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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I'm sitting Here um checking my volume okay we're Good now before we get started there's a Reason you're watching a cat video I am Still in in Exile from uh the xplatform They turned me off for no reason no Warning no nothing after 5 years of Building a presence they just said okay You're turned off we're not going to Tell you why it's just is what it is and Then you can you can reply to our Customer service emails back and forth You can provide your identity you can Provide everything thing but it may take Us whatever Tom so anyway but that's not The worst of it I'll tell you the worst Of it and it's nothing against cats I Like cats and dogs like everybody but They in my feed it's in read only mode But the second that they turned me off They began to torture me with cat videos I don't know why but for some reason the Whole feed is populated with cat videos So I am going nuts here watching cat Videos while I'm try trying to find Information to give you just wanted to Let you know what I was going Through Jim Kramer seems to think that Bitcoin is about to go down big watch This I just can't get on the I can't be In something where Mr Bitcoin is about

To go down Bit I just can't now every time I hear This out of this guy it makes me I'm Thinking oh man I might need to go buy Some Bitcoin this guy is like I've never Seen anyone who is is so as Openly about manipulation of the markets As that guy is oh and by the way wait Till you see wait till you members see What I'm going to show you today I've Been this is I'm like U it's like I've Been freed now all of a sudden I can Talk about things on this CH or not on The channel but in the private group Things I have not been able to talk About in all the five years I've been Doing this but now free it last um check This out Caroline Ellison from She's the Was the CEO of alme and I use CE the CEO I think it was CEO I use that term Extremely Loosely these are a c few Morons running this list here's here she Is entering the courthouse on the FTX Thing now she's getting her jail out Maybe not get out of jail free card but She's she um had was the first to squeal So she got the deal and she's going After her old buddy s her boyfriend Sam Bankman freed and here's kind of a Summary of what was going on we know That Caroline Ellison who has been a Pivotal witness both for the sake of the Prosecution as well as someone who's Come up in the sake of the defense she

Has come up and immediately said yes we Did commit crimes Sam and I and others And she said that Sam bankman freed Directed her as the CEO of alam to Commit those crimes she said we Ultimately took around $14 billion some Of which we were able to pay back she Said that Alam took several billion Dollars from FTX customers and used it For its own Investments and to pay off Lenders now remember we expect some Critical evidence to be coming up in the Sake of her testimony particularly from The prosecution things like her personal Diaries that described her state of mind And relationship to S bman freed who was Her on and off on again off again Boyfriend throughout a period of time Who she met back at her time at Jane Street uh and also we expect that there Will be a recording from a November Meeting when FTX was facing serious Dire Straits now only 10 minutes of testimony Had started afternoon they are on a Break as you're saying we expect this to Go on now for more hours all right right So they've decided to throw him Overboard um this guy had summarized Like I think he like typed out all the Questions basically um why did you break Up Ellison he wasn't spending much time With me was it a secret at first then he Told me I could say we were living Together but no more what was your

Salary she was making $200,000 a year Then she had a bonus of get this $20 Million in 2020 21 these are kids Folks anybody that was anywhere close to The money could have seen that this was Something was not Right John Deon is point Ron hamton Hammond who's a lobbyist um in DC did a Whole thread here on the state of things In Congress and and John says excellent Thread explaining the substan of ways What what I've maintained for the last Here we will not see meaningful Legislation until the second half of 2025 we will be forced to continue to Fight the SEC cftc fed Etc in fact Elizabeth Warren and Gary Gensler will Not allow the truth to get in their way And will'll use terrorism the war as a Way to further attack crypto I hate to Sound like Debbie Downer and I would Love to be proven wrong and eat my words Which I will glad will gladly Ron or Anyone else doing great work on the hill Should feel free to say I'm being too Pessimistic but look folks bottom line Xrp is the only digital asset with legal Clarity and it's going to be that way For quite a while folks is what it is What it looks like here um here's Eric Van miltenberg I'm not going to play the Whole video but here's 27 seconds he's He is um what's his title Ripple uh Chief business officer at Ripple watch

This um I think there's still a long way To go in the US in terms of providing Regulatory Clarity but frankly Ripple's Business has been thriving um regardless Uh in some ways we've been operating um You know even as if we lost the suit Which of course we didn't um and outside Of the US uh in regions like Asia Pacific in the Middle East in in EU in The UK uh you know we continue to press Our our our advantage and move forward Okay um then we've got this news coming In hot new development Bank officially Announced a three-year plan to Completely in Reliance on the US dollar The three-year dollarization initiative Will lead to Bricks settling trade and Local currencies and not the US Dollar major announcement at cbos listen To this actually two other points but The last one is in as an FMI we need Central Bank digital currency so today An FMI settles in central bank money for Good reasons to make sure that we reduce Risks and cpart risk and have a Bankruptcy remote assets for sement uh And uh we don't have that today so in Our case we using tokenize swis Frank And tokenize Euro which is things that We create based on cash that hits our Account at the Swiss national bank and Then we tokenize sdx so there's an Exposure to us the good news there in Switzerland at least is that we will be

Starting with real life transactions in Cbdc by the end of the year meaning that The Swiss National Bank will be the Entity deploying Swiss frank in Tokenized form so cbdc on our Infrastructure for settlement so that's A barrier that is lifted it's going to Be a six month trial to start with but It's it's promising and I think other Central banks are looking at that and I Think it's really important at least for Fmis uh to to play and the last one is Mindset I think this is such a paradigm Shift that it's it's very difficult to For most people in our industry to Comprehend what I've just explained in My first response the the the the Potential of that technology because We're so used to what we do today that We sometimes tend to not be open or able To to look at what the potential could Be in a very open-minded way and I think That's also something that will be Changed through education through all Right um then we've got this from Elanor Terret reminder the SEC has until Friday To appeal court decision made in Grayscale agency's been stacking losses When it comes to crypto let litigation Do you think the SEC will appeal I think They'll keep dragging things out Wheezy Uh I don't think this goes over the line As far as what I can show this is just Charles hoskinson saying something uh

Listen to what he says here he he Obviously doesn't want this to go any Further yeah certainly value getting the Emails the hman emails and these other Things because they perhaps expose the Thought process that the SEC has and you Can definitely show there was unequal Unequal application of that that's fine But none of that activity presupposes Corruption just Favoritism okay then now uh here we're About to we are about to enter the Danger zone and one of the things I'm Going to tell you some of the things That I'm going to talk about in the Private group today that some of these I've been sitting on for for a while Because I couldn't talk about them so I Mean I just could I now I know I can't Go there on on regular social media but Some of these I was just didn't think I Should talk about one of the one of the Things I'm I'm going to talk about is What Joseph Luben says here I believe That Joseph Luben in this video that I Played last week um I believe he says Something where he's sending a m message Now who he's sending it to we'll talk About that I'm not really sure but I Think he's sending a message and I think It's in response to the Steven nof stuff I'm also going to cover some Steven Narof stuff some of these things are Like crazy going on um I'm also going to

Tell you what I don't think I I may have But I don't think I ever did um what a a DC lobus told me on the phone one time This is kind of wild um I'm going to Talk a little bit about the island guy But we we refer to him by his name in in The group and then I'm going to tell you What somebody said to me who was one of The oh I won't say his name but he was One of the first People um let me see how I want to say This he was one of the first people at Uh actually he's one of the first people Involved in Bitcoin and all of this Mount goau all of this okay um so yes Now we're entering the danger zone for Those of you that are not a member this Is what we do in there we talk about we Censor it's censorship free in there we Leave the crypto police behind um and if They come in they come in to observe Only they're not allowed to uh tell us We can and can't talk about things if You go to I intentionally made this thing Very inexpensive it's it's only six Bucks a month because I've seen people Charging crazy amounts of money $100 That kind of stuff uh not me so anyway It's only it's we're I'm gonna every day I'm going to provide you something that I'm not doing on the regular YouTube Channel or things that I can't provide On YouTube channel and the reason I did

This is 100% in response to me getting Kicked off X I'm not going to let I'm I'm tired of being at the behest of a Bunch of social media Big Brother people I'm not doing it I I as long as as I'm Able to to post publicly on those things I'll do it but I I'm setting up my Island in Exile and maybe we'll start Serving margaritas well that's actually A Um that's actually not going to Happen um so now we're going into the Private group so the rest of you come on Join Us I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that in the Private group you got 33 minutes of Content instead of what 10 or 12 or so Thanks for Listening


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