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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got Hester purse On Fox we got the UK setting out crypto Ranks John Deaton Joys another important Case you're going to need to know about It did you forget about Montenegro Ripple and the Central Bank in Ireland I Think there's more there ladies and Gentlemen Matt Hamilton and Molly Elmore Sit down to talk about a lot of things Xrp somebody wrote that beautiful intro Foreign Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.08 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency it's off by point nine Percent Bitcoin 23 000 slightly over Ethereum 1578 bucks and change tether Market cap is 67.7 billion dollars they Say xrp is 40 cents if you haven't done It why haven't you gotten The Ledger Stacks that's invented by the guy who Created the iPod yeah making it a lot Easier you can put your nfts on it you Can have it synced up with your phone It's got a magnetic case so you can Click more and several of them together So you don't lose them there's so many Incredible things about this I've got Mine pre-ordered why haven't you click The link below to make sure you get Yours right now I want to remind people

Of this I covered it yesterday today but This is extraordinary news We don't talk about this once and then Just that's it this is amazing stuff Happening right here bit stamp says We're expending so expending expanding Our IOU services on The xrp Ledger you Can now use eurobact ious as your Gateway to The xrp Ledger dip your toes Into D5 with the cost-effective fast Transfers increase transparency and zero Transfer fees on all IOU transfers you Know listen You know the the euro-backed ious are Incredible to me because all I think About is the whole European Union to 20 Member states I mean it's you know Pretty darn remarkable and we're going To talk about that more in just a second Here But look at what's going on here while We have this crypto winner going on we Don't know when it'll end but what we do Know is is Blackrock a global Investment Company manages over 10 trillion in Assets has increased its stake in Silvergate bank which has been a crypto Friendly bank for a long time And one has to wonder if it's like save Still and growing here says isn't that Just a bailout for silvergate Bank could Be Could also be a takeover from BlackRock Because we know that BlackRock is moving

Deeply into this space to have the Aladdin desk for their richest clients They are providing crypto at that level For them we know that this is a space That they are coming into regardless of What it feels like now and what it feels Like now even outside of crypto is a Crypto winner it is an economic winner I'm gonna play you a clip here from Lynette Zhang and her itm trading show And I want you to pay attention to when She gets right here Let me bring you in it is the largest Decline in treasury debt held by Foreign Investors since they started tracking it I just don't know if you could say it Any better it's more clear and more Concise than that what you're seeing is A huge sell-off right there of treasury Debt held by Foreign investors what does This fall into ladies and gentlemen Doesn't this not point to what we know About Saudi Arabia saying they are Looking to accept other dollars aside From the Petro agreement with the US Dollar there now Doesn't it speak to Russia and China Having their new payment system and Agreeing not to use Swift or the U.S Dollar doesn't it speak to Russia and Iran now building a payment system that They can use together to obfuscate Swift Into use of the dollar as well Yes

How about the brics Coalition growing at A massive fast rate now because of the Same issue Yeah who is holding all of this debt Certainly some of the people that I Mentioned And the key thing we need to keep Watching is this right here to see if Those foreign debt holders of U.S Treasuries continue to liquidate their Position On the U.S treasury debt now I'll tell You something This is a key thing to pay attention to Ladies and gentlemen because I think it Points to the larger understanding that What we're really headed towards here is A shift from the US dollar as the global Reserve currency and certainly a Competitive Threshold that we're going to move into Where it's going to allow other assets To begin to compete against the US Dollar the question is As the U.S government even though They're lagging putting together a plan That could keep the US dollar protected As the world shifts from a debt-based System to a multi-polar asset system We'll see this here is quick stuff here From uh Hester purse I want to play for You now and I want I'm not going to give You this whole seven minute plus clip Here so you can breathe a sigh of relief

But she does talk very specifically About how and this is isn't this Fascinating to hear in the U.S you could Have one commissioner saying there's Clarity and another one saying we need To get more clarity by building out some Framework for it I you know you just Can't make it up but that's the world We're living in let's take a quick Listen here Bring in right about here we could set Up a regulatory framework for Centralized entities in the crypto space And that's something that we need to Work on I've been calling for us to work On that for a long time again it's up to Congress to decide who that regulator Should be but that is an area where you Could have regulation yeah and I know And it really is and I mean I just again I wanted to play this clip the whole Clip is really solid and shout out to Hester person Fox Business recovering it But but the reality here is exactly that That I wanted to show is that it's like You know How can we have such dissension inside The market regulator itself you know It's one thing when the industry doesn't Agree with the market regulator right But when the regulator doesn't agree With the regulator inside of the same Agency is when it just starts to make You really scratch your head here that

Something has to be done now what I will Say is is to the point that John Deaton Made just the other night If you think that cryptocurrency Regulation will be coming in two years And not immediately then these rulings In these cases like library and what Happens in the SEC versus Ripple are Going to be extremely important because They are going to speak to this industry And how to move forward Until we get actual legislation and I Think stablecoin legislation would come Before any crypto regulation however With that what do we know UK set in the Tone We know that they say that they're Setting out plans to regulate the crypto Industry they have made it clear they're Going to be a crypto Hub we also know From Michelle's Bond's time at Ripple That the UK is absolutely an area that The United States watches for a lead on How to get a hold of the regulation Properly before announcing anything here In the United States Then we have this John Deaton has joined Another case shout out to Stefan Huber Here and what it is is Ripple Labs Litigation here and what we're talking About here is the zachanov case ladies And gentlemen you may remember this this Came before the actual SEC versus Ripple Case and what we see here is please take

Notice that Rebecca Bello of the law Firm cmbg3 hereby make their appearance As the attorney of record for John Deaton James Lamonte Tyler Lamonte and Mia Lamonte yeah Come on in you know what this guy is Doing is not just for xrp holders it is For the entire crypto space I tell you If you got nothing going on today and Even if you got a lot going on today Take just a few seconds to send John Deaton a message and tell him how Grateful you are for what he's doing for All of us Too And shout out to cowboy.crypto I think Me and him uh are sharing brains these Days because we are both aligning and Reading the tea leaves the same now We're speculating here I'm always clear about that But you speculate and make up your own Mind here but the Ireland is an Important puzzle piece to Montenegro Joining with their Central Bank as a Ripple partner once the exchange has This Irish license Ripple wants to Passport its services across Europe That's what Stuart El doradi told NBC Ripple is also going to file an Electronic money license application in Ireland Now what's important to note here is

That the Central Bank of Montenegro here Does not participate in the European System of central banks But it does use the euro And it does follow like European Union Policy ECB policy And this is extremely important because I believe that relationship with ripple May be the tip of a hat that what They're about to do in the EU because Ripple is on the European uh digital European Foundation or european digital Foundation how about said And it may point to a much larger Narrative that it's serving the whole EU If this pilot goes well in Montenegro With the central bank We'll see speculative of course this Right here is pretty damn awesome shout Out to Matt Hamilton and Molly Elmore For sitting down and hashing out their Conversation about the confidential Committee what could be a proper price For xrp What you're going to hear on this clip Is a really great clip and then I'm Going to give you a b side to this to Balance it and I want you to check out Both of these and shout out to both of These and I think uh digital asset Investor said it right these are a great Video of two very smart people saying God have a wonderful conversation listen To this clip

Good question Uh Ripple X didn't really have a Business model I mean Ripple X was all About just getting adoption for The xrp Ledger so I guess ultimately at the end Of the day Ripple hold a large amount of Xrp if that goes up in value that's good For the company right so if you have More developers building then that's That's advantageous Um and you know helping other developers Build uh was was part of what they were Trying to do and what's Triple x's and That's interesting because you know Ultimately it is a vested interest in Getting the price of xrp to go up Through the adoption in use now how long Would that take in Matt Hamilton's mind Anything else you'd like to share with Our viewers about xrp Ledger or what You're working on filecoin or something Leave us with some words of wisdom Star Wars of wisdom uh Um I I think just just bear in mind that Things move slower than you might Imagine right there's not going to be Some big bang there's not some flick of A switch that's going to happen uh Things are going to happen slowly over Time Um with with anything within this space Right Um I think that's an excellent Perspective from Matt and showing both

Sides there and to keep in mind that you Know it's like you know look I do Believe dai's got it right look whether You believe it's going to take a while And whether you think there's going to Be some big bag moment however it goes You know it is and always will be about The xrp price and there is no shame in Admitting that money is not everything Warren Buffett said make sure you earn a Lot before you speak such nonsense This is a great video between two people You should check out the whole interview Of Matt and Molly Elmore it was really Great back and forth to both of them so That's going to do it for me make sure You hit the like subscribe leave a Comment below I'll catch all of you on The next one

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