Ripple IS NOT Using XRP In New “Liquidity Hub” Product

Although this is Matt on the moon family Said Dan Channel Ripple just launched a Major new product called liquidity Hub And it doesn't use xrp it use it uses Other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum so it has a lot of people in Our community scratching their heads and Ripple did end up clarifying the Rationale for why xrp isn't being used In this product and that just upsets Certain people in our community uh even Further many anticipating that Ripple Used as an explanation for the lack of Xrp within this software was some sort Of indication that Ripple is no longer Confident that they'd be winning their Lawsuit against the SEC and I just have To respectfully disagree and on top of That there's a lot of confusion and Misunderstanding about what liquidity Hub even is and I've had entire videos In the past dedicated to explaining uh Everything that's been made publicly Available to the point where I made such Videos and people seem to think that This is some sort of product where xrp Necessarily needs to be bridging Currencies this and that and like that's What on-demand liquidities this is a Different product for a different Purpose so I'm going to break it down And also in an attorney within our Community attorney Bill Morgan explains What he thinks is going on and folks

It's not bad stuff I don't think that This is bad I don't think it's wrong I Think what Ripple is doing is right and I think it's strategic it's it's Everything everything's gonna be fine Just just children gather around like Gather a campfire the uncle Moon Lambo Oh did I say the wrong name That that Moon family sedan just ease Your your worried cells but before going Further you want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun so just some real quick Table setting here we've known about Liquidity Hub since November of 2021 so Almost a year and a half at this point Um here's a headline from coindesk November 9th 2021. Ripple 2 launched Liquidity service for six Cryptocurrencies and here's a headline From cointelegraph Ripple to launch Liquidity hub for finance firms that Want to offer crypto trading and here Was Ripple's announcements from their Inside Series this is their blog series Ripple insights and November 9th 2021 Ripple liquidity hub for the Enterprise There's only a small snippet here I

Guess that might be redundant that I Want to share with you uh so you can see What was announced at that exact point Time almost a year and a half ago Ripple Wrote The Following while The xrp Ledger And xrp are and will remain a native Part of our Tech stack we at Ripple Believe that achieving interoperability Is key to unlocking crypto's true Potential the ability to interoperate Crypto across networks will break down Barriers to entry and enable greater Competition and inclusion because of This Ripple liquidity Hub will initially Support Bitcoin eth Litecoin ethereum Classic Bitcoin by the way a fun fact That's the worst cryptocurrency on the Entire planet I hold it by the way so I Can say that uh Bitcoin cash and xrp Though in parentheses they're right After xrp availability will vary by Geography and then they're right with Plans to add additional digital assets Over time in the future Ripple plans to Add functionality such as staking and Yield generating functionalities So uh what is liquidity like what what Does it functionally do and why what's With the interest suddenly in all these Other cryptocurrencies it's it's a very Simple concept liquidity Hub quite Simply is a matchmaking service it helps Pair up buyers with with sellers that's That's that really is it in a nutshell

In fact if you look at this this is a Tweet from Ripple and this happens to be From March 26th of last year there is a Tweet and they wrote The Following this From the official Ripple account Similar to Google Flights or kayak Aggregating the best travel prices Ripple liquidity Hub will enable Partners to help their customers buy Sell and hold crypto at optimized Pricing so you see folks it's it is just Like Hayek it is just like Google fights And so there's a bunch of different Entities that have a bunch of different Prices for a bunch of different Cryptocurrencies and then separately There are a bunch of different entities In the world of business that want to Buy these things for their customers and So it's it just helps to Source the Cheapest liquidity keeps markets Competitive and tight that's that's it It was it was never it's never been Described as Ripple is selling any of These things It's never been described as that it's Hey we're playing Matchmaker that's it It's a messaging service Plain and simple now could it have Evolve to Something in the future that's More than that yes could it be more than What they've articulated publicly to This point sure I guess but then we're Just you know playing around in

Skepticism Landing if you want to do That okay that's fine but this is what It is this is what we know to be true to This point in one of the Cryptocurrencies that Ripple was going To help these entities Source was xrp But upon launch of this product it is no More and so here you can see Um actually where's the headline here we Go this is a headline from the crypto Basic ripped Ripple liquidity Hub now Live for businesses with no mention of Xrp and it was a little bit strange that Ripple announced this and uh previously You know the announced six Cryptocurrencies now there's just five The one that's missing is xrp uh what Gives and there's speculation flying now I think it would have been less messy And nicer if this was just explained Right out the gate but ultimately a Ripple did come back and explain what Was going on but it didn't happen Fortunately it didn't put out the fire It just created a new fire unfortunately Which I'm gonna try and put out because Seriously Um nothing bad or terrible is going on Here so here we have Um I think wait is the least maybe it Was updated let me check to see if this Is I think of the right thing in front Of me yeah here we go so they ended up Adding this apparently

Um and I was first notified this in the Afternoon from my fellow xrp YouTuber Crypto Eddie so shout out and credit to Her Um but uh here you go they wrote The Following available 24 7 365. liquidity Hub leverages smart order routing to Source a variety of digital assets at Optimized prices across multiple Liquidity venues including market makers Exchanges and over-the-counter desks These deep liquidity pools from multiple Providers ensure liquidity is sourced When you need it from United States Dollars to bitcoin eth Ethereum classic which again is the Worst cryptocurrency on the entire damn Planet uh Bitcoin cash uh Litecoin usdc And usdt And then they write here xrp will be Evaluated along with other tokens for Support within the product We look forward to supporting xrp as it Receives regulatory Clarity in the United States and so there you go xrp is Uh not part of liquidity Hub because of The SEC V Ripple lawsuit so a couple Things on this you might be saying but Uh Uncle Moon family sedan uh you just Shared with us that this was announced a Year almost a year and a half ago this This new product now it's almost a year And a half ago well that was after the After Ripple was sued they said back

Then though the lawsuit's underway they Said xrp was being included what gives Uncle Moon family sedan well again you All gather on the fire I'm gonna tell You the answer is the answer is that and This is my speculation admittedly but Ripple was hoping that the case would Have been concluded or settled by now That's that's my hunch but now because Look if you don't have to publicly say Yeah we're not including xrp then if You're Ripple strategically like why Would you even want to open that can of Worms of course you're including xrped Your thing but then when you finally get To daywords it's launch time well we're Not going to hold the product back any Longer it's time to launch they wait Till the very last minute which is Launch day and then they're like uh no Mention of xrp they're just silent as if We weren't going to notice that though Of course we're gonna notice that but Still that's how they've decided to play This so they they must have known all Along that if the case wasn't concluded They were never going to have xrp in This thing that would be my hunch anyway That would be the smart business move That would be the right play but uh what What gives them does this mean that uh Ripple doesn't have confidence that They're going to defeat the SEC I mean They're selling xrp right now so for

Them to not include it here must be a Problem right uh no definitely not I've Been talking about this in recent videos Actually uh Ripple they they stopped Some time ago years ago I can't remember Exactly one but um they stopped their Programmatic sales of xrp they're no Longer all of their sales of xrp and They do buy back xrp also it all has to Do with on-demand liquidity for utility Purposes because they believe that and They're right when it comes down to it When evaluated by a jury if it came to It then they'd be able to recognize if You look at the you know actual actually What the laws are that if you're buying Something that's purely for utility There's no investment of money with the Expectation or profit you know the whole Highway thing then you're good to go so They stopped the programmatic sales that That could have more easily fit Howie I'm not saying that they would but would Have more easily fit you know sec would Have a stronger case there and then they Went to an area where there is no case There's it's literally for utility and That's all that Ripple's been doing with Xrp now here even though Ripple as it's Been publicly spouted by them isn't Going to be uh isn't going to be Actually you know doing the binds on Themselves they're playing Matchmaker Kind of like an exchange does so given

That they already stopped programmatic Sales years ago because I think it was Before the law said it could be mistaken But I think it was before the lawsuit But it was so long ago they recognized That uh hey this could technically be a Legal problem well they stopped it there For that reason they don't want to do it Anywhere else where you could easily Have it you know because because these Other firms they're they're buying and Selling for whatever reasons there could Be a speculation if Ripple's a part of That while they're in a lawsuit that Doesn't sound like a smart business Decision does it I I don't think so You know so I don't blame him on Just like I I honestly don't even blame Coinbase you know it kind of Grants my Gears that now they're getting feisty After not having a backbone you know Being the little linguine spine but I Get the business decision I've been Consistent with that from the beginning It's just kind of frustrating to see That they now suddenly grew a spine After not defending Ripple and or xrp That's the only part that grabs my gears A little bit but uh it makes sense there It makes sense what the ripples doing Here I have no qualms with this I think That's smart so you keep selling your Extra feet when it has to do with

On-demand liquidity and buy it back There too and then don't be a Facilitator of such transactions when You when you're part of this case right You know you wait for that to settle Down and then a lot of people are also Saying because there's a complete Another misunderstanding of what Liquidity Hub is well then what's going To bridge all of this I'm like no no no Ripple as far as we know and I don't Pretend to know all the nuts and bolts I'm just sharing with you what I know Based on what they said publicly Ripple's the messaging system I don't Know that there's any sort of indication Been made publicly in terms of how the Finality of sediment occurs I mean maybe It goes through them but I I have no Indication whatsoever that ripples Holding any asset as a result of this in Fact I I flatly think that that's not The case You know they're just now presumably They get some sort of cut or something Like this you know they get some sort of Little profit but I don't know the you Know how the sausage is made I don't Know what the mechanics are but you Don't necessarily need to bridge Anything bridging is for when you're Operating in a corridor and you know There there is no trading pair for that Corridor that's it so if there's not

Because you can't have every single Trading pair that exists on every single Exchange where we're trading the cars on The planet like it's just it's never Going to happen so then when you need to Get from one place to the other then you Need a bridge but you're talking about Some of the most liquid well-known Cryptocurrencies on the planet And so you know it's going to be less of A problem depending I mean it depends on What the payment that's going to be too But you may not even necessarily need to Worry about it but maybe you go through Even the Legacy Financial system I don't Know because I haven't seen that that Articulated now it doesn't mean that There couldn't be a place for xrp I'm Not saying that either I'm just saying That liquidity Hub could operate without That service that's all that's all I'm Saying basically and so um crypto Eddie Tweeted out because she she was getting Raked over the coals by some people in The community not most people but There's just a handful of people that Were being outright rude and I was Reading some of the stuff and just kind Of rolling my eyes I'm like my gosh Because crypto Eddie was just pointing Out that you know xrp is not being used By liquidity Hub it's not like she's Just saying a thing and some people are Getting feisty and kind of getting mad

About it and attacking them just like Whoa whoa whoa slow your rubs Don so Crypto Eddie said we should be angry With the enforcement action taken Against Ripple and xrp resulting not Being utilized in liquidity Hub not the People who noticed man this is a tough Crowd I still want to buy that igloo and Then xrp Community member Scott Chamberlain wrote why can't Ripple use Xrp for on-demand or I'm sorry why can Ripple use xrp for on-demand liquidity But not for liquidity Hub and So I Responded with the following I wrote I Don't see why Ripple couldn't use xrp as A bridge in liquidity Hub if there are Pathy Pathways where that makes sense by The way that's an if After all there isn't enough liquidity To have a pair for everything on every Platform but so far all I've seen from Ripple is that they're a Matchmaker so Perhaps number one of three things Number one they have reasons for taking A hands-off approach and only Introducing buyers to Sellers and folks I think that's pretty clear at this Point uh well at least for xrp you know They especially wouldn't want to forget The legal action outside of that I don't Know what the implications of that would Be in terms of custody this or that Would they have to even I don't know What that would necessarily look like

But if you're just pairing up people to Meet each other like you're a dating Service for you know participants in the World of crypto that's I get that you Know number two they'll use xrp as a Bridge in liquidity Hub in the future Where it makes sense number three They're using xrp as a bridge and Liquidity Hub and just haven't publicly Announced that yet So look if you're just talking about Xrp's abridging liquidity up I think They could do that today which is why I Don't think they're doing it today Because they probably would have Announced that I really think that at This juncture in time the only plan is To not Bridge anything because maybe They don't feel like they need to at Least at this juncture in time you know Xrp yeah if you're just bridging that's That's for utility they're already doing That so that wouldn't be a problem So you can see the the it's pretty damn Clear the the real issue is the legal Concern That's why xrp is not being offered as Something that they're willing to match Make on they'll match make with these Other cryptos but they won't match make You with xrp that's it that's all that Means and I don't blame them they're They've been consistent in the way that They're selling xrp for years now this

Shouldn't be a surprise to anybody Frankly Um and so then you have uh this from Attorney Bill Morgan he was responding To something from attorney Jesse Hines Jesse Heinz wrote to be honest I don't See this as a good sign so he's Referencing uh the liquidity Hub stuff With rubble I just I absolutely disagree I think that Jesse Hines is getting this One wrong uh there's there's nothing About that this is a bad sign that's Just my personal opinion so it says to Be honest I don't see this as a good Sign I don't want to get my conspiracy Brain out there but I in my opinion you Only remove xrp if you know something is Coming I truly hope I'm wrong but I Think people can't defend Ripple for This and be mad at coinbase order Listing yeah well I wasn't mad at coin I've been very consistent on the Coinbase thing like I just said a couple Minutes ago setting that aside though uh You know thinking that this is something Is somehow an indication of bad news With ripple it just doesn't make sense I Think he's missing information and Coming to a conclusion based on you know Lacking key knowledge specifically I Don't know if he's been following the Case you know lately perhaps he hasn't Been so he may not even have the Understanding that Ripple's only been

Selling uh xrp as it pertains to Unmanned liquidity because that's Different as it pertains to the Howie Test So they're being Ripple's being Completely consistent I think he's Missing that and attorney Bill Morgan Retweeted that wrote The Following I Just had that thought in 2021 after the Lawsuit commenced Ripple's statement Slash documents included xrp and Liquidity Hub now they don't I wondered if Ripple's assessment of its Prospects has become more negative since 2021 I don't think so personally I don't Think it's because Ripple's assessment Of its prospects has changed there's Always been a significant risk of a Ripple loss or part loss but the defense Ripple ran is surely more robust and Effective than anyone including the SEC Imagined except for ripple and its Attorneys the reason may the nature of The products or of or commercial Imperatives it is one thing to use xrp In the odl product Ripple can continue I'm sorry Ripple can confine that to Corridors that don't touch the USA and Attract SEC jurisdiction by not using Xrp in the liquidity Hub product for now Ripple can progress this product in the U.S market without its customers being Concerned about a Securities Contribution conservention issue I don't

Know enough about liquidity Hub so I'm Speculating but liquidity Hub without Xrp for now is a good hedge Against a possible Ripple loss and Injunction from selling xrp It may also diversify Ripple's Revenue Source which currently relies almost Entirely on xrp sales to odl customers And if Ripple I'm sorry and it gives Ripple the chance to dominate liquidity Solutions in the world's most important Market the United States if it just Waits for the case to finish a Competitor will fill that critical space With alternative liquidity Solutions Bottom line It does not imply Ripple have assessed They will lose the case or have some Inside information about an adverse Outcome it may reflect that Ripple Attorneys have advised Ripple of high High prospects of this going to trial And further delays into 2024 hence the Need for the commercial strategy of not Using xrp in liquidity Hub now Ripple Has shareholders after all and extensive Partnerships that could be harmed by a Misstep on this matter It can add xrp later now that is an Incredible thread from attorney Bill Morgan spot on it I completely agree That makes all the sense in the world And so they wanted to get this liquidity Hub product out now even without xrp so

They can you know get a foothold you Know start and start a market share Because the longer you wait the more you Have this obvious opening here for the That void to be filled by someone that's Not Ripple just add xrp and later it's Not a big deal it doesn't matter xrp Still being widely adopted with On-demand liquidity that hasn't changed Nothing about that has changed nothing Is negative here really other than the Obvious implications because the SEC but That's it everything gonna be fine son So thank you for gathering around the Fire children with Uncle moo family Sedan it's been a good time y'all feel Better now I hope that he's still worried Sals I'm Not a financial advisor you should not Buy or sell anything because of anything I share right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon family sedan


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