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Welcome back to the show everybody check These headlines out Cftc's roster Benham says staplecoins Should be regulated by the cftc and Another Central Bank says that xrp and Xlm just happen to be staple coins SCC versus Ripple the judges lean it in Xrp not a security somebody wrote that Beautiful intro Thank you Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.04 trillion dollar cryptocurrency Market cap it's off by 0.8 percent this Afternoon it should be so Bitcoin right Now 21 700 plus and it's off by eight Percent on the seven day ethereum 1539 Seven and a half off on the seven day as Well tether market cap 71.7 plus billion Okay 39 cents for xrp it's up 3.3 Percent on the seven day ladies and Gentlemen if you haven't got your ticket 57 days and counting down to xrp Las Vegas it will be the inaugural event of Xrp Las Vegas yes that's right it will Be an annual experience and you're not Going to want to miss the first ever xrp Las Vegas conference and there are going To be incredible people and it's not Over yet Jack McDonald from poli-sign is Going to be there Nancy Beaton from

Uphold Joe and doso from link to look at This Otto Nino from solo Jenny Eleanor Terrett from Fox John Deaton and guess Who else Jeremy Hogan ladies and Gentlemen with a virtual appearance as Well and so so many more Daniel here From casino coin CEO from glint I'm Telling you this is going to be Remarkable Mika Canfield from Flair Naming Services is going to be making a Massive announcement what they're doing On the flare networks oh my goodness I Cannot wait Quincy Jones is going to be There speaking as well so so many people I'm telling you the tickets are moving And it will sell out we can already see That that's going to happen get your Ticket click that link Look right here President Biden calls For double capital gains tax from 20 to 40 percent Wow what a country U.S government has really got this whole Land of opportunity thing figured out Hasn't it Oh boy What else are you going to say to that Let's focus on some better news Cftc chair rosston Benham says stable Coins and ether are Commodities and Should be regulated by the cftc Ross did Benham stated this during a Recent Senate hearing now look I I need To go into this a bit because I've got

Something for you to see now As the tug of war between the U.S Regulators over control of crypto assets Continues The cftc chairman has tripled down on His position that ether and stable coins Are commodities Stable coins and ether or Commodities And should be regulated by the cftc Roster banham said And this was during that recent Senate Hearing he said previously the cftc had Claimed that certain digital assets such As ether Bitcoin and tether are Commodities such a claim was made in Mid-December lawsuit against FTX founder During the Senate hearing Benham was Also asked what evidence the cftc would Present to gain regulatory influence Over ether for his part he claimed that If the cftc did not believe ether is a Commodity asset it would not have Allowed ether future products to be Listed On cftc exchanges Now This is what I find so interesting about This Because he wraps stable coins in here Too Now stay with me through this I have Something new for you to look at because We have another Central Bank that we're Going to show you right now

That refers to xlm and xrp As stable coins and if they're right Just like the World Bank says The same thing xrp xlm stable coins for Cross-border payments Stay With Me Bank of China you remember I covered This the Bank of China let the page load Here Said the same exact thing I've got it Right here Bank of China U.S translation Ripple Needs to cooperate with swift Cross-border solution needs to be backed By cash reserves and commodities and This is from the Bank of China just last Summer And I'm going to get you right to it Where the Bank of China says exactly the Same thing about Ripple and xrp and what They say is right here the Ripple coin Which is obviously xrp On the other hand a stable exchange rate Is formed by anchoring various legal Currencies in reality such as a dollar a Basket of currencies or a combination of Currencies to maintain the stability of Xrp the currency has a stable support Preferably a one-to-one reserve and the Safety and liquidity of the reserve must Be guaranteed Then we have this Shout out to ISO 20022 for this let's do It Now the Central Bank of Canada mentions

Xrp and xlm as stable coins I've asked This question about the World Bank when We first found that information Did do they have it wrong Or do we have it wrong Does the cftc have it wrong Does the Bank of China have it wrong And does the Central Bank of Canada now Have it wrong This is what they say Two digital currencies that fall into The category are Ripple Nets native Digital currency Ripple xrp And Stellar networks native Cryptocurrency stellar xlm It goes on to say both the Stellar Ripple enable fast and more efficient Cross-border payments banking however in That Ripple is focused on improving uh Cross-border settlement between International Banks whereas Stellar is Focused on providing low-cost Cross-border Financial Services to end User and the unbanked population Ripple Enables multinational corporations to Settle cross-border payments by Transferring xrp through Ripple net or Network resulting in on-demand liquidity The three parts of the Ripple ecosystem Are servers that maintain The Ledger two Clients intermediaries for three unlike Bitcoin or ethereum Ripple does not run On proof of work nor does it run on Proof of State consensus mechanism

Instead Ripple transactions rely on Byzantine General's problem known as GBP Consensus protocol known as Ripple's Gateways and on and on and on and for The same reasons in the World Bank Document it says the same thing Ripple Does not run on proof of work nor does It run on approval consensus instead it Runs on Byzantine generals problem bgp Consensus protocol There is a consistency here And I'm asking the question And it is a question because we don't Know If Ross and Benham from the cftcc stable Coins as Commodities doesn't that make If we're going with the banks the Central banks and World Bank that They've got it right then xrp is a Commodity and it's also stablecoin Now we know that there's a possibility That the SEC versus Ripple could go to Trial or at least some part thereof After this summary judgment ruling we'll Have to wait and see but it's possible And we need to be prepared for that Jeremy Hogan shared this right here in Her recent ruling or order the judge Cited the Marine Bank versus Weaver case At least three times when discussing What a reasonable purchaser believed When they bought xrp issue It's a Supreme Court case which asks Whether the thing sold was commonly

Thought of as a security and here's the Highlight The agreement in question Is not the type of instrument that comes To mind when the term security is used And does not fall within the ordinary Concept of a security and then it cites The case law here Distinguished it says the provision of The agreement giving respondents a share Of the company's profit is not in itself Sufficient to make the agreement a Security Then there's this Adding to this read the language here a Provision in an agreement gave the Investors a share of the company's Profits yet the court said the provision Itself Is not a security so the underlying Asset itself is not a security that's a Major focus of xrp holders Amicus brief Xrp itself is not a security and neither Are secondary sales in our brief Highlighted the character in Commerce Test and wrote considering the inherent Characteristics of the underlying asset Xrp is critical before conducting a Howie analysis Glenn Arden Commodities And it cites the the case here The test rather is what character the Instrument is given in Commerce by the Terms of the offer the plan of Distribution and the economic

Inducements held out to the prospect Bottom line is when a purchaser is Motivated by a desire to use consume the Item purchase the Securities laws do not Apply and he cites the case law there First of all I'm very grateful for these Gentlemen and the time that they put in To help all of us understand what's Happening here now I'm not a lawyer and I don't play one on TV not even on YouTube But this is starting to look like the SEC will be the party who appeals after Summary judgment because judge Torres Seems to be leaning in that xrp is not a Security And if it isn't is there a chance it Becomes a stable coin And gets regulated by the cftc If Rost and Benham gets his way Then let's take a look at this xrp Megaphone pattern it's a real pattern I Had no idea he shows us it's right here He says the rare megaphone pattern AKA Broadening pattern works best on Long Longer term time frames it is highly Effective so we can expect a win ratio Of above 70 percent In other words that means The indicator of this particular pattern Usually has a 70 percent uh success rate Of being correct versus the 30 percent Chance of it being incorrect but there's Still a 30 percent chance and I've been

In this space long enough to know you Don't ignore the 10 percent one percent Chance let alone focusing on the 70. so Full disclosure and egg rad crypto does A great job of that as well usually on The third upswing price breaks above the Prior high but fail to fall below this Level again well now that is quite Interesting in itself too let's take a Look at this pattern very quickly here You see the three touches here on that Bottom line where it could show that big Break here is where I believe the All-time high would be that he spoke of And that if this pattern pans out to be Correct and that's you know if it if it Goes to the upside it can still be Correct and break to the downside right So we got to be aware of that but if it Breaks to the upside what he's saying is If you go break to the upside go above The all-time high there's a high Probability that it would not return Back below The previous all-time high which is Right 384 or 354 something like that so That is pretty interesting but what is Even more interesting to me is that we Pay very close attention to what goes on In this summary judgment because we see Many central banks now referring to xlm And xrp as stable coins and I remind you That it is Michael S Bar former treasury Official former Ripple advisor who is

Now the vice president of the federal Board of Governors who in fact is one of His tasks is working on architecting Stablecoin legislation could it be could It be that we finally have someone Inside of the Federal Reserve To be able to understand this technology And how it can be regulated and benefit The world Maybe just maybe Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives This is getting good remember we're Closer than anybody In this crypto space to finding out Exactly legally What xrp really is I'll catch all of you On the next one


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