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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel why isn't xrp pumping the market Is hot Bitcoin has been blazing to the Upside today getting over $44,000 for the first time in over a Freaking year and a half why then is xrp Moving sideways well that's what I want To talk about because there seems to be A bit of distress from some within the Xrp community is something actually Functionally wrong I mean there's all Sorts of posts like this for instance Here's a post from an extrap Community Member named Chloe xrp this is one of Many that I came across and she wrote Like seriously dot dot dot fxrp with a Angry face and shows the Bitcoin price 43,149 at the time and then the price of Xrp at the time 61 C and and to be clear This is not to disparage or make fun of Anybody that is frustrated it's Certainly not to make fun of Chloe here Definitely not um actually I'm Sympathetic to people feeling this way I Totally understand where you're coming From but what I want to do Is drop the science on you a little bit What I want to do is share with you some Facts and let's talk through this Logically and I'm going to do my very Best to persuade you in this latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam that everything is within Normal parameters everything's behaving Normally there is nothing wrong with xrp

And I'm going to do my best to persuade You while acknowledging the state of Things right now it just doesn't matter But I'm I'm telling you I it's just There's been no shortage of people Getting very frustrated and again I Genuinely am sympathetic but that's why I want try and to help I can't tell you Whether it makes sense for you to buy or Sell or hold it's not Financial advice But I can tell you with historical Perspective whether or not something is A miss right now and I'll tie at the Outset spoiler alert it's not everything Is awesome like see in terms of how Things are positioned and let's go ahead And break it down but uh before going Any further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun so why are people So frustrated well it's it's not hard to Understand I understand where people are Coming from here's a on live coin watch Price for xrp now it's at 62 cents but Look at over the last 30 days it's down Just over 8% it's down over the last 30 days 8% Now you look at Bitcoin it's up almost

25% over the last 30 days the same time Period so xrp down 8% Bitcoin up about 25% over the same period I get it you're Looking at that you're like WF mate What's going On well there was this post um this was On December 4th so the other day uh from Attorney Bill Morgan and um and he was Looking at this and and um not too Thrilled with the price action either And and fair enough you know uh he said Seriously after practically doing Nothing while Bitcoin hit $39,000 $40,000 $41,000 and $42,000 and he Shared the the screen grab showing this Red candle of xrp going down to 61 C Just a dramatic dip and uh and I did Respond it was just kind of a quick Response at that note and I wrote The Following and and so this is yesterday And by the way like this did happen you May recall if you were paying attention Close to the charts which all of you Were because everyone listening is like Me and refreshing uh their app like Every 5 Seconds to see what their Portfolio tracker shows the their crypto Network to me but uh I uh but there was This moment where Bitcoin after climbing Up to I think a little over 42,000 the Other day it went down and then like as It turns out pretty much every altcoin Under the Sun sold off at the exact same Time within like a minute and it it

Seemed to have uh halted Bitcoin so it May I don't know for sure exactly where Where the flows went it may have been The case that money came out of the Altcoins and flowed into Bitcoin stopped The bleeding not that there was a whole Lot of bleeding for Bitcoin trust me There's no problem with that um talked About that Fair bit in my last video um But then of course today Bitcoin moved Continue to move to the upside breaking You know the $44,000 barrier and coming Back down a little bit and so I wrote Take a look at the top 50 coin charts on Livecoin Watch and you'll see that tons Of altcoins plummeted at exactly the Same time not just xrp in fact it's Almost all of them and folks that is True at the time so I understand he's Focused on xrp because for a lot of People me included like this is the coin That we care most about it's my largest Individual holding I like the the price Of xrp over the long term is of Paramount importance to me it's a huge Part of where I'm expecting my crypto Life changing wealth to come from Admittedly so yes if there was something Wrong actually wrong I would be freaking Out and so after responding to him with That um we had some also not so awesome Price action for xrp today even as Bitcoin continued to rip to the upside And so uh attorney Bill Morgan posted me

In this tagged me rather in this and if You're listening attorney Morgan thank You very much for taking me I do Appreciate this and it presented a Perfect opportunity for me to share my Humble opon here and again um Bill Morgan he is absolutely fantastic um He's just been an incredible voice for Like the strong majority of what's been Happening in the last few years with Regarding the secv Ripple lawsuit I've Had questions for him he's he's Clarified he spent countless I don't I Can't even imagine how many hours he Spent typing up threads on social media Platform X and just trying to help People understand uh since he has an Actual legal background whereas people Like me and most of us don't um so Anyway just shout out to attorney Bill Morgan uh I appreciate him but I do have A different perspective than he does on This and that's why I I appreciate Having the opportunity to share my Thoughts on this but he had additional Concern today and so he tagged me and he Wrote correction to previous post Seriously after still practically doing Nothing while Bitcoin hit $39,000 $40,000 $41,000 and $42,000 and now 43 $3,000 Moon Lambo and this is where he Tagged me says Moon Lambo can't say it's Other altcoins plummeting today this is

Xrp specific flat price action and so I Saw that and then I um and I had looked At the price in actually a little bit at That point in the uh in the morning I Was a little bit busy but I was like Okay well let's take a look at this and So I did I did my own analysis and I Looked at the top 50 cryptocurrencies by Market cap and I tracked some stuff and I wrote this response to him which I'm Going to share with you now and I'm Going to expand upon it in certain ways As we go through this but this is why I'm saying like I said the outside of The why is an xrp pumping well this is What I'm about to explain but there is Nothing to worry about here like I Firmly firmly firmly believe that is True and here's what I Wrote uh it's not true that only xrp is Roughly flat or down out of the top 50 Coins here are all the coins that are Down today in order and I'll pause a Note I'm not going to read them all They're on your screen but those are the Coins that were in the red at the time I Posted this ranked by market cap and Then I wrote The Following that 17 out Of the top 50 coins excluding stable Coins that are down by any amount at the Time I'm posting this but there are also Coins that are flat even if technically In the green here are coins in the top 50 that are up

By less than 1% and so folks think about This the way I look at it is if a coin Is down by less than a perc or up by Less than a percent it's flat let's be Real it's flat it's moving sideways it's Doing nothing exciting right and so There were another six right there and So I then wrote The Following that makes 23 out of the top 50 coins excluding Stable coins that aren't doing so hot Today about half of them and so I'll Pause a note here since we're taking out Stable coins that does mean that at that Point in time when I posted this over Half of the coins were flat or down over Half of them this is not unique to xrp But it's easy to feel like it is you Know because you only hold so many coins Look there over 20,000 coins in Existence how many do you hold the Answer for me is close to 30 I don't Know the exact number I haven't counted In a while but it's about that how many Do you hold and think and you know so You you hold like a small percentage of Total coins way less than 1% of coins Right but you know that coins pop off at Different times right you're aware of This one will go the next day maybe it's Something else a week later it's this or That whatever it is they're popping off At different times it's not that they All literally Go at once not literally If you zoom out on a chart it could look

Like that but if you get into the Nitty-gritty of it from day to day no They're popping off at different times Right so what are the odds that when you See on social media news that a Particular coin is going off what are The odds that you're going to own it Almost zero the answer is it's almost It's very low it's a very low chance That whatever is going off at any given Moment you w so it can make you feel Like you've made all the wrong decisions Whatever coins I pick they're the bad Ones whatever oh idiot I'm such an idiot Sick you can beat yourself up about it You can think that you actually did the Wrong stuff but that in and of itself is Not an indication that specifically is Not an indication that you did something Wrong you you shouldn't expect that most Of the coins you hear popping off you'll Own you shouldn't expect that that's Completely Unreasonable right so you so like don't Look at it that way so the fact that Most coins are moving sideways are down Today that at the time I posted this Anyway that's not surprising that Shouldn't be surprising at all it Doesn't mean there's something wrong With them not at all it's just that most Of what it is to be in crypto is to just Sit there and hold and be patient And eventually you know if if you do

Have the right stuff and again I Can't we placed our bets right we've Placed our bets and for me xrp is one of Them we'll find out if it's right and if It's going to go to new alltime highs I Think the answer will is yes I've made That very Clear but again just because other coins Are going off it doesn't mean mean that The ones that you hold will not ever go Off it doesn't mean that that is not What that means now it doesn't mean they Will go off either but what I'm saying Is this is something that humans do to It's a psychological thing you're Beating yourself up it feels like you're Missing out but you're like you that is Not an indication you do something wrong It's like take that to heart stop Beating yourself up it's Okay and then I wrote but even if it Were the case that xrp were the only Coin that's flat today it wouldn't Matter focusing on price action of any Coin over an extremely short period of Time like this tells us nothing I'd also Like to point out that most post month Xrp price is down this is normal you can View data showing this here and I Provided the link and I'll be brief on This because I made an entire video Thoroughly breaking this down so some of You may have seen this this is the Crypto rank website and it shows the

Price action for Xrp every single month up or down and to What percentage dating back to August of 2013 we have over 10 years worth of data And if you compare the down months Versus the the up months over half of The months are down the in fact by a Good bit um I haven't tabulated every Single month here you can do it if you Want to take the time to do it's on your Screen you can figure it out but it's It's over half most months xrp price has Been down so if you just make a bet on Any given month will xrp price be up or Down if you vote I think xrp price is Going to be down this month you will More frequently be correct about that Than not you'll be correct if you bet That xrp price is typically going to go Down now on the surf that might sound Terrible but actually it's not and you Should take comfort knowing that this is Actually Normal um and so I expanded upon this And I wrote despite most months being Negative for xrp which beats up on Holders psychologically it is still Number five in market cap out of over 20,000 cryptocurrencies which makes it One of the most successful coins in Existence the reason it's still in the Top 10 despite most of mon bringing us Negative price action is that it has a History of absolutely blasting off and

Melting faces when it finally goes Ultimately hitting a substantially Higher Plateau so so just to be clear Pause here to make sure it's clear what I'm talking about here is even though It's price is actually it looks like It's trending down for periods of time Because you have more down months than Up months and if that persisted forever Then you know eventually it would just Go down to zero right but they're not D It's not always dramatically down each Month it's just that that's a Direction So but why why doesn't it ultimately Continue to Trend that way well because When xrp goes like I wrote here it Really goes so I don't care if you're Down a month like 1% or 5% or 10% or 20% For month to month and then you have a Few where it's up a little bit time to Time like you're not going to keep Trending down toward zero when every few Years whatever it ends up being you're Up like thousands of percent which Historically is what we have seen Here that's why so yes most of the Months down but then when things really Get hot it goes and this is just it's Behavior of xrp that historically is Very normal it's just data folks it's Just data and I then wrote xrp has a History of lagging behind most other Coins shaking out weak hands before Going parabolic I personally think xrp

Is excellently positioned and I'm Looking forward to see alt coins run I Believe xrp will be part of of the party And that's the end of my post and it is True historically that xrp absolutely Lags behind other coins so it may feel Like it's just never going to happen but Now xrp is no longer uh you know Shackled as a result of the SEC nonsense It has legal Clarity so if Bitcoin hits a new All-time high I believe that xrp is Going to run and finally hit a new All-time high if this you know it's long That that is a requirement I think I Don't think we're going to see a new Alltime high for xrp without that Bitcoin's got to hit its alltime high But I do believe we'll see that we'll See it enter price Discovery but it may Be after for every other coin or or most Not literally but maybe most coins and So again I want to reiterate this you Should expect that most of the time when You see news that a coin is blasting off And it's you should expect that it's a Coin that you will not hold because you You listening hold a tiny percentage of All of the coins you hold a tiny Percentage you should you should expect That most of the time you hear this news It's not going to be something you hold And instead of feeling fomo feeling like You're missing out recognize that no

This is normal based on numbers it's It's simple math that that's normal you Should you should keep hearing this day After day that all the stuff's going off And you're not a part of it you should Expect that that's okay that's normal That in and of itself doesn't mean you Did something wrong now maybe you picked A bunch of craft coins and then nothing That you hold takes off okay I mean I Don't know what you hold but I'm just Saying you know the fact that some coins Are going off that you don't hold that In and of itself is not a problem you Should expect that absolutely and it's Just like people people are their own Worst enemies when it comes to investing That's why I wanted to highlight this I Know people are kicking themselves you Know on the rear side for like when this Stuff happens but you shouldn't it Doesn't make sense it doesn't make Logical sense it's just how humans Behave so stop being human damn it just Just be a robot like I'm an xrp bot Beepo beep I feel no emotions it's Fantastic just just be be like that be Like Moono let me know what you think but I'm Feeling great about this and The Best Is Yet To Come and I'm glad to be here on This ride with all of you beautiful People out there and thank you so much For the the support I could not be more

Appreciative appreciative have had the Honor of going through all this and Running this YouTube channel with all The support uh coming up almost five Years my 5-year anniversary by the way Running this channel December 14th That's when I launched my first YouTube Video my first hot of jam December 14th 2018 my house time flies when having fun So thank you everybody I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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