Exclusive: The Secret Nerayoff/Vitalik Buterin Tapes

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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I don't normally do Three videos in a day but today is Different and that's because I had to Releasee this video I'm going to call it The ner off tapes he's got secret Recordings of vitalic butan he I was Just recording Steven nof in a Twitter Spaces and he went on and and laid out In his own words what he's about the the Bombs he's about to drop so here's what I'm doing I'm releasing the video of the Spaces he did on um just of the part Where he lays it all out but then I'm Going to I'm going to let uh half my YouTube audience listen to half of it if You want to hear the second half of it Uh you go to my group at da Dp.com um and you can and you can hear The second half of it all of it is a Freaking Gold Mine you're not going to believe what This guy says all right thanks for Listening yeah I think what the what the SEC is doing is fighting these cases but What you have is this legislation that Has no Safe Harbor that's actually Codifying this absurd you know morphing Of in Decentralization and they're putting That into the legislation so what They're fighting for in the courts

They're actually backdooring in the Legislation and they're going to have The ability to just you know he becomes The king and he says you're a security You're not well he's going to basically Say everything's a security and and It'll be codified and like nobody's kind Of really paying attention to that and You know Lumis is Like with all due respect to her she Seems like she's you know a friend to The industry but the legis who's a Friend to the industry who you talking About Senator Lum in other words in Terms of sponsoring the bill look you Know oh that the new bill yeah that that New bill I I read it in the agenda um Scott did you see that bill that uh Stephen's referring to hold on wait we Got stepen we got step stepen now we've Got you in our net so there's nowhere to Run nowhere to hide to anymore I've been Reading a lot of Articles um that you've been uh talking About ethereum not the Articles have Been pretty vague is there anything we Should know About yeah I've seen you I've seen you Praising praising ethereum and and uh Switching topics um First of all let me be clear I'm not the The Articles may say what they say in Terms of ethereum is this is not a Conversation about me and ethereum the

Protocol right so I'm not anti ethereum You know I put my heart Blood Sweat and Tears into ethereum and I think Everybody knows the contributions I've Made to that it's about specific People um and if you have questions About that I can answer that you know That we're leading ethereum yeah tell Tell me so Mario last time on a spaces You were asking a very good question you Were asking about you know when did they Uh vitalic and Joe when did they start Distancing themselves from me and when Did they start discrediting my role and The answer to that question was like mid 2017 and then when I got Prosecuted for everybody who doesn't Know we proved that there was multiple Agencies that fabricated a crime to to Prosecute me that was late 2019 so that was 2 and 1/2 years before That um now you're asking Why U I want to make sure because I know Everybody knows the whole story so and You know imagine imagine they imagine They don't so maybe answer it in a way That kind of sums up the story briefly For people that don't know so I was Involved in the very early days of Ethereum um uh from like literally the Very first month my I created the Utility token and the Ico for ethereum And then I also and that was in 2014 and Then in

2015 um I vitalic called me and we're Actually everybody should know we're Going to be dropping this um it was a Three-hour conversation with he it was They were going under so he asked me to Restructure the entire ethereum Foundation to save it and I've got the Whole thing recorded I'm going to drop It we're doing it as an nft it's free You know but everybody can have it so When you when are you dropping it very Brief when are you dropping it Stephen um in like the next four or five Days oh [ __ ] Master Flex I think this is actually let's Carry on the story let's carry on the Story because I think this is a very Up I think it's going to wake up a lot Of people in terms of you know like this Is not about you know like this isn't a Personal thing right um but it's it's Going to wake up a lot of people in Terms of you know what really happened Back there like people can make their Own decision I've got it recorded right And so you can see like what did italic What did he know what did Joe know and You know so it's a it's kind of a piece Of history but it'll also give you some Perspective on what was really happening Back then now you can fast forward and Now I'm going to Just flat out say you know there was you

Know a lot of people have heard about This eth gate where there's uh you know Eth got this free pass from the SEC Where the SEC came up with this argument That actually took my utility token Argument and somehow concocted it into Something was a security and it's no Longer a security because it's Decentralized now and that's what Hyman Gave his speech for so is everybody Familiar with That yeah that's Yeah the hman speech I Think people are aware of yeah well so I'm that's a speech where Henman Basically said that eth wasn't the Security because it's decentralized and That's what Ripple Was into hman speech and said you know If e not security why is Ripple a Security or xrps security Sorry right so um I'm going to make the The I'm going to be very blunt and I Will show the evidence on what I'm about To say for legal reasons I can't tell You exactly what it is but I will show It to you it's it's it's like weeks it's Not it's not months um a number One ethereum itself did not believe it Was decentralized when that speech was Given nor was it Decentralized Nor could Joe or Vitalic have believed it was because There's internal documents that indicate

Otherwise and the only person that Understood and had access to those Documents and understood that was me and If you follow the fabrication of the Crime against me which I proved from the Government's own documents it was the SEC was leading it the FBI the doj Everybody in this industry should care About what happened because they weren't Only after me they were after you well Everybody who's a speaker on here pretty Much was on on a list they wanted Everybody I mean I told ran at the time And I know I sounded like a crazy person But it's True um they were looking to get as many People in this industry as Possible um and that all started at the Very same time coincidentally when Henman got to the SEC and the people That were leading the charge at the SEC Was him and my Prosecution so Stephen just I just want I just want to hold the discussion in a Little bit so your your this bombshell That's about to drop is this all around The fact that they knew that assum Wasn't decentralized while hman said That it was


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