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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you here 429 million xrp flare networks we're Going to talk about the Chinese Yuan Brazil and tokenized credit notes is it Digital Euro and don't forget about the Digital pound we got Black Rock Davos we Got xrp xlm how about xlm Stellar in the U.S treasury how about Ripple going Through the treasury how about somebody Roll that beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube or Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.03 trillion dollar market cap we're up Point one one point six percent on the Market Bitcoin 21 200 plus up 23.5 Percent on the seven day ethereum now 1500 plus 18.9 on the seventh day we see Tether right now 66.4 billion Mark uh 4 Billion market cap they say xrp is 38 Cents 11.1 is where we are right now if You haven't looked at it ladies and Gentlemen crypto Ira gold and silver two It's I trust say it with me I trust Click the link below I trust come on in Yeah 401 rollover tsp 403 b you get it There's so many options it's incredible Let alone they have staking it available As well on the platform staking now live Earn up to 9.5 apy how about that that's

Pretty amazing check out the link to the Sponsor underneath the video right here We see several chunks of Ripple linked Crypto xrp have been sent with binance As one of the participants moving over 429 million xrp in total good gracious That's a lot the largest chunk here Carried an astonishing 210 million coins I have to feel like it's on demand Liquidity but I can't prove it but I Like to show it to you Flare networks want to remind you here The Epic three the uh the first Flair Network's epic generating rewards for The Flair Community is now underway Congratulations everybody along with That we've launched our new epic Dashboard see the new current epic and Explore ftso Providers on flarepedia and more to come And by the way you know you can vote Yes Or no I'm leaning in the yes region Because then we have the option to Control where the rest of the flare is Distributed to and I think that's a very Very key point to hold on to so I'm Anxious to see your comments underneath The video so child Securities ladies and Gentlemen looking at this this Don't believe it it's still true a Chinese Securities firm enabled the Electronic digital Chinese Yuan payments On its mobile application on Monday Marking the first use case of the

Central Bank digital currency and Securities Market trade there we have it I tell you you know things are moving Much quicker than people really believe Because they're constantly looking at Price and not looking at the Fundamentals and the real adoption being Used in real Industries and businesses Prodesco's Brazil's second largest Private bank launched its first Tokenized bank credit note oh a credit Note is it oh that's interesting stay With us we're not done yet oh it gets Better ladies and gentlemen Though the digital Euro must be Automatically convertible to the Traditional Euro at any point the asset Cannot be programmable so that holders Are prevented from spending it on Certain purchases or at certain times Well I agree with this obviously and I know Most everyone hearing my voice agrees With this too but we're going to watch As closely because this is the danger Right this is the Dark Side of digital Money is that they actually can program It and make sure that you spend it cut It off say you've only got a certain Time to spend it you can't spend it if You're a certain distance away from your House you can't spend it if you bought Too many ham sandwiches or whatever it Is right you know these are the dark

Side concerns and we all should be Concerned but right now it appears They're on the right page we will Continue to monitor it and see if it Changes remember last summer there was Conversations where they were like yeah We shouldn't but I think we're going to Anyway well at the moment they're saying They know that they shouldn't well let's See how long that lasts this right here Is coverage from over at Davos where the World economic forum is holding their Conference and I want to show you this Quick Clip right here take a listen Why should billionaires and oligarchs be Developing policy foreign policy Domestic policy Environmental Policy Social policy in secretive clubbing Meetings in Switzerland and some ski Resort who gave them a seat at the table And when they talk about global Citizenship who died and made Larry Fink The king he's just a money manager since When did we elect him to write policies Under which we all have to live listen Here look I I don't think you can ask About any better set of questions that Were being asked right there but I do Know this because it is weird right that The oligarchs and the billionaires and The black rocks and the Larry Finks of The world over there shaping policy Globally that's exactly what these Things are for make no mistake about

That and if you're going to make no Mistake about that make no mistake about This Brad garley house is going to be There to help him do it and he'll be Speaking in two days at Davos and I Can't wait to see what he's going to say While he's there Uh for the umpteenth time follow Michael Branch and he's got this spot on here Xrp rival xlm turns green his Commercial Bank runs pilot program for new digital Currency system and look we know about The Ukrainian banking giant working with The Stellar Network I reported it on it Just a few days ago but the truth is It is exactly the way Michael Brandt Says here they are not Rivals right They're not Rivals so and if even if They were competition's great right so Here I want to remind you while we're Talking about central banks and the like Let's talk about this because we covered It the other day it's a fine time to Bring it up again Uruguay Central Bank registers Ripple Partner as money transfer company that's What happened Oh yeah if it gets better stay with us Now don't go nowhere Nathan price Another one you should be following Stellar development foundation submits This letter for consideration by the U.S Department of Treasury talks about Coexistence of different digital asset

Types Cbdc's stable coins and digital assets Alike Consumer benefits If uh if different types of digital Assets are interoperable let's just go And through this very quickly here so Here's the letter itself and it is from August of this past year just last Summer And I'm going to bring you right here to This these Solutions and products can be Built on an open system to enable cbdc's To meet payment needs as they evolve to Cbdc should also be interoperable with Cash electronic money at a domestic and Retail level goes on here say separate From CBD Cbdc's the Stellar development Foundation continues to explore and Support development of interoperability Between other non-sovereign digital Assets for example through multi-chain Technologies Second the private sector can and does Play a useful role in addressing Financial inclusion particularly by Reducing transaction fees increasing Speed and expanding the availability of Affordable consumer applications and Financial services Here through recent technology Technological advances Stellar users can Now plug into MoneyGram retail network

With one integration letting their user Deposits or withdrawal for cash from Their digital wallets via stellar and Usdc without needing a bank account that Is how you Bank the unbanked isn't it They finish it up here in the years to Come different types of Technologies and Digital assets will come and go coincide Overlap and in some instances Interoperate with varying effects on Federal objectives for example around Financial inclusion consumer protection And systemic risk there you have it now We've talked about systemically Important designations I think xrp and Xlm are poised for some kind of uh Designation like that in the future I Really do Speculation of course but here we see This is Jim Willie shout out to work and Money Channel and why he doesn't have 192 000 subscribers Beyond me I love What he does and shout out to him but Listen to this Quick Clip here of Jim Willey and I've had quite a few people Send me messages saying that he is spot On so let's take a listen to what he Says about xrp adoption coming and for The digital dollar Well in our situation now it's Impossible to stop within the same System which means you've got to adapt And create a different system and that's What's underway the dollar is going to

Be phased out xrp will become the basis Of the new foundation for a period of Time like two years or so and on the Other side would be a digital dollar Digital dollar is what Wall Street calls It because they don't like to say crypto Type of dollar they rather call it a Digital dollar so isn't that interesting Xrp is going to be ushered in but notice Guys he did give a timeline for xrp and When we're really going to see that Value pop he gives a two-year window so I thought that was interesting Considering I'm just gonna break for a Second here to bring you guys back to a Video I did earlier this week where John Dean was talking about if xrp got Clarity for the next two years what that Would mean for this particular token and Other tokens in comparison Oh here it is right here shout out to Working Money Channel again for this if You're not a Bitcoin Maxi and own eth or Any other altcoin you should care about Xrp because what judge Torres decides About xrp is likely the only Clarity we Get for the next two years If she decides xrp is a security it will Embolden the SEC to come after other Tokens I remember covering Again shout out to work and Money Channel give them a follow-up but I'll Tell you this You know the next two years I think we

Get stable coin legislation before then And the ruling but I think John Deaton Is absolutely correct for any meaningful Legislation for crypto as a broad sector Of asset class not digital assets or Stable coin but crypto I think it may be About two years Now that's quite interesting isn't it But I think stablecoin legislation could Really bring a flood of investment into This Market flood of institutional money Into this Market my personal opinion not Financial advice But take a look at this because Ripple Is going through the treasury Says to management of Treasury and Finance Switzerland yeah don't believe That it's still true they say not me I'm Just reading what they said Right they're breaking it down here According to Ripple transaction four Seconds you see what goes on with all of This you guys know the drill here right As opposed to Swift Network currently Settling by netting systems IBM and Ripple are indirect competition with Swift Such as Santander and Seb as well as Tech Giants such as Google already play A part of rubles Ripple's platform also As investors which we know they were a Seed investor blockchain worldwire IBM Cooperating Innovative tech companies Coming from the payment environment

I think about what's Happening Here Two contractual party listen to this as Soon as two contractual parties issue Promissory notes to each other using the Ripple net Oh I'm sorry What did they call them Promissory notes what did David Schwartz Used to call it ious issued on The xrp Ledger see this is why I've always been Hung up when something is a note And it may be it comes from an appeal Maybe it doesn't come at all Maybe someone speaks to the home and I'm Going back But I tell you this If you call it something banks have been Working with for a long time Then they won't need to change the Regulation in order to keep using it But if you call it something new maybe Even a stable coin designation the way The World Bank sees xrp and xlm maybe we Get that legislation this year and that Does the trick I don't know but I'm here for it and This is looking pretty interesting to me Let's keep reading really quickly here Of particular importance here is the Consistent consensus must be found in a Network uh between all participants in a Transaction it is therefore necessary For ripple users to indicate whether Others other user they trust up in what

Amount To redeem the stored IOU Okay this is the language being used but As far as Switzerland says it goes Through the treasury Shout out to Mr Man shout out to crypto Dem for that and then there's this Ladies and Gentlemen let's finish on This This is not Ripple tourney this is John Deaton who represents 75 76 000 xrp holders ladies and gentlemen Shout out to the field General himself Damn right And he says here when it talks about why The SEC uh people have been pondering Whether the SEC would have a full-out Win which is really hard to believe Right But if you come here He says Ripple turn it's not Ripple Attorney it's obviously xrp holder class Action attorney Shared further insights why he believes The argument of the United States Security Exchange Commission makes the Case to Grant Ripple Labs a victory in Its ongoing case over the status of xrp Tokens and coins according to Deaton the SEC claims that the xrp security that at All times is proof that the Howie test Has no simple definition which makes its Use in determining if an asset is a Security arduous task

Dean said about 3 000 amicus briefs Submitted to the court that is Incredible revealed that the first time Buyers of xrp did not know Ripple Labs Existed at all or had any influence Whatsoever with the coin Over the course of the lawsuit which Began in 2020 the SEC is drafted an Expert testify against xrp Deaton noted That the expert made an attempt to call The entirety of xrp community a common Enterprise according to the provisions Of the Howie test a common Enterprise is When the profits of the investor are Combined and with and depend on the Success of a third party or those Selling the investment Deaton said the Claims are unfounded since the expert Did not interview any xrp holder and the SEC did not include experts position in Its summary judgment that's a big piece Right there With all of the observations and Discrepancies noted John Deaton said Here that he uh that those who believe The SEC has a chance to win the case are Overestimating The Regulators chances People predicting the SEC will Definitely win and that the xrp is Doomed or overstating the sec's chances The SEC allegations are stretched too Far that's where we are right there Ladies and gentlemen not Financial Advice for me or John Deaton or anyone

Else it's just our digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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