Ripple / Circle / Stellar & XRP Utility Bull Run Scenario

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lifp Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and this is Jeremy air And Anthony scaramucci on the on the Stage in in Davos and Jeremy lair's Talking about stable coin the state of The usdc economy this is very Interesting on the leadup to a circle IPO that he's there's legislation coming It's just an interesting listen here he Was very helpful to get me into the Industry so I'm very grateful to him Thank you um yeah actually literally Just an hour or two ago uh we we Launched something which is called the State of the usdc economy 2024 and it's in in some ways it's sort Of the annual report on usdc and we We're sort of looking at uh looking at Last year looking at the what's what's Changing and and certainly looking Forward and uh I will uh let you all Kind of take a look at it there's a lot Online about it and and I would Encourage you to do that but I think There's some big themes that are there Um you know one big theme is you know Usdc um despite facing incredible you Know macro issues banking crises other Things has continued to operate as the Largest regulated dollar stable coin in The world and you know a lot of people Focus on things like you know

Transparency um usdc has you know its Reserves managed in the top financial Institutions in the world with daily Transparency uh and you know unlike Tether worry about can you redeem a a Digital dollar Etc and we handled 19 7 Billion of Creations Min mints and Redemptions last year which is a huge Scale and we report that by the way Every single week we report exactly what Those volumes are and so the most liquid The most accessible in the world but Some of the other things that we uh that We talked about is the the the use of Stable coins is evolving a lot and um we Actually published for the first time a Whole set of data on the non-speculative Uses all right we don't have to listen To any more of that but I want to make a Point here cuz everybody keeps saying Stable coin legislation will come first Well let's say it Does if it does who will be the two most Regulated cryptocurrencies in the world It would be circles usdc and xrp which Is the only digital asset that's been Through a lawsuit that's got legal Clarity but it would also probably I Would I would think be xlm because Stellar's built on the same Technology and it would be the only Digital asset that could slide through On ripples coattails is what I'm Assuming I don't know but you have to

Wonder then all of a sudden the three Digital assets that were represented There in Davos are the only ones with Legal Clarity in the United States Wouldn't that be interesting well good Thing my sponsor link to has both Circle And ripple kind of and off the platform Here I mean I think Circle I think I was Told this morning circles on there but Ripples coming this week they'll both Kind of be be in and out as they sell Out because they kind of sell pretty Quick but I just want to remind Everybody now here's this is an Interesting little thread right here on On what's coming says you're probably Familiar with the coinbase versus SEC Case this could force regulation Overnight remember what a cftc official Said on the interview that they can uh That they can Emergency do emergency regulation I Guess as for the flip of the switch Tony's post would fit right in with that This is a Tony Valentino tweet from a While back says we are in the perceived Start of the xrp utility Bull Run Regulation will come and hit the crypto World hard like a brick it will crash no Pun intended it actually I think pun Intended it will crash xrp back to 22 Cent range place your buy orders now do Not get caught out play it cool then the Phoenix will

Rise price before law me thinks we take Off on 123 I don't know why they're Saying 123 have a big one- day pump then Crash next day 124 that will uh that way They will drop a lot of people before The final launch many will sell during The pump and many more will sell while Being broken by the crash regulation May Kill some cryptocurrencies and this will Drag the whole Market down I think Regulation will ultimately kill all but Whatever five to 15 that were probably Planned to Be that's all I'll say there um at Crypto law. us which is John deon's Law Firm John has done something brilliant And he's put a Countdown this is 117 days 23 hours 45 Minutes from the time that that Patrick McKenry threatened to subpoena Gary Gellor for non-compliance with Congressional oversight I think John's Making the point that Patrick McKenry Hasn't done Jack Squat and is now uh Trying to get himself a post Congress Job probably um but Patrick McKenry Needs to be held accountable for this Fol folks this is not okay and so we're Calling him out here today now this was An interesting tweet and I'm not saying Anything about this I'm just he the Crypto meme guy he says remember that Time we were told by someone that eth Was already full fully built out this

Was one of the first things this is back When Charles gasparino was covering eth Gate in the very beginning this was the First thing that they told Charles Gasparino I'll never forget it cuz I Knew was a lie on the face breaking one H one of two SEC enforcement sources Tell Fox Business the logic of the Agency's case versus Ripple is that the Company's infrastructure is still being Built out so xrp the token which was Used to finance the thing is considered A security ethereum infrastructure is Totally built out now this is before They uh they launched ethereum 2.0 folks They all knew it was a lie totally built Out and has been has been for years thus It's clearly a commodity Hester Pierce Argues that all uh that all may be the Case but SEC splits hairs crypto Innovation is being stifled so what's Needed is a safe harbor that pulls back All this enforcement action action Developing this is one of the many lies That the SEC told during the case many Of their lies were in court and Nothing's ever been done to them no Accountability at all then we've got This from Ashley Prosper this is about One of those uh class action lawsuits That had been filed about Ripple Remember all methods have been tried to Stop Ripple not just one not just the SEC but

Lawsuits and the media and the crypto Media and the the crypto pundits going On and telling everybody that they're Shorting it and they just don't get it All methods were used judge Hamilton in The zakov case clarifies that the class Action is limited to us residents who Bought on a US exchange if judge Hamilton adopts judge tor's way of Thinking about secondary sales which the Judge in both the coinbase and binance Cases are also doing as well then the Case has no hope of succeeding I predict They drop the case before the end of 2025 case drop Prediction then we got this I'm still Not buying all this SEC hack stuff X Listen to this Securities and Exchange Commission providing update on the hack That led to an unauthorized tweet saying Bitcoin ETS were approved when in fact We know they weren't Jennifer shanberg Has the very latest Jennifer hey Josh Yeah that's right that ha causing major Confusion over whether the SEC had Actually greenlighted a spot Bitcoin ETF And now we are learning new information From the SEC apparently just 2 days After that hack the SEC determined According to its phone carrier that an Unauthorized party had gained control of The sec's phone number associated with That X account and what is called a Sim Swap attack Sim swapping is a technique

Used to transfer a person's phone number To another device without approval Allowing that unauthorized person to Begin receiving texts associated with The number access to the phone number Occurred through the phone carrier not The SEC systems so far the SEC has not Seen evidence that the unauthorized Party gain access to the SEC systems Data or other social media accounts once In control of the phone number the Perpetrator reset the password for the SEC X account now separately we've also Learned that the multiactor Authentification all right I will Believe this story when I see the actual Perpetrator being perw walked because Until then I don't believe anything that Comes out of these people with respect To the the X hack that's something that We're working with law enforcement to Figure out um how that happened and and Deal with that appropriately but I I Think the the broader point that you Raised is that we wouldn't have been in This place of where someone would even Think to do something like that or or Where it would be worth the time of Someone to do something like that if we Hadn't built up so much um attention on These approvals and that we could have Avoided by just using our regular way Approach of dealing with exchang traded Product applications and so I I do think

That that's quite Problematic um for us to be part of of Building um so much anticipation around One regulatory decision deadline line um You know sometimes that happens but I Think in this instance we really created That's an interesting take then we got This from Trump check this out but re is Great he's really great but he wanted This and I'll give him full credit for It is very important actually I will Never allow the creation of a central Bank digital currency well there goes That not in the United States if he wins Um now this is interesting folks we are Starting to See and it it happened on CNBC I've seen it in several places now All of a sudden once these Bitcoin ETFs Were approved all of a sudden these same People who have been parading Bitcoin Ethereum for the last five plus years Are now asking out of nowhere what the UT utility of Bitcoin is watch This yeah thanks for having Me Um what do I think about Jeffrey Epstein's Banker being concerned that Distributed decentralized open public Money could potentially be used for bad Things sitting on a ski resort in Davos I don't really care I don't know why Anyone cares right I mean that guy knows Uh when money is used for bad things so

I it's a weird opinion of his and my pet Rock was up as you said 160% last year Uh it performed well against uh the Dollar so I don't know I don't really Care what that guy has to say about Bitcoin I don't know why anybody does Here it comes when you think about Bitcoin and transactions that we're We're seeing and and a lot of the focus At least coming into last year too was Not just what the ETF approvals would Look like but what also the utilization From here would look like moving out of The the crypto winter what type of Utilization are you Seeing I mean like but well um first of All bitcoin's this open public digital Infrastructure for the world so you see Utilization all over planet Earth for All sorts of different things right Anyone can do whatever they want with it Which is part of the beauty and part of The attraction even though there's no Use for it everybody killer use case We'll see over the next few years is the Fact that all 8 billion human beings on The planet face Fiat debasement that Means that they're right so in other Words uh the he's going back to the Scarcity which xrp also has which many Digital assets also have it's always Been a false argument now in da You can see the lies are unraveling in The United States the lies worldwide

You're are all the lies we've been told Everything is beginning to unravel and It's coming out now in drips and drabs In the form of video and evidence and All kinds of things and we're going to Talk more about that we're also the There's a three-letter agency guy who's In a clip and he's giving an alternative Take on what the island guy was where What what the island guy was really all About I'm going to show that too I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family we're going to Saturate you with some truth in because you can't tell it out Here on YouTube without getting Dinged


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