a tight Spot there at the SEC because he said Bitcoin isn't a commodity but he won't Speak on other assets he had a whole Different philosophy on crypto when he Was teaching at MIT and then there's the Free pass that took place before he Stepped in but he's done nothing to uh Correct that measure since he's been at The Helm of the SEC and I feel like when That ruling came in from Judge Torres it Appears that it could have been a backo From the SEC leaning on the Nydfs saying to remove it from the green List because they couldn't be directly Involved because of the case itself so Hopefully this will kick up information That will reveal that potential Connection if there is any we'll keep You Posted Patrick M Henry this morning on Squawk news uh let's take a look at this Uh I I just want to actually I want

About a two-minute clip of this and You're going to want it too on digital Asset regulation take joining us now Congressman Patrick McKenry chairman of The House of financial services Committee don't it's you know you got a Ways to go so you're I got another year You and you still got constituents uh That that you need to look out for their Interests what does that entail in terms Of crypto what what does that mean you Need to do well I've got uh look when The house basically attempted to commit Political suicide Republicans in the House tried to commit political suicide In the fall it gummed up three or four Months of house floor action so I've got Major policies in capital formation data Privacy and crypto that we haven't moved Across the house floor and I intend to Get those moved across the house floor This year we can still do big deals um We can still do big deals even amidst The longest uh presidential campaign General election campaign in American History we can still get these things Things done and build consensus and I Think there's a need uh for Market Structure on on crypto the the recent um ETF and watching the the SEC CH sort of Kicking and screaming really after you Know the courts said one thing and is That that's no way to run a railroad is It I mean it's an aptitude and they they

Went Kicking and Screaming after the Courts demanded they take this action Now you have more legitimate money Coming in flowing into to crypto uh some Structure being provided to a new asset Class that uh you know has its problems And needs needs some clarity under Federal law to remedy it but what you See out of gendler he's got 62 room Likings he intends to do this year you Have this backdrop of regulatory policy For this Administration that is Problematic for them and they're having A hard time rebranding what their Economic policy is to the point where They're sending Administration officials Out to try to convince the American People that what they feel they should Not actually feel right um and that's a Tough thing uh in a in a political year Well I've watched you know we we can Take this interview wherever you want to Go the The Crazy 8 and and I don't know Whether What speaker Johnson's there we Go so that's the main heart of the clip Right there but look let's understand This remember there was a really a Threat that to serve a subpoena on Gary Gensler Elanor terret reminds us here if Patrick McKenry does serve a subpoena Gary gendler will have to comply Trump White House official Peter Navaro Sentenced to four months for defying a January 6 subpoena so you know we we

Really need to have that subpoena and I Know in Congress probably what's taking Place here you know this is a little of That uh I've drawn A Line in the Sand Don't make me cross it because I really Don't want to cross it right because Once they break that seal and do that Then once they don't have control and it Comes to their party being in a bad spot A a few years down the road they set Precedent that they did it right but the Point is if it needs to be done do it Stop thinking about the power play and The posturing for somewhere down the Line right just do what needs to be done That's the Problem speaking of doing what needs to Be done Elon mus taking us from uh Twitter to X to X payments take a listen Here when you look at the future of X You've talked about X being kind kind of An everything company what does that Actually look Like I just mean all the things that you You would want to use online um in China Has WeChat which is um you kind of live On WeChat in China you know so you buy Things on WeChat you post you know text Audio video to uh various feeds um yeah Payments it's it's sort of like Everything um so I want to try to have An app that at least allows you to do Everything on on X uh you don't have to But if you want to you can so I mean

Like think like like what what PayPal Should have been basically oh my when You look at the future so there you and A backs slab to finish it all right but Look here's the thing the reason I'm Showing this right after Patrick McKenry Is to say this right there is so much More coming look at what we just went Over spot Bitcoin ETFs brand new Investment products being offered and Will continue to be roll out over the Next year and plus right we're gonna you Think bitcoin's going to be only one no There's going to be thousands of these Things launched an entire Market an Entire sector to invest in of ETFs on Top of these assets there's no question That that's coming I can see that Happening then you have the expansion of Payments in things like social media Apps like this that will integrate Stable coins cbdcs digital assets to go With it other cryptos you know th this Is much bigger than just crypto because We're talking about moving value we're Talking about moving payments and you're Talking about the addition and expansion Of things like smart contracts coming to Stellar's Network in five more days Until they vote to bring Sora bond to The Stellar Stellar mainnet very excited For them for that just like I'm excited For the expansion and the integration Peer technology ol has been working so

Hard on with the evm side chain and ripo X developers they recently published the SD SD SDK kit the software developer kit To interact with the xrp Ledger XLS 38D Xchain Bridge Amendment easily using the Npmjs module this is all about expansion It's the same kind of expansion in my Mind the way I see X going to a payment App the way I see these these uh Networks EXP standing to be more Interoperable and offer things whether It's smart contracts or Bridges and and All of these side chains and things of This nature this is extremely exciting This is why legislation has to come it Cannot continue to push off much longer And then here we see this Ripple had Filed their motion to file a Surly Sur reply regarding the sec's Motion to compel the proposed Ser reply Is attached and I'm just going to read This very quick it's very short but this Goes to speak to the Unfaithful Allegiance of the law right this goes to Speak to you know uh the actions that SEC has shown in multiple cases where They are not acting in a very good Manner at all arbitrary and capricious Let's say uh so dear judge n Burn Defendant Ripple Labs respectfully moved For leave for this short sir reply Letter in response to the sec's ri reply In support of their motion to compel Ripple's proposed sir reply letter seek

To correct a significant factual Mischaracterization made by the SEC for The first time in its reply the court Would benefit from the sir reply letter Because it will clarify the issues in Dispute and allow the court to rule on An accurate record wow I mean this is More more Underhanded you know uh uh actions by The government agency the security Exchange Commission this is Despicable What's going on here Ashley Prosper says As far as timeline during the case judge Netburn usually took around a month to Issue her Discovery related decisions Which would bring us to around February 26 however judge Torres set the remedy Deadline for February 12th so I expect We will see the decision sooner I still Believe the sec's motion for post Complaint or post compliant Discovery Will be should be denied maybe Ripple Will have to respond to the SEC Interrogatory requests but that's it so We will see where that takes us and Speaking of seeing where it takes us Let's take a look at what's going on on The xrp charts here dark Defender says To us xrp in the daily time frame is Between 52 and 46 cents and just in the Oversold area on the daily RSI relative Strength indicator it says here uh Previously these levels were at the Bottom of four reversals which are

Highlighted in green as you can see down Here these RSI lines that where they're Highlighted for the turnarounds right it Says we discussed the three-day Rule and Today is the third day so it is time for The retest of the Fibonacci level to 52 Cents today and tomorrow if we can't Break that the 46 cents should be Considered let's expect xrp to break This level in the daily we will check Weekly monthly time frames over the Weekend now as you can see we're at 51 We did hit 52 but we haven't stayed Above it and that's important to note That he had said that so here's the RSI Where you see these bottoms and we could Be hitting a bottom here as well maybe We go down a little further like back Here maybe we turn it around right here We don't know but this is a crucial area To pay very very close attention to Because one for me not Financial advice My digital perspectives if it breaks Down lower I am going to certainly Consider picking up some more in my Portfolio because of where it's going if It breaks up then I know I might just Hold it what I got and just see what Happens from there and speaking of what Happen happens from there xrp $10 to13 In 2024 oh I like that for all of us I Really hope that it is because that Would be remarkable shout out to Crypt

Bull 2020 for that one as well now it's Time for us to head into the freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen uh we're going To be showing you what the bad guys and Girls around the world are doing to her Every one of us and yes you're included Into total control and it is sick and Despicable but I tell you what they Don't take any days off and we better Not neither so we're getting started Right now not Financial advice for me or Anyone else it's time to come on in dig Perspectives. click the freedom zone I'll see you Inside


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