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Welcome back to the show everybody well We got a great one today it's breaking News the crypto chosen ones it's all Right in front of us it's Ripple it's Xlm it's usdc and if you don't believe Me somebody roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now $ 1.46 trillion do Market cap for crypto the market is off By 2.3% as you can see everything is Affected this morning 36,900 plus for Bitcoin right now and it's off by 1.7 in The 24hour ethereum just over 2,000 Bucks it's off by 2.8 uh tether market Cap 88.7 billion plus and we don't know How the US government or the FED feels About it xrp 60 cents this morning it's Off by 4.4 in the 24hour and off by 3.1 On the 7day the quick range of price Here is uh 60 cents on the bottom almost Flat we're just above that now at 6036 and 6336 on the top range of xrp price we'll Keep an eye on it ladies and gentlemen If you don't know it uh we got some Breaking news coming today from Circle SBI It is Big okay I'm going to tell you That we're going to get into that and so Much more but you can get Circle private

Equity that's right on link to as well As Ripple as well as uphold as well as Link to itself there's so many Incredible products on here now circle Is not available right now but a little Bird's telling me that it's going to be On there very soon and it always goes Away so make sure you sign up and Register and get your money on the Platform it's very easy easy to do it's Super simple anybody can do it all you Got to do is click the link to the Sponsor underneath the video take a look At this xrp Ledger integrates evm side Chain impending xrp rally I say bring it That's what I'm saying right here yeah Look uh we know that there is going to Be the integration uh of the evm side Chain with hooks we know all of this This is beautiful bring it bring it Bring it then there was this over the Weekend xrp enthusiasts anticipate major Upgrade as key developer hints at Integration of debit Mastercard into the Widely used zum app this was weed say When I saw him say it on on x2 and I was Like oh my goodness I tell you uh the Connections that are being made to this Zum wallet to Major financial payment Rails and companies is staggering major Currencies as well love seeing this Shout out to to we say win in the team Look at this right here Ripple owned Infrastructure provider Medico said it

Is working with bank Powerhouse HSBC Remember when Ripple first acquired Medico HSBC says you know what we're Going to examine some other options well They've done that and now they're back At Medico so there we have that ladies And gentlemen we love seeing it and as We have said in the opening of this Video today you are going to see Evidence of who the chosen ones are I Believe not Financial advice it's my Digital Perspectives this here is from Subjective views and says as a reminder Reminder uh remember in 2019 when Norman Norman Chan of the Hong Kong monetary Authority in 2019 was sitting beside Brad garlinghouse at the Swiss National Bank conference here he is talking about Using the latest blockchain technology Allow for greater capital cap flows Between the greater Bay Area in China Now there's Brad garlinghouse and There's the chief executive Hong Kong Monetary Authority right there Mr Chan Now let's get back to this video clip I Think now the world has changed uh this Complexity in this uh paradigm shift That I Think in my view uh we should speed up Uhoh and expand the scope of these Bridges the connect schemes uh take for Example the greater Bay Area we just Talked about the wealth connect uh the

Wealth management connect is a great Thing but I think the scope is a bit too Narrow the uh amount the the maximum Ceiling is also too low to make it user Friendly or attractive so one should Consider expanding expanded it another Way I I think I have advocated I think So have Joseph is that maybe we should Take a b the step in building a special Bridge between Hong Kong and the greater Bay Area because the greater Bay Area is Big it's just part of China therefore we Can afford to have some pilot scheme to See how it goes one simple thing that I Think we should consider is to allow a Freer move of capital between Hong Kong And the rest of the greater Bay Area if The money is raised through let's say Destinated approved channels the Deployment of of the latest blockchain Technology in my view is able to ensure That the money that is that flow around Hong Kong and the greater barrier is Quite big already will not go beyond That on the other parts of China and Therefore this can be used as a pilot to See how this would impact on the capital Raising and economic activities in the Great area now we have to jump right Here to this as a reminder to everybody The eh KD that's right the cbdc for Hong Kong right as you can see on the far Left those that are traditional Companies you can use for purchases take

A look at this right there it's Ripple We don't need to hear the speech again Shout out to Mr Man for the clip we used It when it first came out but take a Look ripples right there in the stack Settlement of tokenized assets yeah MasterCards in there Visa HSBC come on In we love seeing all of this right Because we know that Ripple is involved In the EHD pilot program as well this is Exciting again that's Hong Kong talking About what they're doing there knowing Ripples clearly in the middle of it now Let's look at the ECB for a second and Let's talk about what's really going on In the mind of the president of the European Central Bank Christine lagard As she admits in this particular Interview that there will be some Imposed control in the cbdc for the Euro Take a look you're introducing the Electronic Euro as I know yeah so yeah How can I um how can switching to an Electronic currency help now we have in Europe This threshold above €1,000 you Cannot pay cash if you do you are on the Gray market so you take your risk you Get caught you are fined or you go in Jail but you know the the digital euro Is going to have a limited Amount of control there will be control You're right you're completely right we Are considering whether for very small Amounts you know anything that is around

300 400 EUR we could have a mechanism Where there is zero control but that Could be dangerous the terrorist attacks On France uh back uh 10 years ago were Entirely financed by those very small Anonymous credit cards that you can Recharge in total anonymity See that that that there was the Argument of why this is why we need to Control whatever you're spending right I You know I find that that clip right There is problematic to say the least But nevertheless let's hear what she Says at the end of this clip going back A couple years reduce your cost you are Going to expedite your transactions and You're going to continue to inspire Confidence because you will build up on The basis of an existing backbone which Is your bank and the confidence Relationship ship that you've Established with your customers so That's where I see changes happening now If you think of circle and ripples and All those that that's where they are Active and and helpful there you have it Citing Circle and ripple and that is a Difference in her mind as opposed to Bitcoin and other crypto assets then we Have this ladies and gentlemen yeah it's All possibility all speculation says RZ It's what we do out here is speculate You damn right RZ you tell them well we Don't have to speculate about this part

Because SBI has joined up with circle This is going to be fantastic and he Puts here his speculative uh Financial Giant SBI to use Ripple xrp extensively With R3 I love that speculation because I don't think it's a very thin limb at All and then here we see Circle the Company behind usdc re recently Announced a partnership with Japan's SBI Holdings to promote usdc and web 3 in Japan now this is crossing now the East China Sea I've past geography class back In the day uh the Southeast coast where Hong Kong is Hong Kong is uh of China And where the pilot where Ripple's Participating in crossing the East China Sea heading Northeast up to Japan and We're seeing Circle joining forces with SBI this to me is extremely exciting and It certainly is to Jeremy air from Circle as well and usdc he says usdc is Coming to Japan Circle and SBI begin a Partnership combining usdc distribution Banking web 3 Tech proliferation for J Japan's Market official announcement Here as you can see below and why is This such a big deal he goes on to say Here these changes have dramatically Opened up the opportunities for stable Coins in web 3 in the world's fourth Largest economy because Japan has now Introduced stable coin rules and Regulations the clarity is going to be Massive for this move that's taking

Place ladies and gentlemen um look Here's what I want to say that I'm Seeing here in a macro sense let let me Uh let me say the thing that nobody's Saying out loud what I'm watching happen Is I'm watching usdc get primed with Liquidity here at the same time that I Watched binance just get swiped last Week which helps to cut the tentacles to Liquidity to USD Tether anybody else with me me here hey Maybe I'm out on speculation Island Maybe that's where I am maybe I need a Boat to come save me I don't know though I like the way the Coconuts taste out Here so you know what this is what I'm Seeing Japan has a us uh deep US market Deep us Allied relationship they hold a Lot of bonds I think this is great Because we know that usdc stable coin is Always going to be a dollar and it's Going to be a dollar on the blockchain Can't not be a dollar they have to do it That way right as opposed to your paper Dollars and they just tell you look We're we're you just spend it we're Going to be make we'll make good on it Right you know trust us right we're Good I see the setup to introduce the Retail digital facing stablecoin as Usdc and hopefully at some point in the Future we'll see them roll out a new Central Bank digital currency wholesale On the back end that will not be retail

Facing and that would mean if all of This is right and there's a two-tier System which we currently have approach To a cbdc versus a usdc retail facing Token then there would have to be some Kind of credential regulation in the Near term as you continue to plug in Usdc into Japan's markets putting an Enormous amount of liquidity in into Flow here this is a remarkable Remarkable moment and so is this you Speak hey I told you you're going to be Able to get Circle shares I told you you G to be able to get them SBI owns 20% Shares of Ripple in the United States of America how about that one yeah they're On they're on link to also right uhuh And also is merging company SBI Ripple Asia with ripple in May 2016 ownership Ratio 60% you know this is the kind of Deep connections I see here and it gets Better ladies and gentlemen do you Remember this crypto Insight UK reminded Me of this and shout out to working Money Channel where I was able to kind Of reference back to because I remember He covered it back in the day he says Not only but remember when Jeremy aair Said to Brad garlinghouse this was at The world economic Forum of 2022 last Year he says uh uh he said scale usdc Using networks like Brads well you know What found the shout out to xrp shark This was last year we have to preserve

Digital cach that has to work on the Open internet it has by the way very Quickly he was sitting next to Brad Garling house when he said this to work Interoperative with anyone anywhere That's how we're going to solve this Problem and I think we're really close I Mean usdc itself um has we've seen over Three and a half trillion dollars of Transactions directly on the internet Between counterparties and and so um if We can you know improve it with more Scalable blockchain techn Technologies Like you know Brad's company uh provides And we can make this extremely low cost To to move uh and then enable Individuals with digital wallets that Can uh that can interact and you can Scale into the risk right is is where You can scale into the risk I tell you I'm loving where this is going ladies And gentlemen I'm seeing Circle I'm Seeing usdc I'm seeing Ripple xrp Stellar xlm all looking like some real Beh emo that are going to rise like Phoenix's out of the ashes of this Crypto Winter uh I know the analogies are Horrible about a crypto winter and Rising out of the ashes but we're going To move forward you know what I Mean Nevertheless when I see all that kind of Activity I say to myself I'm not worried

About a 60 Cent xrp because I'm not Selling used cars out here I've just Gotten comfortable telling you about how I feel about this market and I feel like The market will take care of itself as Long as I see the continued move in the Right direction from all the things that I actually believe and invest in in this Space and the xrp train next stops here According to egg rag crypto or $133 580 and 27 bucks will you give me a $27 xrp and damp I won't show you a hat Trick I'mma tell you that right now Yeah come on in yeah that look I'm GNA Leave it right there CU it feels so good Look I tell you what I want you to join Us in the freedom Zone ladies and Gentlemen it's right here just go to dig Perspectives. comom and click the Freedom Zone to join for next to nothing Or join us in the dpmg and get the Freedom zone for free I tell you there's So many perks to be inside of this Community whether you decide it's the Freedom zone or the dpmg and if you're Join the dpmg you get the freedom zone For free but I tell you this if you join Us today we're going to tackle some Things that we could never talk about on This channel who's really running this US government and alien technology what In the hell is going on well join us in The freedom zone so you can find out Because it's a great conversation going

On in here it is the deeper conversation Happen inside this group and I'm loving Where it's going I will catch all of you On the next One


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