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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift [Music] Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I have been a little Under the weather had a little bit of uh Like Achy that kind of feeling little bit of Throaty you might hear that throatiness My wife was asking me what how sick are You she's paranoid about getting sick How sick are you well I mean how do I Answer that question I don't know I said I feel about 85% the older I get it's like when I get Sick I don't I don't like feel like real Bad it's always kind of like maybe it's Just that we're old enough to we're Going to work no matter what or maybe It's my generation I don't know check This out Squawk Box is talking about how The IPO landscape this year is going to Be interesting Mike mentioned IPOs and You know we're seeing a fairly stable Rate Outlook at this point I talked to M&a Bankers who say the pipeline Actually looks really good not just for M&a but also for IPOs as a wealth Reporter I like to see liquidity events And we just didn't have many last year Or the year before what does that Pipeline look look to you new and is it Surprising that we're not really seeing Much activity yet it's obviously still

January uh but what is the sort of Second third quarter look like well we Actually I would say we're off to a Slightly better start this year than Last year even but we are seeing uh a Lot more interests in coming public this Year we have 85 companies on file to List on NASDAQ assuming that the markets Um are receptive and as you know you Know investors need to have a pretty Good understanding of what the future Looks like in order for them to Underwrite risk and I would agree with You you know a more normalized uh Inflationary environment and so Therefore the cost of doing business is More known and now you know that the Cost of capital isn't going to go up and There's a potential that comes down you Know that gives them more confidence too So our view is that the markets will be Hopefully a lot more receptive soon you Know the economy see robust in the Process I think that we'll see a much More inviting IPO environment are there Any big names out there that you can Mention that we might look out for in The next six to n months well we don't Actually specifically talk about names Well I can give you a couple names one These are on on like these are on the Link to platform one of them is circle They've already done their S1 filing Confidentially the other one's link to

Link to says they're going Public excuse me and then um Ripple's The wild card you know we they've said All kinds of stuff but you just never Know um but today uh because of Ripple Was doing a tnder offer uh recently and Because of that link to today is Releasing at 812 and 4 Pacific time They're going to do three different Batches they're releasing Ripple Equity At favorable pricing today so you're Going to want to check that out if You're uh in that market link to is my Sponsor uh it's all right check this out Jim Rogers I own a lot of US dollars but I Know that the era of the US dollar is Coming to an end no currency stayed on Top forever no more than 100 150 years None in history but Andrew I don't see Another currency at the moment that can Compete except the Chinese currency but China the currency is a blocked currency You can't just buy and sell it like you Can Euros or dollars or something so Until China completely opens its Currency I don't see it's practice now They're doing it they've been doing it For 20 years not enough if you ask me But it's the only currency that I see on The horizon that someday can compete With the US dollar I hope something else Okay Tim Draper was doing his Bitcoin Realms he's one of the few Bitcoin Maxis

That I really do like I think he's a Good guy I think he's an Enthusiastic guy and he's good for Crypto so I I miscalculated on how Aggressive the U how you know scared the Go the US government was running and now They realize that Bitcoin is actually Better for everyone it keeps perfect Records it um you know the the people Who they all thought were criminals Using Bitcoin turns out they were all Caught so using dollars is probably Better for um for a Criminal um and and I think that there's Going to be a moment where there's a run On the banks the way after the Civil War There was a run on um Confederate money And there was a run on the Greek drma And a run on the French Frank when they Became a part of the Euro so I I Actually think that there will be a Moment in time when I can buy my food Clothing and shelter all in Bitcoin and Um and people won't want dollars anymore Ooh he I think he could very well be Right now something that t Tim Draper Never is asked about or never says but I Did ask him is whether he owns xrp one Time it was about two or three years ago I was able to get on a conference for I Think it was link to with him here's What he said currency yes I'm an owner Of Ripple or xrp I'm an owner of Bitcoin Bitcoin cash tasos I'm an owner of

The Aragon I'm a Believer I think this Is it's happening it's coming um it it's It's so important for the world and I Want the world to know it and I want Other people in the world to get on Board currency yes all right so you have To ask why do they never ask why does Nobody ever ask him if he owns xrp They'll talk to they've talked there's Thousands of hours of him being asked About Bitcoin but nobody asks him about Xrp oh speaking of narratives exclusive SEC likely to approve spot ethereum ETFs On May 23rd they're trying to get the Talk going and then of course coindesk Is joining in it's the usual characters The block coindesk this is the narrative Carrying media eth could hit $44,000 by May to mirror bitcoin's Rally well I thought we would remind Them of some Steven ner off information The debate surrounding the approval of An EF seems almost farcical now given The mounting evidence against ethereum Foundation and its Founders if one Continues to hold eth despite the Revelations from myself and the eth gate Community uh oh there's an eth gate Community I guess I'm in it it raises Serious ethical questions it's not just About the investment Choice it's about Where we stand in terms of supporting The integrity Integrity in crypto Blindly backing a project mired in the

Controversy reflects poorly on one's Judgment and only goes against the Ethical P principles that the crypto Community should uphold educate Yourselves and let's collectively work Towards purifying the industry we've Built thanks to boring sleuth Revelations the involvement of italic Luben and the ethereum foundation in the 2016 gatecoin hack that's him seeing it Not me I don't know if they were Involved has become more than just Controversial it's a key piece of the Eth gate puzzle that has now led to the Launch of an independent legal Investigation Uhoh this marks a crucial step towards Uncovering the complete narrative you Know this is what I've been asking all Along and while we've been uncovering Eth gate where are all the plan of Attorneys I mean these guys they sue Like it's their job that's what they do Where are the plff attorneys there are Billions to be made by plff attorneys by Suing the ethereum foundation and Vitalic and Joe Luben and Consensus I mean you're talking about Billions of dollars on the line what why Is nobody interested in whether these Guys did Anything because I haven't seen where Anybody's interested boy while while I'm Talking my throat sounds even worse um

Now I just wanted to point this out uh John Deon was on stage at Global alss 24 With Anthony scaramucci and some other Guys and all I could think was man these Guys kept John Deon off that stage for The last three years and now all the Sudden they're allowing him on the Stage that you have to Love then we have this Navin Gupta has Resign has stepped down from Ripple After seven years at Ripple It's Time to Say Goodbye and embark on a new Adventure grateful to work with rippers In building the internet of value a big Thank you to Chris Larson for your Vision and Brad garlinghouse and Monica Long for leading us and I said just this Week an ex Ripple employee said Ripple And xrp aren't going anywhere and what He was saying was the this is here to Stay folks well Navin Gupta is most Famous for this saying This how do you think I mean what is the Next move you know on ral's road map in Your opinion To put you on the spot here so no no no It's very simple so I think one thing if There is one message that you can get in This room is Ripple is not an ordinary Company we are not here to make a have a Small market share or do X do y and make Small amount of money or something to Happen we are here to make a dent in the Universe either we will change the

Remittance Universe the way you Understand the way value gets Transferred across the world between People between institutions or we will Just fade away so it's almost zero or One and some of it comes from our Silicon Valley arrogance some of it Comes from yeah that's the reason 6 Years ago we were born with the mission Of moving money like information moves Today right and we are making it Possible working with the existing Ecosystem so I think this is a key Differentiator about Ripple and that's The reason we are monoline company every Day we get tens of ideas to say why Don't you do security settlement why Don't you work in trade Finance why Don't you do XYZ and what we tell them Is um just crossb es is $155 trillion Problem we'll solve this first we'll Make a difference to everybody who's Present in this room and once we have Made the difference then only we will Look at something else so we are like Google is for search Ripple is for Remittances and that's what we're going To do we're going to do it right and we Will not rest till we earn your resp There we go this guy's one of the Smartest guys there were here's another Uh I was looking for a few videos of Navan goop since he's leaving for forest Fires are good

Are good and no company in blockchain Has survived the way Ripple has game on This is him talking about in August 2023 What about if these financial Institutions adopt blocking what kind of Setbacks are they facing yeah so let's Look at today right so in some way you Can today think of there is forest fire In cryptos right and I personally am a Fan of forest fires because they Essentially enable the ground to that Get clear and for the veds to to get Essentially get burnt so that the strong Trees can survive so let's take an Example of 2001 right in 2001 Essentially they did not have a viable Business model they got wiped out if you Look at for example andron uh if you Look at Worldcom a lot of frauds came Out and exactly the same thing is Happening in the crypto world as well as The interest rates are rising the cost Of capital is rising anybody who was Doing the leverage trades essentially Are getting wiped out and it could be Due to fraud or it could be due to a bad Business model so from my point of view What we essentially see institutions Which we are building business models For longterm enabling enabled through Technology are then able to move forward And like Facebook like Google they would Be the new web3 companies whom we would Look back after five years and say wow

Wasn't that great all right that's a Good way to put it okay um I think we're Going to go into da I've got other stuff There there's a lot going on uh today But I'll cover the other stuff in the in The next video plus here's what we're Dealing with we've got the blowers have Just shown up the people are are uh Doing the yard outside so um there's a Very good chance that while we're uh Talking probably in the group you're Going to hear a blower and it's going to Sound like it's right here with me but It won't last long so don't worry okay Now uh what we're going to talk about in is if you haven't been paying Attention the truth of how we've been Lied to is coming out in in a thousand Different ways I'm going to show you Some of those I'm also going to show you Um anybody who's telling the truth about Anything they are censoring like it's There's no tomorrow you can look even on I'm Shadow Bann I've been shadowbanned I Was kicked off of X but I was Shadow Banned on X before and After um and so you can look in the Comment section of of my tweets and you Can tell I mean I get all kinds of Garbage in there but I've been Shadow Ban since we were uncovering eth Gate um and it's not just on X it's on The other plat I I'm more censored on The other platforms than I am on X but

I'm still Shadow band on X so I'm going To show you some people that have been Attacked in the real kind of way um and Also some of the lies some of the things That are coming out now it's Unbelievable I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and family that here We go into [Music] [Music]


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