Ripple May SETTLE WITH SEC TODAY, Crypto Media Reports

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel got a few stories to share with You in this very latest Moon Lambo J and I'll start with this one from the Crypto basic will SEC settle with ripple Today as regulator holds closed door Meetings yeah lots of speculation going On on social media today then there's Also this one uh this is from you today Uh Ripple clo Chief legal officer hints That SEC may lose if Ripple case Tak to Supreme Court so that's still Potentially in the cards uh and then There's also this from the Crypt basic Xrp Army panics as binance suspended xrp Withdrawals via Xrpl we'll talk about it and and I'll Say this too you know like I'll show you Why many in the community are Speculating that today's closed door SEC Meeting is an indication that Ripple and The SEC are about to settle but I Personally don't think that this is the Case uh we'll we'll see now of course With my luck by the time this damn thing Gets uploaded it will have happened and Then I just look like a damn fool and Then everybody unsubscribe but uh you Know I I don't find that to be Particularly probable but uh before Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice

And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun all right so just As a little table setting or as a Reminder maybe recall this uh this is From November 22nd from the Crypt basic SEC upcoming closed door meeting Sparks Expectation of possible settlement in Ripple case and I don't need to read the Article uh but they reference uh this This page from the actual SEC website um It's a sunshine act notice of a meeting Occurring today 2:15 p.m. uh so it's Already done by the time I'm recording This it's over and and here's the thing Even if this is something that would Result in settlement it it which again I Don't think is going to be what happens But even if it's what happens it doesn't Mean we'd get the news breaking today Although it could in theory fine I I'll See the point in theory could U be kind Of decided today um and so here that's Again the meaning time 2:15 p.m. on Thursday November 30th 2023 and then They go I don't want to read this whole Thing but they go on to site the subject Matter that's going to be discussed here It is I'm highlighting on the screen if You want to read it uh the relevant Portion to us would be uh this bullet

Point right here uh institution and Settlement of injunctive actions and Then the next one institution and Settlement of administrative proceedings So this isn't something that's specific To Ripple but I can understand and it's Reasonable to speculate might this have Something to do with ripple and so Perhaps Ripple will be discussed uh that Wouldn't surprise me in the least it's Just the question of is there going to Be some sort of settlement here which Brings us to the article that was Published earlier today will SEC settle With ripple Today the sec's close closed door Meeting slated for today has stirred a Wave of speculation about a potential Settlement in the ongoing legal tussle About Ripple for many cryptocurrency Investors today November 30th is just Every other day in the other in the Crypto Market I think they mean just Like every other day in the crypto Market however it's it's it's crypto Media folks however several xrp holders See November 30th 2023 as the day that Could birth the resolution of the secv Ripple lawsuit as reported earlier the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has scheduled its closed Meeting door blah blah blah according to An announcement all SEC Commissioners And other top officials are expected to

Attend the meeting which is scheduled to Be held at the commission's headquarters In Washington DC notably SEC officials Who cannot physically attend the meeting Can do so remotely one of the meeting's Main agendas is to discuss the Settlement of injunctive actions and Other administrative proceedings Although the SEC did not mention the Ripple lawsuit in the announcement the Idea of a closed door meeting and the Discussion of potent a potential Resolution of injunctive actions have Stirred speculations among xrp Enthusiasts several xrp community Members speculate that the Securities Regulator might decide to end its Protracted legal battle with ripple via Settlement since the SEC charged Ripple With violating Federal Securities laws In December 2020 the commission has not Signaled any intention to reach a Compromise with the blockchain company Instead it has gone all out against Ripple hoping to get a Flawless victory Against the firm in court okay so I have No quals with anybody wondering if Ripple might be discussed or if that Might be on the table I'll just say that Again my potential my personal opinion Is that uh that ship is pretty well Sailed at this point I mean maybe Something happens and we get lucky at Some point but even if that's the case I

I'm just I'm I'm skeptical of that look Look at how the sec's been posturing Recently I mean they already lost on the The core thing the thing that matters Most xrp you xrp's legal status it's not A security so they already lost there What like what do they what do they have To lose pushing further well I mean if They if they're going to I don't want to Go too far into this but Obviously there are certain things that Could be cemented if they take this up To the next level but to what degree Does it even matter to us at this point Because xrp they said that they're not Even going to seek a pellet review on That the SEC said that so if you're just Talking about you know institutional Versus programmatic sales well Ripple Can push back Too so I Just what's the real incentive at this Point I mean and and look Ripple is Postured in such a way and I don't think It's it's just postering I mean there's They're serious about this the idea of Going to the Supreme Court which leads Us to this the headline again from you Today xrp case between Ripple and SEC Could be settled to oh that that's the Wrong Ripple clo hints that SEC may lose If Ripple case taken to Supreme Court Chief legal officer at Ripple lab Stuart Alder has issued an

Exost that clearly hints that aldera Believes the SEC is likely to lose its Legal battle against Ripple however this May happen only if Ripple takes the case Onto this the US Supreme Court well I Mean yeah if it if it comes to it you Know I don't know that uh Ripple's going To be pushing for that but I mean they Will fight it they will fight the fight If that's what it comes to and they'll Win and all like if it actually comes to It and again the xrp legal Clarity the SEC isn't seeking to have That change so I think I think we're Good there but um here is a post from Stuart alderotti he and he shared a Screen grab here I can make this full Screen for you it's from The Wall Street Journal so he wrote today's Wall Street Journal quote the Supreme Court has Repeatedly ruled against the SEC in Recent years end quote and then he says The SEC is anything but infallible It is bloated broken and baguer don't be Intimidated when they come Knocking yes yes on all counts Absolutely here's what Attorney John Deon had to say about that he actually Reposted it and said I remember when I Sued the SEC and some people said you're Crazy why the SEC is only good at one Thing intimidating people because they Have the unlimited resources of the American taxpayer and some people also

Get intimidated because maybe fighting The SEC will mean the SEC calls the IRS On you as well this country was born Fighting against government oppression And intrusion it is most American to Fight back yeah so I don't think that Attorney Deon was particularly worried About that I think he was like the rest Of us and pretty damn pissed off with The egregious overreaching of the SEC uh now to this from from the Crypt Basic xrp Army panics as binance Suspended xrp withdrawals via xrp Ledger And look I just wanted to highlight this Because it's a big nothing it's already Over and this was largely spread by Edward finina surprise surprise breaking Binance has suspended the withdrawal of Xrp get your crypto out of exchanges now Look I'm all good with the message of Getting crypto off exchanges I mean it's Everyone's own individual Choice uh I Don't think it's a good idea to keep Crypto on Exchange there are risks with Self custody obviously and people don't Acknowledge that for some reason so There are risks no matter what I think It's way worse to keep crypto on Exchange uh but there were separate Posts and I don't want to get into it in This video uh he talking about specific Behavior towards xrp I it's it just it's A big nothing gets a lot of clicks gets A lot of reposts I understand but uh the

The truth of the matter is it just has To do with the fact that wallets undergo Maintenance sometime this is Norm normal For binance and then for a very brief Period for whatever the cryptocurrency May be it could be xrp it could be Others under goes maintenance and then You can you can move your xrp after that Or whatever the crypto may be I've I've Encountered that many times I Encountered that back when I could use The original binance back in 2017 and 2018 uh before it was not before it was No longer allowed in the United States I I use that all sorts of people in the United States used it way back in the Day it's it's not uncommon and stuff Like this happens with other exchanges As well I just don't want it to be Whipped up to into a frenzy I get it it Sounds exciting it'll you know attention Will be you will get the attention People re I get that but I'd rather live In reality because this is not some sort Of big deal here uh there's another Thing that was whipping people up into a Frenzy and I just want to kind of calm Everybody down here because it ended up Not being a big deal in the least though I understand why people were concerned And the concern's fair like this it's More fair and reasonable be concerned About this compared to the binance Situation just in my humble

Opinion here's a post um yesterday from The official Ledger support account and They posted the following hey xrp users We have detected an issue with our Backend Services for xrp our team is on it and Looking for a fix in the meantime you May not be able to add an xrp account in Ledger live or send xrp from Ledger live Rest assured this has no effect on your Funds you can connect your Ledger Nano To xrp toolkit to view and manage your Xrp until we push a fix we should have An update soon so there you go and then Some people were making the joke uh They're like oh so The Ledger Hardware Wall it's like a centralized exchange Which is kind of a funny joke but it's Because there's a certain amount of Truth to it but not really because you Do still have control of your funds um And you like I said here you can use xrp Toolkit if you wanted to in the meantime Because Ledger live that's their Software it was just their software not Your actual account that's being Tampered with so it it was ultimately a Big nothing but people understandably Were very concerned I think the concern Is reasonable when you're talking about For in many cases substantial portion of People's net worth and that didn't Really explain why anything was Happening I can understand why that's

Alarming and initially they didn't Really offer an answer but it was all Resolved ultimately so I just wanted to Highlight this uh here you can see xrp Ledger Foundation actually had an update on This and they wrote due to a delayed Configuration change those rely on on Xrpl cluster using HTTP post RPC Instead of websocket Transport may have Experienced issues connecting to the Public full history nodes the past hours This issue has been solved and Monitoring has been improved okay so I'm Not going to pretend to know what all The nerd speak means but this was at the Core of the issue and in fact this was Uh this was highlighted here because There was a let me see what this one was Yeah so Ledger uh yeah Ledger support Wrote um the this issue has been Resolved and um and that was reposted Also by W wind and he said those using Ledger Hardware products may have Experienced trouble connecting to The Xrp Ledger for the past hours this issue Has been resolved thanks to a Configuration change at xrpl The public xrp Ledger nodes and so it Was a big nothing and again I don't Blame anybody for being concerned and I Was spreading the message because this Is a thing and people should be aware of It uh but it's not some sort of disaster

Or Doomsday it doesn't mean that this is This in and of itself is not some sort Of indication that ledger Hardware wals Are not to be trusted that's not the Case uh and and again it was resolved Very quickly actually but I wanted to Mention all this Stuff so there we are everybody sleep Easy it's all good I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy yourself Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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