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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines the SEC takes a Couple hits on the chin you're going to Want it it feels good to hear about it Stuart El doradi gives us the 4-1-1 on The recent Ripple ruling in the SEC Versus Ripple case Brad garlinghouse is In the news you're going to want that And how about a ripple case prediction Oh we got that and so much more somebody Wrote that beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.05 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency we are off by 1.4 percent Bitcoin 22 000 37 and change ethereum 1552 and change tether market cap 71.7 billion plus they're saying how Does the Department of Justice how does The Federal Reserve how does the U.S Treasury feel about tether we still Don't know the answer 39 cents were xrp It's up 6 percent in the last 24 hours Ladies and gentlemen look we're 58 days And counting down 10 hours and it's just Ticking away the hours in this the sand And The Hourglass ladies and gentlemen That's right xrp Las Vegas 2023 get your Ticket ticket for Friday ticket for Saturday get them get the click the link Here get the best special room rates

While they're available because it's Limited and so are the tickets ladies And gentlemen make sure you get your Tickets for Friday and Saturday Jack McDonald CEO of poly sign Nancy Beaton From uphold Joe and doso from link2 the List goes on Otto Nino from solo genic Eleanor tarrett John Deaton oh my Goodness and so so many more look at all The people that are participating here It's going to be remarkable make sure You get your ticket Again I can't stress enough this is a Limited ticket sale it will sell out Don't mess around get your ticket today This is going to be an incredible Experience the chance to solidify the Relationships to be in the same room With the people that you've always Wanted to either say thank you to or ask A question of this is your moment this Is the first ever xrp Las Vegas event Don't miss it Per whale alert Ripple moved on a Whopping 100 million xrp on Monday to an Unknown wallet and it was worth Approximately 36.9 million dollars at The time of execution I can confirm it Was not my wallet I always chalk this up to on-demand Liquidity we can't know every detail but Nobody is more transparent than Ripple We do know that for a fact how about This

Shout out to xrp Ledger Labs we'd say When in the entire crew over there Working so hard on everything they're Doing Global crypto payments now Possible with The xrp Ledger wallet Zone I tell you you got to get the zum wallet Start setting up your trust lines for The assets you want in your wallet what A remarkable experience and I can't wait To learn more from we say when Here's some Ripple partner news right Here Astro pay the online payment Solution of choice of millions of users Worldwide is delighted to announce the Launch of its new co-branded product Astro pay wolves debit card the company Announced Astro pay Issues new visas Card debit card co-branded and I tell You this is a remarkable step because we Know that MasterCard and Visa are all Prepared to incorporate distributed Ledger technology into their platform in Their payment model look big things are Coming here I love knowing that Ripple Partners all over the place are Connecting into the traditional payment Infrastructure of the world and make no Mistake that's what's happened there Now let's take a look at this because This is some feel-good news here Watching the SEC take a couple on the Chin just feels good I tell you there's No better way to start a Wednesday or Any other day judge says it seems the

SEC has not explained why grayscale's Arguments are flawed and question the Logic behind approving Futures Bitcoin ETFs but not spot thank you finally Right pretty basic pretty simple we get Into this however judge Rao said that Grayscale has provided a lot of Information on how the two markets Function with each other but the SEC is Not accepted to companies reasoning Rao Added that it seems the SEC has to Explain why grayscale are wrong in Evidence that they have proffered in Regards to a spot Bitcoin ETF being the Same as a Futures ETF Parisi here representing the SEC said The SEC has very clearly laid out a way For grayscale to satisfy its concerns by Showing that the spot Bitcoin market Prices do not lead to Future market Prices however the commission found that The path laid out by grayscale was Inconclusive despite looking at numerous Other studies she added The evidence is just mixed at this point It's bi-directional sometimes it depends On what period of time you're looking at Judges question how the sec's approved Futures ETF under tukrium Order couldn't uh but could not apply The same reasoning to a spot ETF the Logic here judge Rao said that the SEC Has previously concluded that tukrium Order that future prices are led by spot

And that any fraud and manipulation on The spot Market can be adequately Addressed on the Futures Market as it's A regular a regulated one excuse me she Asked Parisi from the SEC why the SEC Then went on to reject the spot ETF Application and why the reasoning does Not extend to a spot ETF Rao asked What's the logic behind it Parisi said There is a lack of evidence and data That and that the regulator is not Confident that fraud and manipulation Could be prevented Uh the same way it is in the Futures Products Judge Rao also asked Parisi if the Judges disagreed with the SEC stance Would the regulator approve the spot ETF Or cancel its previous approval of the Futures Bitcoin ETF Parisi said that she Could not answer the question on behalf Of the SEC what the hell are you doing There Then there was this another shot to the Chin of the SEC Voyager binance judge shout out to Eleanor Tara for this one taking sec to Task Are you seriously telling me that You haven't provided any clarity And want me to deny this plan because it Might be something you think is Something Oh boy I'd say you hate to see it but I Actually like seeing it

Silvergate is the main bank in crypto That it's now in a position where it may Fold gives Regulators a prime example of What happens if the banking sector gets Too close to crypto this is exactly what I have said here on this channel Make no mistake Gary Gensler will use Silvergate banking collapse as an Example of why crypto is bad when in Fact it was his lack of oversight in Regulating FTX that allowed FTX to Become systemic cascading collapsing Effect on the entire crypto space that Has led back to silvergate Shame Shame True story don't believe it it's still True Here's Stuart Elder Roddy General legal Counsel for ripple laying down the too Long didn't read for everybody on the Judge's ruling on the daubert Motions Let's get into this we like it Shout out to Stuart yesterday's opinion From the court on Ripple and the sec's Proposed expert opinions if you didn't Read all 57 Pages here it is Specifically not only is the SEC expert On reasonable expectations of an xrp Purchaser Struck from the record but so Is their expert who tried to say what Caused the price of xrp to change on the Flip side our experts that explain how Ripple's contracts clearly differ from Those in Howie tax treatment of xrp not A security accounting treatment of xrp

Not a security and currency experts on Xrp not a security are allowed to stay In That is massive As we have said throughout we have Always felt confident about our case and With each ruling even more so Shout out to Stuart outerrati and Everybody there at Ripple and then we Hear from this guy it's the big guy CEO Brad garlinghouse from Ripple right here And he says it's only Tuesday but shape It up to be not so great a week for the SEC with the ruling of Voyager and Grayscale which we just covered it's now Wednesday it feels good to report on all Of it Brad garlinghouse goes even Further here And in this particular uh thread let's Get down to this because this was a Great thread he says some thoughts from Last week's DC visit I'm stating the obvious but the crypto Industry at large in the U.S needs to Rebuild trust through uh both utility And transparency due to FTX Tara and More it's the only way we collectively Move forward he goes on here to say the Headwinds keep growing with the SEC Declaring war on crypto Chair genzler continues to harp that Firms simply need to come in and Register but the truth is there's no Infrastructure in place for a registered

Token to trade nor any clarity as to What these tokens are If you want to regulate then regulate Put in the hard work to build a Framework and set guidance as so many Other G20 countries are already doing The 27 EU member countries can agree on A set of rules with Micah what's Stopping the U.S That's really where we're at here ladies And gentlemen it's absolutely the truth You can't say it any better and shout Out to Brad garlinghouse for remaining That CEO level as he delivers it Very tough to do but he does a great job Looking right here digital ass ET Investor says let s let's lay down some SEC versus Ripple predictions and I tell You what if I go to sleep and wake up And this is what happens this is kind of How I see where we are today now we got To be liquid and things can change if we Get more information but this looks About right to me this is kind of how I See it and this is why I say we could See things go on to an appellate and Then possibly Supreme Court but this is What I think is what we're looking at Here at least this is what I hope to see It's the SEC versus Ripple predictions Xrp itself is not a security xrp in the Secondary Market is not a security some Past sales of xrp by Ripple are Securities Ripple pays record fine some

Issues in the case go to trial we never See the Hinman documents post-judgment Settlement Ripple agrees to seal the Hinman documents assuming judge orders Them to be released I tell you I don't Know if you could say it any better That's exactly how I see the layout of What's going on here the potential Outcome but it doesn't mean that a part Of this case won't continue on I believe That is very important that legal Precedent be set in this case and we'll Watch to see if that's exactly what Happens we are days if not weeks away of Getting that ruling on summary judgment And looking now very quickly here from Egg rag crypto it's xrp descending Channel pattern xrp price is still Ranging within the descending Channel Pattern known as DCP we have two Possibilities in short-term red or green Route From a structural point of view I do Believe green route is more plausible he Shares here if we're just looking at This I'm going to go in on this little Uh image here so you can see obviously It could go either way but he's saying The indicator is showing him that he Believes that it's more likely we break To the upside than the downside but no One can know and it is not Financial Advice from him me or anyone else it's Just my digital perspectives I'll catch

All of you on the next one


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