Ripple/XRP-Brad Garlinghouse, Coinbase & Subpoenas?,Debit Mastercard & XUMM, Operation X #ElonMusk

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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we have here today we got Brad Garlinghouse we got coinbase and Subpoenas we'll explain and how about Debit Mastercard and zum wallet and Operation x a call to action every one Of us should be taking up we got that And so much more somebody roll that Beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.47 Trillion market cap for crypto to Market Is up 1.1% 37,300 Plus for Bitcoin 2,000 And change for ethereum we see 88.9 Billion plus here for tether could be an All-time high and we see xrp right now At 60 cents up one and a half on the 24hour off by half a percent on the 7 Day range of price very quickly here 5956 on the bottom and 6093 on the top we're currently sitting Right there at the top range of the Price of xrp now let's get into this News we have a lot to go over today and The very end of this today you are going To want to hear it is a massive call to Action to Elon Musk and Linda yakuro and I think you're going to want to be a Part of it ripples xrp is become the Most traded digital asset on uphold Surpassing major cryptocurrencies like

Bitcoin and ether with significant user Engagement uhoh look what happens when You start to let the boot off the back Of the neck of an asset under a court Case which it still is but nevertheless We know that that demand is coming from People understanding its real use case That I do believe this right here the IMF is scared that failure to agree on Common plat platform for Central Bank Digital currencies could lead to a Vacuum that would likely be filled by Cryptocurrency it doesn't say much more In the article but nonetheless countries That have tried to implement cbdcs have Seen little adoption likening the Efforts to a nautical Journey says Christalina georgeva if anything we need To raise another sale to pick up speed The world is changing faster than most Imagine the IMF is scared that the Failure to agree to a common platform For cbdcs could create that vacuum the IMF warms at a time when Cryptocurrencies are gaining more Mainstream attention and adoption Suggesting they may eventually become a Viable alternative to traditional Fiat Currencies now we know in this space That most of what people think uh about Cryptocurrencies becoming a viable Alternative is not the same thing right It just is not the same thing however a Fully backed stable coin that is always

A dollar can certainly outpa fiat Currency over time now couldn't it uhhuh Yeah it could now let's take a look at This because this may be why the IMF is So scared because China's Central Bank Digital currency development is in its Final stages while the rest of the world Is in some shape or form of getting this Done according to the former Governor of The People's Bank of China indicating a Significant stride towards the country's Digitalization of its Financial system So there is geopolitical pressure to get This done now we see relationships Deepening with China overe expanding Into the digital Yuan with Standard Charter now venturing into the water With them so this is not stopping right And this adoption is going into retail Trading with uh exchange services so you Can see where this integration and Implementation of this use is happening We do not want China to be the leader in This race I can guarantee you that much And coinbase the largest crypto Exchange In America has been subpoenaed as part Of the US crypto Crackdown uh you know But it's not the SEC this time it's the Cftc and if you go into this basically It's just letting you know that you if You're a user of coinbase you may have Received an email about ongoing legal Action by the cftc against another Exchange which I believe is bybit but

You don't have to be concerned yourself This is a matter for coinbase to deal With as they move forward you know but Again here's the pressure but let's just Get an overview very quickly here from The recent token 2049 uh conference that Brad Garlinghouse was at and let's have him Just provide a little clarity about what This space needs to look like in order For the industry to th Thrive to add a Bit of controversy to this I I I still Think there is an underlying uh Segment of the crypto world that is so Anti-regulation and you know all about Anonymity all in my judgment if we want This industry to thrive and Achieve I Think what it can to fundamentally Rewire how Financial infrastructure Works we can't pretend that like Government regulation doesn't matter and I still think you know I think frankly One of the problems of the United States Is you have even within the industry Infighting right youve got these various Uh you know lobbying organizations in The United States in Washington DC with Lots of members from the crypto Community and they all don't agree and See now that's a big point right there So the lobbying uh associations need to Be on the same page delivering the same Message because if they're all going Into different uh Congressional people's

Offices and delivering a different Message then it's going to take longer To get to a common goal and so you know If I mean I've been to Capitol Hill I'm Sure maybe both of you have as well you Go to a senator or representative's Office and there have been two other Crypto people in there earlier in the Day saying different things that what I'm saying and like there's some basic Things I feel like we have to agree if We want that progress we have to agree On some basic things and I think you Know I still do find categories of the Crypto Community fighting some of these Basic regulatory Frameworks you know AML Is going to matter kyc is going to Matter and if you if you're taking the Point of view that we're going to Circumvent the those things that that's Not the industry I see out five and 10 Years from now that really is thriving And growing uh because I think that just Gives fuel to the fire for politicians Who do like to you know just make noise Uh and they don't understand you what's Going on in crypto or what brought down FTX it is such a great point and it's so Valid right now where we are today and You're not going to have a market that Looks like this which I which is what I Believe Brad's leaning into here which Which most of which are Ripple Partners Like SBI HSBC UBS bis Standard Charter

You get it it's all right here shout out To xrp drops monetary authority of Singapore which is also awarded a License to Ripple as well and you can See all the partner names here if you Want the market to look like the Traditional markets where it's booming And there's the trillions and trillions Of dollars that were sitting on the Sidelines that absolutely move into this Market well at the very least you're Going to have to be kyc AML or it ain't Happening let alone if you're talking About introducing products like xrp etps Or ETFs exchange traded products or Exchang traded funds now just to let you Know very quickly exchang traded Products is a more broad term to explain That something can be a an ETF can be an Exchange traded product but exchange Traded product cannot be an ETF if that Makes sense so in other words like say ET ETP exchange traded product is like Saying automobiles right an exchange Traded fund is like saying a van right Or a car right or a truck right it's More definitive what kind of exchange Traded product it is and if we're going To have these things you're going to be In a regulatory framework that's the Beauty of these things because these Funds already have regulation for Exposure to this kind of market so uh You know this is coming very quickly but

It has to have these guard rails and These regulatory uh uh checkpoints or We're not going to this place it's just That simple and then add in this now we Covered this briefly the other day but I Want to share this before we get to some Extremely important news about Operation X do not go anywhere but very quickly Here major xrp developer drops hints of MasterCard integration in wallet upgrade For xrp Ledger Z wallet it's weed say When somebody said said debit cards and Zum is all I want and he comes back and Says working on this debit Master cards Self- custody card authorization with Custom on Ledger limits and your account Using a hook I tell you you know I don't Even know if these guys sleep over there If these ladies and gentlemen over here We xrp Ledger Labs or I don't even know If they sleep it's unbelievable what They're working on uh shout out to them You make that connection boy and have You really done something I mean really Done something when you speak about Doing something this is a call to action For the entire xrp Community we need Your help this is very very serious we Know that metal law man Attorney James Murphy was silenced and taken out on X And so was digital asset investor silent Ed taken out wrongfully Suspended there is a letter now that is Dropping and it's gone directly to Elon

Musk and Linda yakuro here and I'm going To get a look at it right here from Metal law man shout out to what he's Done for him and Dai here and it says Basically his name is j James Murphy is Hand on X is metal law man I'm writing To you on behalf of myself and digital Asset investor whose handle is digital Asset by on x both of us on find our ex Accounts inexplicably and permanently Suspended Penalty Box I wanted to share Our stories with you because I thought You might welcome the feedback on your Experience with X after submitting 15 Appeals I've been given no reason for The suspension of my metal law man Account Dai was told he was suspended Because he was an impersonator which is Kind of funny because they're actually Hundreds of impersonator accounts on X Pretending to be digital asset investor But X suspended the real digital asset Investor on the grounds that he was the Impostor anyway all of our appeals of Suspensions have been ignored so I'm Reaching out to the three of the four or The three of you directly as a last Resort read on I think you might find Our stories compelling particularly if You happen to be fans of the novels Frank's kofka so here or France kfka and It says here metal law man background is An attorney licensed to practice I in New York and Virginia so I've been

Practicing law principally in the field Of Securities litigation and regulation For the last 30 years the law firm I Found it was recognized as the national Law firm of the year in Securities Regulation by the US News best lawyers In America in both 21 and 22 after Retiring from my Law Firm I started Engaging on Twitter October 22 providing Commentary on legal regulatory issues Rising around the world of Cryptocurrency have appeared on numerous Legacy Media and social media shows Including Twitter spaces with Scott meel Melker and Mario Nal to talk about Illegal issues in crypto we've been uh Lucky enough to have meta law man on our Show as well and on October 22nd he Started engaging on Twitter by August 23rd 10 months later he had gained 27,000 followers August 16th his phone Was hacked with a Sim Swap and his ex Account was hacked the same day I Reported the hack to X and requested That all contents posted on my X account By the haer be deleted and B that my Account be deactivated until such time As I regain control of my phone number On August 18th he regained control of His phone on the X account on August 22nd X informed me after careful review My account was permanently suspended Because I have violated the X rules no Specific rule was cited and more

Information was provided here it says September 6 he submitted the first of 15 Appeals of the suspension I explained The whole hack situation in multiple Appeals received no response from X September 22nd uh I filed a federal Lawsuit to obtain Discovery into the Identities of the hackers who Sim swap My phone and hacked my account an X Account says I have since obtained video Surveillance footage of the hackers and I'm currently pursuing Avenue of Recourse I've submitted a total of 15 Appeals to X over the past three months Explaining the situation in detail and Received no substantive response from X That's where we are with that now let's Go to here where it breaks down into uh Digital asset investor who had a Background in traditional Finance he Provides crypto related content on X With particular emphasis on Ripple and Xrp token Dai has been actively engaging On Twitter and X since 2018 he has a YouTube channel with nearly 200,000 Subscribers has attracted nearly 79 Million views and in May 2018 Dai Created a Twitter account ensuing in 5 Years he is a mass 347,000 Followers October 5th 23 daai received a Notice from X that his account had been Suspended for breaking unspecified Twitter rules Dai immediately filed an Online Appeal on October 11th Dai was

Informed at X that he allegedly violated Twitter rules regarding impersonation X Asked da to provide business card Personal identification to approv that He was indeed the real da daai Immediately complied with the request And uploaded the documents to X Dai has Received no response from X after Delivering his proof of identity seven Weeks ago he has appealed more six more Times each time receiving no substantive Response from X when requested Dai uh Provided conclusive proof of X that he Is in fact the real digital asset Investor and not the impersonator yet The real Dei remains banned from X Meanwhile host ex-host number of Accounts of obvious Dai impers imposters This is the problem ladies and gentlemen This is the problem parting comments Here is that I believe in free Enterprise system in the United States Appreciate the fact that X's private Enterprise and you management of X are Free to run your platform as you see fit Dai and I are both strong advocates for Freedom of speech we have vocally Supported the Free Speech ethos of X Under this current management so we find It puzzling that we're both banned from X while imposters and other entities Like Taliban North Korea who may not Fully embrace the American concept of Free speech are free to post on the

Xplatform but again your platform your Call we choose to believe that the Suspension of our accounts by X was Simply a mistake or two now that you Have this background information we Trust that you will restore our accounts And reinstate the follower uh Connections to those accounts that's Where we are right now ladies and Gentlemen that's where we are and There's much evidence here of everybody Reaching out and asking to please please Reinstate Dai and meta law man they've Done nothing wrong all they've done is Choose X to build a community with and You can see the support here from Everyone including myself hash freed Ashree metal law man let's get back to Where we need to be because the truth is Is this if x is going to be a bank Platform as well as a social media Platform we need to have these gentlemen Reinstated to show that there can be a Correction what am I to think if my Money is tied into this platform Elon Linda serious questions Here what is the recourse if there is a Wrongful suspension or termination what Is the recourse to my money and the Access of my money let alone the Community I've built these are very real Questions and I'm asking each one of you To go out here today and to retweet this Post if you can't retweet make a post

Tag Elon Musk tag Linda yakuro at Linda YX capital x and you know Elon Musk is All lowercase Elon Musk no spaces we Need to get this done because I want to See freedom of speech on this platform Respected I want to see this platform Grow because does honor freedom of Speech but I also want to see this Platform grow because they've figured Out how to protect the original account Creators on this platform as well look That's going to do it for me make sure You join us in the freedom Zone we're Talking about what Richard Nixon already Knew ladies and gentlemen the real Version of Watergate and so much more Inside the freedom Zone just go to dig Prospectives And we'll catch all of you there not Financial advice for me or anyone else We'll catch all of you on the next one #f Freed


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