I Bought XRP For The FIRST TIME EVER 6 Years Ago Today

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. None of what I have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is inherently risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.

Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and today November 17th 2023 is A pretty cool day for me personally Because today marks six years since I First purchased Xrp and it has been lifechanging and um I want to share with you I have some Reflections I was thinking back about What the last six years have been like And it has not been what I've expected Um with honestly the biggest curveball Being you guessed it what happened with The SEC because that's that's honestly Like that's the single event that has Caused the most Financial harm to me in My entire life and that may well be true Of many of you listening but despite That I'm still in good spirits and There's been way more good than bad Despite what I just said absolutely Being true so I thought I'd just share With you uh some things that I thought Leading up to this and also I want to Share with you two rules that I set for Myself when it comes to investing in xrp And cryptocurrency broadly speaking Because what I wanted to do was make Make my investment as idiot proof as Possible now there's no way to make Investing a purely clean non messy Getting everything right 100% of the Time timing markets in and out it's not What I exactly what I'm talking about Here but to the best of my ability

Understanding that things are messy Along those types of lines there are a Couple big picture things and this isn't An all-encompassing list in terms of my Investment approach but it's to really Big things that I've been following from The beginning and will continue to to Make sure that I am not too stupid for My own good right that's what I'm going To talk about but uh before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so I shared a Post on social media platform X earlier That I thought I'd uh share with you Here on YouTube and maybe expand upon a Little bit um I didn't want to write More than this because it's just there Are so many ways that I can go off my Brain was firing in so many different Directions and I tried to keep it Somewhat short um but man it's just Everything that I've been through and It's it's not just me in many cases what We have been through is extrap community But um everything that's happened it's It's just been way outside of what I Ever would have guessed would be the

Case it's this is like the last six Years in the world of crypto and Specifically as an xrp holder has been One of the most bizarre experiences in My entire entire life but that I don't Mean that in a bad way with the SEC yeah But not not the rest definitely not the Rest and so here's what I wrote I bought Xrp for the first time six years ago Today I'd say it's been one of the more Fortunate decisions I've made in my life Despite the actions of the Despicable SEC and again just to be Clear xrp was and today is my largest Individual crypto holding so leading up To the bull run which we could see Lighting up at the end of 2020 but in Particular the first half of 2021 like That's the time period since it happened That's where I would have anticipated my Ridiculously life-changing wealth to Come into being now instead what we had Is yes xrp after you know secc attacked All of us xrp holders effectively Instead of having that occur we did see Xrp move in correlation so yay at least That happened but we didn't see an Alltime high and so I didn't uh I didn't Get to ultimately feel enticed to sell My xrp but I firmly believe I otherwise Would have because xrp is the only top 10 crypto that didn't go uh at that time Seen a new alltime high it's the only One and it just happened to be under

Attack well H just why I'm so thankful That that's no longer the case it's the Only large cap coin in existence with Legal Clarity in the United States and Um as much as I dislike this and Sometimes when I think about it I Suppose I can get a little bit of a Tinge of upsetness about this I just Take it in Strat because I'm not going To let that like those assat Pricks at The SEC have the the type of power for Me where I'm just disgusted and and like Hate fueled every day or that I'm not Like that I'm not like that and I Recognize and I I say that recognizing That had I gotten the life changing Wealth that we would have had the market Tank and I would have had an opportunity To reinvest at least some of that and Perhaps I would have right but I would Have already had it so the the the Opportunity for compounding that in Various ways um that's what that's What's more bothersome so would have Been whatever the amount is but I could Have invested it in traditional Finance Or real estate uh some of back back in Crypto perhaps that's all off the table Because I didn't get to have that and so That is unfortunate but I will tell you This uh there's no way that any of us Could have known that's going to happen And no matter what even financially even Despite that I am still up

Substantially so my life is Unquestionably far better off for all of This you know if I had to either take it Or leave yes I take it 10 times over Because it has been unquestionably a net Plus despite all that but yeah sometimes If I think about the fact that the Opportunity to comound those compound Those games which I do not have because Of the SEC okay fine sometimes I think About get a little tting to this that But I don't let that rule my life Because there's still too much Opportunity there really is and again Way better off than I would otherwise Been and then I wrote once I recognized The valuable business models that Valuable business models can exist that Are impossible without decentralized Cryptocurrencies I realized this asset Class would never go to zero And I was absolutely hooked xrp is the Coin that caused this Epiphany for me When I was brand new to everything and So folks and I have shared this before But it's been a while since I talked About this but for most people I I think Anyway the reason that they're sold on The idea of crypto and for many people Most people perhaps it's been Bitcoin That has led the way it's because There's this idea of you know Decentralized something that's Decentralized cryptocurrency obviously

But uh you know literally you know There's no counterparty risk nobody can Just come in and confiscate and take it Like you have with you know dollars for Example in traditional finance and so if You go along those line and I totally Get the arguments there I don't need to Flush them out here here or further for The sake of the conversation but those Types of thoughts uh I always found Those compelling and when I jumped in I Wanted to take more time to think about That and hear counter view points before I was completely sold on it because That's the right thing you don't just Hear something that's comp compelling on One side and be like yes that must be True without hearing the best opposing Viewpoint but I always did find it Compelling but the reason that I so Quickly got on board It was specifically because of xrp I Started going down the list in terms of Market cap and I was doing it was Basically going down the list yes in Terms of what was Ring high in terms of Market cap but there was a bit of Overlap and jumping back and forth from Coin to coin as I was doing my research And it was a lot to take in but in the Earliest of days I had my Epiphany that There are valuable business models that Absolutely cannot exist and humans W Want to get rid of the valuable business

Model so crypto is here to stay and xrp Is functionally useful so that was it And that's when when I I had this Recognition like it of course I I I Could not have been more thrilled once I Discovered this so for me that was the EP Epiphany whereas for many other People it's they're not just it's not The recognition that there are valuable Business models uh that could could only Be had with decentralized Cryptocurrencies that hooks them that's What it was for me I think for most People and you guys can tell me what it Was like for you in the comment section Below but for most people I I just I Have the very strong suspicion based on Everything I've seen for the last six Years that it was really more so uh just This hatred of the lack of control and Abuse of money you know the debasement The the the dollar all that stuff that We've been talking about for forever Right and we all I think most of us Probably firmly agree on those types of Arguments um and then I did end up after Having time toic sufficiently think Through it further uh it didn't take That long to come to the conclusion that Those are absolutely unquestionably Valid arguments uh with unreasonable Like I I can't find a whole lot of Reasonable responses back at it but uh And then I wrote the existence of xrp

And cryptocurrencies has been Lifechanging and not only because of the Positive impact it has had on my net Worth it's given me something to look Forward to every day because Participating in this space is my Favorite hobby slin that I've ever had It's also been fantastic meeting so many Wonderful people along the way and our Xrp community is the best community in All of crypto the thought of not having Any of that had I not jumped into crypto On a whim 6 years ago is Unsettling it's interesting how one Seemingly little and aous choice in life Can change things so much and so I folks I'll just pause and say I I I could not More seriously mean that I just I wonder What my life would look like if not for This I mean just it' be sad I I I Wouldn't have the enjoyment of engaging With all of you in the community and Having this Hobby and looking forward to Researching crypto stuff and running the YouTube channel all this stuff and then There's the net worst side yes I already Bitched about the SEC but despite that Being the case cuz I mean mind you I do Hold about 30 different cryptocurrencies Like pretty much everything that I hold Uh is up Substantially uh if it's a coin that I Bought within the first few years and if I've been purchasing coins over the last

You know two years in particular maybe Upwards of three years those coins most Of those I'm underwater on but that Shouldn't be surprising we've had a time For another Market cycle to go through And so just like for the first few years I was down for most of that pretty Fairly substantially at times in my Crypto Holdings broadly speaking Including xrp now that time has passed I Mean what do I hold mostly large cap Coins and I bought them way cheaper so That shouldn't be surprising know Bitcoin eth xrp cardano go down the list Right and so despite my largest holding Not getting to take advantage of that on The whole I I admit I am way better off And since I've been holding for six Years and refusing to sell I I I'm at a Point where I frankly don't need a very Big multiplier effect to to have um Profits in crypto that would be Equivalent to to winning the lottery but It's never been a certainty and I've had To be patient I've had to wait I've had To not act like the typical retail Speculator and I can talk more about That a little bit later because it has To do largely with you know that like I Said at the outset there are two primary Rules that are of the utmost importance I've never worded it quite like I'm About to but um and I also then wrote uh The financial and techn technological

Revolution we're living through right Now is incredibly meaningful to people The world over and I'm thankful to be a Tiny tiny part of it What an experience thank you to all of You for the support and camaraderie Along the way I firmly believe The Best Is Yet To Come and so that's what I Posted and I I'll just add a little bit Here an extra thank you uh here with my Own human mouth wordss because the Degree to which I've been supported by The xrp community especially on this YouTube journey is beyond anything I Ever would have thought would have been Reasonable to expect over 150,000 uh people subscribing to my YouTube Channel and continuing to listen Even during the bare market and yeah a Lot of people dropped off but like still The support throughout whe through thick And thin we've all just been here right Other than the ones fine like I said There are some people that left you like The Wayfair fans of crypto B basically And that's fine to each their own but uh Still the the support has just been Absolutely phenomenal and I just I can't Tell you how much I genuinely to my core Appreciate that so I did want to give an Extra thanks here as well because it's Incredibly meaningful to me and it's Just I don't always feel like I have the Proper word to sufficiently make all of

You understand the degree to which this Is impactful on me and I do not take it For granted I'm not like I'm not nobody Owes me the support you know I don't Just by the nature of existing like Deserve a YouTube channel with you know A following of that type and I Understand it's like small in the T like Like in terms of YouTube followings that You know there's all sorts of YouTubers Out there with millions and millions and Millions of followers but to me it's Gigantic it's always subjective right But to me it's just couldn't be more Meaningful so anyway a quick thank you In a day like this I just wanted to make sure that I Mentioned but you know as far as these Rules that I set for myself because There are certain ways and I don't think This is going to surprise you too much If you've been listening for a while but There are a couple things in particular That I insist of myself and I decided Years and years and years ago but I Don't recall ever wording it quite like This on the channel but there are two Primary things um and so again not a Comprehensive list of things that uh you Know you know make up the entirety of my Approach when it comes to just investing In general but these things are critical Enough that I wanted to at least these Two

Specifically and you know the first one Is when it comes to investing in crypto And I literally was thinking about this Like six years ago I need a long-term Mindset right and hopefully most of you Would agree that that's the reasonable Approach and so even six years ago I was Thinking well I don't know if that means 5 years or 10 years or whatever but in Truth I still thought to myself whatever It takes cuz I don't choose where Markets go and the good news is I Already had a very strong understanding Of what it takes to find success Investing in equities which is Mo and It's very simple by the way it's mostly Just you buy stuff like index funds and Then you don't do anything with it and You let decades pass that's pretty much It now with crypto Obviously history has shown with the Frenzy around this asset class and how Little money is in crypto it doesn't Take uh much time to get life-changing Wealth so in terms of the timeline uh That's different than traditional Finance but in terms of you know Competing against effectively the same Types of humans because we've all got The same DNA whether we're investing in In in traditional Finance assets or if We're investing in in crypto it's the Same human shortcomings that we're we're We're engaging with here right so

They're just Amplified in the world of Crypto right so my whole thing was just I'm going to buy stuff and I will not Sell it no matter what I will not I will Not sell it uh to go chase something That's shiny and moving if I put money Into a crypto it will stay there either Until it goes to zero because I'm proven Wrong or because it's worth a fortune And then I sell a chunk of it or a lot Of it or most of it or all of it Whatever that may be otherwise if I put It in something those dollars are G that Is what I decided to idiot proof this Thing for myself I do not chase this Thing if I want to go put money in Something else a different Cryptocurrency or then fine I I I'm Always earning new money that new money Then goes into the other thing but I'm Not going to be playing this game where I'm getting in and out of positions Because that's how people get wrecked And I don't know for sure what's going To happen so the only way that there Could ever be acceptions for me uh would Be if there's something that changes From a fundamental perspective because I Think as long as fundamentals are strong Well why wouldn't I think that it's Reasonable to continue to hold that Investment so if there's something Shifted like that for instance um one of My brothers held Luna when that thing

Was collapsing a good year and a half Ago remember when that kicked it off in May of last year yeah one of my brothers Held that went down a little bit so he Didn't take much of a loss on it but he He sold at all so if I were in that Position I would have done the same but Outside of something like that no I'm Not like I'm not going to go sell my Bitcoin or ether xrp because Doge starts Pumping do you see what I'm saying here So that was one thing that's that's I I Just and maybe some of you guys probably A lot of you are thinking in similar Ways um and nothing against you like if You're if you feel differently that's Fine I'm just I'm not telling you to do What I do I'm just sharing my personal Thoughts on this but uh I just I am not Willing to jump and get in and out of Positions because the like data shows And it's the same thing conceptually True when it comes to investing in Equities like the people that try to Time markets and they get in and out and This or that they get wrecked and so That's why when I've been down at time Substantially in crypto I don't care I Don't break a sweat I'm fine because I Understand that either I'm right or I'm Wrong and the day-to-day jocell even if It's negative spanning out for months or Whatever it may be that that in and of Itself is not an indication that I have

Made some sort of horrific decision by Investing money into crypto it's just an Indication that the Market's doing what It always does because it's volatile AF And then eventually it has these bursts Where it goes ballistic and the people That hold through that end up with Substantial wealth right that's the type Of stuff so for me the first one is Literally just refusing and there is and There are zero exceptions for me um Unless there is some sort of Break In Fundamentals which I honestly I've never Had I haven't had a situation where That's occurring to this point so even If the I even if it seems to me that Certain coins are uh are weakening you Know unless I see something completely Disastrous even so far to this point There's been nothing to shake me out Sufficiently and so I can expand upon That a little bit through you guys Further you guys can tell me to think About this but even when you're talking About some sort of dip or decrease in Developer activity um which is a a great Metric to track um even even with that Uh it is still true that the market does Move in Tandem and so maybe it'll be the Case that we don't see every single Altcoin Under the Sun hitting new All-time highs because most didn't last Market cycle unfortunately because when I jumped in in late 2017 what a crazy

Time to jump in you know jumping at About a month before Bitcoin hit its All-time high and then xrp ran also Crazy time to jump in lots of excitement Lots of fun way crazy time to get a Crash course in crypto but that's how That's how I got my feet wet if you want To call it that or just thrown into the Deep end U but uh you know where I had a Thought that I was going to finish I Hate it when this happens it'll probably Come back to me though uh I wish there Was somebody sitting next to me to say What did you what did what did I just Say but uh when it comes to it'll Probably just come back to me but in Terms of um how I was looking at at the Time oh yeah yeah yeah I know so it was I was talking about how that's what it Was everything was popping off that's What it was everything under the sun was Popping off and in late 20 uh in late 2017 but you didn't see that the last Market cycle especially in 2021 way Fewer coins popped off and so to me this Seem seems like a maturation of the Asset class uh because if you look at What was popping off it wasn't all of The uh the old dinosaur coins that Weren't necessarily doing anything in 2021 maybe they were perceived as having Potential several years prior to that um And so that does seem to me to be some Sort of evolution in terms of maturity

In the market even still that we still Have I think over really long way to go On that but um but even with some of the Coins where I'm not convinced for sure They're going to have long-term Viability to this point um I'm still Holding on because the market moves in Tandem that's the broader point I wanted To make on that and so when the market Goes even if we don't see an all-time High go uh once the market heats up I do Have uh every intention Under the Sun of Selling most if not all of my Crypto um because as long as I believe That I can get out of what I want great And so some of my other positions uh Where I'm not is confident especially With you utility if I'm less less Confident than I was perhaps when I Bought them if there's anything like That and I could probably think of one Or two uh okay as as you know as long as I'm up on them because it's either I've Got to be up on them or I am no longer Convinced that it's reasonable to hold Them for reason ABC one 2 3 x YZ Whatever it may be so there's that and I Am Rock Solid on that and I set that Rule in place because again I I want to Idiot proof this for myself and you know You could say the initial mistake is in Investing in a particular coin but I'm Saying the biggest one of the biggest Mistakes people make is they just can't

Freaking control themselves so I have This rule in Place For Better or For Worse and it does mean that I didn't Sell xrp in 2021 but you don't know What's going to happen you know there's There's all sorts of stuff I've not yet Been enticed to sell but now a lot of my Older Holdings are with so much more I Think by the time they go next time I'll Just go okay Yep so there's that and then um the Second major thing here is and this is Again this is just me idiot proofing This whole process to the degree that One can even do that because I still Think it's going to be messy and we'll See like I haven't actually cashed out Into United States dollars ever this has Been a long journey but that's been my Plan a lot of people want to try in time Markets and get in out I think most People get wrecked trying to do that Stuff but if people have pulled that off Successfully or think they can good I'm Not telling people what to do I'm just Sharing with you my thought process on This uh I'm just not engaging in that I Have a refusal of that I am very patient I'm very long-term oriented So um when I finally do cash out the Second rule is that that money stays out That money does not go back into crypto I will not put it back in thinking I can Chase so and so once I have that and it

Becomes life-changing wealth no that's Life-changing wealth now sorry it's Going into something else you know it's Going to go into real estate or whatever I think makes sense at the time you know It's just is what it is uh but I'm Trying to idiot proof the the thing here Um now that being said there's what I What to be clear what I actually mean Though is that I'm not going to put that Money back in during the Euphoria of a Bull market that is not when I'm going To do that now if there's some sort of Outlier where I see that there's Something that I think makes sense to go If I actually hypothetically do then I'll put new money in that okay I'll put New money in it but similar to my first Rule for myself I don't take money out Of something to put it in something well Similarly here once I turn that profit Into back in United States dollars Uh no that's not going to go chase Something in particular during the Height of a bull market absolutely not If I really want to put new dollars and Fine I'll allow myself to do that Because I already got my life changing Wealth whatever fine uh so then would I Ever put any of that back into crypto Well and this is what I started to touch On much earlier in the video but I Didn't want to go off on this tangent Yet because I want to do things in a

Particular order for this video um once We see a major correction after this Upcoming bull cycle to the downsy So you know prices crash whatever they Are 70 80% back down what I will do Perhaps is take a certain amount of that And invest some of it back in crypto but Mostly what I want to do is just my new Money coming in put that into crypto and Just do it all over again but I'll will Allow myself at that point a certain Smaller percentage whatever I decide That means maybe it's 10% maybe it's 15% Depending on exactly how wildly profit Things are when I finally do sell um That I could find to be reasonable but I Just don't want to I know that these are Major pitfalls for people investing in General and certainly in crypto I refuse To be one of those people that makes Those mistakes I will not do It you know and there are other things That you could add this which is why Again it's it's not like a comprehensive List but those are the like two primary Things that I'm doing to protect myself From ruining my opportunity especially That I've put this much time into this And it's crazy to think is like when I Jump into uh crypto and xrp specifically 6 years ago it's easy to feel in the Moment like ah I just wish wish I was in Sooner I'm late to the party now of Course I knew intellectually that things

Were still early so I even though I Wished I was in sooner why wouldn't I I I didn't think that you know there Wasn't opportunity I thought there was Tremendous opportunity which is why I've Been doing what I've doing all these Years that followed but uh it's just Funny to think that I was the you know One of the the you know the new entrance One of the New Kids on the Block if you Will brand new to crypto couldn't Possibly know less about it right we Were all there once right and it's just Funny to think now six years have passed And I've here for most of the time that Xrp has existed so all that to say even If you jumped in after me and some of You have been here longer than me and uh That's incredible good for you I hope You got to sell during the 2017 bull Bull market um but even if you're newer Just understand that if you're like if You let enough time passes you will be One of those people that has been here For a long time and eventually you'll be Here most of the time that xrp itself Has existed because existed a little Over a decade now So you know what comes along with that Of course is multiple bull cycles which Is why you know you could look back and You could think about every trade that In theory I could have done to have had A bazillion dollars right now I could

Have had billions of dollars oh my God I Could have done it but I know that's Foolish thinking thinking like that is Just as silly as thinking uh well I Guess I messed up the lottery last week Because I didn't pick the win numbers Now that I know what they are it's just As childish as that so so really it it Really is just waiting and not investing In crap that's pretty much it and I am Under No Illusion that that uh all of The the coins that I've invested in are Going to result in me uh coming away With a profit but that's why I want to Have broad exposure because look it's The same as investing well conceptually Similar anyway to investing in an index Fund in traditional Finance right Because not every company even in the S&P 500 for example will continue to Exist like fast forward a decade or two Or three how many will still be there But the point is having broad exposure For protection over a long period of Time that's the concept I didn't invent It I just implemented it for myself on a Small scale in crypto and uh primarily By getting into stuff that's larger cap And I understand that you get less of a Multiplier effect than if you getting Some sort of temporarily exciting Sounding small cap coin I get that but That's not what my risk profile looks Like by design that is not what I'm

Primarily interested in the small cap Stuff because there's a reason so even Though the market moves in tandem there Is a reason that xrp has always been in The top 10 cryptos by market cap the Reason is because there are enough People out there like myself and Probably you listening to this can I Make that assumption is that fair May I Do that of course I can it's my channel Dam and I do what I want but it's it's The case that there are enough of us out There that understand that there's Something to this thing here it's Actually getting used and so even though It keeps moving directionally the same Way it's it hasn't fallen out of the top 10 cryptos by market cap despite the SEC Attack exactly for that reason we see The opportunity there are enough of us Out there and if the price goes low Enough we buy more if the price got low Enough even I'd buy more you probably Have to get into the teens because it's My largest individual holding by a lot So probably not going to buy more xrp Until the next Market cycle would be my Guess and we'll see what happens I just I I hope that there's nothing unforeseen That going to bungle uh my process of Attempting to achieve crazy amounts of Money from crypto but I've taken what I Think is to be a pretty measured Approach and I think that I have fallen

Outside of a lot of the pitfalls that Others have fallen for and I have Diversified even though xrp is my Favorite cryptocurrency for a ton of Reasons I'm not a maximalist hold a Bunch of different coins and I I mean if You told me six years ago that I'd have This dollar figure worth of crypto and Before a bull market my brain would Explode because I'd be like Really that I do so I do get to have the Opportunity the answer is yes so now I Got to see that through I need to see This bull market but uh it's an Inevitability so far as I'm concerned There will be a bull Market so again just by not jumping in Out our positions and just being firm no That's an idiot proof way to approach us And then just uh not putting the money Back in once you have it you have it That's it let things cool off don't get Caught up in the excitement because There's going to you're you're talking About a time period where there is Euphoria that's why I set this rule for Myself the answer is no Matt the answer Is no you just got life-changing wealth Take that don't be a dumbass take that Once things cool down think about okay That's that's pretty much it and so many People fail to even do that so to Anybody that actually has found success Time in markets that's great I just know

The data shows eventually you stop Having success doing that if you do it Enough and if you make a big enough bet You get B on the rear side you know what I'm saying I'm not going to be one of Those people that's All I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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