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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you Today we got Brad Garling house from Swell you're going to want it guess what Else we got what's holding US Banks back It's not the SEC by itself ladies and Gentlemen and judge TZ releases damages Phase schedule and everything you're Going to want to know that and what's Going on with xrp price by the way we're Going to check that out too somebody Roll that beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad K's come On In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now we're Looking at a $1.46 trillion market cap for crypto It's been a while since we've seen 1.4 Trillion that's look we know we've had a Three plus trillion doll market cap and Everybody always says well the US can't Tell the rest of the world what to do Well I can tell you one thing that is True but the US can turn a three plus Trillion dollar crypto market cap into a 1.4 we've seen that happen right I've Seen it turn into just a few hundred Billion how about that one uh 2.2 up on The day 37,000 plus right now for Bitcoin over $2,000 for ethereum I Believe this is on the spot ETF news

That's been announced we'll get into That later Uh in a second video but right now we're 65 cents for xrp is it struggling here Off by 4.5% in the 24 hour up by 8.5 on The 7 day look at the range of price Ranging between 64 and 70 cents right Now we'll keep an eye on it but let me Tell you what a great time to roll over A 401k 403b 457 and more get your own Back office take control of your Finances your retirement take control And Empower yourself with I trust Capital it is the best crypto gold Ira On the planet that's why I have one and That's why I'm telling you about one it Is so easy to empower yourself with this If you just click the link underneath The video and get started what an Amazing opportunity that is very quickly Here I want to remind people that there Is a US Bill proposed outlawing Government use of china made blockchains And tethers Usdt well listen this has been in the Gun sites for a while L ladies and Gentlemen so we want to watch this very Very closely as we move forward but I do Want to say that we discuss inside the Freedom Zone and by the way if you join Us in the freedom zone for less than the Cost of a cup of coffee per month you Are going to get a discount to xrp Las Vegas 24 I guarantee you that as well as

Zero Google ads on The Daily videos that I make for YouTube and extra content as Well well and today we're going to be Diving into one of the biggest threats That this country faces and it's inside Our borders you're going to want to join Us in there and then right here is Congressman Tom Emer I'm not going to Play this whole thing but boy oh boy is It good listen to this thank you Mr Speaker you're welcome regulation by Enforcement is a practice all too common With this Administration this is Particularly the case at the SEC and Chair Gary gensler's approach towards Our Capital markets and financial Services industry but especially with Our emerging digital assets Community my Amendment seeks to put an end to chair Gensler's pattern of regulatory abuse a Pattern that is crushing American Innovation and capital formation without Undermining our ability to go after Criminals and frauders specifically my Amendment prohibits the SEC from using Funds for enforcement activities related To digital asset transactions until Congress passes legislation that gives The SEC jurisdiction over this asset Class there it is right there and he Goes on to continue to spit the fire Ladies and gentlemen but I tell you what Uh that's what needs to happen is to put The SEC back in their own lane right

That is exactly what needs to happen There uh finally to see Congress well Tom Tom Emer has always seen that but The reality is is Congress hasn't done Really a thing about it now let's switch Gears and go to Ripple swell really Quickly which looked like it was a great Success And uh it says here it would be Irresponsible for the bank not to learn These Technologies and adapt to stay Relevant this is Marlon Hernandez head Of remittance business at China bank Which is not located in China by the way I know it sounds silly but it isn't so Uh just keep that in mind I can't play This clip because it has copywritten Music so I don't want to get a strike on The channel but then I wanted to show You this from the Bank of Israel and a In a uh webinar that was happening here And shout out to Mr Man for this uh Apparently you can flip the switch to Introduce distributed Ledger technology Listen and him tell you the together With uh the the finance Ministries Federal debt agency um where we tested a Trigger solution where you basically Have the conventional uh path of Settlement of the Central Bank currency Um um combined with DT settlement of the Securities and there's a DLT based uh Trigger that then um that then joins the World of the conventional payment system

With the with the DLT world that's also Well there you have it right there is a Switch you can flip how about that all The people making fun of us yeah this Bank Israel talking about all of that Flipping the switch for DLT yeah I love It but this right here is a very Important three minutes here it's Brad Garlinghouse speaking from swell to Dan Murphy from CNBC in the Middle East take A quick listen to this clip and then we Want to discuss a major thing that went On in the interview from DC fintech week Which I think is really leaning in to Something we talk about here on the Channel quite often Ripple has wrapped Up its Flagship swell conference here in Dubai I spoke with ripple CEO Brad Gallinghouse on stage at the event I Asked about Ripple's battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission over The status of its xrp token and what Ripple's recent court win means for the Scope of sec power over the crypto space Listen in Ripple has had three Consecutive victories over the SEC on This first the judgment on July 13th Saying very clearly xrp is not in and of Itself a security uh second the denial By the court for their their request for An interlocutory appeal and third the uh Dismissal with prejudice the charge the Allegations against Chris Larsson and Myself so uh you know look one of the

Things that people talk about is one of The definitions of insanity is doing the Same thing over and over again and Thinking you'll get a different outcome The SEC is doing the same thing over and Over again and they think I guess They're going to get a different outcome At some point and you and I talked also Backstage about a grayscale also had a a I think an important victory in the United States about the Bitcoin ETF Where the the judge again there is a Federal judge talking about a federal Agency in the SEC saying quote the SEC Is being arbitrary and capricious you Know generally judges tend to be pretty You know down the middle and try to not Be uh dramatic like those are damning Words so I I think at some point the Secc has to step back and realize that Their approach of Regulation through Enforcement let's just bring lawsuits That that has to break so walk me Through the next steps in this case Today was the deadline for the briefing Schedule for remedies the SEC wants Something like $770 million in disorg What happens next well I I I uh in a Session that I did in Washington Yesterday I made the joke around I'd Like to see the Vegas odds on you know What what could be the What's called the Remedies from the case look it I think We the SEC in my opinion has lost sight

Of their mission to protect investors And the question is who are they Protecting in this journey and it turns Out that the court will make the judge Will make a decision about remedies we Actually welcome that uh I think that in This case you look at what in what Investors were harmed and you also have To look at the Securities laws and Understand are there exemptions for Institutional and you know accredited Investors and things like that but look I I think it is a positive step for the Industry not just for ripple not just For Chris and Brad but for the whole Industry that the SEC has been put in Check in the United States and I'm Hopeful this will be kind of uh a a Thawing of the the permafrost in the United States for you know really seeing An amazing industry that has immense Potential thrive in the largest economy In the world Amen to that but let's take A look at this ongoing xrp lawsuit has Entered its settlement phase and judge An Analisa Torres has set the ground Rules for ripple and sec C this here From James filin shout out to Jim uh Dear judge Torres pursuant to October 24th 2023 scheduling order the parties Respectfully propose a schedule for Remedies Discovery and briefing the Parties agree to permissible Discovery Will include facts occurring in the

Period before the filing of the sec's Complaint the SEC proposes 90 days from The entry of a scheduling order by the Court to conduct remedies related to Discovery Ripple is amendable to such a Proposal uh so long as such Discovery is Limited to pre- complaint Discovery the SEC intends to seek certain discovery That post States the complaint that it Considers relevant to its claim for Injunctive monetary remedies and ripple Reserves All rights to oppose such Discovery to the extent the SEC seeks Such Discovery and the court permits it Uh Ripple reserves All rights reserves All rights to petition the court for an Extension of any Discovery deadline it Goes on to give the rest of the details Uh the parties further agree that no Later than 45 days after the entry of The scheduling order Ripple may serve on The SEC superseding version of the Proposed report by Anthony broco uh Within 90 days of the scheduling order The SEC May depose Mr broco and so on And so forth you get it right but this Is all about remedies I like here what Fred RIS pooy has said here this is all Tea Leaf reading but to me this letter Does not have the uh aurbic tone of most Of the previous ones the parties even Agreed on some things I continue to Believe this case is closer to Resolution than the SEC is projecting so

That's how he sees that now I still see Obviously we got a ways to go here is What I'm seeing but I love Fred's take On this and I hope Fred is absolutely Spot on now let's get to this because in The DC fintech week uh interview that we Saw from Brad Garling house before he Left for Dubai and swell we know that uh Brad had made comments about the fact That he approached Banks after the Ruling had come out that xrp in and of Itself was not a security and he had This to say let's take a look at this Because I I I want you to I want you to Hear this Quick Clip here and even with The SEC case I mean we have US Banks as Customers and you know I've talked to Them post the SEC case and i' say you Okay so great now we can we have a Product called On Demand liquidity which Uses xrp and so I'll go to those Banks And say you know should we engage on That topic like look even though you won The case the United States government is Still hostile towards crypto the OCC is Hostile towards crypto and until that Changes the banks of the United States Are not going to engage meaningfully so I don't think the window has passed for The US to be a leader but I think uh Every day that goes by these other Markets that they want the entrepreneurs There they want growth uh and you know Again I'm mentioning Singapore London

And Dubai has three key examples but I Mean the ripples London office is our Second largest office now I don't think That's a mistake why he mentioned that And you see the confidence on his face Right there that sounds like posturing To me and that sounds like sending a Message that says hey you know what keep It up you want to you don't want to use This uh cuz we got other ways to fire This thing up around the world uh I Don't know if you know this but uh Ripple's second largest office is in London right yeah and uh this explains Why US Financial intitutions have not Rushed into use xrp after the victory Against the SEC yes it does it may Required a different Administration in The white house to see any real adoption And I believe that probably is true now One thing I will say here is is that if You notice the thing that I made a point Of the uh yesterday or the day before I Think it was yesterday and I'm going to Make it again today he said the OCC is what the banks mentioned because That's the regulator they're concerned About so this isn't just about the SEC this is the OCC and the OCC is a Credential regulator not a market Regulator like the SEC or the cftc so Keep that in mind that there is still That wall that has to be broken down but With that being said let's understand

This Ripple partner fin as ra about Bringing Visa Mastercard Tunes to their Platform take a quick listen now we have A plethora of players coming into this Space right tell Visa Mastercard they're Connected to tens of thousands of banks Worldwide and they believe they can do Seamless transmission of money cross Border at a marginal cost of zero and Here you go right here so this is Basically saying that um you know we can Do all of this for the banks they don't Need to touch any of this we'll touch it Right that that that's what's coming Here that's why I believe the Ripple Uphold partnership is so extremely Important ladies and gentlemen because They can do it as well for banks and Financial institutions if you're still a Little Gunshy31 look at what they're building They're building this 3° of Separation Where you still get the benefits of it But you're not touching it just yet and That's okay because we know the holy gry Is ultimately wanting them to not only Touch it but hold it then let's take a Look at this real quick to see what's Going on with price because we know We've had some retracement right nobody Likes to hear that but markets do it all The time dark Defender says here xrp Broke the 4H hour support of 66 cents But it's still strolling around it the

Daily still not has broken yet says we Call this seawave expanded sea and it's Completely technical he says we Wick to 62 cents yesterday Fibonacci support uh There is 6131 it says this correction is Completely Technical and routine I trust Xrp to consolidate between 66 and 61 Cents and continue to finalize the fifth Wave to 8737 very soon enjoy your Friday dark Defender thank you so much we appreciate Him so much and egg r crypto and I love This approach right here takes a like a Macro approach here and says you know What let's look at the different major Companies out here and kind of compare Where we're at we've all heard the Reference Google Earth Apple Air Amazon Fire Ripple Water well water is Essential for all forms of life on Earth No doubt about it and just showing here You could see apple here right and They're just showing the the jump it had Over the range from 2013 to going in and It's just showing and where we are now In 2023 but if you go further here and Look at the next one Apple Air look at The jump that's had right in a Comparison in a macro look at the charts Right that's what's amazing about this You could see here apple and then you Could see uh I think the other one was Amazon so excuse me for that and then Here's xrp and where will it go nobody

Knows but you know what this could be This is why we could seriously see a Trillion plus market cap ladies and Gentlemen trillion plus pretty Remarkable when you think about it and Where we are we are on the precipice of This now I understand that we do want to See Clarity from the SEC the OCC and any Other agency in the United States that Frees the banking system to move into This asset for settlement uh but here's What I want to say you know this is why I have believed for a long time that we May go all the way to the Supreme Court And listen I want it over yesterday too But when we're talking about moving all The different kinds of possible pairings Of tokenized value of the world we may Need to go to that final place the Highest standing legal uh uh entity of The land the Supreme Court to get that Ultimate Clarity and you know what we've Come this far why wouldn't we go the Rest of the way and then ask yourself What could the SEC say what could the OCC say say hell for that matter what Could anyone say I hope you'll join us In the freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen We are going to get into one of the Greatest threats to this country and You're going to hear it said by a Presidential candidate and it is Absolutely spoton and I tell you what we Get to talk about things in here because

We have free speech inside of here and We know that we don't have it out here Right so this is a censorship free zone And we tackle all kinds of things that I Wouldn't dare touch on the channel and I Tell you this is a great way for all of Us to stay in touch should something Unexpected happen to me on social media Or YouTube ever you and I will always Have a constant connection make sure you Click the link and join us for almost Nothing ladies and gentlemen you can do It I hope to see you inside not Financial advice for me or anyone else I'll catch all of you on the next One


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